Is Geometry Dash TOO HARD NOW?!

Steam antitrust zaigersteam games cheap GEOMETRY DASH hows it going everyone hope youre having a great day today were just gonna be playing something called geometry dash all right so im just gonna be playing uh five demons in this video so lets go see what the newest demons are i did this one in a recent video so i dont have to i dont have to play that one soul or system do you get it solar system like our solar system yeah but it has soul interstellar trip through the soul so instead of it being a trip around the sun were going deep were going deep okay solar system by smear lets go soul or system ooh thats cool dude im getting im getting im wow thats really cool thats awesome dude its like this galactic trip but its inside of ourself right so its got like its really trippy that the sun and the the eyes and its very spiritual right oh nice you know what i do like easy demons that have timings and stuff some easy demons are way too easy but this one has like a few timings which is cool you know it spices things up a little bit and still even with that said its pretty sight readable dude i love the colors and i love how this is mildly like psychedelic its very cool dude that was awesome now now were just making things happen lets go spider i think you just buffer that i was like when do i press dude the songs a banger too its cool man the whole package of this level is just awesome the colors the like trippy like sunflowers with eyes dude i am im loving this oh yes dude what like i want to appreciate the background art im so focused on the gameplay though but its so like its so cool dude i love this i love this level its so good solar system psychedelic masterpiece is what im gonna call it im just gonna practice i think easy demons are getting a little bit harder just a little bit and i think its just that before there were a lot of levels that were nine star difficulty that were just getting rated as uh easy demons and so nine or eight star for that matter because some easy demons ive played are like so ridiculously easy however i do think now that like the easy demon difficulty um the difficulty gap is kind of like narrowing in favor of it being like on the hard end of things which is good because it feels more like demon-esque all because like this flying is really hard for like compared like other easy demons you know luckily im decent at flying um and theres lots of timings right a lot of easy demons dont have like the craziest timings yeah lots of timings its gonna be uh this is a pretty challenging easy demon good though its really cool dude the artist level is really nice its really cool funky psychedelic art you know and its very clean as well dude thats awesome thats a cool level dude this is one of those levels where if i got this in like the 100 attempt challenge beating a level of each difficulty in 100 attempts i would get extremely wrecked like oh yeah this would destroy me i think because of how much harder easy demons are becoming i have this feeling that my 100 attempt challenge im not going to be able to do it anymore because i just get wrecked every time every time i do it you know thats hard too oh my god Music Music Applause Music nice now uh i cant i beat it pretty quick in normal mode after practice pretty challenging to get some of the parts but at the same time once you know whats coming its not that hard so yeah i mean 42 attempts thats pretty chill i could have definitely done that in an 100 attempt challenge if i had like 50 attempts left which is very reasonable at that point so yeah i mean its its a very easy demon for sure fast and spicy by spark when im gonna comfort zone with this one inspired by a dedicated tamantalia alkali and tongi okay so i kind of know what im getting into here i think im gonna be getting into some uh design shenanigans with some fast-paced gameplay notice that its only medium in length which means its pretty short which means it could be pretty tough okay oh god of course the black jump board gets me song pretty easy to read that gameplay though all right oh dont press anything nice its pretty its pretty chill pretty nice on that transition i press something as soon as i hit that portal as i do with ufo portals whenever i see a ufo and a portal in easy demon i usually usually just press the button ow oh oh thats cool dude i like the gameplay there i did it all dude the four times speed did you did you see that it was four times speed and there was a blue jump orb in the wave wow dude thats its really cool its pretty challenging but once you get it i find itll be pretty easy just a little learning this level is oh no its a oh god no an asymmetrical duel oh so you just hold okay okay okay holy this is this is pretty cool so you jump and you just jump right away and hold down the button and then what you do is you hit the green orb but you dont hold the hold hit and then hold and then hit hit and then hold again that wow okay like theres some parts where you hold theres some parts where you let go and then like this part is just like im just pressing the button to the song like i dont know what am i doing Music hold hold press press Music fast and spicy man this level is pretty fun oh my god is it ever fun Music dude im too fast im not too fast which means even four speed is just too slow for me Music oh my god i wasnt ready for that jump holy Music i did i didnt even know how i got the coin i mean i jumped too early by accident and i got the coin nice Music dude are you come on it was just like a few inputs away i just had to get to the ball portal i could have gotten it ah i guess that