How to fix cracked games opening in steamsteam download windows game on mac GROUND BRANCH gameplay Music yes guys welcome to the channel green live gaming im a former royal marines commando seven years experience with operational service behind me i love tactical fbs this channel is aimed at tactical fbs gaming by vets for vets and anyone else guys but most importantly the people on this channel we play with i play with people whos done this stuff for real like myself we apply real world tactics and makes the games more immersive it makes them feel more real so today im going to play some grand branch guys and im going to turn that difficulty dial all the way up um solo veteran mode anyone who knows grand branch with no veteran motors borderline insane its insanity at suicide and im going to take the enemy numbers from i think 25 to 40 im also going to go a big map called 747 airfield map and im going to jump in there guys im going to apply basic military tactics and i want you guys to look at what im doing and why im doing it guys and obviously main point is to show you that you can get through a difficult scenario like that on your own if you apply basic military tactics shoot communicate move clear from the outside in make sure your perimeter is safe before you close and kill center enemies right always always always perimeter safe six are secure or move into center you engage the enemy if you see youre outnumbered tap tap break contact peel off tap tap break contact suppress them peel off get in a position where you can have a new vantage point and dominate the battlefield from there so this is what ill be doing in this video guys ill be moving around a lot perimeter wire closing and closing and closing and making that net smaller smaller smaller smaller and taken out the final enemy to win the fight its a fantastic way to show how up against the odds in an impossible situation you can still dominate and win i dare anyone i absolutely challenge anyone to give this map a go and a try and try give it a go dont apply tactics just go in cod style rambo style you will die you will not last absolutely if you apply tactics if you do it properly you can get out the other side as were going to show in this video guys thank you for watching as always love you guys cheer it out Music yes boys were in right lets get set up lets get straight into the action 747 map its a big old map terrorist hunt my favorite mode 60 minutes time to do it in will probably take less but you dont want to rush these things perfection takes time tactics take time veteran mode as you can see 40 enemy all the way up so its gonna suck its gonna be insane and theres no coming back when youre dead so i just have to make it work slow is smooth smooth is fast right lets go i fancy a coffee oh there we go hot wets nice get myself a nice little wet on here who wants tea coffee and lets go hit the range a weapon table i just want to quickly go over the loadout for today boys so hk416 556 nato sidearm is the m17 so today ive got a bit of a well-rounded combination is what i call it so ive got a one to six times scope on top allowing me to engage these medium to long distance threats in the open ground but also when i get caught out i can drop the weapon down and engage close distance contacts with the rmr low rail top site as you can see which is mounted on top of the video site or the vidu scope ive also got the ir laser front top combination once combination ir and regular ive got the tack light white uh white stands for white light not red obviously suppressed because were gonna go hunting um and then the normal down stock or down grip oh yeah and then the polymer polymer 35 35 magazine gives me those extra five rounds just to stay in the fight a little bit longer because im solo i think this is a good solid loadout it gives you as a solo as a solo operator going in on your own it gives you a rounded ability to engage different threats and respond to different events and scenarios thats being thrown at you not having to rely on support or designated dmr man in the team or something like that so it gives me a bit more confidence to get engaged and get involved so lets see how this pans out thats my plan anyway lets go hit the range get some rounds down obviously i dont have to zero my weapon its automatically zeroed this is a game but this top side feels bang on nice and clean nice and smooth but laser point shooting here now loving it nice and clean oh this looks cool yeah zoom in zoom out works well as well yeah itll be good smooth transition between uh scope and top sight i like it lets get this done right guys welcome to operation shattered god 747 map veteran 40 players g-led solo lets go zoom check working laser working slight transition working just want to get eyes right quickly looking clear stay on the outside perimeter work your way in audible left yep scene enemy moving three-man patrol front five meters Music contact three enemy down close falling back Music engaging contacts three of cessna 50 meters left one down second contact down falling back in cover sniper front high ground right side compound 50 meters snipe it down enemy down entrance left 20 meters cheated hold eyes front main building enemy movement scene dont rush it boys keep the discipline change position to get a different advantage if you need to dont rush it enemy approaching re of cessna enemy moving left to right rear of hangar left side 40 meters enemy right side 50 meters enemy down enemy front of cessna engage down Applause enemy left side 40 meters down two enemy right i need to move i need to move crying around here any longer someones attention although suppressed theyll start figuring out where the shots are coming from need to break corner right clear moving up to main compound Music down move move move laser point stairs clear top side clear so far left corner clear right clear upstairs two enemy down ground floor stairs i had to clear top side before i could hold stairs itll be suicidal to hold stairs not knowing if my rear is safe multiple down main aircraft stairs leading up top side 125 meters just need to make sure its completely safe up here its always a risk boys its always a risk you can never execute cqb 100 not even with a full team theres always risks its uh enemy left side sniper gasoline tank 45 enemy down theres always risks right its playing those risks in your