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According to my promotional code, you will receive an additional 10 percent discount. you get a 180- day guarantee from the store itself, but the name of this level Rob top travel is a collection of absolutely all official levels that are placed in one huge level and therefore is called the longest one. Leo launched, of course, he has a huge number of downloads of likes and when I went through the project I couldn’t even I didn’t have the patience to go through it completely Friends because it is so huge Here we are now going through this stereometer now, probably yes, the first level is the easiest Here you can still talk m you can go through everything relaxed Because the first level is not always the easiest and for all this time we have passed only one percent one percent and we need to pass 100% That is, I just can’t imagine how it will be a shame when we merge on some grandfather Loki Club step, we will somehow merge at these levels, even in any way much earlier, for some reason there is no coin By the way, when there is such a level, the whole point of the speedrun is lost Because you can just complete this level completely in one attempt and you can already tell passed speed-ranged friends so far we have absolutely such elegant light very first levels I want to tell you about our new YouTube channel Crazy ABC, which releases the top builds of the most powerful computers Well, we also have our own official Crazy VKontakte group, where, by the way, soon there will be a drawing of a gaming computer and in order not to miss it, be sure to subscribe to our new Youtube channel and to our VKon group tact, well, and we By the way, what level is it, even that is, it’s not clear there are no transitions there are inscriptions What is this stereo menes this is how he is the track is the third level there I don’t know, I would leave the music of the official level official soundtracks because they are top-notch if you also like Jetta soundtracks of course put your finger up and by the way already I think you should not relax because one mistake and all of our 10% disappear of course this one the level we will go far beyond the series, because well, friends, how can you go through all all the levels in a row in absolutely one attempt and it’s even simply impossible to listen if you played this level, then be sure to write in the comments What percentage did you manage to pass and also write in the comments How many percent we will be able to pass for this series What do you think I think I bet on 30 percent maybe 40 percent later what’s next, it’s probably going to be completely tinny And I didn’t play friends for probably a month, I never went in after the last vidos, again, I don’t know how I even now manage to jump to do something and not merge Oh now and now Friends were right close. It’s not at all clear what kind of level I’m coming now, probably some fourth or fifth, and it would be easier if they left the usual official soundtracks. it is precisely the difficult moments of all levels in the mountain that are collected, that is, this would be a level there Rob top travel would be much shorter but much more interesting because there would be collected for 5 the most difficult moments from the children, by the way, such but actually exists Write it in the comments name idea I’ll try to pass it too, but friends already in the meantime 18 percent already almost 1/5 of the total roptop Travel passed of course we definitely won’t be able to reply my record in the project is 47 percent, I remind you, but friends are already 22 friends Well, I got to these again Well, almost 22 percent on which we merged friends Damn, I don’t want to merge anything anymore, I changed my mind because how long it takes we have already set this level record and we would like to reach at least 30 percent today Well, in theory, we are now somewhere at the fifth dash, the sixth level, there would also be inscriptions catland go there jumper And here is the jumper By the way, yes, I’m on this first block found out that this is really a jumper so ok we are somewhere now and how much it is by the way level 18 19 you can tell this whole level I passed the speeddrant Yes, how long ago did I start playing Join 3D How many levels I already passed how many times I merged bombed but still my most difficult level remains I am Club Step and it will most likely be because I passed this tax the longest, it was so difficult for me. In short, yes, it probably just sat on the video for a day. Meanwhile, my friends are already 30 3% and we have already passed the third level, that is, well, already it would be nice And if we break the record, it’s projected And this is 47%, I remind you So another 13% would be very cool By the way, now On the ninth level, yes, this is not Expert at all ninth and after it will be before x-tep Well x-tep I would know from the soundtrack I didn’t play for a very long time But it’s kind of like he’s not it’s like x-tep and in the meantime 40 40 percent will be 39 percent shorter than we are already A here is extep, yes, this is one hundred percent. It all means it was 9 which name I don’t remember, but now exactly XT has gone and 40 percent are already friends, another 7 percent, in theory, we need to go through the entire extep and we will break the record. It seems to me that it will be impossible to pass at all because clubstep and all sorts of second theories will go there now, and the demons, I generally keep quiet about Grandfather Log, that is, there will be such hardcore right there, because even just Loki these never in a row all the levels go require 100 attempts to pass if no more I collected all three coins on each level again passed at least twice but still friends it will be very difficult especially when I haven’t played for so long and now extep ends now the phantom clutter starts further in my opinion Yes, right now this soundtrack is an escalator funk is not enough yes yes its definitely clutter funk two percent The record for the project is five percent to our todays goal our friends 47 47 we have already gone further than the project with you so 48 Damn, in general, it ’s not worth being distracted, for sure I think because but this is insan they are like on the first try, they don’t even always go through now on the idea -my yes so friends 50 51 percent just don’t merge now and it wo n’t be one percent is not enough it’s possible as if the goal for today we will do we set the record is projected friends it’s still not bad we can say half passed the longest level we passed half of the speedrun in this game Well, at the end of this video, dont forget to subscribe to our new Youtube channel Crazy PC all the links in the description also dont forget to like this video Well, write some comment to everyone good luck to everyone bye-bye music music sonic lost world steam 🔥Торговая площадка №1 По промокоду CrazyBogdash скидка 10% 🔥 НАШ НОВЫЙ КАНАЛ 🔥 ГРУППА ВК - ПРОШЁЛ САМЫЙ ДЛИННЫЙ УРОВЕНЬ В GEOMETRY DASH! 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