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Horror free games on steamthe quarry on steam GEOMETRY DASH was reading an article today about how the James Webb Telescope might actually be able to discover Life on another planet thats crazy and it got me thinking if we were to meet Aliens if they were just to come over into our neighborhood onto Earth and we had to show them some stuff what would we show them we show them our architectural ingenuity Egypts Burj Khalifa would we show them Timeless pieces of art like the Mona Lisa or Avengers Infinity War would we let them know that humans no longer require hair and bald people are actually the next evolution of humanity personally I wouldnt show them any of those things you know where Id take them Id take them on a journey come on Aliens lets go I would take them directly to the Dark Paradise oh my God this is Dark paradise to holy shoot okay were starting part way through the level here thats just why thats just why why are we starting part way through the level here why are we starting part with this level what are we doing theres all these mirror portals what happens if we start at the beginning I changed that dark parrot oh this is just an old level thats copied but why why would you do it what what is what is the what is the point Lucas oh this is like a buffed version so dark Paradise is like a really easy level and this is a buff version but you you verified it with the start position I dont know about that Lucas isnt that cheating were moving on were going to tons 619 take out the one and you have my interest we just call it ton 69. oh dude that those are hard jumps yeah dude uh the top one I cant jump over it because the screen moves up like that right like you see how the screens moving like its not moving fast enough I cant I cant I cant even make it dude oh I did I finally got that is so insane like you have to hit that exact exactly like I dont know how I did it but you have to hit that exactly correct where like the screen moves up a little bit early you gotta go up as early as possible oh dude look at this oh this is cool look at me look at me Im a duel and theyre unmatched thats all yeah I love stuff like that man that thats very very cool thats very very cool oh yes man those I thought those were just arrows those are spikes in the middle of the corridor man howd I make it through there thats wild dude okay okay okay okay whoa dude I gotta get a checkpoint there thats insane man thats insane thats insane the endings not that hard crazy level man uh interesting dude like that gameplay but Im not doing that normal mode no way my name seven by query uh names are so cool yeah yeah honestly thats like triple the normal gameplay I get from my name level so I color me impressed spam challenge yes you know what when I woke up today I thought to myself Eric I want to break my finger so here we are Im glad I get to meet my daily goal oh my God Im is that I wouldnt really call that spam thats kind of rude but what if we go up here now thats spam oh Music and guess what the spam way is easier than the UFO way you have always hard man can I even do that do you this big spikes theyre coming for my butt cheeks dude theres Gotta Be You Gotta line yourself up some way its like Michigan and bloodbath but a long time ah yeah yeah well just well call that done wont we I did both Pathways like its your champ Brinker Preble one this is Brinker I mean this looks cool dude dude I love I like the way the blocks move its a little bit static but like honestly it looks looks pretty nice a little bit a little bit of stuff moving around there and you got you got the basis for like a cool part of a level the little bit of movement Ill talk what were just having a little bit of smoke how are you yay this is the most interactive GD level Ive ever played okay this is were gonna have a conversation Im excited how are you you know what I gotta be honest today yesterday I went for a long run Im not feeling the best why why it is just the day I hope you will have a nice day that was very nice of you so wouldnt really call my day bad which is not necessarily good my legs hurt I feel exhausted that was interesting I was hoping wed have more of a chat siren head stuff that sounds cool siren head is like horror like its like a horror figure siren head oh cool its just like siren head dead siren had weird arm thing siren head dab siren head the finger oh man it looks so spooky until the last two man actually maybe thats the scariest of all like if you saw siren head which is supposed to be this gigantic creature and he was all of a sudden just like dab and he just did this ginormous dab and boom the ground starts like shaking and rumbling and building start collapsing well yeah that Harry wouldnt it that sounds awesome oh my God vertical wave I love vertical levels ooh that took a while to load dont die oh oh we just hold okay but that said though like theres no obstacles oh I was hoping thered be actual obstacles oh you what you liar you lied but there is there no ending to this what happens if we switch the start position oh oh that happens look at me Im stuck here what happens if we switch it again Music Im a mini look at me oh man what is going on why are there 10 star positions and they each do like weird things is this all part of how the levels made I dont know man either way its weird what if we go oh oh yes okay its not going very fast lets speed it up a little bit henta dude we are going 10 times speed but its at zero percent still that is crazy dude about a hundred times speed dude look at this go crazy I think speed hacking only goes to a thousand what happens if we go a thousand I speed hack the level to A Thousand Times speed so one second is a thousand seconds so in other words one second is like 17 or 18 minutes or something 17 minutes 16 minutes somewhere on there one second is that long so you can you can imagine like just how fast this is going right dude I love it how speed hacked to a thousand percent the ball the ship looks like a ball like thats a ship and its just like rolling around thats hilarious oh no yeah its my game no you didnt oh no you just get stuck look at this is that a thousand times speed thats what happens when I click the button that is sad thats weird Ive experienced that before though its okay its so weird looking lets get out next level is Key by Ryden we are going to get the key unless I get pohooked in which I did oh theres I didnt get the key the