Steam deck how long does shipping takemac play steam games GEOMETRY DASH gameplay you know whats awesome bald people dont you love them today were going back to the geometry 2.2 editor and Im going to be playing a level of each difficulty from two star all the way to 10 star and easy demon except Im only going to be choosing platformer mode levels so were gonna see what it looks like going from like really easy platformer levels to see what some of the more challenging ones are going to look like so the two Star level were going to be doing is Tower of easiness by amethyst is cool oh thats cool okay the Tower of oh dude its its very easy its the Tower of easiest how to not die can you die jumping yeah thats pretty easy I will say that is pretty easy and thats probably for like a coin or something we go down oh this is cool though yeah I Im Im into this so there definitely is something in 2.2 where you in the platformer mode where some orbs you can only activate once ah oh its a check I forgot you know checkpoints I love you checkpoints thank you lot lots of checkpoints very very cool very cool its a very chill song Just were just chilling out and we are we are platforming to some chill music here Im gonna get your coin nice this is this is actually pretty cool its just a vertical Tower were going up and down on and we gotta unlock some orbs by getting some potions and stuff we got some friendly little hearts here and boom to the next Tower we go lots and lots of checkpoints as well um so its its very friendly um the further we are over to the right of the screen the further the percentage goes up in the level now I am wondering if thats actually going to change when 2.2 comes out I dont know how that would change because it makes sense like the further you are to the right of the level the closer you are to the actual like physical end of the level but in a level like this where youre going up vertically like I keep on switching from like 59 to 69 just going back and forth left to right but it does its not a real good representation of like being a percentage through the level you know what Im saying so um oh shoot dude I definitely have to go up like this oh it was a puzzle that one there was a little bit of a debate what oh I did it nice thats the end thats really cool it like sucks you to the end all the way to the right thats really cool so I got my Two Moons which you get moons on platformer levels instead of stars I got all three coins well that is the two star that was pretty easy there were a couple obstacles but it was was really easy that was cool moving obstacles by sleeriority star or the three Moon I should say uh good luck its got that kind of like washed out effect on it which is interesting okay so I had to get that these are some moving obstacles not no stationary spikes anymore it isnt still a three stars so its gonna be pretty easy oh dude that was a kind of a hard jump do you see that should I go for the Quinn my ballsy enough yeah Im ballsy enough who do you think I am oh this is cool looking I do like the kind of washed out effect thats a switch okay those little those little bumps or switches I do like the washed out effect a little bit but I do I am more of a fan of just like the crisp normal style when it when its kind of fuzzy it almost looks like dude that is a cool checkpoint because its like the actual practice checkpoint but it lights up it looks like a save point in a jrpg or something this is pretty cool Im actually dude yeah this is a three star I got it I didnt die but like man that took some wobbles people still say squabble so that was awesome bumping me into that checkpoint like that okay were into jetpack mode okay hidden coin oh no we gotta go back for that coin okay oh dude did you see that tight spot to get the coin you actually have to oh no no you can go up into here oh dude I thought you actually had to go up in between that saw blade thats wild dude how theres even like a bright light showing you where to go there what happens if you get pushed yeah you just get pushed thats interesting Im not actually I want to ride it I want to see what happens okay thats neat because Ive never tried that before Ive never had like moving obstacles actually push me when Im in Jetpack mode so it does say the end but theres this stuff down here theres a key or a coin and we are were exploring because what oh no it reverses gravity here and theres a saw blade over no thats a key oh you actually have to do that to unlock the end well thats cool and thats the end nice that was a that was a cool little level had a few challenging jumps already even though its only three star so um how much harder is this gonna get this one is epic rated and its a four star 3D Adventure by artem 386 3D Adventure is recommend to hide the progress bar in percentages okay oh whoa dude dude wow thats insane look at were on were actually on like a 3D playing field guys I told you guys I I absolutely told you that platforming mode is gonna revolutionize some things like I I am blown away this is insane can I go over that way or is that no yeah you can just explore everything here you just