Mw2 steam must be running to play this game$20 steam card GRAND THEFT AUTO IV: THE COMPLETE EDITION review Daihatsu respond Hello a week warahmatullahi wabarakatuh actually with me brojack good for Sepatan this time we will review the game Grand Theft Auto 4 The Complete Edition is ready so this time we will review bdg blurayrip game or cassette game Grand Theft Auto 4 or gt4d complete Edition now so this edition already includes 3 games, yes. The first is gta4, then GTA The Lost in the mad GT4, this is GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony, now episode n episode from Liberty City is included, yes, betaland episode from Liberty City, so it is included The 3rd jenglot game from Grand Theft Auto 4, yes, is Sel losande made The Ballad of Gay Tony and the original Grand Theft Auto 4, uh, looks like this for sure, yes, the blu-ray disc looks like this, PS3 fashion, its oprek. As for Cenah, there s a description here. input genep Auto 4 in episode Los endemic eh The Ballad of Gay Tony is already simple Hi, reset to cassette game or one blu-ray disc Kim already it includes three games, yes, its really great, finally, Rockstar like this really adjusts the side view, so the side view looks like this, right, Grand Theft Auto 4 er episode from Liberty City, so its a go-jek promo episode, so this deletes De Los Ende Medan and thick latin gayton, yes, this this is Blaze Blaze means region 3 Asia select the tebel around the edges then we see the rear view Huh Yeah PlayStation Evoque multiplayer says its the highest rated Playstation 3 game OLX hop althaeae here here is bt-42 Ocean Demons and The Ballad SBY Tony Yes this is for you fans of Grand Those who are curious about Theft Auto 5, Eh, in the previous series, users who ordered three are obliged to play this game, yes, the Grand Theft Auto game, we all have to play it from here, because whats interesting is the storyline, yes, for GTA 4, its worth the video output of NTSC 480 T720 by 1080i and even 1080p you can pull it for GTA four usually this is complete with one screen yes online 2-16 pl ayer like that another broadband headset compatible with like this the stage exploded on this road Well here we can find out this for guys and English subtitles Yes its English everything is manual English language Indonesia English and Chinese BCG like this now this has explained once region 3 Asia, yes included Indonesia in it, all thats left is the writing for home is only, so Emi can only be used at home, this is region 3 Asia and includes Indonesia, yes, the subtitles are here, bro, I want to see, actually, yes, its labeled as a game here, you can later. It looks like you bought the wrong game, if you dont understand other languages especially Chinese and Japanese. Okay, lets get straight to the point, theres only a manual, and er, because this is just a manual, Liberty City Game Club and BD games are usually here, including the map. from the gaze is complete, yes, this is in one Dista m includes three Grand Blaze yes Asia like that we immediately check the game ok lets test the game eview moments Music Music Hey, here it is, three game options appear in the initial menu right away Yes There is Grand Theft Auto 4 original new then Grand Theft Auto the Ballad style of Tony and Grand Theft Auto Glass of the match, we ll try to check the game one by one, starting from Grand Theft Auto 4, hi hi hi hi everyone I hope you like him feel at home here, the trading screen is pretty good enough to attract enough Epic because in the past the GTA 4 game was very eagerly awaited by PlayStation fans, especially not the previous Grand Theft Auto on PS2. Thats GTA San Andreas for GTA 4. Its really for you. Wait a minute, at first, its already quite Epic. Hey, even though the graphics arent as good as GTA 5 but the storyline is very interesting Music Music Ah, it turns out Ive already played this game so I went straight to the road game in the room so Grand T Heft Auto 4, yes, at the beginning of the game, it was thick, this place was a problem with a story from someone from Europe, Spain, or basically from outside, uh, the immigrants were the story of the immigrants, asking to meet their relatives, the process was in Spanish, ah, the robbers were very interesting, from the storyland of Grand Theft Auto 4 this is a Thai worship for you GTA lovers, you must play this GTA 4 game, Grand Theft Auto 4, because the question is very interesting, JNEs gameplay isnt bad, the ending is quite interesting , so please try it. Next, well try something clear of the mad, OK? well try it, Blast of Demons, try the obvious one hi hi yo wes come back now whats interesting about this GTA 4 game is that the external Jin screen initially looks quite interesting, so gta4s sin vdmate tells about uh, motorcycle gangs, yes, motorcycle gangs, and later uh, the story will be connected to the Grand Theft Auto 5 story, where Trevors story is basically a treat for the beginning will continue from GTA 4, the story is ah, basically this is Hi, story game from the motorcycle gang, yes, from the motorcycle game at the high school boarding house, the graphics are pretty good, uh, the problem is that its rare. This is a motorcycle team with a Harley motorbike, the motorbike is nice, unique, so its a loss of Demons, so its very worth playing. Yes, for you fans of Green tab, because the story is very interesting. the street is its trademark, namely using a motorcycle, yes, to lose the mad, this is legal, but try it. Now, lets try the Badegan Ballad of Gay Tony, yes, its heavy in octonic style. Lets just try to elevate the urban story of Metropolitan Lilo Santos, yes, for The Ballad of Gay Tony, this is very the storyline is very interesting, yes, and the storyline and the main characters are quite interesting, so DKI is the top This top is the point, eh, all the series in Grand Theft Auto 4, especially The Complete Edition, you have to try it again, try playing it, you have to try playing all the series, theres the 3-series Grand Theft Auto 4 Grand Theft Auto, first September and Ballad of Phoenix, please try it Hi good, thats the game review this time, which is a review of the game Grand Theft Auto 4 The Complete Edition, I hope this video is useful if there are questions, etc. Please write in the comments column. 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