levels called Keen I didnt get the key am I gonna die Im gonna die because I didnt get the key oh you copy and pasted from the beginning and you know what Im not even gonna get the key I wanna see what happens when you dont get this Juicy Green Key Music um okay I got both keys this time unless theres another one up there oh yes yes Music I would say key to this level its key speechless this level makes speechless kind of like how good my hair looks speechless if you see my hair you will be absolutely speechless its a level but it was copied so I dont know if its original but its pretty fun yeah well you know its pretty good I dont think its I dont think its quite so good its going to leave me speechless and I was kind of on an invisible platform that was speechless but in a different way level is copied from ROM eternity which is copied from ROM eternity okay weve got a raw attorney what does it look like oh it looks the exact what do you know but you can see the platforms here a little bit easier than the previous level so this is the level I was copyright from yeah the glow looks a little bit off but its I thought thats pretty cool Music I like the moving object in the background nice flashing lights and dude this part looks cool yeah dude Im into that I just dont like the way the glow looks the glow like pierces through some of the objects like it looks weird the glow looks a little bit weird man um yeah the glow is the only thing that needs to be touched up it looks okay though I think Im still gonna send it just for like a raid its weird dude am I sending a level I didnt Im not really setting a level I found in the recent Im sending level I found copy that was in the recent tab all right why not there we go Theory of Everything too when I copy paste everything until Ive told I couldnt or what oh dude Theory of Everything too but like all the objects are copy and pasted like I dont know how many times but many many times the whole level was copy and pasted it actually kind of looks cool dude dude look at that everythings just like super dummy thick you know whoa oh dude dude look at that look at the shining bright stars that are jump orbs right there thats crazy man holy shoot dude its like this is if what it likes getting playing Theory of Everything too when youre close to the Sun man geez that that was hard to get out verbally I dont know why look at how thick everything is its so trippy ah dude I dont know why Im such a huge fan of this but it just its like Theory of Everything too but it just looks so weird looks like Theory of Everything too but youre like right at the edge of the sun you know this is what it would look like its so crazy okay but can I do this part the hardest part in the level Music boom I always take that path I dont know why Music oh I did it guys kiwi two in one attempt and its been Aegis blood now spider 2023 is it the year of the spider this year theres some no such thing as the year of the spider oh yes these guys landed on that platform I didnt have to but I did it because Im cool I named 95 thats a lot of unnamed Igor and its absolutely nothing weve had 95 attempts at making a cool unnamed level this is what you uploaded Igor how many unnamed do you have holy shoot look at those odd names theres so many of them whats like unnamed 93 like oh hey you put effort in unnamed 93 why didnt you put it what what happened with unnamed 95 Igor what happens unnamed eight urchin by Arthur Baranowski I can I better take these hitboxes off oh okay then normal or hard or okay do I want a sequel I dont know foreign normal or hard which one do I want do I get to choose or are you asking if its normal or well oh look at that whoa dude is this the normal way or what this is the way youre supposed to go okay so thats thats interesting yeah yeah lets know yeah quick break lets go oh yeah those are orange jump pads they would give me a red oh in between it didnt really matter now did it holy sure Im just hold on the jump orb all the way the dash orb I meant favorite oh my God people are gonna hate me for doing that Music I cant hold it down come on wheres the woo I want to say once you give me some gameplay Music because the W is the wave what a waste time I had higher expectations the very gush level holy shoot gotta jump into that Music um oh that looked like whoa you keep on tricking you keep on tricking Music me its so it tricks you and its so hard at some points man Music what do we do what are we doing here man what are we doing here what are we doing oh is that what you got to do what really thats crazy okay what level keeps on speed changing it I cant I cant keep up Music look at look at this its just speech invisible speed changes everywhere man hey oh neck no well interesting man thats just the level that really wants you dead like it will go above and beyond to make sure you are dead oh my God look at this back on track but sus damn instead of suspect on track you should have just been sus on track somethings a bit sus about this background oh okay I mean this is just copied from like 3D back on track which is an entirely other level in the game that I have played on the channel before the singed Dragon Shaw beta soon to be ready okay I preview cool lets do it oh dude that looks hard oh come on oh yes it got tight but I did it that was fun dude that was fun unnamed huh huh thats us oh Music run whats coming for me no dont you mean I should run the other way why are we going towards it no I beat the level accused it somehow maybe they were running away from me maybe I was the monster stereo demones my lack your PIN stereo demones stereo Madness but the demon um its just everythings a triple Spike thats it I wouldnt really call that a demon I mean its pretty well okay that I mean yo okay thats thats a pretty tight jump are we at demon level yet are we at demon level yet I dont think so that was the flight dude is the flying just the same okay well that I mean that was really easy Music you gotta take the coin path thats how extreme this is thats how demon it is oh yeah four zero on the coin path the question is are you gonna force me into the last coin path on the upper level well you know Im going up there anyways Im going Im going Im going where is it its up here Im going oh its so hard that was sword oh so hard ah you cant just hold down the button you gotta go up unbelievable thats it my GD career is over failed you all steam region locked 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