explore everything like I wonder so theres some cacti am I gonna die by hitting this ah the blood did you see that thats hilarious dude this feels like one of those survival games like Dont Starve oh hey hey we can talk to this Im glad to see you Traveler help me collect five gold rings Ill be very grateful oh dude a quest we got a quest what theres one so we know what they look like wow five gold rings Music oh theres another one okay went to the kind of the edge of the map to get that one lets start working our way back and uh I wonder if were just gonna get one Quest or maybe hes gonna give us multiple quests here so I gotta watch out for the cat the cacti we dont want to get all bloodied up again there it is danger danger I wonder how he dropped those golden rings all throughout here what did what was that did I was I was I fell over it no so those pink spikes theyre spikes theyre like geometry spikes I should just avoid everything just dont run into stuff every those pink things are there to kill you yeah theyre obstacles I cannot believe this is made in the geometry editor I I can actually because people are awesome at making stuff but like like a 3D and a over-the-top view its an isometric view I think its called and were were playing GD thats thats insane cool thing about platformer mode is when you make other levels like if you try to recreate something like this in normal Geometry Dash you only have a certain amount of time to play it because the progress bar keeps on going and so like with Master game you can only play certain amount and then you had to get a checkpoint and then restart the level put in a password and then keep on going um but with platformer mode and this game you its unlimited time and so with that like it opens up a lot of doors a lot of potential to make like full-blown games in Geometry which is cool oh hey theres another dude here youve already started another mission okay so theres multiple missions to do oh theres the last ring okay so I gotta remember this part um to come back here for another mission I wonder if theres an actual end you have the collected rings to the owner okay I got the Rings thank you for your help mission complete nice so lets go start another mission however the song does end I took so long the songs over well well have to put our own peaceful music in hey what do you want buddy hes the only other person Ive seen here hello Traveler help me collect three blue shards Ill be very grateful I think I know where those are theres one I think theres one in the desert area up top here and theres one in the snow area I thought it was here that was where the ring was though oh theres another dude over here isnt there you might be for like a final mission or something oh there it is okay it was it was yeah I had come across I just forgot all right it was kind of on the edge of the desert oh I almost ran into the cactus thats why its a four star I knew you could handle it yeah oh dude I did it nice you just gotta do the two missions and then its done thats that was awesome damn dude this is keep in mind this is before 2.2 is even out right this is what people are making thats crazy thats awesome r10386 good job man atone the chill this is the five star the newest rated Five Star platforming level enjoy okay oh dude its uh low ground thats cool I enjoy myself some low grav you know can I I can use that again right yes I can but we need to its kind of puzzly where you need to hit the blue jump pad on the bottom and be switching some gravity to access the new area Okay so this is like a bunch of oh dude Dash orbs thats interesting so that forced me into a certain place with the Dasher like I just held down the button then itll let go but it wasnt like I couldnt control my direction as youre holding the dash rub you just gotta kind of trust it you know and it will take you forward automatically thats interesting low gravity and were the ship nice I like that what Im not sure what happened here Im just gonna like not hold okay so I must have pressed what what is happening okay so one second says go and come back yeah but every time I go there I die bruh okay everyones gone theres a few people that have gotten to that place and died well we couldnt do that one it was bugged somehow so were gonna do Christmas quests nice I wanna I wanna go on a Christmas Journey okay Im almost there only this hill and Im done oh whoa whoa whoa what is this dude its two player what what is happening look at the cube oh you choose with the second player you choose what you want okay Im gonna so Im gonna go double jump so now I can double jump oh you choose your ability I see so you basically have like a special ability at the start that you can choose so like I I chose the double jump but for example if I want to choose a different ability normal so theres normal thats no double jump but I can also choose a dash which what is the dash do lets see oh yeah it goes like oh you you kind of like just Dash like that thats thats interesting but I just like the double jump I think the double jump is Gonna Get Us everything we need you know so you choose your ability with the