Ghost Song - Release Date Announce Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Fun free games on steam to play with friendspampered chef steamer pot GHOST SONG gameplay steam corner flea market Prepare for a science-fiction journey of self-discovery, ancient mysteries, and cosmic terror—Ghost Song arrives November 3 on PS4 and PS5! Developed by Old Moon, Ghost Song is an atmospheric 2D adventure that takes you deep beneath the surface of the desolate moon of Lorian. Taking control of a long-dormant Deadsuit, you’ll descend into winding caverns lit only by bioluminescent flora, battle strange and powerful creatures, and acquire new abilities that will help you unearth this alien world’s long-buried secrets. #ps5games #ps4games best multiplayer games on steam reddit steam deck q4 what is the most sold game on steam steam all free games steam on oculus