This Map is a CQB Nightmare... Ground Branch Gameplay on Rundown

Steam card at walmartsteam find games GROUND BRANCH gameplay okay roger were on second floor im not clearing it probably see a flashlight left side around the corner here yep this is clear going through this room im gonna pie off from there yeah were good who i got here with me Applause got one by the entrance hes down okay im watching right roger okay im gonna im gonna actually loop around this left side and see it makes this coming on the left side all right okay im stacking up at the door ground teams at the door you wanna push this left alley and make entry over there or yeah lets try that this front doors a nightmare Music rooms clear you want to make entry in this window or go around yep lets pop through were making entry on the left side window yeah i heard him i dont see him you smoke him yes i got him yeah hes down cant wait here okay im looking right checking these rooms clear im gonna hold it this doorway can you watch the long haul coming out you want to keep clear on the first floor or go up lets keep clearing the first floor okay im going to this right room is it see you here on the right side yeah yeah roger clearing hallway then check it alley outsides good second of apres close door across leads out to the courtyard going right holding that door squeeze oh i see yep sorry missed call or miss miss move in there youre good just got stuck on the door you want to keep moving left before we go up yeah lets clear the whole bottom story this this holes clear all right on you kicking left nothing moving right checking courtyard who do you wanna take that right our first oh it messes me up you can bump the doors now yeah theyre a little touchy all right you want to move up to the lower go go picking right nothing swinging left looking left clear on this side this ones clear the shrimps clean the advice is still one friendly on the roof roger you have two down yeah its just me left okay roger were on second floor not clear probably a flashlight left side around the corner here yep this is clear going through this room im gonna pie off from there yeah were good im sweeping level two the last guy the absolute last guy my goodness yeah lets go through this uh this other entrance on the right side here okay let me go right around the tanker got one in the doorway kobe oh they did the same thing good freaking toss man oh that might have been too far roof check you might just hit everyone okay go on the roof it looked like it did maybe not it was hard to tell i was trying to throw over the trees right side one on the balcony we got one down at front entrance im pieing off this right side nice you gotta kill that two men down on the roof sorry my mic was muted i killed two guys on balcony friendly down here friendly were moving along the south side of the building we got one down were getting hit somewhere on the south side excellent flashing in im on yeah okay opening clear swing right Applause if i could shoot where the crap one down right sides clear gonna reload oh coming in Applause hit him once hes not down you still up enemies im good yeah yeah were taking a lot of shots down here on the west side of the building god i got to play with uh karma cut recently yeah him and uh c-pairs dude paris has been giving a lot of love to this game oh yeah karmas loving it too we lost one hes made it Applause watch out we already lost a teammate back here really yeah im not sure where he was on the stairs here oh hello i think i got him one down backside looks clear another one downstairs got him got him nice holy vest gonna clear around the sides and taking the stairs yeah yeah you guys are the first one got one theres oh theres another one back there dang hes way by the performing medical on youre useless there we go yay were back up i healed you who else do we still have down whos that last guy who dropped is everyone up i just shot someone in here that friendly yeah i thought i thought anybody in here was dead in the back area a lot of people dying by the way yeah im inside on level two hustling down to you oh outside outside there we go oh i dont know how it went from auto semi again but okay go on the back door whoever that was the window i just shot like two buildings is that a friendly down there is that a friendly friendly friendly nope were going for the super bowl Music im trying to add me commands got him are you good oh yeah Applause going straight hey friendlies above you oh i barely tagged your arm you dude youre wearing youre wearing a red unit patch now you earned it reinforced that freaked oh nicely done thats why it does that close chest hold going first story inner courtyard is clear oh he wants me to go check him out the stairs i think level ones clear this guy might be outside im going to check out flame i dont know whats going on no do the replay i killed that guy the last guy literally the last guy that is so frustrating how somebody tell me how i didnt trade steam dos games Ground Branchs newest map, Rundown, is a square, three-level industrial maze of corners, hallways, and nightmare angles that challenges the skills of even the tightest teams. We ran it with Ground Branch Community Moderator itzProwlaz and the FoddSquad on the livestream and really struggled to get a perfect run. That said, this video really showcases how immersive and beautiful Rundown is as well as how much of an awesome experience CQB is Ground Branch really is! If you enjoyed the video, please remember to drop the 👍 and consider subscribing!If you want to pick up Ground Branch, consider buying it through so the devs get the full profit. I also have it in my game store at where I get about 4 bucks per sale to help pay for FoddSquad related costs. I highly recommend buying this amazing game! Check Your 6 Podcast is a veterans perspective on hardcore, tactical, & MILSIM games alongside my cohost BDGxGrim, a former US Army Ranger. If you love these kinds of games, please head over and listen to Check Your 6 Podcast at ! 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