second play that is dude thats awesome okay dude this Christmas level is sick absolutely loving it I like my Santa hat too use the double jump here okay yeah use the double jump got it uh what eggs there we go use the double jump okay good job now we use Dash okay so now lets Dash interesting so I chose Dash so its going that way and how do I use it okay so it dashes like the way youre pointed so in other words like if youre if you have downwards momentum you will go down with it so it just dashes forward so I I got you okay such a cool level dude dude platform mode is rad I know I just said rad and were dashing watch this no I dashed too early gosh dang it that was that was the hardest thing Ive ever done in this game Im switching back to double jump I dont want to use anything but double jump oh my God Im so nervous can I could you please checkpoint me what what I dont know where Im jumping oh dude I teleport down here present Hill up there oh oh okay I see where I can go oh I need to go up the hill up the hill lets get the presents lets get the presents yes yeah yeah so this is this is a job for double jump for sure oh no you making me Dash no I did it I did it I did it I just I double jump again please dont make me Dash anymore Im not dont dont do it double jump is so fun Dash Dash is so scary there were spikes there okay okay you gotta get you checkpointed me bro you thats good its all good you checkpointed yeah nice thats not a large gap like the other one was so thats much easier to do you can like mess it up a little bit its cool okay you can just make the entire yeah okay yeah I didnt have to do what I was doing so I wonder do I keep on going up this hill no I think I go over here oh pretty tough jump theres a key right yeah theres a key okay so I got a key does it unlock over here it must yeah I mean this is a really cool level keep in mind its just I had to learn how the mechanics worked a little bit oh dude its whoa this is like getting over it man like if you fall you wont necessarily die but you definitely will lose a lot of progress oh no what happened to me yeah now were now were doing things we yes so we made it to the next part okay its got to be a checkpoint nice were going were delivering the presents we got it we did yes we saved Christmas what oh were supposed to go this way oh interesting okay I was just going the complete wrong way oh theres spikes there thats rude so theres spikes there theres spikes down here what oh dude so you youre forced to use the dash in a few of these spots yeah but I think I gotta use Dash here as soon as I jump see you see how I like you see how I if I double click it really fast I Dash upwards you got you gotta learn to abuse that a little bit okay those were some tricky jumps so youre gonna lets go lets go well save Christmas were doing it we saved Chris it was hard but we did it oh did I oh that was uh really fun you gotta learn how the abilities work especially the dash but man that was tons of fun obstacle Island by medius the six star level obstacle Island oh oh oh dude look at that yeah the jumps are getting a little more precise although to be fair the Christmas level was insane oh I actually have to get that coin oh you what oh you just fall backwards nice okay did I played enough ah they just wait jump straight in the air and then jump like that there we go its all its all about the order of things okay nice we got this obstacle obstacle Island Im extremely good at obstacles what do we do here okay so we need to go down we gotta wait for that jump over I held down the button and I jumped there is a checkpoint though right you check yeah yeah Laughter and then jump we got the key to lower the platform and now we gotta go back lets wait for it to go over jump just took a little bit of patience thats all it wasnt so hard just a little bit of patience gotta make sure not to hold down the button too much because youll accidentally like jump again after youve jumped oh dude I wonder if you could cheese that oh boy what oh that you you this is this is thats a lot thats a lot of jumps so I need to jump on this platform here yeah I like the music change when you get to different parts like it feels like its own game thats cool I was on the very edge of that that was intense so as this thing comes Im gonna jump and land on it nice Music wait what just happened I was able to get that but then the thing disappeared okay so you can make that jump okay I got the coin I see theres a potion down there on the left but Im not gonna get it because thats probably for like a silver coin and I am way not cool enough that okay so this level does not checkpoint you thats absolutely scary I need to be super careful going forward Music theres two Keys over there is there a theres a gear on that platform do you see that that gear is gonna kill me isnt it oh no dude come on man no okay so I was trying to avoid the gears on the pla oh you slide so far when you land what I will say I can get here pretty fast now this levels like definitely getting me better at platforming levels and understanding like the momentum because Ive played a lot of platform levels