Low specs steam gamessteaming wand GEOMETRY DASH gameplay this game is sick man im a jumping little cube oh this game looks fun so you just dont have to like jump on the spikes and you win yeah man i cant bump into anything this is sick the musics awesome yeah yeah this looks a lot like a game that you would get really addicted to and then youre really angry about it no no no i just get addicted i wouldnt rage because i will never lose ill never get oofed in this game man youre not gonna get mad no no no im doing great im chilling im chilling what about if you hit that spike right there Music whats up guys welcome to this episode im working on yeah today we are doing the new burst brokers hacker challenge and geometry dad oh man adam yo lets just get into it i dont really know anything about this game this is our first time playing this game guys lets go hey as you can see attempt one guys this is brand new oh so you just havent you jumped okay whoa oh oh oh oh this is gonna be tough dude this is gonna be tough yo this is tricky bro yo this is tricky bro dont worry guys guys hey that was attempt number one i will i will do this guys i will do this whoa now adam i will admit now the first time i opened this app up i thought maybe this was you and your moms way of tricking me into doing math um because i i i never made it to geometry although i do be knowing about pie raspberry apple cherry all the different kinds of pies yeah okay now this is really tricky because sometimes yeah youre youre not oh what oh im uh oh oh youre like surfing i mean oh yo this kind of feels like playing flappy bird remember flappy bird dude yeah thats an old school game yeah this feels like floppy bird the first run you got to 26 percent so lets see if you can get like over 50 on this round or maybe all the way to the end i dont even know i mean yo you got to say your goals higher bro i will beat this level guys i will beat this level yo this is getting tricky bro okay see like the beginning now doesnt really give me any trouble because like ive already kind of learned it honestly and ive only played this like three or four times you have the whole map mapped out in your brain yeah i got the map mapped out bro in my map brain bro oh that was whoa that was close oh bro yo im getting like im getting like a weird like adrenaline rush right now bro yeah your heart starts to pump faster as you get further and farther its like what happens when i drink mountain to do wait no dont tell your mom dont tell your mom i drink mountain dew today youre not allowed to drink a mountain dew guess why dont tell her bro oh okay okay your secrets safe with me okay nice okay okay okay okay dude i dont even want to talk im like dude im so focused dude oh you got it you got it you got it you got it stop stop stop making those noises okay okay what oh oh oh i almost died right there dude i thought the level is over i dont too early never celebrate too early guys yo you guys can see how focused we are we neither of us were talking right there bro lets go Applause nice job man somebody signed me to an esports team lets go that was intense all right lets check out the next level lets go lets go oh yeah those little like boost platforms now yeah theres like jumping platforms now okay guys so its getting tougher lets go lets go wait wait wait wait how are you supposed to be oh you have to jump over the boost thats a big brain trap right now they really faked me out bro yeah thats not cool bro thats not cool bro okay lets go lets go lets go okay justins gonna go full focus now this games super fun i would say um the main thing you want to watch out for is not getting too in your head because when you get nervous when youre like when you like get stressed thats probably when you get oop so lets see how calm justin can stay under the pressure so far hes looking great oh what was that how did i get oof there bro im so confused now this level is definitely getting harder because in the first one when i got i knew that i messed up this one im not understanding like how im getting moved yeah thats making it harder to learn nice there you go okay so im looking good im looking good yo i got those zoomer reaction speeds bro yeah i wonder if the harder levels like go like scrolling faster bro dont nice you gotta be far now thats at least gotta be like 25 nice good job oh man guys justin is so focused this is a rare event in lanky box this is like out of what hes playing at avi guys you know how he stops talking this is me right now im im not yo even this parts getting harder oh bro oh bruh oh its okay you got it you got it okay okay nice i was doing so well okay i have to not talk dude i have to not dude all right im gonna get it right here guys now hey adam you tell the people at home people are gonna think that weve been playing this boy ive never played this game in my life bro yes this is the first time we have ever played this game so guys leave a comment down below what is like the farthest level youve been able to make it to and do you think justins doing pretty good for being a complete beginner like he already passed the noob stage like right away hes already on a pro so i think hes doing pretty good am i doing good for an esports gamer let me let us know in the comments guys i think the answer is yes come on we got this i dont even know how you would get that coin back there doesnt even make sense oh okay back to this part back to the surfing okay lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go oh theres like little secrets like that coin you could have gotten that but i dont care i just want to beat the level you got it you got it you got it my brain hurts oh thats got to be a new record yes there you go nice oh these are getting so hard stay focused stay focused yes think of the esports think of the esports league they might draft you they might draft you and foxy and rocky youve got this stack what are you doing bro you got it this is the one right here fifty cents you got it big jump okay now the first one took ten attempts this one took 57 but thats okay we did it yeah we will do it yeah we will do it you are the smartest person i know its like adam asking a girl to prom it didnt work the first time but maybe 57 attempts in it will work you never know you never you never know until you try oh its so far so good lets go lets go dude my brains getting fuzzy dude my brain is getting fuzzy its mushy like some soup its really mushy uh like adams split pea soup oh and i i know i was talking about how justins this generations einstein i never saw einstein uh surf but i did see justin surf so that really proves that hes in this game and in real life stop im done im done im out im out bro im out im out im out im out im out dude im out im out im out was it the same place dude its always the same place because i ive only seen that level like five times i just dont know and my brain is turning into much dude the longer you guys stare at the screen where its just like going like its just like scrolling like if i look up right now i get dizzy right you know what i mean yeah its like when youre staring at a conveyor belt for too long and then it feels like youre moving yeah like i feel like the cube is not moving like my brain is moving right now bro my brains getting fuzzy im im actually not the cube im actually literally just losing my mind playing this game your brain is turning into a cube but im also addicted i cant stop i cant stop wont stop all right bro lets go you got it you got it i feel good about this one i feel really good about it okay okay we can do it we can do it i have confidence im focused im locked in im locked in my friend justin is locked in all right nice there you go yes you got it there you go yes yes justin is the next einstein were the greatest of all time go 59 times lets go my brain dude my brain i was playing that level for 17 minutes it says bro wow it was worth it though right i now im looking up im dizzy bro like the room is moving bro all right guys make sure to leave a like and subscribe go check out right now and leave a like on this video for justin bro that was mentally taxing bro i need to go refuel my brain with some donuts yeah river city girls 2 steam We Go NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER In GEOMETRY DASH! 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