Lets Play Ghost Song Part 1 - Dead Suit, Modules, Nanogel, and Godseeds

Steam ark pricehow to check for updates on steam GHOST SONG gameplay hello everyone welcome to Ghost song this is a metroidvania that I believe got kick-started like 10 years ago and its been in production for that long and its finally out now so Im sure the people that kickstarted this are extremely extremely happy I just saw that somewhere so Im not totally sure of the accuracy of that but Im pretty sure its been its been a while this games been in development so Im happy to finally play this one because its been on my wish list for ages so lets go ahead and hop in to a new metroidvania Music very difficulty original the intended way to play provides a challenge an additional reward will be unlocked upon completion if youre an experienced player choose this mode and so it reduces the penalties associated with dying loss of nanogel is minimal and Lasting suit damage is not incurred Im definitely going to want to explore or original rather not explore uh because yeah I mean Ive played my fair few metroidvanias am I good at them probably not have I played a few yeah Music the dead suit quiet for many years on this day something stirs Within something new is it me it me all right yeah basically all I know about this is it takes place on a moon uh and its frankly beautiful so those are those are the two things I know about it alrighty foreign Music all right here I am hello I did not expect voice acting um oh yeah oh yeah were more on the Metroid side I was wondering oh sorry Little Critter I never heard of you immediately uh ooh we can overheat our gun is that whats happening there how do I cool it down okay just it just over time I was like is there is there a cooldown button okay holding RB doesnt allow me to like shoot diagonally I can like press up and shoot diagonally like kind of add a diagonal on the stick and do that we have a melee and if I hold down the button I just fire continuously okay okay Im pressing the d-pad somethings happening uh theres our aim theres our free aim its left trigger Im used to just um like you press like RB or something to the equivalent of that in the previous games like in other Metroid games and you would just kind of shoot a diagonal as you ran but uh maybe Im talking out of my ass or misremembering alrighty so we got our stuff I noticed I dont have a Dodge roll at least not yet I also have absolutely no idea where Im going menu dead suit class lost soul level 4 HP 45 out of 106 energy stamina gunpower Vigor resolve condition modules and luck theres a luck stat amazing modules oh God yeah thats like our equipment stuff map oh yeah Hoya alrighty well this looks like uh the good old metroidvania like I love can I interact with you pressing up and nothings happening okay hello enemy okay that one is but this ghost is not okay so I was trying to see if like headshots were doing more there or something thats currency it was green so I was wondering if it was HP oh Im doing like nothing to you the cell tall the Lost Hunter oh yeah thats the thing thats happening okay now your guns overheated nerd oh and youre shooting viruses at me please can I shoot that okay it explodes after a time okay so yeah I can shoot them oh my guns poopy my guns poofy if its overheated gotcha what if I get in there and try to do the melee whered you go did you run or did you die oh my God okay you will you will run fast okay maybe I shouldnt be maybe I shouldnt be messing with you right now oh my God I dont have a lot of HP left I didnt have a way to heal yet right Nano gel a valuable substance what was that wait why did stuff just come to me did you die somehow friend uh-huh how much HP do you have Im not sure I can fight this photo yet so these do drop cash money for me oh God youre spending youre sprinting how okay you know what weve circumvented this foe I dont know if Im gonna be able to fight them right now what do you got for me though a small Nano gel cluster is my reward for coming over here past that can I jump up there I wonder oh hi yeah uh wow weve already died because I chose to go left instead of right damn okay all righty well that was I really thought I would be able to defeat you I was hitting you a lot but you were having none of it um I cant help but notice that my HP is lower now wow alrighty lowered HP gotcha were were doing the were doing the the Demon Souls okay so the the Nano gel cluster I got at least is good because this is like hard Souls so this is an item in my inventory I dont lose that when I die because Im yeah I lost all my other money when I died all my other currency add like 16 which probably is nothing but I did pick up the item so that was worth it aside from my HP going down well uh the game said yeah if you go to the right first screw you uh-oh what does having this goop on my legs do to me oh its oh its healing me oh thats nice okay yeah I should have came over here first fire basic Blaster firing builds heat that can affect Blaster performance does more damage the closer you are to your target okay so I just went right past the tutorial to a difficult enemy that was the first thing I did good fantastic thats uh thats a good Im glad we Im glad we did that I even tried to do the punch thingy like how much does that do I wonder okay it only took three as opposed to however many more yeah I dont have like a yeah I dont have