SMii7Y VOD Grounded is Exploiting my WORST Fear

Sharing games on steamsteam games that can run on mac GROUNDED no intro no intro no no racism all right well lets not get ahead of ourselves what the  __  what does that means racism Eli has never actively been Against Racism like hes never said anything youre possibly pro-racism I have never heard flam say that hes Against Racism either listen statistically speaking the two most likely people wait a minute no this is weird why are you starting now you literally started Spotify he made graduation he made graduation you made graduation I love about I love what we said that about flomatous First Response just sounded like the most sus beginning of a sentence when you average out for population size okay you never want to hear per capita in a population JonTron moment all right lets join the game cant wait to leak  __  somebodys Discord messages what do I say to you Flom go ahead air it out I dont think weve ever even talked I messaged the moment 1 23 am every night saying  __  you idiot every night I just say go leaves true I have a message from Smitty from 3 28 a.m last night he said Google Gaga I need those Mommy milkers that actually sounds like the most real thing Ive heard all day damn you real as  __  for that Smitty when Im a mini all right damn complimenting himself yeah its crazy because I just logged onto multiplayer and then it says You must be connected to an Xbox Live account requesting friend me too brother  __  wait I dont understand I sign in and then it says you must be connected like Im already signed in so what is going on here hmm huh man Elgato just loves resetting it itself the settings I dont know why it does that hey look Im Im signing in right Im in here and then it says logging in and Im logged in can you invite me all right again me when Im Minecraft but Im hungry oh come on Pete uh I  __  it literally it literally wont it signs me into the Xbox whatever and then it wont if you try to start your game yes yeah Music should I do it again maybe um theres a story uh I saw the other day about this kid who got born without his eyelids and then oh yeah and then it was crazy right but the thing is like they took the skin from his foreskin because its the same skin no dont and then they put it yeah they they use it as his eyelids thats crazy youre trying to add age restrict my VOD before its even up science has gone no its insane right it literally makes me sign him but Im already signed in but it makes sense right because like yeah I better skating in that eyelids I bet he looked like a cartoon skeleton before what does it even mean just the eyeballs just always bulging yeah yeah I mean hes a little cockeyed now but all right well uh it will not let me uh restart it lets I dirty okay your computer oh but Im already logged into the  __  can we can we start it without Tucker and then he could join theoretically look at community or let me look at my community here and then let me try and join I cannot join game I can oh you need this app the Microsoft store what I dont have to do that I just simply opened the game and Im leasing fan 7769 just made me understand Elis whole long-winded joke there thank you it wasnt funny what you said he was cockeyed yeah because he had foreskin a little late for that reaction yeah well Im not really reacting Im more just being like oh wow okay no reaction no reaction reaction stream react to Tucker uh having technical difficulties perfect dont understand hey guys hey guys reactor 69 here about to react to another situation on the YouTube oh yeah today were going to be reacting to Tucker finally getting in this game so we can actually start it all right here we go hey guys reactor69 here today were going to be Ellie I am logged in what the  __  is critical here Im still reacting by the way Im just being Im just waiting all right well uh I guess Ill restart my computer then I guess you know all right see you in Ted see you in five seconds ten minute video were gonna be discussing a topic that can be covered in a Twitter thread but Im gonna elongate it whoa whoa whoa its not about elongating the content its about creating magical paragraphs of words strung together Im also using to make my argument seem really insightful do you got a problem with critical no I think his contents great just funny Eli hates everybody equally its fine what the  __  bro especially minorities equally he hates them equally see its he hates minorities just as much as he hates his own race one if youre racist type two if youre a sexist type three if uh you like big mommy milkers type four is all of the above Type 4 if you want to get to the yams no yam Central dude five seconds wow is that the fastest fastest reboot ever just Pete whats in here beat oh Music I like to think that people that type that  __  in the Cod lobbies are literally on like the big screen of their family room though Mom it wasnt me land at airport if you are a racist who knows leave the game if you are not gotcha has something else like I want to be in the room the roof somebody we should make an all chat for our lobby like yeah fortnite doesnt even do that because they know it is it is the last remaining true inner like like all chat like you can go back and forth between I cant log in this  __  dont work literally not theres not one more all chat like that anymore theyre all gone extinct yeah for a good race uh Ill have you know uh CS go mid game chat was actually goaded actually I wasnt asked to sign in on Xbox why are you doing that you have to the game runs through Xbox I dont remember that all right one I load up the Xbox console uh command companion whatever the  __  and Im signed in to the correct to the thing that I keep signing in for okay I got Elis app though all right so what if I tried downloading it in no click on the Xbox app you have the Xbox app yeah I have it on I I have it open no you said console companion though no no I have the Xbox Okay click on social at the top or something community or what uh uh I have your game invite I think I