Ground Branch FINALLY looks like it belongs in 2022

Game dev tycoon steam codehow to get steam games for free mac GROUND BRANCH gameplay Music thank you what youre looking at here is a game thats been in development for about 10 years now and at this point its completely unrecognizable from what it once was one of the things that I love about Indie developers like this is that theyre truly passionate about the games theyre making even if the vision takes 10 years to accomplish not that AAA devs can be passionate about their work but when youve got a tiny budget with a skeleton crew and very slow progress to every update the passion can be seen with what theyre actually able to complete this is a game called Ground Branch if you havent heard of it before an early access title that continues to progress to recapture that hardcore gaming from the old days and with this news update update 1033 I was able to get my hands on this early build and it is Leaps and Bounds ahead of where it was even just last year the game is actually on sale on Steam right now so you can actually grab it with the link down below this is my general feeling on this update ground branch is finally starting to look like a game that belongs in 2022 or 2023 depending on when youre watching this the slow refinement of this game game is painful but every update is exciting to see and every new addition shows that now that this game has a solid base behind it the major quality of life additions and features can be added on and when they are they feel so good so with this video I just want to go through some of the features being added into the game just for a quick run down here Im going to talk about the most important features but keep in mind these updates are generally very big and theres a lot of small things that are tweaked so Im probably going to leave some things out because I want to focus on the bigger picture here and also I dont really know when this update is coming it probably is going to be released in the next couple of weeks I havent been given a firm date or anything like that this is just a Dev build that they let me use to show off some of the features so I dont know when its coming but it should be very soon now obviously you saw some of the new map overhauls in the beginning of the video here three maps in particular were overhauled storage facility Creek and Depot and these are looking great Depot is now probably my favorite map here and Ill show the old one here as well just so you can see a little bit of a difference the newer one with the building being dirty and worn and overgrown adds a whole new level of immersion to this map I love this style so much better than the cleaner buildings that we had before and then on top of this theyve also added a new map which is called docs it doesnt look like too much when you first load in but when you expand the map a little bit you can see that this map is very very large youve got several warehouses that you need to enter and clear out as well as two Freighters that you need to board and make sure there are no enemies there and I dont know if its just me but I feel like theyve really amped up the graphics over the past few updates these Maps even things like The Greenery and the smoothness of all the buildings these things are really popping out to me and they look really really good maybe its just the fact that theyre detailing these Maps much much more now so for example you see the buildings across the river or you see some broken down vehicles and boats and even some moving Parts here like the freighter and the water and the seagulls and in the sky I guess Im going hungry tonight but theyve added these details and every little bit counts here it looks really really good it really gets me excited for the future of this game I think mod support is going to be here soon and going to be better implemented I dont know if its coming with this update or the next update but either way there is a modding option now on the main menu so if they can ease this process in if they can make it really fluid kind of like Ready or Not does this would be a great way to experience ground Branch with some new game modes and weapons and mutators that could add a whole lot of replayability to this game whats also adding a better experience here is the new AI system now recently they announced that they were partnering with kythera AI in order to have a more refined experience against bots and theyve already made good progress specifically to the ais awareness levels as an example here previously the Bots had the same awareness during the night as they did the day they could basically see in the dark so it made it incredibly difficult to clear Maps because the AI could just see you across the map when you probably couldnt see them however now this has changed a little bit and you can be a little bit more hidden at night but also with this you can see that the night vision has been refined not only is it visually looking much much better its a lot more crisp but theyve also added quad nod so that the fov on these goggles is much higher previously this is all you got when it came to night vision goggles just this one simple green circle really really not enjoyable to look at by any means but the new night vision looks really great and the stars look good too youll also notice as well that theres a new animation that goes along with the night vision activation with this update there were a few new changes to animations such as this to add some delay in actions but also a refinement to the visual experience as another example here there are a couple of Optics that you can visually see your character perform the hand movements in order to zoom in or activate that 2x sight again a really nice feature here still waiting on that prone movement though but a little bit more about animations here some new weapon animations have been added because well theyve added had brand new weapons a bunch of them youve got the mark 17 also known as a scar and youve got this in both the CQC version and the DMR build and then youve got Whats called the wz88 and then the newest lmg to the family the PKM there arent very many of these in the game so thats a nice addition for laying down some covering fire especially in some PVP scenarios I would bet and then youve got an ak-103 to follow and a new pistol here the pmm and finally finally a bolt action rifle the M24 there is something about bolt action rifles that I really really enjoy the smooth cycling of that bolt is basically ASMR for me so Im really excited to get my hands on this when it officially drops and take down those terrorists one by one and then to back me up Ill bring my Saturn which allows new pistol Optics very nice here there are also loads of weapons that have had new models implemented with them so heres the list for that Im not going to go through all these but you can see all these on the screen not any type of crazy changes but its still nice and then the rest youll just have to see when the patch notes hit again this game is on sale now so if you want to click that link below to grab it go ahead and do that personally for me I like this game as a solo or Co-op experience and at the price now of 22. I think its worth it Ill be trying to go through a round on Depot here in a couple days I think so if you want to see a mid gamer take on easy Ai and crack some dad jokes along the way hit that subscribe button and turn on them notice thats all for this one though thank you so much for watching if you found this helpful give it a like if you hated it and youre annoyed by my voice give me a dislike thanks for sticking around so long either way until the next one be bold be courageous stay Tactical Music thank you steam will not open Check the game out here: I was able to get my hands on the newest 1033 update and I feel like the game is looking so much better and like it actually belongs in the year 2022. It only took 10 years, but its finally getting there! Join this channel to get access to perks: Music: My Discord: reddit free games steam reddit steam unlocked horror games steam deck steam gift card image steam deck availability