like a Dodge roll as far as I can tell that would have been helpful in that encounter Im so used to being able to just dodge roll through enemies with iframes but not so here you know I could hold uh the aim in place good stuff alrighty there we go we got a few things out of the way hello visuals are uh very very on point at the moment this game looks beautiful you gotta deal with these stupid little critters here we go okay youre dropping a bunch of cash down there oh I love how everything vacuums into me so I couldnt shoot you down right smack you down nothing uh no I guess I cant do anything with that right now whoop I want to get hit by these dorks remind me of the little little beetles and uh Hollow Knight okay were good what is happening here okay that was just my okay I was like what is what was that sound that was just the sound of my gun cooling down oh yeah I gotta check walls mapping unit open status menu and press tab to map display rooms are added to the map interfaces you discover them beautiful very very beautiful okay and we can go get our stuff back maybe now is a good time to do that now that I have more health and everything Im gonna shoot down I can and that is I was like is that a breakable that is indeed a breakable secret this is a breakable as well wonderful okay yeah lets zoom in on this map here cool uh uh okay thats a big open area you know what before we start paying too much attention to these things how about we go over here got to keep an eye out the the breakables are a little bit less obvious than this because yeah the game is very designed lets say um does that show me that I can go up there it doesnt have like a little break because I think I can jump up there yeah the game The Games visuals are very detailed so its harder to see like a lot of the seams and stuff that you would normally see for like breakable walls in other games but theres still something to notice about them uh all right lets see if I can maybe kick your ass because I was having a hard time before I think a lot of it was because I was far away from you so I wasnt able to do as much damage as I would like um because yeah obviously it does way more damage when were like right in your face unfortunately being right in the face of something that also has a gun is a little scary jump uh-huh this is damage Im getting revenge nerd yeah eat it dont hit me with your viruses dont you do it uh-huh okay theyre dead theyre gone let me let me grab my stuff forget my stuff I cant believe I died immediately all right Nano gel has been recovered yeah go ahead and shoot me there you go uh-huh whoop okay geez would you slow down I cant run that fast okay um okay youre shooting that stuff out yep there we go okay more can you not ow damn it you got me there oh come on I want to be able to kill you you have so much HP its ludicrous what uh-huh die for me please what is this character they have so much health I cannot keep up and one shot from you almost killed me maybe I should just cut my losses and take my stuff God hi no no no no no no no okay okay can can you not thank you Music uh do you have so much health I dont even know if this is gonna be possible maybe I should just leave you alrighty you know maybe or maybe I just shoot at you a little bit longer and see if I can do something but not show it because weve been weve been sitting here having a little sparring match with you for quite a while foreign oh my God youre dead I did it finally my God that enemy was not going down maybe I wasnt supposed to fight you yet but I did it he gained a module cloudburst rifle open status menu and switch modules you took so many hits maybe I wont cut that out maybe Ill just like fast forward it because yeah that I want to showcase how how long that took that was a hot minute okay well we got our first module cloudburst rifle power cost 4 power available 4 find weapon accurate and efficient hold down while playing you must first shut down dead suit to change module Lowdown oh oh thats different now I can install it oh interesting and it increases my gun Power by one okay fire equip special Blaster mode okay well thats neat all right so now I just have a now I just have a second type of blaster I got big shots cool all right well Im Im glad I did that it took a lot of time but uh you know we got a unique item out of it and everything so I wish the the health caterpillars were still hanging out over here so I could heal myself up a little bit more oh I can shoot you oh I kind of walked past you before okay okay well all right lets just uh load up on currency here wait there was another robot over here did they also have something okay yeah I thought you didnt have anything I thought I had tried to interact with you and nothing happened also if youre wondering thats not a secret thats not a secret floor I had the thought when I was walking back over here I was like is that it is I dont trust that is that a secret though but no were good all right well Im very very impressed with this so far um as people who watched me play dreadno I have not played a ton of Metroid I love metroidvanias and I havent played a ton of metroid or Castlevania although I have played some uh but yeah so this one is kind of uh something Im a little bit less experienced at you know but well see what we can do Im definitely more experienced with the Castlevania side of metroidvania so I really