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Spy games steamsunset overdrive steam GHOST SONG gameplay yes can we get a replay on that hi oh okay I gotta walk out that I can Applause hi my name is Chris Young Im an action actor and martial artist I have been trained in various styles with Chinese and Japanese styles my name is Lauren smock my background is in Japanese martial arts Ive trained in karate aikido and kenjutsu today were breaking down moves from coast of Tsushima be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more episodes of Experts react lets get into it Oh oh my god oh I wanna cut through ah yeah so some of the distance things a little weird where hes within striking range but he has a very wide open stance for me personally I wouldnt really want to have a very open stance like that because youre basically asking hey come stab me earlier when I was saying hey i jitsu he hide youd see is that your art of drawing and cutting from the sheath so some of that first move where he draws really fast he cuts them thats the idea to what Im talking about Laughter so theres there is a practice with a lot of different styles of EIU - which is the drawing and cutting and kenjutsu where they practice cutting against tatami which is the bamboo mats and thats to show how well how good your technique is but also how sharp your sword is so there is a practice of cutting through things with a live blade to see how proper your technique is the problem is I cant really tell if its it might be an issue with the program and with the game if you if you watch it basically the guy stabbing about waist level but our protagonist here is blocking high so hes making zero contact but youre still seeing sparks and hearing the noise I suddenly appeared out of nowhere about that that was a little weird you and patient damn oh my god hes stabbing in the butt can we get a replay on that okay Oh cleaning the blood off the sword is something thats common maybe not with the sleeve but is usually with just some kind of cloth after youre done fighting so in a lot of movies the samurai movies the way youll see is they flick the sword real fast to get the blood off but the whole purpose of cleaning the blood off your sword is so that the blood doesnt rust your blade in Japanese perspective like for the culture is also theyre also respectful for their blades respectful for the sword so you always have to you know keep your sword in good maintenance and in good condition oh my god I love the slow-mo footage surprise like it didnt like damage his joints from that big jump his knees should be trashed you know hes gonna get stuff oh there it is there we go Oh in order to get that pulling motion youd have to think of it almost like a sharks tooth where youre hooking and barbing to pull them back if your tip is especially sharp youre going in and out you wouldnt really be catching much I dont want to pull someone back you would actually you would have thrust but then you would actually have to tilt it at an angle to pull him back because where this one is okay so it looks like a straight thrust through and through Im actually really liking the stances from the secondary character here yeah because thats a lot of what Im more used to or its very straight posture very close guard so you see even though shes holding a high block shes still protecting the body in case he comes in whereas the main character hes nice and open like this basically inviting an attack but I dont know if hes doing that to bait I find the blocks questionable hows a weird pose yeah you want to go against the weight of the blade you want to use your enemys weight against them so you move out the way of the blade rather than taking it taking it taking it but at the same time is also kind of chipping your blade a little bit I wouldnt say you want to be right on the spot when someones charging at you with their full body weight and striking Music hey that was weird kind of strange to execute look felt kind of awkward theyre trying to block six head-on attacks non-stop especially that close is very risky I mean its it gives them the opportunity to throw because there are times when you do throw your opponents especially in armed combat but trying to block that me a tax head-on is very dangerous bad I can do Laughter nice yeah oh here we go yes cut through through Oh beautiful beautifully executed tell him Im coming so like in the battle when facing an enemy youre not just seeing your enemy as your enemy but youre also seeing that your enemy as a warrior so you are honoring him with a Warriors death hence you also respect your enemy for being the warrior he is so cut through and through we bring him honor morosely for it I guess his soul but yeah you just never ever want to have in your mindset like so much hate and disrespect for the enemy no matter what theyve done but like I said you still respect them as a warrior its exciting I actually like I love the graphics ISM is so detailed there are a few questionable things for example the blocks I understand its a player model but its also when every these block is very stationary so you dont see much of the dynamic so Ive actually liked moving Im really excited for this game actually uh a lot of stuff Im kind of nitpicking is exactly that its just really nitpicking but otherwise though the sort workers really solid Im Im really liking it and Im excited to see more of it when it comes out sorry to shave my head Im going bald I have a comb-over alright time I should get it Im just not gonna say anything in Japanese lets not lets not open that floodgate Music game of thrones steam key Chris Yong and Lawrence Mok, both Japanese Sword Experts, return to react to Ghost of Tsushima#GhostofTsushima #Samurai #ExpertsReactFollow Chris Yong on: Instagram: Follow Lawrence Mok on: Instagram: -------------------- Check out some of our past videos! 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