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Steaming bluff overlooklife game steam GREEN HELL take tomas there no good there good chance we smell everyone as an agent welcome welcome to a new beginning it would be to go in hell as the second part although it is the story of the beginning I think green help spirits of the amazon people this came out later I think it is new content but this year green help just explained the story to us before arriving on the island. the previous channel that the gringa the complete story mode and then we continue with this follow people we start not much more to tell you already know direct on twitch in the decision of the video read to follow us and with nothing more to say with green help spirits of the amazon and thats it we started and calm mission bay Music in the second time it was carried out in the second time that we came here the cure of the virus in the south from what it says It is not the cure that frosts diseases, but the cure for the virus that we put in with work of ecstasy, yes, because it says that it is with my form, he always said that it should be there and those things Music is paid and games paid Music we have I told the book that the qr code would be carlos iii for luque I hit it now that it is the only way they can kill us in this game we solved it in fact and I want to see them ok ok people already started hostile I m liking this Music I do like this sir or maam Music goosebumps with the music goosebumps with the music 30 notebook entries that I had from the previous game bad I m a little here now ok although there are people we started to wait a second good inventory nothing empty notebook entry find your ship in mind the tribe of the masked old man well as elements throw them this we know everything well they know what table entry return to take out all the structures of bamboo does something new that we have discovered no ok white this is the same there are people here we are here we were we did spawn and zeta ceta coco welcome leaves good for bandages already perfect and Im even going to do it right now this puts in here factory is bandage of leaves We already have one of the crazy stones of the water here or there is no water here is this goku doing the entity plus these are all the hands of the earthlings giving their energy to goku who is facing a freezer the lie people ok ok ok ok ok like Im all full of moves, we have to take advantage of it now is the moment I would like to build the basics ok pick ax not sell wave cha throw those moves lets start looking for all deep sbs this move ok cave home lets see surely Im not going to send because surely there is still a scorpion or something like that it is the only option I have eh look elsewhere I fall I have to send myself around ok zetas here I dont have what good people who Its a game thats a good game and then Im going there Im going up there theres a scorpion I told them youre not going to start dying now calling up here its the same as suicide below if its the same ok were in the same people were low seeing the rare times it was giving I have modified the controls in my head because I was recording icarus wearing the f1 ok ok I need a stone to do and in a small branch towards it is advancing towards success advancing in the entry of the notebook what happens to you do not bother me with these things thank you thank you we already know that the things we already know yes home and to be a miller leaf you need and a stone ok waterfall water and in red crabs look how beautiful what a beautiful little place and the healing magic frogs the healing magic frog And give me the flower, I need a stone, what I have to do next is measure washing, and just in case, they know that if Im going to die, its going to be dirty the first time, so Im going to wash or do you know how this is I need stones where they are and in the number of waterfalls there are ok dont fall guancha the only thing I could start to make a base somewhere the question is where I think that waterfall is going to be better jump to and no you break the days that I ask you wenchang out there I think I can go down stone stone by stone stone by stone pure stone collect excellent ok craft now we are going to start to oil the ax that were two stones a branch and a rope like this girl in one too 5 of the ax ok be careful with this spot it is good they are not piranhas they are not still success spears to hunt the fish choose to look for a good spot to make the base it is already going up it is already raining I mean like a passage to somewhere from another another stone no ok stones and collect Im going to make the ax Im going to start throwing things and I can make the chivas spear the bamboo bow also wait I have I have bamboo come I had and now this move is nt craft as bamboo was one of these cities you are ashlar a new thing perfect the bow was always in 1 because it always created problems and this is something here you can bow to capone this in 2 I would need the lance hamburg lance with the best with this who throws master I had never done it anymore we throw bamboo spear we started with this __ that you cant change from one side to another I was coming here I was coming here you are thinking that I am going to die in one dont be like that but I didnt die so fast I mean Im going to die Peru but not so fast come come come come come if Im going to cook a little Im going to cook a little what I dont have is trunk the strip rock already has a lacquer ok this I need to do the drill also for the fire to the fire the smallest tall branch that I have another ok craft yacht benítez here it says this was this and a small branch I dont drill by hand there it goes and oil others let them both get ready before the same thing happens to us as always pre support of palm tree no where I have this the fact of leaves here this time we are not going to die the first time I can assure you people