really need like a save point or something uh as we can see down there oh that does open up to something oh so I can jump off there I remember commenting I was like can I jump off of there and live it looks like I can well well come back to that at another time I dont want to jump off of there right now I would like to find like a save point or rest or something thats ideally what I would like to find okay and yeah these these we can get money from we got to keep that in mind okay and theres another destructible wall back here well were raking in the cache lets let our gun uh cool down there its quite dark in here oh does this link oh this links to this maybe no it doesnt never mind oh hi what is that you have a giant fist oh God oh okay no no Im leaving Im leaving Im sorry Applause leaving didnt work well um we are uh we are uh 20 minutes into the game and I have managed to die twice uh the game doesnt pull any punches uh that enemy looked intimidating but I was like maybe I can take them yeah games not pulling punches its not okay well good to know lets just get back over here I guess hopefully I didnt lose too much of that stuff I wonder if its the type of situation where Alf um I wonder if its the type of situation where um I lose some money on every death but I dont lose it all or if its I lose no money as long as I can pick it up like is it Souls where Im not paying an interest each time I die or is it not Souls where um I do lose interest every time I die I always lose some cash money just uh yep youre getting up hello so youre not the as intimidating one that other one was much spookier um I think Ill just be taking my stuff and maybe well uh you know maybe I could do it though do it though Im gonna see if I can find a checkpoint nearby I want to see if I can find a checkpoint nearby First Im gonna cower it out on this enemy that thing just runs in a straight line and as far as I can tell I have no real way of dodging it but besides jumping and it seemed like it was kind of hard to jump over it there so uh I think were gonna hold off on that one for just a wee minute maybe Ill just walk in here and immediately find a save point oh hello save points are you my binge slash bonfire or am I walking into a boss fight Arena uh Im intimidated yeah how did you grow so fast flower hmm yeah the voice acting is interesting reminding me a little bit of uh indoor lilies now I repeatedly okay yeah so this is definitely the intended path here because um its giving me tutorials and stuff those other paths they do not give me that so this might be the way to my check points of sorts if there is one here okay youre done or melee attacks melee its actually even stronger than the gun barrel is red hot oh thats interesting oh and that makes a lot of sense what a cool mechanic oh wow okay that is neat Im very very much into that idea so when your gun overheats melee it does more damage okay well that would have made the Dork up Theory a little bit easier to fight can I shoot you no no okay well there is like I think thats a death bit I dont think I can just go down that thats a giant Robo spider it looks like this really looks important are you sure I cant interact with it no okay I dont know it just sticks out to me maybe its something for later alrighty hi okay these are enemies sell The Wanderer can you mix those melee attacks in Bang Bang oh my God you have so much HP has anyone ever told you that anyone ever told you how chunky you are in the HP Department oh my God bye I guess all right healing core ooh press to regenerate Health charges are displayed over the top of the health bar and are replenished when visiting a save point where is the save point what is the save point you speak of hmm yeah what are the save points in this also how do I get up there I dont actually know where I can rest yeah lupoto its telling me to go over there whats this so yeah its telling me I can go up here um uh I walked around in there I tried to fiddle with this a little bit more and I saw nothing so maybe I do need to defeat this little dork over here or fall into I dont know if thats totally an option yeah I think thats just death Maybe Ill try that after I try to defeat this big the big dork over here well see if we can beat you now that we have the ability to uh heal and stuff so um it was over here yeah and then down thats right so here there was like a robot at the end here Im assuming this is just for like currency or something um Im not sure if that one pit I saw as a death pit or what so were just gonna have to get in here and see what were dealing with kill this one so youre just out of the picture before the more dangerous one shows up okay so we got this one alrighty so lets wait for the gun to cool down and then lets Music unload yes thats what we should have done the first time with my with my good gun because it does way more damage so all right we gotta make sure we do that of course my default shot doesnt cost that like little meter there this does and melee attacks also can oh no melee attacks consume the one below it okay so I have like energy Maybe what is that energy stamina and HP okay so staminas melee attacks energy is the special attacks gotcha well there we go we got a bunch of currency oop I hear something on the other side of this door special orange God seed what does that do an orange God seed permanently increases gun power gun power has