was too slow i guess i just let go of the rhythm i second guessed it and i started pressing a little slower because i thought i was going too fast Music man that is so fun i mean like visually its nothing special but that gameplay is oh wow its fast paced but man is it its consistent but challenging ooh fast and spicy that is that its exactly what it says its fast and spicy and if you like spicy food and this level is for you because damn i and i like spicy food i like this level a lot that was great the next one is crucial nuts by freeze dash spoopy lol gameplay again by entrex 23 even though its not halloween enjoy cool i like scary levels lets go im ready for some spoops oh oh its been a while since ive heard this song before i used to hear this song a lot this is like one of the like main halloween levels or halloween songs i should say Music dude im sight reading it im killing it even with these moving objects you gotta jump nice this is cool its like an arts uh halloween level you know its cool dude i suck at h blocks hbox when you can hit your head like in my hundred uh level challenge the recent video i did when theyre the level where you gotta hit your head i just i didnt get it just you know anytime you got to hit your head on something im the one im the worst at it okay god i had to press it a little bit earlier and one of those parts how am i still alive i cant believe it i lost track of what i was doing and i still was able to sight read it like why i by but i should not be alive anyways lets practice um this is pretty cool im im definitely into this level im into the gameplay im into the im into the halloween uh the the looks to it its like a very cartoony halloween thing so in other words its not that like spooky its like you know halloween for kids right its like nice and lighthearted and friendly looking um but its cool its really good i like that cartoony halloween style so its its good not every like spoopy level needs to be absolutely like hell-themed and hardcore right i love levels like this this is great because my parents um in canada my mom she had like a huge halloween setup you know when the kids like loved coming to our house so halloween is its just in my blood you know because my mom had like the coolest setup and kids were like oh its the scary halloween house because my mom had like scary sounds on everything ooh thats cool looking like crazy like black tentacle beasts that was awesome ah dude this level looks amazing yeah its really cool looking i love the i love the playful nature of the gameplay too its actually is really neat like the gameplay is not particularly hard but theres a lot of inputs but it plays with your mind a little bit but not in a cheap way where it feels like its um like a blind jump or anything its cool like the part in the spider right there where you go up like it gives you time to react by hitting a jump head so its like a big like whoa a trap but like you know its not there to frustrate you its cool dude i love the way the gameplay flows and i like the art i think this is a pretty bang or halloween level if you ask me Music wait hey you got to die like a retake on that what happened yeah you gotta do a light jump there im jumping too early wow okay this level has some challenging moments thats for sure like i said easy demons are getting harder i swear to god theyre getting harder look at this flying too like thats oh im gonna die so much to this end part i actually like that part where it has indicators but the indicators disappear thats actually a cool way to like still have indicators but make it challenging thats actually cool its a nice little touch a lot theres a lot to love about this level for sure its a pretty challenging easy demon but a lot to love about it its cool Music oh okay lets go lets go disappearing indicators be damned yes focus time Music oh my god theres that i dont know if youll be able to see but there was that part where theres like the two bricks where youre upside down and in practice mode i died from jumping too late there and i jumped really late there in normal mode and it must have been like a frame or two i had until i was about to die like that was so close i almost i almost choked it but i didnt that would have been like a 97 death oh my god man that is a good level thats really fun the music sync is on point i love the artwork i love the different monsters that appear in the ghosts and also the different settings that show up my gosh even though i did beat that in 67 attempts that is a stressful fast paced and hard like hard easy demon thats wow dude easy demons are getting harder fast and spicy how many attempts i didnt check 71 solar system 42 the solar system was pretty challenging too um and that took me the least amount of attempts like dude im not going crazy easy demons theyre evolving experience an apocalypse of another planet guide me by oleki thats cool i like that concept like the end of the world for another planet guide me by oleki oh nice ooh hold down the button okay nice were on another planet why the heck okay were staying as a ship interesting so the apocalypse has begun on this planet wow the lights are fading all over its all over soon i thats thats too big brain for me you die if you dont hit it but i dont want to i think i got it there we go and just hold okay nice thats cool oh dude thats thats so cool looking but thats its way too big brain i gotta practice it the garden dude i love the colors and i love the block design you know its just its just really cool looking like i just its one of those levels thats greater than the sum of its parts because individually