have to down Im just gonna download it on Xbox store or whatever its only eight gigs oh how long is that gonna take uh another maybe third two minutes lets just start all right you can join mid right yeah I can join you there we go we just wont do what you do busy work busy work busy work well get food well get food youll get food yeah food what the  __  up these dude well get food I love food whos food Mickeys mcdix mcdongles you get a better place shes a broken man this dude plays this yeah no no Im lagging out thats crazy oh oh oh oh oh we like oh Ross oh dude free science oh I lost my ax last episode right Im lucky yeah I threw it at someones forehead and then it flew into the forest and I dont know I dont know where it is okay valid dude I forgot to eat the nachos Tucker you want to be here when I eat the nachos yeah I kind of want to see The Notches get eaten I want you to get back and put on a scale one to ten food item icon theres no Spears in this  __  right okay I hope not I give that a solid six I got so many Spears on the oh my Lord I didnt make another uh torch oh yeah actually I probably should too lots of spider web Music uh uh thats not so bad uh are you making Im should I just spit up a bunch of rope yeah yeah make room yeah do this a little bit yeah just a little bit just okay Ill queue up two of them Music holy  __  we need crude rope I forgot how to get that uh plant fiber okay yeah Ive been collecting that thats fantastic Mega milk molars Mega milkies why they call them milk molars oh no ow why did God only create Ten Commandments you know these are things we just dont know we just dont know God lores where did you put the Rope at oh God its not made yet its being made do you need crude rope yeah I just need crude rope yeah you need plant fiber for that Ill just go grab some hold on hopefully theres some I dont know if there is any it should be easy to get I could grab some youre not on my ax anymore what the  __  was my ex wait you lost your ax too  __  did we all just throw our axes or some  __  in like one big celebration no I actively tried to murder somebody but it didnt work um put up a uh put a poster for mixing missing X all right nobody grabbed this fiber bandage we need for someone Im grabbing  __  to make myself a  __  accident in the leaf chest oh do we have pebbles in there too I just figured and all that  __  in there it reminds me I need to make a uh another ax Leaf chest you said yes sir thank you Senator my friends call me Pete what are you in my names Peter yeah I was signing on a different uh PC for a sponsored thing that I was doing thats why I was a buggy yeah it didnt tell me I was signed in there so oh so you didnt have to download it no I did have to download it well I just accidentally made five axes Ill take one because I dont know where mine went yeah drop on dropping dropping why are you dropping yeah I dropped one yeah I want to drop three thank you Jesus I dont know what happened uh yeah you can put those back I didnt touch on those anymore Ill put them in a random chest big no thats my shovel  __  why is this do we need food Im cooking some right now if you need some Im chilling oh what the what the hell oh there it is Music oh its confusing as hell no oh  __  theyre coming from both sides remember what I said this oh God no Tucker get back to base coming Im coming Im coming hold on oh this way wrong way hey look my silk rope anyway oh show where are they working just keep it closed keep the gates closed hold on wait is this one chill no hes attacking hes aggro hes scary we must kill hes red I got 15 of these bad wait is this this is kind of anticlimactic is this all you got red ants Im going on off oh theres a lot oh my God no problem oh he can jump oh  __  went up top what Im talking about  __  book oh hes look out one dead one dead one on top of me you got his ass big big because the spirit meta is huge Im telling you oh that was it yeah okay no that was kind of wow that was anticlimactic damn these red ants suck  __  ass Im kind of thirsty I could go for a little bit of water you know my friends if you guys see water just look up Im I am looking up hey look theres one right here spear mother go hard Music we can make another spear too I think we got the Stinger spear now dude no that ones that ones for jabbing thats not thats we cant make 50 of those okay I mean we could just become the number one bee hunters in the world no we need to continuously no but we need to keep the bees alive we need to continuously figure out how to no we dont  __  the bees what we need to make the the armor yeah theyre scary oh my God jerky rack cant believe this who put a dry grass thing on the jerky rack we need it we need it for something I forget what why are you saying Jerky like that Music I put the I put the berry Chunk on there is that what I was supposed to do I put the  __  on the chair okay um but we should we should do the next bit I agree finish it last time we should do the super yeah we should go to burgle for everybody no you really really need gas masks for the stink bugs yeah are you sure yeah I read it in chat last time Chad actually thats good enough for me um You Believe cat whyd you leave the dry grass Chunk on it where you just to make it bro theres like millions of  __  things over there you can do it I didnt do it what the  __  I swear to get some Weevil roast before we all go you know I got I got Weeble Rose bro oh yeah I got some hold on Im chilling gas masks we have a waffle Christmas laughs its actually hilarious excuse me your excuse silence dont excuse me all right lets go all right lets get it I dont know what the  __  we doing but we doing something I dont remember anything we go to talk to a little Robot Man  __  okay its little person Eli the robot no just call me okay what the  __  little person  __  you like youre like five nine Im 5 10. roll of two Im six foot I just feel like raw science or something what the  __  we gotta go to the tree yeah the world is pretty similar each time right I think so itd be crazy if it was