before but nothing thats ever super challenged me and this is actually like fairly challenging hes gotta wait for it to stop I think I think the momentum of that like makes you go forward a little more oh dude oh oh dude its so nerve-wracking I just wish there was like just one checkpoint man its one checkpoint one cute little old checkpoint would have been super nice oh man thats so slidy wait wait what I thought I got everything I got the coin dude oh yeah okay it moved hey dont go on the fire go under snowing now no fire theres another level oh okay we gotta be near the very end so I gotta go for the red got the red one this one doesnt seem that hard really the the spaces are quite large that you can jump on you know okay so now pink Im just gonna go down here and then thats floaty so I think we can just go for it yeah yeah oh oh you gotta jump on this nice nice nice nice nice oh dude it tells you what your time is okay thats it we did it 324.08 thats a really solid platforming level thats just like a ton of fun its challenging and I was really into it so I was like stressed while playing it but its thats a lot of fun I love it how theres a timer I love it how the music changes for each section like that actually felt like I was doing like another platforming game in Geometry Dash that was awesome obstacle Island very cool this ones called gift Rush this is another Christmas level its a seven star platforming level boom boom 1500 gifts to win small good luck Noob theres a shop whats in the shop oh when youre ready click on the screen to enter the gift Arena okay oh you gotta collect gifts that are falling but theres also like theres obstacles thatll get you you seeing that stuff oh what theres lava filling up what dont kill what okay yes big gift lets go lets go oh dude its telling me to go up oh I see there are platforms you can go on to and then you can go down so the Lavo it will get you after a certain amount of time so I gotta get a bunch of gifts it doesnt tell you where theyre gonna fall though this is so hard what what killed me gift Arena shop what can I get at the shop oh I see you can use gifts to buy stuff thats interesting so you can go to the shop at any time and then like start the game again like if you want to if you want to like get some gifts and stop well I gotta get 1500 gifts the saw blade falls on me when the lava hits thats really hard because theres no real warning for the saw blades they just fall they fall slower though which is nice but like its still pretty whoa still pretty hard again the lava just keeps on coming man land on me there that was a good one oh what theres like a black thing what is that but yeah I wondered you have to use the 500 at the shop I imagine you do so would it even be worth it how many gifts was it to win again was it like 1500 wow Saws radar oh its a radar itll show you where the saws are gonna come actually four times gift yeah yeah I want that so now I get four times the amount of gifts four times the amount of gifts as they fall which means thats just a big like exponential are you kidding me as soon as I got in there the Laughing came up and it killed me I am gonna buy four times the gifts though because that is just thats just good economy you know it should go a lot faster and then I just gotta get to 1500 so really with four times the amount all I really need to get is like like 300 and 400 375 I have 375 I think saw blades youre falling too fast okay man Im so close 1250. I just dodged a saw blade lav is probably gonna whoa big gift oh dude okay one more gift I just need one more dude I just need one bar land on me okay oh thank God that was really fun holy crap nice dude theres whole levels with like shops and things to buy items that help you and theres like platform old rocks dude that was awesome this is an eight star eight Moon one four lives Im alive bro masochist mode disables checkpoints or fast mode no were not gonna do those oh this is cool looking I love the aesthetic it has like the Geometry Dash kind of layout aesthetic to it but theres all that like really cool like glow and like scary stuff you know wow thats a hard jump like that was hard you have to kind of like move over with it wow dude now this this is a hard level so what do I do here theres a key over there I think thats for a check or a key a coin maybe Im not dude Im not trusting it Im just were going the normal way Im not going for any any Quints right I am like Im definitely not cool enough to be going for coins here I just want to beat the level all right very very cool oh this is fun yeah oof pretty fun um easier than some of the levels weve played for sure but really really really fun okay and thats a checkpoint ladies and gents nice boom were flying through dude theres four times speed mode which means your icon like at one press would go four times as fast which would make this insanely hard and then theres masochist mode which I imagine is just uh Hider spaces and stuff like that which is really cool that you can choose the difficulty of levels basically like I said platformer mode basically feels like entire other games inside Geometry Dash which