KOCMOC VS. Edge Of Destiny (New Upcoming Top 10 Extreme Demons) (Geometry Dash)

Steam codes for salehow to rollback steam game update GEOMETRY DASH game so in the past week or so edge of Destiny and Cosmos were both verified oh wait okay Cosmos actually wasnt verified because not a single person thought to play test the damn level before saying enough verification anyways both these levels have been pretty well received by the majority of the community so today Im going to pit the two top tens against each other in decoration song Choice the theme of the level how well that chosen theme was executed and the gameplay comment down below which one is your favorite and while youre down there please subscribe as we are very close to 10K subscribers without further Ado on with the video okay so Im basically going to give my thoughts on both levels in each category and then compare them and whichever one is better gets a point then obviously whichever level has more points at the end wins okay so starting off with decoration edge of Destiny is very well detailed it has elaborate block designs that are unique and pop out but its not over decorated also a quick side note I dont understand how anyone in their right mind could say this is the generic glow level seriously youre telling me this looks generic to you and that this looks generic as well like the whole level with the possible exception of this first part in this one other part on screen has space backgrounds and space themed block designs and you want to call this generic glow I mean of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but dont just stand there in my comment section you can get paid for saying that but yeah I also disagree with the idea that collect carries the level even though the other parts he didnt build in are also really good in my opinion and while colics part is my favorite part its not the only good part of the level so I think that arguments dumb too but honestly I could understand where its coming from Cosmos also has really amazing decoration the space backgrounds are on average more prevalent in the level and the pulses are much more prevalent as well but the block design varies in what its trying to accomplish its still very good decoration but its built in different styles at times which can make some of the parts feel disjointed and Ill touch more on that later there is a lot of blank space left in the pre-drop and post drop so while theyre both very well decorated Im going to give the decoration point to edge of Destiny next up does edge of Destiny or Cosmos have a better song Choice since if I were to just compare the two songs in the of themselves against each other really come down to my personal music taste just completely off the rails at this point so Ill mostly just focus on how well the song Matches the level in terms of sync and like intensity and stuff like that okay so edge of Destinys gameplay matches the intensity of the song and the decoration does that too sort of the more intense Parts like collects part and the part where the drums first come in are more heavily decorated in a way that stands out but the pulses dont really sink as well with the song and arent emphasized as much whereas in Cosmos the decoration impulses are very sink to the beat Rhythm and intensity of each part of the song so I think Cosmos wins in song choice because it matches the song Better with the original and the official remix also another quick side note I do overall like the cosmo song better but thats not really factored in here I still think that Cosmos matches its song better than edge of Destiny does so were at a time now one to one okay so this will be the shortest section because I wanted to compare the levels in the actual chosen theme and then the execution of it separately but honestly I think both the levels have a really good theme cosmoss space themed kind of mostly around black holes and Edge Of Destiny is space themed while also being themed around the big blue sword thingy manix ruined a few years back honestly I really like both themes so Ill just give both levels a point just to be nice Im glad Space theme has sort of been becoming more popular over the past few months to a year I also dont really understand when people say that space theme is as overused as something like hell theme or just generic glow because one there I think is a difference between just generic glow with a few stars and actual space themed decoration and I think the latter isnt actually used that much at the very least from what Ive seen I guess you could make an argument that its a lot more popular than it used to be because it is and maybe you think its a little bit too overrepresented but its nowhere near hell style levels of just overused like thats been a thing for years like c1997 used to rant about how red and black extreme demons were boring anyways when it comes to the execution of that chosen theme one is much better than the other in my opinion edge of Destiny executes its theme perfectly every part has at least a decent amount of space themed Deco while expanding on the original designs and blade of Justice not only making it the perfect remake but also bringing it something new to spice up the level there is this one part that does somewhat stick out to not having very much space decoration or really any space decoration but in my opinion its a minor footnote on the level and I dont think it hinders the level in any significant way however with Cosmos its a bit of a different story in my opinion sure every part is amazing on its own but the style of the decoration varies from part to part it very much just goes quickly from your average Cherry themed glow design with some space backgrounds which is good by the way all of these parts are pretty well decorated in my opinion to moon rocks very quickly and then this part is in a completely different style than the previous two parts and yes I know its going to get replaced in the new update playtest disaster state that the level is in but Im judging it off of its current state the transitions help make cost less disorienting and I do think the transitions are well done in general at least visually speaking but a lot of the parts lack consistency in style which doesnt hurt the level enough for me to dislike it anyway regarding the decoration but it is enough for me to say that editor Destiny does a better job so the point goes to EOD meaning EOD is in the lead three to two and finally gameplay since I cant really judge how fun the gameplay actually is to play Given Ezra is still kicking my ass in bloodbath Ill just look at structuring pacing and originality the last of which cancels out because EOD is Under the Blade of Justice gameplay and Cosmos is just slaughterhouse gameplay so neither of them really have original gameplay You could argue that Cosmos is slightly more original but also edge of Destiny is unnerfed blade of Justice its meant to restore the legacy of the original which I think is overall a much more wholesome goal than just slaughterhouse but purple which was basically what Cosmos originally was until Cherry team kind of saved it so in my opinion it cancels out so edge of Destiny has some pretty great structuring in my opinion it stays mostly faithful to the original blade of Justice when you compare them side by side but it brings a whole bunch of new stuff into the mix as well blade of justice is structuring to begin with is also pretty good pacing the level is pretty good I think it has mostly good transitions from what I can tell and I havent heard anything about the level being terribly unbalanced Cosmos does have some decent balancing given that trick and cursed have both said that the level is at least semi-fun to play but the structuring is a nightmare there are so many objects that completely obstruct your view in this part towards the ground and the ceiling and the wave spams in the level have invisible stuff everywhere its just not well done not to mention for a while the level had a secret way from 3 to 100 up until very recently because again I guess no one remembered that you play Tesla level before verifying it so in terms of gameplay Im gonna have to give the point to edge of Destiny meaning that the final score is four to two and Edge Of Destiny wins honestly I like both levels but I think edge of Destiny is better in most ways again you can disagree and feel free to comment down below your thoughts on the levels more of the story I guess play Chester levels like the video if you like the video also please subscribe 10K is so close its ridiculous and um yeah thank you all for watching and Ill see you on the next one best farming game steam Edge Of Destiny VS. KOCMOC (New Upcoming Top 10 Extreme Demons) (Geometry Dash)Which is better, Edge of Destiny or KOCMOC? To clarify, after Trick verified the level, Cherry Team decided to make changes, meaning kocmoc is technically no longer verified because we cant have nice things. Edge of Destiny and Kocmoc are two of the most anticipated upcoming top 10 extreme demons of recent days, so Im going to decide which one is better in this video. Please be civil in the comments lolKocmoc Secret Way Footage: How Cherry Team Saved KOCMOC: My Discord Server: Music Credit: Lena Raine - Otherside (Tanger Remix) Djjaner - Speedbreaker Kevin Macleod - Scheming Weasel can you refund on steam lord of the rings games steam steam refund purchase puffpals island skies steam can you play dead by daylight steam and epic games