New saints row steamplaces to buy steam games GEOMETRY DASH Geometry Dash that game that marked an era It was that game that updates every 1000 damn years that game that we have to return to last year in 2021 you had only one Geometry Dash video in the whole year and it was a challenge that I pulled out of my sleeve and a highly supported video but this year in 2022 I return to Geometry Dash for a great feat that has occurred And it is that the creator robtops deigns to upload a new trailer of the new Geometry Dash 2.2 update many of you will say damn grefg that it is just an update you know how long its been since this game was updated that update 2.1.5 came out damn year its finally hailed as an update if a trailer comes out a snippet here its celebrated like this is GTA 6 which I actually believe that 2.2 and GTA 6 will be released more or less at the same time enjoy my reaction to the snipics of the new update 1 a year ago snipic 2 now it took a year to release another mini trailer r man when you are going to release the update we are going to see the first snipic And then the second Music God how they are freezing the screen and everything How are they Im going from Trinidad that I have changed huh I still remember that first level that you just jumped and I dont know nothing moved brother and look what it has become Music thats incredible that you can slow down and freeze well the change of plane you Well friend las Thats it thats it Ah ok ok ok ok 30 seconds have passed I say no no no no no no no Ah ok because the rest of the trailer I remember how Iron was trolled see you down on the road Suck my dick How strange has that been, incredible man it already seems like a Mario Bros level instead of the mythical Geometry Dash there is coins there are things that move Im in Mario Bros of course you can take me a 2-minute trailer But what have you seen that Ah its true that Im saying it as a joke but its a platform mode and now theyve released the second snipping lets see Ok Ok Ok Ok The square is really weird Now its a person at the moment It seems to me less spectacular than the first one eh obviously the sets have improved and there are little things to see There it is man Crazy brother maybe now you can make a level that doesnt move Music Wow and now its going up Im going crazy to believe this has been long enough but if you upload me a trailer every year __ tell me leave me here what is this what is it this what is this Music go for the 8000 drinks of course after reacting I wanted to play that one time I come back to this game all year I wanted to wear hairspray and I said okay but what can I do And then I thought about the last level of Geometry Dash, which is the most advanced, not the most complicated, but it does have the details and things of the latest updates, like the most updated would be the word and I said, well, lets pass it on to see if I remember how much time do you think I need to spend it 15 minutes we can count 15 minutes Well nothing guys Lets thank everyone for the support the 15 minutes begin lets go Music its that with music it already changes a bit huh with music The theme has changed a bit, its like I forget everything Ive learned in practice mode and here I am and here I am now nervous Music Ok first try nice I like it Music can you imagine Ill do it the first time man Music if I pass it the first time you have to give me back the 100 subs from before, give them back to me here its time for me to give them back Music youre a good bastard Oops, thats the ship I didnt remember You Music bald __ from Geometry Dash But obviously my friends, this came to me little because with my great ability that I have in this game that has marked us so much is that right now we are like I dont know in 2016 I passed the level I passed fingerdash very easily and it occurred to me laughed to complicate it a bit from here on Ill leave you with the video Im already leaving Cursed the moment I decided to communicate it enjoy supporting it a lot I __ on my whole life behind this game there is a fantastic community that makes custom levels And if you put for example fingerdash which is the last level in the search engine you get a demonic level called v2 and the creator the name of Blue light who says that he has updated the level for me I dont understand anything and obviously its __ crazy now for me to pass this level of difficulty to yes How are you Whats up Hows it going nothing Agustín Music direct man Of course Im going to be a bastard if I have to pass a level and Ill pass it in 10 minutes How the paddle tennis has gone very well you You have improved I have been improving fingerdash v2 you want to see it I want you to say if something seems very complicated to you it is for example you would arrive here it does not seem very complicated here it does not seem very complicated Music I could piss on your face, that is what I want. I mean, you could take your dick off, piss on your face, and I literally suck it live and Ill give you my hair, okay, I m going to propose another challenge if you hold on for two seconds, thats something for me. crazy one two three son of a __ huh You shouldnt jump there you had to drop down Well Im going to give it Im going to give it my all man Im going to see in practice to see how this level of agreement behaves lets see here what the bread is counted okay I come here I jump this and from here I go to this and I do like this okay I understand you know what Im noticing that there are quite a few clicks that have to be like very precise that is in a perfect timing damn it is that when I do it you see In the video when you play it its quite different there are very difficult mechanical parts its incredible I lose all control I lose all control how it moves that guys guys guys guys guys you see it just as fast as I see it because I see a thing to do Greg you know Im going to nerf it Just for you hahaha I just need your approval to do it you cant Modify a level that has 4 million downloads because of my aunt This is your level I respect it a lot but I cant afford this what va que va que va que va que va Music I cant believe its worth a question fingerdash full version en harder Let me see how this is what happens is how long is this level bro Look up praise The Bar Look up the bar for please how little this level advances is much easier but in reality guys and girls with how long it is you end up crazy and this is a demo let me see the v3 what is this what is this Music that there are very few people in it world that they can spend this well that a dragon appeared I have no words no no no I cant find the words to define what I feel right now and this boy is invisible What do you mean Music I ca nt believe it I ca nt believe it I put it I ca nt believe I cant believe it I just cant believe how Im having it what is this what is this how am I having it that I just did not see the cube I was imagining it all the time but how the original yes I know it It was all from memory Blue light tells me look I have this level that is hard my last option if it is not for you So I run out of ideas you what is this man what is this I am to me it gives me something today you remember me for the greetings but that this is not a metric girl this is one this is one this is an optical illusion of life is that I dont even know what Im doing when I play I swear brother brother Brother brother Brother brother because I You put so many things on the screen, you dont see that I am not understanding anything at all. It is that there will be things that I have overcome and I have not even been aware because I was not seeing the obstacle, there have already been two donations that you have told me to pass Speed ​​ Race r 27 million downloads what is this to see that I see it in practice mode I dont even know what Ive done there bro This is not easy Im going to the one who told me that this is easy or if I dont ban it Im going to ban it guys Guys, I had a level reserved in case this happened, in case I realized that the community has improved a lot. I jump and we have it, okay This level may seem quite simple a priori, but it has its little tricks, it s quite an __ , I agree, you have to be careful, above all, depending on which parts, for example, now a surprise comes, it was once and here the problem is that you dont You are waiting for it man I played it a long time ago and luckily I still remember certain things I still remember true steam games gone 🔴 ¡Sigue mis Directos! 😎 Mis gafas ★ ¡Mi Libro! ➜ ¡Mi Mando Oficial! ➜ Remotto Battery ➜ ¡Mi Silla! ➜ ¡Mis Cascos! ➜ Mi GRAN Discord ● ¡Último vídeo de Heretics! ► ¡Sígueme! • Miembro del canal • Suscríbete al Canal! • Instagram! • Tik Tok! • Twitter! • Facebook! ► Team Heretics • Tienda • YouTube • Twitter • Instagram • Discord ★ Business Contact: ★ Gracias por la Miniatura!! Miguez --- Vídeo creado y subido por TheGrefg. steam best games on sale steam card dollar general steam cleaner company steamed clam recipe starship troopers game steam