is really cool which is something that geometry kind of needed right because people were already trying to bend the editor to do that with games like Ultra game and stuff but now its like so much easier to do it and uh you can take your time with levels instead of being on Rails oops I died but I just got a checkpoint instead of being on Rails which is really nice so thats this is cool this is cool Ive been really Ive been really enjoying my time with platformer mode and Im just Im hyped you know um I dont know if Im I think Im supposed oh yeah I was gonna say I think Im supposed to go back this way and then go back up and then go up here yeah gotta hit those switches oh dude thats so cool you gotta like keep on hitting the switches to go up that is that is really cool ah dude dude thats creative Im into that Im into this aesthetic too this simple aesthetic but the weird like creepy glow dude that thats a its a really cool aesthetic for a level I Im Im into this 1.0 blocks but the aesthetic just rocks you know its its really cool oh yeah you can jump up and get that key okay well spider mode Music and just slow and steady wins the race oh theres got to be another switch down here yeah I I see what Im doing okay yeah there we go yeah I was hitting the switch its just as the spider sometimes it just feels like youre not you know UFO some tight spaces you can tell why this is insane eight star this is a very traditional platforming level though some of the levels we were playing at like something really special about them they werent just like straight up traditional GD platforming but this one ooh this parts pretty scary uh this one is very traditional you know which is cool I mean traditional in quotes platforming mode is like a very new thing I mean not even released really uh but you know we get these sneak peeks cool oh dude you go you can go up underneath there yeah of course you can those platforms you go up underneath oh dang no youre not supposed to go there youre supposed to go back around theres theres nothing there what am I doing oh youre supposed to go this way dude it looked like a wall Im so guys Im so dumb like Im just dumb okay oh you actually dont have to move on that you can just like stay in place there and you land on that thats really cool I thought I didnt think you would do that I thought youd fall off the edge so I I at the beginning of the level I made it like way harder than it had to be dude theres a no theres a no checkpoint mode the masochist mode is no checkpoint mode actually I forgot about that I thought Mascus mode might be like you just fall off here you dont jump okay interesting yeah mask is mode no checkpoint mode that is that is wild ah nice and slow I dont know why I was rushing through here so fast before nice and slow up top oh no theres a theres a checkpoint okay good good checkpoint we got another one lets go lets go lets go levels pretty long into it I think Im supposed to go over here turn into a robot whoa I died to the spike on the edge dude I didnt even see that I just oh no yeah wow I dont know why that was so hard for me okay lets keep it going keep it going keep it going no time to think just go just go lets go and were gonna have to go under too hit the switch grab the key now were were going under okay boom chill chill Music and another checkpoint were flying were literally flying in our jet pack oh son Music that was that was pretty tough so we gotta just get this and then we gotta go up and its gonna unlock that orb for us and that orb is gonna do something wow its gonna do something boom oh is that the end that looks pretty finale-ish to me was it worth it yes it was and watch out for that Spike very cool platforming level that was extremely fun it was challenging but not annoyingly so it was just good fun that was awesome Nine Star is neon out by medius we played a medius level today already obstacle Island was by medius okay so neon out is also by madius this is gonna be the last level we play today its actually taken me a lot longer than I thought to uh to do this so this is gonna be the last one and were gonna be doing some Demon platforming levels in uh the next one yeah thats thats pretty tough that is 100 percent pretty tough holy shoot very you gotta really look where youre going here yeah were gonna go up this time neon I love this neon aesthetic you idiot Im only 14 really zero zero checkpoints one day what does the info say okay so it just says theres levels here oh I dont want pixelated mode I dont Im not a fan of the way the pixelated thing works in 2.2 I mean I think theres gonna be some cool use cases for it but I dont like things that in general I dont like things that obstruct your vision okay we finished the beginning now were on level one oh man so I wonder do we like checkpoint or what oh God I cant believe I missed that we do checkpoint thank God man I was I was really worried were gonna do the whole thing over again because the other media is the obstacle Island one I I certainly did not checkpoint between like the parts to be fair that was a bit shorter of a level and this one seems to be more like feature length