that I can assure you it is the unfortunate institution for fire give me the fiber of the fiber it works for me everything is fine I will cook the meat and we continue advancing and that is a jaguar oh I did not think it was a jaguar for a moment and here we go if it is easier to aim for the one that is easier that is true ok send the blue meat and so that it cooks like this we take food with her and I have a lot of this what use is that flower to me what is the little use for me look with a bandage and I take care of a lot ok it takes care of me but Im going to eat this with fraction finding out what it does ok what what I came back I have parasites they get hooked well well Juan I also ate with dirty hands the fire will go out the fire wont go out the fire wont go out by chance importance in the coconut it went out I didnt know I knew I knew super normal super people Too bad, so that all this doesnt worry me, Im going to sit here a little bit to save the game and Im going to record, Im going to do that once and for all, Im going to throw away the meat right now. I dont want to sit here but Im __ because its raining And if its where the coconut is, ah Applause Yes, half, half, half, trunk, trunk, well, well, ok, ok, ok, after having to redo the top, that is, where we make a base, but here at least I prepare something, but I start the game a a couple of little things ok on a single string string string save ready and now its time to make the move its been repaired savage I know you cant record in the shelter sleep and record because if next time I go to the d I make the shelter and sleep very serious one enlisted bye record game remember not to record in this ok perfect and now the meat is going to be rotten is the big question will the meat be rotten the crude doubt is fine to have pick up we already started with the moves already emp Lets start with the moves plank the one that I lacked most of the basics here the spear to the bow the arrows condensed roast meat weak dance but if I put this on it how it makes a better spear I think there was a better spear with more branches it was not not with small branches so know calm yes yes yes yes it was the character __ for my people its good that the character __ for me could be all bone rope no no no it doesnt let me look I put this I put this and I put rope like this stone spear 3 genius reason well what I dont have is I am although this settlement was basically to have meat ok yes arrows arrow arrow forge chan arrows for one shant create two and a small branch no and listen to listen to it Im not ready for this yet in just one date to my credit dont __ with me listen yes yes yes listen listen listen listen listen listen to the wheat listen to the tribe but I have few arrows I have to arm myself some meat right now DPS In any case, pay attention, people, look at the water, they caught us and there they went quickly, ok, but there are a couple of crabs and a couple of slower fish, Ill see here and there are also sps, well, what bach ingenuity with the spear and With this I have the hooks for the parasites if something happens and the meat if I dont have weapons I need a legend what is that what is that what is that and wave and the little turn because if I shoot I break my leg there is nothing spectacular around here I was not alone that is that as I saw that note I say layers that there is something but no ok ok I am going to cook the fish I have several meats and I am going to continue advancing a little more there it goes I had lost my hand people because I invest arrows kraft already beats you and No, youre cooking all those things. Yes, I have a lot of these flowers that take up a lot of space for me to throw away all the coconuts. Well, thanks, I never managed. Im going to do as many dates as possible. To the east, it would seem that the tribes are there, there is another rope legend more for a trophy burned by the oldest can contribute more to a spirit looked at cidiana if one chance and if obsidian stone tell me what to put this machado siliana this ax or well at least have it because I have a place hello I got lost or go out for the same side to go out on the other side so they understand or I understand myself I went further but Im almost in the same area ok towards here I dont know where it would take me I think that here I go down here I go down because it is the south and the south on the precipice as we were at the top of the whole beginning here it flew where it was and I already have my thing cooking to see people how it is holding up yes yes yes with the location issue there they are there they are now that he took to the south he wanted to go the trap that never works for me we made it millions that rope never back turtle welcome welcome there you give a sheet I dont have a sheet ok whats wrong with turtle its ok now if the shell I want the shell reason to collect water if they are hunting me I know I know I know you will see me I am going to go people I know this ends up being always encouraged places for me I mean to the south I go well to the north or I always end up in the swamp that crazy here and There is another one of those things if these swamps take wing water in such a good headshot there we start people little by little you start with this two bones sometimes the bone armor return to the base to the base banana of banana yes but how many three bones and two ropes no and banana I dont have any more bones because there are three they hook well the saving rain well well thats how I treat myself bones I have two and there arent enough stones I have three I have the sheet but its already done and it took me out a little fish no because the strip just above hydration 3 now kisses with the parasites first I have to wash because if I dont wash if the parasite continues today but if I eat what cures me it contaminates me even more put on and dirty I have to wash first this is new the stan