The IMPOSSIBLE Ball Geometry Dash

Steam heat exchangersteam games with xbox friends GEOMETRY DASH hows it going everyone and welcome back to another exciting episode of impossible or not where I check and see if levels are actually impossible or not because levels can be hacked and uploaded as impossible levels on the server first one were gonna be doing today is even impossible new by Diamond Head lets go so that is way up there that portal is way up there but we have to hit it because theres all these spikes here but is it actually impossible or is it not that that thats the question okay were just were going right to the show hitboxes which by the way sometimes the hitboxes dont do anything so it it looks like theres unless we go on to 60 hertz and hold down the button to jump maybe we can get some extra height on that like somehow no you should be able to like just barely hit that right like with if you hold down the button and do a second jump you actually get a little bit of extra height and it should be enough to get this the only thing that it could be is there could be a portal or not a portal a um a trigger or something so were gonna check for a trigger were gonna copy the level and were gonna see it doesnt look like theres a trigger what is that thats a key but why is there a random like tiny key floating in the air there uh what oh is it just ldm no dont tell you just got low detail mode click dude okay okay so apparently its something to do with the FPS so like if we actually go to the FPS bypass maybe lets try to switching it to like various hertzes lets go to like 144 Hertz why dont we switch to something ridiculous like 30 FPS Im in 30 FPS okay one sec were gonna go to 10 FPS oh yeah oh my God Im playing Im 10 frames per second thats so stupid looking Im one frame per second okay thats so dumb lets never do that ever again oh no did I break my game its a frames per second thing but I actually I dont know what frame to put it on to like make the jump like Ive tried all sorts of different frames you know Ive tried like all sorts of low ones all sorts of high ones and I just cant get it oh so so maybe you got to try you got to put on like 60. and then change it to a thousand like as youre right here you like change it like a thousand FPS and it works so like you jump as 60 and then change it to a thousand I mean thats like thats so weird starting at 60fps because it says 60 to a thousand so Im starting at 60 FPS I jump and then I change it to a thousand but it doesnt work like its its a its an FPS thing and I feel like I gotta change it like mid attempt but its not working oh what I got it I got it but I messed it up no I tried to click a bunch but it wasnt working okay so like I was at 60 frames per second and then mid jump I switched to a thousand FPS and it gave me a little bit of extra height and then I was able to turn into a ship that is crazy dude there we go I got it whoa theres a key there what is the key do I know what to do now okay okay that is so crazy so you have to use hacks to be able to do this because you got to be able to change your frames per second like in the middle of the attempt so without Mega hack this level is in fact impossible but for me it is possible and thats really neat like that that is really cool so if you change from 60 fps to a thousand FPS in the middle of a jump you get extra height it kind of breaks the game so thats thats cool lets see what the key does so jump jump and then stop boom and no no you got to be more like underneath it okay there we go thats crazy what does the key do oh the key does nothing oh Easter egg all right Im not gonna Im not gonna go these today I do not I trust you Diamond but Im not gonna click on any links the next level were gonna be doing is one thats outside of the evw impossible series but I thought it was worth playing I thought a mole Pans Channel and its called Dont Have Fun by subwoofer and the reason why Im putting it here is this level looks impossible at first because what you have to do is you have to hit both of these switches to get the uh to unlock these doors right to unlock those key doors but you cant as the spider so how would you do it so apparently what you do is you can go into this object just slightly even though those saw blades are supposed to kill you you you hit the very edge of it do you see how I just hit the edge of it and was able to hit that switch its so weird how you can actually do that you can hit the edge of this wow you like fall down and you dont actually die even though its an object thats supposed to kill you and I thought it was absolutely fascinating which is why Im just quickly including it in this video but it does take some mad skills because thats really hard to do oh I dude I got two of the saw blades but I got the first and the third and it did nothing I wonder if its easier on 60 hertz it might be oh yeah its way easier on 60 hertz as soon as I switched I got it right away and the reason why it is easy let me explain normally things can be easier on higher refresh rates but for example if it is possible on 60 hertz and theres that perfect frame that you can get it on then its easier to hit that perfect frame on 60 hertz than it is when you have more available frames to make a mistake on like 240 hours so