head very quickly off against each other and then selecting the path of least resistance or the safest path or the path is going to do maximum damage to the enemy and keep you the safest but they all risky thats why theres danger pay boys thats why this danger pay right im just trying to make 100 sure theres no external patrols to my front patrolling around that i can take pick off quite easily all ive done so far is insert ive secured or controlled my immediate area made it safe so that i can move around a little bit ive pushed forward a little bit gone up a level and engaged enemy enemy down right side outside perimeter 150 meters just clearing this room out making sure this is all safe in here ive got a bit more confidence to move around freely right as im looking now lets call that front right clear left clear moving left so we need to clear our left side now thats the plan make a decision act on it you cant faff about taking too long as when you die its patrolling up now clear check behind these things again thats a risk you have to choose you have to choose left to right right i thought left highest threat thought open front all right lets get my six six looking good im just gonna roll past Applause open doorway 20 meters down right back in there keep momentum clear the building quite clear main hangar clear staying on the plan staying on the perimeter clearing from the outside in eyes on airplane enemy and cockpit 100 meters Music enemy down shoot communicate move enemy scene corner of building with blue roof 250 meters right side wait for the turn hit center chest enemy down right im confident i control the space to my six so theres very little threat so i can sit here a little bit longer just get eyes its a good vantage point oh right you can see a bit of a muzzle sticking out on that little cargo lift just gonna take a couple more minutes up here just get some eyes just getting the lay of the land upping my confidence when i engage im planning my next move remember to keep the discipline never start running pointlessly thats when they spot you thats when you die right doing a couple of final sweeps to see if we can pick up a stray tap enemy down front of green truck 220 meters now were looking safe area looking safe sweeping front side enemy patrol spotted Applause gauge enemy front red container 200 meters enemy down get it staying soft side moving outside perimeter towards the east eyes on aircraft loading box engaging enemy enemy down enemy down so Applause Music Applause this is where discipline comes in boys you have to be careful dont get cocky keep eyes keep scanning keep moving slow cheated moving up re of aircraft deeded approaching aircraft cheated on aircraft location eyes north eyes north scanning outside perimeter north for possible patrols judah lives on aircraft open door loading door ground clear so far enemy down loading door ground right boys its gonna be tricky slow and smooth slowing smooth open door aircraft left safe right multiple down multiple down towards front of aircraft ground go by shoot communicate move make them think theres more view control the space so im moving up now moving up to the front you could stop and feel them dead check them but you dont want to put rounds in them you want to be silent and deadly even suppressed the rounds can be heard right clear left looking clear yep two sides left and right jews aside go with it indecisiveness kills be confident your decision push enemy audible open threat right hes one of them jaded holding let him come to me engaging enemy down Music feed him two more make sure it was shots fired anyway so any enemy in this location now knows im in im here first floor aircraft getting eyes right listen in im gonna do some work outside the store you dont just rush in when you dont have any intel ive got no clue whats on the other side of that door i dont even know the layout best approach she has a flash or nade we know theres no hostages its just terrorists get ready Music you just pie the door off you just roll past it all increments very tiny micro increments you get a little bit more eyes and then you rain the pain and then you move i can either push in now which will be done because im on my own best tactic now will be push up to the other side of the aircraft up the stairs to the front engage them from their rear again making them think theres more than one discipline dont rush slow is smooth smooth is fast let them come to you Music doing me down close first floor aircraft cheated falling back breaking contact remember guys because my tactics are working doesnt mean its easy it looks easy because its working try this run it with different style tactics run and gun fast moving whatever you want to do and then you do it with proper tactics like im doing pie off your doors slow methodical clear your perimeter and move in youll see what i mean its tough its really really really hard right boys weve got one contact left just clearing that right corner left corner not completely clear in that cockpit that could be right clear left clear cockpit clear right this enemy must be outside somewhere lets just scan scene scene seen by the propane tank low ground 50 meters shots fired no muzzle clearance resetting resetting enemy dial yes voice veteran 40 enemy operation shattered god complete all enemy eliminated with tactics slow and smooth smooth as fast lets get some celebratory rounds down on the range guys like i said you do it properly move in from the outside watch shoot communicate move you can make it you cant do it thats proper military tactics thats all there is to it the problem is people lose discipline running they start spying off the corners too fast they expose too much of their body and they die and they think why is it so hard or the game is too hard no its you being an idiot youre not doing it properly because youre losing your discipline its all about concentration levels and keeping your discipline that is the whole point of our military tactics what the military teaches you can still keep the discipline and your awareness when youre tired youre cold youre wet youre hungry grabbing a final hot wet thanks for watching guys appreciate it cheer it out Music you how to redeem a game in steam OPERATION SHATTERED GOD: Marines Commando plays Ground Branch the proper way as only real vets can. 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