tribe is attributed to the other at coordinates 37 39 there is an old one and things to come and do 37 39 because the base is there I am going to wash there in the end we made a base there it is because there are other swamps today I am going to start attacking That tribe was I wash as I would need the coconut or I can put the turtle shell fill it with the coconut and drink it with the medium little I dont know to boil the water wash 39 yes but the theme is comfortable to carry the water there parasites - 1 eat the scorpion I need bananas or I went out for a walk I cant face the wheat as I am here I could go down but maybe after facing the tribe I am falling asleep I know I am falling asleep and the bamboo did not appear yes hey hey a where did the man go he didnt want to hunt and he left Im going to sleep Ill make ramadi bamboo armor ok until I can get bone Ill go mixing 777 no no what I dont have this mine you were saying together they are also advancing I canc elan are canceled I also dont have enough to aim for it no no or no it didnt happen or so that today you take more crazy you died the one of friendship and arrows with just enough I need something that gives me energy right now no parasites parasites but no but we dont die we die we die we dont die I have moves to make me ok time to go to the base right now first of all I will have to heal could you go to heal me terrible people yes yes yes live the worms but Im already passed out and Im going to have that this is the problem ok that you have to sell me there is a little in the bandage I touched the boat myself and then I am going to sell the rod because if not I am going to die of infection ok wash if it rains by spear native but I have to rest first man I have to rest ok look how I have the mesh stocking again and Ill start again with the subject of the is regulated that madman is not immortal I know come to rest in guancha and how good that serving water I have to finish serving gone armor two bones I am missing one branches ok you end up with armor they said that they are already looking for the spear of the tribe and I could even go is to collect with these classroom branches finished in the armor it was until I could replace it with the bone one that is the idea It is collected and it has been so little that we have been spilling it for 5 years and it filled it up and I keep it with drinking water almost box ok almost full at the end he painted settlement to fall we said four the four of us want to explore where the guy was in this and in the other sides of loja de bullet dont come here it s not just one dont make later its branches 1 2 1 2 3 to the maura of branches I make 2 and at least we have something look at this radical and another foot good bone bamboo branch branch ok remember I need more bones yes or if you have to finish this as it should be meat could be harvested and you died at some point in your life man welcome gift from heaven we gave you an arrow look arrow says ok ok this is good because here c ohesionadas how could I cook its meat and with the bones I can make for the bone ripe ones to replace the tray that is already dirty and we are fine with only one and we are because kraft I am going to make an arrow for you I have 22 bird feathers we have been opening re well we have been opening king well the middle frog ends up applying I know what happens to people mila maybe there between the base without a side so thanks for your meat but it was not necessary that you come here crazy to the stage and the one with this pile of tap and the first one who thanks me and all the moves Im going to sleep a little bit, just what time is it a little bit to have more stamina and Im going to try the tribe around here theyve already seen me so they have to be here very close of the guys so they stop because of this trap thats their place they re not there anymore they heard you know I m not going to marry him where did the subject magically go where did it go take it there no lina and good so good there I put the ash one I dont know if it will work for me ok people headshot to this guy and incidentally to the other one that comes all dead we are going to collect the jaguar loft what do you think this is that could attack me thats how it is and in re dirty ok, we re going there, wait for him to sleep a little, its the one to live in the tribe 37-39 good people who have been facing the goods, eye that we come in jaguar tribe two tribes already dead two members of eyes that we have just come eh oh in the light of the moon healed Music by people we will make it up to here with the video with this first second contact or second first contact it would be we did not die we came undefeated even when it had a vote we faced tribes 60 mos base a jaguar in the middle quite well I hope people a A little settled, we are already well, starting without haste but without pause without dying, above all, until here we will see with the video, I hope you liked it, if it were a like of fashion, person, fashion series, well, the channel l yes other eyes and like but leave me the comments because others and the best the next video going up face to back many news and new videos Music ah Music free mac fps games on steam En esta secuela de Green Hell nos aventuramos a conocer que pasó antes, Se vienen headshots y guerras memorables en busca de respuestas a la historia del Dr. Jake Higgins y su obsesión por curar a MIA.▬▬▬▬▬▬ REDES SOCIALES ▬▬▬▬▬▬ Twitch ► Discord ► Youtube ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Facebook ► ▬▬▬▬▬ INFORMACIÓN SETUP ▬▬▬▬▬ ► Consola: PS4-PRO 1TB ► CPU: Intel i7-10700K ► MB: Asus ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WIFI ► GPU: Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2060 6G Gaming ► RAM: 32GB DDR4 @3200Mhz Corsair LPX ► DISCOS: Kingstone SSD 960GB + Kingstone SSD 480GB + Wester Digital Blue 1TB ► 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