it looks like kind of basic but like all put together it looks really nice i dont know um when were gonna get to the other planet ending though or this planet i thought it was supposed to be like blowing up i see like some explosions kinda right you see those are those explosions oh here we go oh looks like yeah the buildings are falling over here dude i just for some reason i love the colors that are chosen i love like the outline of the colors on the blocks and i love it how it contrasts like the background like the dark bluey blocks with like the light and gray background i dont know like just something about the level that jives right its its good like this wave part its hard to make unique wave gameplay but this wave like the this gameplay of sliding on surfaces and hitting certain portals and i dont know its just this nice mix of like fun wave gameplay okay now the planet is definitely its its definitely pretty apocalyptic now oh and i wasnt able to escape it like pulls you back and you probably die thats cool cool man ah i always jump too early there when im at like the edge of the platform for me i think the ufo is the hardest part the other parts i have pretty consistent but the ufo for some reason i was just such an itchy trigger finger and i i pressed the button way too early Music wow done fairly challenging level i guess you know what its a really consistent level im just i dont know some reason im just bad at remembering things because every time i die usually its just like not a hard part im like oh oops forgot about that durrrr you know the endings really easy i just got to get there just get get get past the wave dude that was the hardest thing ive ever said for some reason sounded like i was beatboxing actually oh my god okay dude i love the way this part looks i really i really like this level i like all the levels we played today what a great day for geometry dash Music Music Music foreign Music oh no i want to get away nice thats so fun its cool its a really really really cool level one attempt after practice yes it took me 68 attempts very cool level guide me another fairly challenging easy demon thats really consistent with practice um thats just fun and its got some unique little gameplay bits cool and you get to experience the apocalypse lets do the next one which is regain control which is a rated level and not featured fifth level this year more chill and no three time speed a bit worse you got it but still k easy demon rated j thats a description thats a description i feel like some of those sentences could have been combined a little bit lets go regain control i dont know why me doing thats actually helping with uh timing this dude this is some really fun flying i dig this ship gameplay just give me this the whole level and i will uh i will succeed oh im just gonna practice not messing around you know 31 in like one attempt pretty pretty bananas it goes like to the to the words really well thats cool man yeah its going through the words really well thats nice dude cool music sync thats awesome man nice more ship give me more ship i like flying i like flying ooh oh oh oh oh theres a theres a pretty chill section at the end here nice i like it all this level stays fairly chill with the speed but still manages to be really fun just because of the music sync thats really cool im into it oh you just why man that jump jeez im always jumping so far for some reason oh what oh i pressed it too late i must have been airborne no when i was in practice when i got through their first try um but it was really close and i thought to myself im gonna die there in normal mode and i did sometimes you just know when youve been playing this game for as long as i have you just know these things you know you know when youre gonna die Music Applause Music Music its the right times okay i dont really remember the ending but remember it being not too hard right time to beat the level right time to beat this level and i did it at the right time thats why i dont make music so im terrible at it oh cool that took me 25 attempts which is the lowest on the list today i felt like that flowed uh really well the ufo part is awesome hardest part of the level really awesome though with the music sync definitely the hardest part level though i died there a bunch i gotta say it could have been a little bit better however uh gameplay-wise fun really fun people are saying its a medium demon like no no no no come on look i know the game is getting harder but this is the easiest one out of all the levels we played today you know like some of these other ones you could argue getting to medium demon you know a crucial knot this one just had some really fast gameplay like it was tough it flowed really well though and it does get consistent but its a little learning fast and spicy also tough level even though its medium in length pretty tough however it does get consistent with enough practice but yeah man thats thats tough like right here bro theres no universe where this is an easy demon still an easy demon this is a harder easy demon okay mediums are quite a lot harder and then solar dude solar system was a banger level that was really good all right thats it for today i hope you guys enjoyed the selection of demons i i loved all these demons we played today i had a lot of fun i will see you guys in the next one leave a thumbs up on the video helps me out a lot and as always Music steamed shrimp with old bay and butter Geometry Dash is getting too hard for me haha.--EDITED BY RIDONCULOUS GUY-- --MERCH STORE-- --BECOME A MEMBER TO JOIN MY 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