I FINALLY BEAT IT! (Geometry Dash)

Monster girl island steamdriving game steam GEOMETRY DASH game I am NOT looking forward to this welcome to another geometry dash video this is the hardest game ever the last time I play this I literally couldnt get past a certain level so Im gonna try it again okay its been months Im pretty sure its been like four five months since I played this game this game gives me a migraine okay so its gonna be something lets lets try it what level am I on dry-out I have made it 85% through this level but I have not beaten it that was gross this is this is the one okay Im just gonna jump right into this here we go alright first its it so far so good okay this game move so fast to on this monitor it makes my eyes go cross-eyed you guys hear me say that every time I play it but its true Im killing it so far this parts easy though this is the part that I never really had an issue with I had an issue with it that time unfortunately I think the key for me is to not talk but Im going to because this is a youtube video okay just take your time dont free dude Im already making Im already making stupid mistakes already making stupid I got this why am I not clicking Im using the Im using the mouse this time you guys said its way easier to click with the mouse rather than hit space on the keyboard so Im taking your advice okay and you might be right although Im sucking right now so maybe youre not writing stupid mistakes why am i jumping hang on okay Sam hold the phone chill pull almost screwed up okay down the stairs easy this is where I screw up every time here we go upside down how how did I hit that that spike I didnt even jump alright here we go again kind of really concentrate oh whoa I dont think Ive made it this far okay shut up Sam oh my gosh oh my gosh whats this oh were flying were flying dude I cant believe I just got past that other section no no okay its like flappy bird or floppy bird whatever its called I dont know what happens here though 87 percent of the way through I think dude this is the one it this game is non-stop it really is I cant even look at the camera or watch Im gonna try to look at the camera okay dont dont lick the camera okay I think I really just need to listen to the beat of the song for this next part right here yes dude I have that part down now I know what to do good you know what why I keep on jumping in stupid places that I know I shouldnt be jumping at all right hold your horses take your time perfect duck jump jump in this parts weird but I did it all right flappy bird here we go or rockets quit whatever you want to call this game my Apple watch just went off and its distracting me and I dont need distractions in my life right now dang I made the same exact mistake as last time dude Im an idiot this is it just say that youre fine when youre not really fun okay shouldnt jump there but I did I cant believe I had that party so down now I could not figure that out last video all right here we go Rocketeer aint no problem okay I really got to concentrate on this next part oh my gosh almost hit the ceiling yes yes Music oh my gosh I did it oh my gosh my heart is beating that only took 22 attempts dude okay I got none of the three stars Wow I cant believe I did that gonna be honest dude that was a huge improvement played this game you know I thought that was a huge improvement since since the last time I played need to rehydrate okay next level I feel like then theres no way the other levels are harder than that one Im gonna bite my tongue that thats so not true lets see what new icon I unlocked that its kind of dumb I dont like that I like I like my dude right here hes good good square okay next level base after base lets see what happens how are you supposed to get that star theres a star back there that was like touching a spike bounce bounce were bouncing all right black and white so maybe in this level if you make a mistake it goes like anti-gravity like this look I did not mean to do that yep okay I thought it would just carry me through the level that time but fitting so I cant I cant make that mistake that I made the past few times why did I not jump there my finger was like man oh okay really spikes hurt you didnt know that I totally do that yeah the the first 50% of this map is way easier than the first 50% of the other one maybe the second half is insanely hard though okay oh so you got to like be patient thats weird Wow hey who how okay so you got a I got to ignore those things I gotta like jump over those yellow button launchers thats tricky its trying to like psyche allottee alright ignore the yellow things that is the key right here theyre coming up yep ignore ignoring I ignored them now what oh gosh more floppy bird Rocket Man Elton John I need to shut up oh okay apparently you can hit your head on the ceiling cuz I totally just did that Oh oh my gosh its switching back and forth I dont know if I like that Oh 77 I got this I got this this ones fun I like this level a lot my ear itches and I screwed up of course I screwed up because my ear itches thats the world that we live in I feel like Im becoming more natural at this game you know like the talent is just oozing out of me basically oh okay ignore the yellow got to mentally prepare myself for that thats easy thats so easy think you can trick me game not a chance oh these spikes these spikes okay upside down Music oh my gosh stop jumping right there thats exactly where I jumped the last time and screwed up but you gotta learn from your smooth mistakes thats what this game is all about it so its really a life lesson geometry dash builds character who almost screwed up right there but I didnt okay I really have the first like 70 percent I think like its not too bad okay I gotta be patient on that one jump Music right there okay I did it that was it oh my gosh should not have survived that but I did what happens now okay pretty normal no 96 96 Im an idiot Im a big doof I minimized it hey did you know I can minimize every video game felt like the song - its a dj khaled he didnt yell his name in the beginning all right where oh I hope that freaked me out I was thinking this is the upside-down part totally not I dont think I messed up on that part once messed up there though cool thats great I love this game dude Im gonna fly a kite Wow thats twice in a row I messed up right there its like my index fingers is it wants to click too fast what that howd that happen half of my mistakes in this game I dont even know what I just did to make a mistake maybe its cuz my eyes are literally cross-eyed all right no problem here we go Music soup oh Im just make Im just not even paying attention now I feel like you cant play this game for more than ten minutes without your mind melting Paul almost screwed up all right I got this this is the one Im Im harnessing my Chi all right take your time on that one dont forget Sam right there yep perfect every single time I do that jump I dont know how I just did that jump watch me make 97 percent this time oh thats how I do it dude wow dude Im not even going Im not even going for these stars Im not even seeing the stars my mind is so focused on my square jumping that Im not even focusing on the stars I dont know where they are that was sweet I like that level a lot that was way easier than the one before it the one before it I dont know how many attempts that was like 150 for the first time alright what icon did I get that okay its cooler than that one I werent like faces I dont want like random shapes I want some faces Im keeping Im keeping my dude maybe Ill just keep my do the whole time oh I didnt know there were these things thats kind of cool its like a spaceship little robot guy oh heck yeah okay Im a fan Im a fan of this thing okay that was sweet Im obviously the best geometry dash player to ever live you know not to not to over exaggerate but I think its true but hope you guys enjoyed that video Im gonna close my eyes while Im talking to you because my eyes are no not that be stupid if you guys enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up hit the subscribe button click the notification bill do my eyes are watering also have a skateboarding channel you guys can click the card right there and thats thats all I got to say okay Im gonna bounce out of here and by bounce Music requesting refund on steam I dont know how, but apparently I get better at this game when I dont play it for a few months. 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