This is the BEST Weapon and Armor combo EVER in Grounded

How to play ark on steam with epic gamescombine steam and epic games library GROUNDED the grounded new public test is here and I need to make the best armor and a Weaponry to kill every insect so they dont climb up this oak tree and tickle my butt no one wants their butt tickled Ive received a lot of comments telling me whats the best stuff but one really stuck out to me come on man can I upgrade you no I dont have any brittle Wet Stone good thing I keep so much of this on hand granted seriously that craft all button man just any day upgrade to you on up to level three level four level five and Ill just Mighty it can I make sturdy wet stones at least five of them what do you need for this spider fangs I got time lets go kill some stuff are you guys home in here whyd I still take damage whatever blade Master go on in methodism hello you infected idiot turn around turn around Im trying to fight you here period stupid you suck my Cortana is really strong I did the recipe for it die youre pathetic thanks for the fourth spider fangs though those other wolf spiders hiding around here oh my lady hey man buddy Ive got a charge attack for you there you go that was half your HP parried I dont even need more Beaver Jr get out of here youre the strongest spider I think out of all of them all right its too dark for my liking Im done with my spider killing Advantage dont fall off done with my spider killing Adventure like I said give me my spider fangs give me more Mighty gloves oh time Travel how I love you all right eat up drink up give me my stuff can I upgrade you you need more Mighty gloves in that case Im going on the hunt the hunt for other things because not only will I need Mighty Globs but I will also need scarabs the cootie catcher I think that one was my name in high school oh hi work fire ant what are you what are you doing youre trapped here so Ill just Ill leave you be have fun with your Eternal prison oh hey I actually need splinters for things give me you gotta get undone jerk thank you no give me collect this will be handy for my arrows later hi Mr roly-poly Im glad those guys are friendly it would kind of hurt my heart to murder him all the time oh yeah forgot about all the lint that spawns up here too this is just a resource Treasure Trove huh I mean quit bouncing is it like a giant rubber ball stop it I dont actually know if theyve changed this in the public test so let me put my aphid slippers on so I can make sure to actually catch up to these guys nope theyre still much faster than me oh but wait its working kind of yes I dont think they can dig away give me your bodies give me all your shells idiots morons you have no Escape theres nothing for you here but death pen twinkling shells and then Id want to dandelion tuft out of here but that mosquito just hit me and messed my jump up I cant even begin to tell you how annoying that is although this is a good time actually actually give me all these mushroom chunks I foresee a lot of building in my future so getting these now well as they say prior planning prevents poor performance Id make it work either way personally but since Im here something fighting me right now oh hi mosquito get axed get axed again I dont even need to use an actual weapon to kill you idiot youre pathetic the laughing stock of all mosquitoes thats why everyone makes fun of you you just dont know it man whoa how long has started quartzite been here ironically exactly what I kind of came in here for my games lagging because that mushroom chunk hit the water stop stop stop framing me out Ive got to collect these two grounded grounded devs please fix this are we done are we done my frames are normal again oh that was horrifying sturdy quartzite again does this stuff respawn down here or do I just hate mining resources unless I have to either one if Im making the best gear of course that means the best armor also is she not back here some reason all right well whatever theres a golden milk Muller in here my journey is not for naught but Im still confused theres a field station that I need to Ping here I guess supreme court site I know full well why I didnt get this last time I was in here no I think about it I really dont think I explored anything whenever I popped up over here come here termite worker wait you guys are weak to Fresh thats right here no we did this though are you look another little milk molars over here got any upgrade materials over here another milk molder this is just easy considering I also spent these already too how convenient oh hey Supreme marble Ill also take you on making two armor pieces after all and then some more and good thing they upgraded my backpack slots because this is so much how do I get out of here again oh food oh now my inventory is full let me escape Ive got one inventory slot left but I just so happen to know where two things are that I want to kill maybe my Excursion over here is actually going perfectly hello oh my prey its a shame you guys are sleeping otherwise you probably would have been able to do something about this youre gonna die from something I bet Ill go kill your buddy oh my gosh and jumped up in the air all beautiful and scary here now jump into the Afterlife while Im dumb and stupid give me your Fang spider venom venom Fang and then spider Fang give me an extra three for the books how nice and now of course thanks to the new update I can just go right on up here kind of makes that staircase I built pretty moot but oh well what are you gonna do excuse me bees no one fight me no no do not be mad at me stop it stop it put your butt away get stop chasing me like that stop go go after supplying faster run yeah how am I not out of his range yet hes so mad oh okay that was horrifying oh home sweet home I do love travel hot deposit everything because now Ive got some wet stone to make and Ill just make some sturdy plating because I feel like Ill probably need it many Globs go in I need two more it looks like do I have Supreme Wet Stone hanging out around yeah I have 12 shards of it wow well thats not true Mighty Jewels youre going in too stop what am I doing game started breaking in the meantime I can make some Splinter arrows and now I have 12 instead of two and I realize Ive got all these spinning reels but I really dont spin anything anymore getting some silk rope probably gonna help after all I might need to redo how all my zip lines work thanks to this update so as far as armor goes people want me to make the Widow set because its plus poison damage but my mask of the mother demon gives me poison coating which is a chance to apply poison along with my poison Nova to do poison and so then my daggers ability which my might bleed or also cause poison are you seeing whats about to happen so instead Ill make the Widow spoil mountain bike Widow thing never mind why wait lets go stab some big spiders in their eye is she okay at least shes home last time I was disappointed all the whittling Gold Card how lucky am I answer very Im a sword master now sword attacks lower the damage enemys deal these got changed what does assassin do Mastery attacks the daggers rip open new opportunities increasing