sometimes lower Hertz is easier in this situation it was uh but a lot of the times higher Hertz is easier especially with things like wave and ship even impossible noon by nuggets 31 no secret way oh oh boy oh boy should I I should take off the hitboxes okay um oh man is there anything up there oh dude you gotta hit it twice thats its cruel dude and then I got to slide on one of these right right right oh I did it yeah how was I still a mini why was I still a mini wave oh wait wait excuse me oh you can just continually slide okay it gets pretty easy it was pretty challenging at some point oh yeah you can get through there hey oh is there is there theres gonna be like some sort of switch like earlier on in the level or do you got to stay as the wave somehow so theres no secret way Im stuck on everything but the very end theres got to be something theres got to be some switch or something somewhere but I dont see anything oh its just low detail mode for the end God damn dude I got it thats I keep on getting ldms this whole series always like I feel like Im always keen on checking ldm and then like just the one time I forget which is a lot its many times its just its ldm okay and yeah low detail mode for the uh unbelievable I got low detail mode well this level is 100 possible but there are some tricks you have an impossible new by Warden was here weird jump compilation so just a bunch of weird ones just a bunch of weird ones oh whoa whoa whoa whoa no you cant theres not enough space to get there that doesnt that doesnt make sense like that looks impossible to me like it it looks like its impossible but how did I do that you go up on the very edge and you can go up on the top that is so crazy is that is that frame perfect or almost frame perfect wow thats so hard to do I gotta go into practice mode you gotta do it twice in a row too thats oh I did it twice in a row okay now what is this up here hopefully like a little bit of a skip okay thank you okay thats nice its nice this level is very very sauce what oh come on dude oh man what is up with that okay so lets go into practice mode again this is cool though I didnt even know that was possible to have like this portal set up and getting on top of these platforms that is really cool its so hard to do so I wonder if you gotta go legit way like you got you got to get three of them yeah maybe you got to get all these oh youd have to do four in a row then oh man four oh thats no thats impossible though thats a full block you wouldnt be able to do that okay so maybe theres like some switches what interesting so the only thing thats here is that there arent any actual like oh there are switches though theres some move triggers here its in the h i and r h i r and u so do I have to hit those oh my God h i r and you I gotta take a picture of that I gotta take a picture of that what foreign U so this level is possible but am I actually gonna do this in normal mode I love these jumps here over these portals though I think theyre really cool just barely hitting the side of that thats thats really neat I didnt even think of like doing something like this okay h i r did I get uh come on dude ah h i e u oh there we go I got it okay I think I missed one a little bit but its close enough this level is possible and that is pretty cool I actually quite enjoyed this one nice this one is even possible new by John impossible in less than nine attempts what what do you mean what dude what am I doing what I cant jump like Im trying to jump Im holding down the button right and its not letting me jump over here oh but theyre disappearing its getting smaller and smaller and theyre disappearing what foreign so I forget how this works this level is this works but I know like on each attempt you can actually change how the level functions and this is a perfect example of that where each time you die the spice gets smaller and smaller I forget how you set that up though theres like some sort of way to set it up so if I go back into it youll see theres a bunch of big spikes right three theres its a triple Spike and they get smaller and smaller and smaller until the ninth attempt when theyre gone that is cool that is cool I forgot about that little thing and I forget how you set it up in the editor there is a way to do it that looks pretty complex youre impossible to buy them clothes all them clothes two player speaking of big brain stuff no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no why why would you do this to me oh yes already party party okay can you even make that jump or you can cheese are you sure about that you sure about that I think I think the cheese is up top not on the bottom there the cheese is there because on the bottom youd have to go through all that spam anyways this levels really possible and but am I gonna do it in normal mode am I Really Gonna Do It I hate the song that we are partying so why is the two player as well party party party party just wave corner at the beginning is driving me crazy because I suck at the wave spam okay here we go yes consider yourself Jesus you can die that I thought that was like a background thing its always driving me crazy Im actually going ballistic I cant believe God just end it yeah end it now and thats it Music oh yeah I cant even dance to it Im here oh my God