what okay Im just gonna I think Im trying to rush this too fast you gotta hold down the button there I just gotta take my time and oh dude you actually start going really fast Im just too used to other platforming games where like it takes a little bit of time to gain momentum but in this you get your momentum like right away right so if youre gonna jump over to the right you just go you just like hold down to the right and just jump right away you dont wait a little bit to get momentum you just go like that like I pressed right and jump almost at the exact same time okay got to the next level interesting oh dude its getting so tight um I dont want to get the info there I just want to like ah this is this is challenging but cool very very cool so theres slow motion down there I dont want slow motion I want to go fast motion Baby Slow Motion would probably help I dont know what Im thinking like why wouldnt I get slow motion it seems like thatd be a thatd be like a Big Boon to me oh yeah I cant go underneath there interesting like you could just barely make those jumps that I made um Im gonna go on the upper path upper path seems a little bit easier but I cant really see where Im going so Im gonna go down here boom okay I made it through that level faster Im starting to kind of get the hang of platforming mode better oof oof it looks like theres a ladder over there yeah that that is definitely a ladder thats really cool ah you hit it again holy did you see that jump man I cant believe I landed in between those spikes like thats man its wild okay so theres a random thing down there which Im not gonna hit I imagine if you hit all those you could probably get like a coin or something Im not too sure I just want to go through this level kind of like normally come on really you werent over there you Weiner and nice and nice and slow oh come on I landed and then like there was this tiny little bit of momentum that got me Adias come on screw off dude its going Im just going yeah you gotta jump and avoid like although oh I just went for it I just went for it okay stage four I think this is the final one I think thats what it said however Im not entirely too sure dude I love the music changes for each level it just it feels like Im in another game you know you stupid idiot ah okay thats thats how you do it like a pro Ill tell you lets say you do it like a pro okay oh come on you land on the ladder boom were up boom were up nice this is intense I love dude absolutely love these platforming levels boom up up oh dude I almost I just you can jump over that yes okay this is this one seems rather chill okay so there is a stage five the spikes go up and down now you have to you have to wait to see them oh dude what happened to them they were moving up and down but the spikes they disappeared on me now its like all of a sudden really easy because the spike should be going up and down but like something happened with the uh something happened with the checkpoint so I kind of broke the level lets I want to die I want to see like Spikes going to come back no dude I broke the level somehow no spikes so those are power-ups I should have been going for them I just kind of felt like going through it without the power-ups oh well uh well I broke the level somehow I dont know how but I broke it but thats thats cool dude thats cool really really fun level um awesome you know what lets give it a shot friendly Menace by cement lets see if I can do it this one looks awesome so lets lets see lets see what we can do here oh my God this okay this is like a boss fight platforming level this is awesome okay lets see lets see what I can do here Music okay boom boom oh dude I was following the kitty cat I thought the kitty cat was gonna be nice that orb follows you that is so hard I cant even get past the first part of this level because the one orange one it follows you it dissipates eventually but it follows you oh Leah this is the furthest Ive ever made it why why dont get me oh oh okay I have no idea how far I was but thats it you know Ill Im gonna come back Im gonna make a video about like some Demon platforming levels I will play this one Ill do it in like a week or two but like I said I dont really have much time to record to learn this it would take a while but I certainly want to play some of these theyre cool Ill make an entire video dedicated to demon platforming levels I hope you guys enjoyed this video we had some awesome levels today like some of the ones we played today were so cool like neon out four alive gift Rush obstacle and geometrical they were all good Christmas Quest you know with like the uh the power-ups 3D Adventure what a cool 3D level moving obstacles Tower business they were all good in their own right like there were some Banger levels hope you guys enjoyed leave a thumbs up helps me out a lot and Ill see you in the next one as always place how to hide a specific game on steam A Geometry Dash 2.2 platformer level of each difficulty.EDITED BY RIDONCULOUS GUY YOUTUBE STREAM SCHEDULE Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 3:30PM PST 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