damage enemies take from bleed effects it looks like the only other one thats changed is Widow wizard but thats looking good too I can come back to that right after I kill this stupid Widow though silly spider dont you know I have Mastery of things one of those is the Mastery of pairing the other is the Mastery of kicking your butt although I feel like Im not doing as much damage to you is this my usual weapon or do I use something more Pokey Rusty spear youre in there we go thats more like it got my spider Killers mixed up for a second there the infection on this thing is whats the real winner only one widowfang cheap all right going up thats at least enough to make the chest piece I just need two more for the legs lets slide you in here for now friend now Ive got another thing I need to go kill she in here somewhere yes lets start poking her in her face oh I forgot about her children gross I should have killed you guys first thats just an Overlook on my part thats fine theyve been taken care of though now is that three critical hits in a row thats just psychotic I get them so often actually what am I doing lets spend it Ill get them even more often though wait time out I need to regen stamina blocked blocked blocked and blocked Widow do something really cool and drop me to spider fangs please Ill love you forever if you do just something to consider for me anyways are you ready to diet can I just hold block actually do I take damage oh I take a very minor amount of damage oh but my shield almost broke or something either way youre dead give me your body and I only got one spider thing man the games telling me theres one more spider fang over here but I thought I looked for the one in the undershed or maybe Im just a fool who cant remember anything to save his life Ive only got five goldfish taped up up there journal the games saying Im standing pretty much right on the next Black Widow theres an infected spider there but Im failing to see a widow spider Im not failing to see this random or all science though thank you all right I guess Ill check out the undershed one more time what am I seeing right here has there actually been a secret cave over here that I just didnt know about this entire time performed some weird parkour here into a dandelion tuft huh well would you look at that where does this leave oh red ant eggs I mean I could have been getting bombs here the whole time oh my gosh theres so many Im now realizing how little of this undershed Ive just actually explored and how much I just decided to run right through hi extra milk molar yet again the Widow chamber still empty I think unless theres some sort of weird cave I dont know about this has been all for naught I did what any true Adventurer does and I asked the grounded Discord is it cheating no think of it as just using your resources but I was told that theres a tunnel nearby huh what do you know do I have a brat burst on me yes I do eat what do you stop I didnt even get to see the fun little explosion because it was too busy fighting you in your stupid face hello Im here for this milk Muller now hang on Im fairly certain I can run up here jump on this little lip right here come on get up come on all right oh fun wait is this what if I just kill the kids real quick oh Ive been spotted it wasnt fair I was gonna use my shield but now I can because its gonna not be fun to look at you in here oh youre fighting me I didnt even realize I thought you were just flailing about for me hitting you whats my health at just a little bit below half maybe I need to take out the children its simple you murder the children and you win Im glad they dont have to stay alive to keep respawning new widows though anyway go ahead and die for me just go yep into the Afterlife go right ahead did they change your attacks up I feel as if my perry window is a little bit weird or maybe I just suck its got to be one of those two at least either way I figured out your new window therefore you didnt touch me once the moment I did give me your thing resource oh milk molar what an eventful trip this was now time to go home successful and alive but it also means I can go home to make my really cool armor going up going to bed all right little leggings get made also make as many brow bursts as I can and then trash these eggs so nothing sponsored all right Widow dagger to level eight to level nine to level eight I meant now to level nine and then the leggings need to go into the Sleek path because parrying gives me poison is that the same for the chest piece yes whatever I Parry all the time thats great the full maxed out kit of what everyone claims is the best in the game put on Assassin critical hit chance and theyre just my natural Explorer because Im lazy lets go test this baby out hey bugs with a lot of HP come here first Target actually wait go ahead and doing it do an attack against me buddy I want to see Perry poison in effect Perry never mind youre weird to Parry in third person all right tell you what just get out of my face actually okay hang on what ladybird you come here oh youve been nobody buried yes go I hit you once I hit you once and youre at half whats going on hang on what so what to look like if I come down here and well sorry you got paired if I just beat you in your face a little bit all right period and then smack you like six times thats a lot oh my God what the is going on oh no oh what was that wheres that Ox Beetle that hangs out around here lets test this out on you buddy Perry and then just smack you a bunch just keep running around in circles smacking you actually yeah oh my dude its an eraser I havent even ran out of stamina once yet and youre dead wait wait wait theres one more way we can test this out I think just cook you real quick hey pink head you want to scream at me real quick thanks give me you and now we just gotta go test out the power on the strongest boss I know that black worker ant is taking damage because he tried to attack me and I perfect parried him that was a fourth of his health and I didnt touch him we call that psychotic all right lets try this hello Miss man well miss mantis I have some punches will you buried oh theres poison on you what look at how fast its going down cant Parry that one because Im stupid and dont know how but thats fine Critical Hits no button whatd you do just make me bleed and weaken me thats fine youre at like half HP your HP is lower than mine and youve hit me four times look at the oh my gosh whenever to get crits it just goes crazy I think I thought of a way to make this even stronger if you can believe it alright quit no no no no no get Perry poisoned and Nova explosion okay that attack is strong feel myself if my game didnt go to three FPS whenever you did that I would have killed you I just want you to know that but as for now in this exact second Im the strongest thing in existence now think about what would happen if I ate food that increased my critical hit chance could anything even stand against me best steam games for under 20 This is the BEST Weapon and Armor combo EVER in GroundedCheck out my NEW channel memberships for exclusive videos and my discord! 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