Nintendo like games on steamwhen is the summer sale on steam GROUND BRANCH gameplay whats going on guys so in a recent poll you guys asked for more ground branch videos so of course i had to provide today we jumped in for a few rounds on grand branch and even though were pretty rusty they went all right ive got two rounds for you guys today the first one being on storage facility and the second one being on compound now the second one i got slapped pretty early so i went around and got some cinematic footage of the guys doing their thing but before we jump into that if you havent seen the channel before im shorzy and i play hardcore team-based tactical shooters and if you are watching there is a 93.2 chance you are not subscribed so make sure you hit that big red button if youd like to see more ground branch videos otherwise lets get into the gameplay enjoy just split off ones gone right watching the left im covering you guys move left is down we had one guy go between the trucks there bravo were about to come into the compound on the right hand side after Applause Music you guys want to go through senator right hand side of the hallway once youre in fart stay to one side of the hulk im gonna clear it right down go left drag out inside tunnel were moving our way down well that was close all right push through straight to the pillar on your right there were pushing out be advised youre at the base of the tunnel coming to us flashing yeah roger flashlight okay all right just hold for bravo time to catch up do you guys see friendly flashes coming down wait one cover on that left tunnel all right were holding uh the right angle right now let me know when you guys are in position well uh do the switch all right cross switching left go go go left two eka and tunnel moving up i see enemy im down one above him right-hand side right-hand side gotta reload yep covering good i think weve got friendlies on our right friendlies so if we got enemies still in this im getting here is on a second level friendly all right its looking all clear search for intel where do you guys run around david well that went surprisingly well considering that first game so were going to want to hit this first corner pretty hard and pretty fast okay im playing i was really fast hug this building because we cant get shot from above come on youre high whoevers on this corner happy red barrels front okay one down im watching it Music hey red barrels whoevers there im pushing past you copy all right im gonna push off the black belt hold sharp holy crap well i cant we got multiples within the uh hes one of them got one additional to my left or to my front coffee right all right is out hey push back push back over its on my right push back hes one of them is i see enemy look at him Music Music foreign you 3 months discord nitro steam Were back with some more GROUND BRANCH GAMEPLAY and its as smooth as it ever was!. We break off into two fire teams to take on the Storage Facility and then smash out the Compound as well. Hope you guys enjoy this return to Ground branch.----------------------------Want to Purchase A Game?----------------------------------------------- Check out my game store! - Purchasing a game through my store support me and my channel and you still get the game on steam! ---------------------------------------SOCIALS------------------------------------------------------------ ­čÄ«Twitch - ­čĺČInstagram - ­čÄĄDiscord - For Business enquiries : steam microwave bags uninstall game on steam steam games wine how to return a game on steam 2021 outriders on steam deck