sometimes I like that song and sometimes I dont I dont know sometimes I think its hilarious and I still think you know what I still think its hilarious EP yeah party party you didnt impossible me why Cohen is goat Cohen youre the goat dude oh oh oh oh once I can get through that though yeah bunny bunny you can get through there actually theres a way to get through on the top too though like you just go up yeah you just you just go what am I doing why am I doing it the hard way I want to do it the hard way now though oh theres something blocking you from getting up there oh thats weanery Music so oh theres invisible spikes okay I see yeah you can just slide through at the end youre impossible new by Karen man oh no its a man but its a Karen here to complain at your local supermarket oh oh oh I think you just hold down the button what you gotta hold down the button hold oh this is the dash rope at the very beginning easy what you gotta like aim yourself for that straight flash thats so hard to do that and you gotta aim yourself for this and then like man it thats so ridiculous and then you gotta let go perfectly for here but did I do it okay I got a good checkpoint thats I mean thats ridiculous though like thats so is it even possible to get in there um maybe just if its like frame perfect maybe theres got to be theres gotta theres gotta be a trick thats no way no way bro whats the trick oh theres a way foreign man you thought you could get me ah but you did that that changes nothing it makes it easier and so Im an upside down wave now what does that enable me oh theres a way up top oh oh oh oh oh Music a name Ive seen before good luck using hitbox hack on this one oh God here we go good luck with hitbox hack dude oh dude that is funny what does it look like without hitboxes though it just looks normal okay but what so theres a orb that I cant hit for some reason why why cant I hit that orb Music no you can hit it but you have to double tap it wait wait wait but what wait wait what what excuse me I didnt double tap it though so in normal mode cant hit it for some reason in normal mode Im not able to hit it why why oh maybe Im only allowed to hit a certain amount oh you can only hit a certain amount of the orbs otherwise it blocks you thats actually really really cool so what you have to do is you have to skip this one and in practice mode it was working the reason being is that it like kind of reset the timer for some reason or the counter so yeah that thats so cool look at that you have to jump there without hitting the orb and then you can hit that orb normally so hitboxes does not help you with that one you just gotta kind of figure it out thats a cool one that is possible even Impossible by General mcpanda okay oh no no dont just make stuff disappear no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no oh my god dude I cant even make these jumps theyre so hard because you accidentally hit the jump pad okay wait a sec what what what uh theres a spike there is this just like a perfect no no even if you got up there you wouldnt be able to jump over top of it I dude I I I I just absolutely dont understand this one the in the heck the other parts just look like a normal level but this beginning is sick why zero zero idea Eric this is possible its hard and dont forget to go upwards on The Last Ship part yeah but I oh what lets change it to 60 hertz and see if I can make that jump yo you can its a 60 hertz thing wow okay so on 60 hertz it is possible and this jump too thats thats a pretty crazy jump on 60 hertz you can do those Shenanigans man crazy wow thats hard dude this is just like really hard skill base to do you know wow thats hard and Im just gonna stick on 60 hertz and were gonna were gonna keep the hitboxes on because Im way too small brain otherwise I bet this is the secret way that kills you at the end though a hundred percent were about to die Ive seen this before were dead youre gonna youre gonna wait all this way and then youre gonna kill me its just it happened we know this we know whoa whoa whoa ah okay there we go go up as the ship at the end all right so this level is possible but dude do I dare do it in normal mode I dont I dont know about that its just getting this beginning this beginning jumps were really hard other than that its not bad Music like that okay should be good yeah okay there we go got it nice sweet yo just wanted to do the beginning of normal to prove to myself that I could because thats really hard Applause new way Music all right and normal mode done this is the last one well do today even impossible new by trained bush this is a bush thats trained to stay still outside on the lawn does that require training lets go oh yeah I have hitboxes on so without hitboxes oh dude without hitboxes its just an invisible level you just oh all you do is go okay dude can we please appreciate practice music foreign music matched up with portal which is amazing its just its my favorite I love it leave a like down below it helps me out a lot I will see you in the next one and as always airpods steam deck The Geometry Dash impossible ball jump.EDITED BY RIDONCULOUS GUY YOUTUBE STREAM SCHEDULE Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 3:30PM PST (6:30EST) MERCH 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