been increased by one awesome so that was playing like a little sound effect when we picked it up does uh that same sound effect I heard to the right so Im wondering if those are connected um probably whenever I hear that that means theres a God seed nearby all right noted um so should I try to drop into the pit now Maybe maybe possibly let us uh see yeah I mean I dont know what the deal is with this it said why are you growing Little Flower our character did our dead suit and when I walk this way they kind of grow somewhere too but what do I do with you that is the question I tried shooting the ground there nothing um okay yeah uh I think we should try jumping down here into this pit um hopefully it doesnt kill me hopefully its not a death pit if theres a Death Pit maybe itd have spikes but Geronimo okay yeah no this is good so we wanted to go down here to follow the flowers yeah the flowers were leading me to this okay nothing over there gotcha alrighty well at least I found a bunch of other stuff in the process of doing that I could go back and jump off that um Cliff over there but well handle that next time I think this one jumping down there yeah theres where we want to get to but this should give me an ability it seemed like to get up there I maybe needed like a double jump or something thank you lets jump that nothing over here gotcha hi theres the ghost again okay were in like a little tunnel Norberg Laboratory Music save so these are my save points okay oh wow this Music thank you is it a statue well this definitely makes me think of chozo statues yeah yeah and we have fast travel and I can level up okay well lets save okay it took us a minute but we figured it out so thats our find the save point mechanic um flowers will Bloom and itll be leading me places I didnt realize it wanted me to go down that hole the hole made me scared because I thought I was gonna die if I jumped into it but no holes are fine in this so far we may run into some at some point that make me die but okay I was just skirting around the checkpoint this whole time well that is good um why dont we go over here and see if we can level up uh level up suit level for favorite attribute gunpowder gunpowder determines your damage with gun and explosive type weaponry foreign makes you tougher affecting physical damage as well as maximum HP resolve increases your inner influences your energy pole stamina pull HP pull and occasionally increases damage with specific weapons interesting and then yeah so its gunpower Vigor resolve Music okay so we have like a damage increase straight up on our gun we have HP and our physical damage from our melee attacks and we have energy which is our special weapons my stamina pool my HP pool so yeah okay okay um I think I want Vigor HP is pretty nice and getting my melee damage up will be useful probably I can level up again so lets do gun power yeah gun and explosive type Weaponry maybe just one in each for right now influences your energy pull yeah having more energy would be nice and like a hollow Knight and stuff for example I usually run like a mage type build where I use like my energy for big attacks and stuff like that so maybe this is what Ill lean into resolve so there we go were suit level seven I got a point in each thing um well see how much like HP and stuff matters some of these enemies are like two hitting me so yeah can level up a little bit more though lets um energy pulls stamina HP pool I like the idea of raising this lets raise that two more times okay so resolve is nine the resolve is 15. gun power is 12 Vigor is nine so well see how that goes for us I dont really know what Im doing yet with building a character I dont even know if I can really respect but I like what resolve offers me so thank you alrighty with that I think were gonna go ahead and end the first episode off of ghost song its really really cool so far very very beautiful I just love that feeling of getting dropped into a world and you just have to figure out how things work and how the game just absolutely kicked me in the teeth in the first five minutes for daring to go the wrong way I love that kind of stuff too so hope youve enjoyed and Ill see you next time for some more Music all right Music foreign Music steam player lookup Ghost Song Playlist: On the desolate moon of Lorian, a long-dormant Deadsuit awakens from slumber—armed and combat-ready, memory clear of purpose. But something new is stirring… Strike out beneath the surface in search of answers in Ghost Song, an atmospheric 2D adventure of self-discovery, ancient mysteries, and cosmic terror. Explore winding caverns lit only by bioluminescent flora, battle strange and powerful creatures, and acquire new abilities to help you unearth this alien world’s long-buried secrets. Descend deep into the darkness—only then will you learn (or is it remember?) the truth. FEATURES Discover what lies below Explore the twisting alien tunnels and long-abandoned labs of an expansive, beautifully illustrated Metroidvania-inspired 2D world filled with secret chambers and a haunting history. Power up and progress Acquire potent weapons and game-changing new abilities in the depths, unlocking access to new strata of the moon and optional hidden areas. Face challenging foes Combat the fungal aliens and metal husks of Lorian with responsiveness and precision. 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