Classic Rosie gets grounded on St. Patricks Day S2 EP33

Animal steam gamessteam games for mac m2 GROUNDED oh my God its a Friday TGIF now lets go downstairs to the living room in the living room man what a wonderful Saint Patricks day today I hope everyone is wearing green today since its Saint Patricks Day good morning Mom oh good morning classic Music wait a minute classic Rosie why are you wearing a gray shirt and blue pants its Saint Patricks Day um because thats what I usually wear every single day Mom whats wrong with that you need to be wearing green on Saint Patricks Day cause if you dont you can get pinched by someone I dont want to pinch you in ground for not wearing a green shirt or green pants on Saint Patricks Day so go wear something green no I hate wearing green green is disgusting looking oh okay refusal of wearing green dude grounded no games no phone no fun no toys no Chucky Cheeses nothing go to your room right now hell no I want to go to Chuck E Cheeses that is soy I am calling the police to arrest you no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Music classic Rosie youre going to answer the door because if its the cops Im not answering it you answer the door right now fine Ma but shame on you all right sir I am here right next to you just dont shoot me with you again please oh crap now Im in handcuffs hmm classic Rosie shut the hell up with your goddamn stupid ass crying you freaking cry there are no damn crybabies allowed in my Courthouse I already explained this to a bald ass kid who is 12 years old classic Rosie you are so guilty that you will be in jail for two months just like classic kailu is for what crime refusing to go to your bedroom when you get grounded by your parents that is a crime I didnt make that crime its the plotaguns policy now order order order order order court is over Mr baldy AKA officer Wilson take this bleached hair gal to her jail cell now yes sir classic Rosie court is over so come exit out of Judge Pauls courthouse and follow me back to the cop car because we are going to the jail this is going to be torture I cant believe I am going to jail for just refusing to go to my room when my mom grounded me when officer Wilson and classic Rosie went inside of the cop car and went to the jail facility bars and classic Caillou yes oh wow nice job Wars for not being Snappy to me this time you learned your manners and you finally controlled your anger we just got to work on doing it more youre starting to not get Snappy at me good job what is it officer you guys have another cellmate I will be bringing her in here right now you guys only have two beds so two people will have to sleep on the bottom bunk while one person sleeps on the top bunk because there will be three of you like Boris classic Caillou and classic Rosie what classic Rosie Music is that you and classic Caillou yes finally we are in the same cell now okay lets hug it out Music no YouTube bastards cant be hugging together now cause yumarons are goddamn troublemakers the hostility out of psychopaths foreign I freaking cant believe you got arrested I am in jail 63 weeks how long is your sentence judge Paul sentence me in jail for two months girl you are so damn lucky your jail sentence is much shorter than mine yours is the same as classic I use that is so a young woman for getting arrested and having your sentence much shorter than mine you are so grounded for 99 weeks you take your ass to bed right now I am very pissed at you young woman very pissed you are a stupid idiot Music idiot Music wow Music and free Mr stupid ass baldy piece of ball gas jerky Marlon I freaking cant believe your classic Rosies cell made like what the hell sisters and brothers should be in separate cells not in the same ones that is so with Mr Bombcast trouble you are so grounded grounded grounded for 199 weeks your ball guest needs to take its freaking nasty goddamn bed right the hell down as far as the teeth guy is very mad at you used to jerky Mario very mad you are a stupid jerk like go get a life idiot Laughter Music ah wow wow its not fair real time strategy games steam Join this channel to get access to perks: there, everyone! Thank you for watching our videos! Its been exciting to meet new fans. If you dont know who I am, I am Kingston. I am autistic, and I love using Plotagon. Be sure to like, share, comment, subscribe, and turn on post notifications for more videos. We hope you guys enjoy this channel so much! Well, thats all I have to say. :) free steam account with a lot of games monument valley game steam steam reddit free games free steam games that have trading cards affiliated steam