randomly generated yeah somebody was asking come here little aphid you think I cant follow you up here goofy ass uh uh youre just going all the way around the tree yes Im just sprinting towards where Eli is thats what Im doing oh okay we should play fortnite the new uh thats enough the new five planes this guys trolling bro youre  __  me man Im talking to the aunt Pete we could play a superior game dark tide thats the  __  yeah Im not playing that what the  __  thats gross all right foreign or right by a pond true let me just scoop that  __  up Im six to my stomach Im stuck uh thats a big  __  wolf spider where we need to go we just gotta run around it just simply oh no maneuver its in the that tastes really good is he sleeping me when I lick my own nuts what the  __  hey somebody get these sodas no oh  __  I need a dandelion I just realized hmm dandelion okay what the hell its hella toxic but I like it pick up that weevil get out weave with me all right Luis Sony acorns for  __  I dont know Im just  __  it ew we gotta get to burgle all right were good we good hold on could you remember where we need to go because I sincerely never do yeah I literally have no  __  thing you dont want to have photographic memory I remember where to go here just for the tree I have to be sober my memory dial up all my ideas look like pngs like line by line where uh dial up internet its just the struggles barnacle my friend  __  what did he just call him a fruit pounder maybe yeah yeah bro Im just wait until they get here before I check do it do it do it do it thats a lot of raw science theyre spiders Music right the  __  did he just what the heck hey yo there are four Labs each with a super chip the Hedge lab Pond lab Haze lab and black ant lab hey yo so now we need to do the other ones because we did the Hedge they got black ants too cool all right so hes gonna Mark the location for each one and we can do those ones oh no I didnt realize it was showing for everybody man Im tired of being accessible especially the kid youd want to call on for popcorn reading and then just see the disaster unfold what the  __  damn when it gets stuck out of work but you just dont have the heart to tell it what it is theres dyslexic text that I found out about in the accessibility option the Callisto protocol which is so much easier to read but its Comic Sans so I was like 30. oh wait guys apparently not lets go get that tooth with the big ants remember that yeah lets go do that were gonna get those milk molars yeah lets bust down yep yep hes the next kid you want to call on for popcorn read this next one the thought Tiana I dont think Im so angry bro not doing that mistake again uh lets go down  __  it why not yeah weve already done weve been down there no no the gold tooth remember wasnt it down here oh yeah there was a girl I thought it was in the I thought it was that the maybe it is down here next to the all right shadow dome what you got now uh maybe not no whoa look at all this all right so I already know theres no way out whats been here we gotta make those torch what I hate when it gets like this Im not doing anything wrong no we dont need a rebreather bro no way down there oh okay all right lets go back we have 40 seconds all right fine what youre doing coward you cant see anything you idiots yeah but I cant see what you can how I can how its theres some light I dont know how light works oh God okay going back going back back oh no were gonna die I cant see out this was a bad idea I was pure I think I think were dead I think were actually dead why did we do that thats so funny why are we all so stupid oh my God all right Im done okay all right all right its its no problem now we just we need to we need to make a torch and then were gonna get all that stuff okay I dont even need to go back dont worry what do you mean you just lost all your  __  no Im sorry I I dont even need to get a torch dont worry yes you do I mean case a respawn wait which one respond you we actively just proved why we need a torch no we just proved why we need a buddy system this  __  four of us blind leading the blind you are actually like you are you are just like I got so much  __  bro what the  __  I mean I dont have a lot of  __  hes got a weapon I aint got  __  I just spawned back with my weapon thats it I got it thats all I have so good my stuff was spawned at the top of the water or the diving bell spider you know what it said I dont know Im coming here wait I gotta make torches yall hold on no like the Torches for underground weapon you guys got to protect me oh my loot apparently our loot will be above the water I dont believe that yeah well see it  __  the real question is how the  __  do I get back to it we just go the same way man I dont know how to go the same way thats why Im trying to get my ass back to Eli because yo Eli I need you to actually uh I know where to go from I have no weapon okay okay I know where to go flying time you aint gonna worry about it you can make a slime Lantern later which also works okay thats what I got I made one oh okay thats what I was trying to make before we went down there okay but then you guys are like they did not literally I know that sounded like that thats fair I asked for plant fiber so I could make one and then you guys are like we dont need it we uh we dont need that at all we dont need that I dont think we need it at all I got a lot of my anxiety Spike through the roof when were in the water if you have the claustrophobia kicked in I think I cant breathe I literally have to start I started reading my twitch chat I was so anxious I was like oh wait you need comfort I just had to not look at the water bro I was like I cant do this it was a way through its just I was blocked by an invisible wall I didnt I refuse to get closer to that spider underground so as soon as I heard it growl I started swimming up and then realize I couldnt see where I was it was just I think I drowned yeah but Id just rather not die oh yeah and it happened anyway because I lost the what turning around was you know yeah this is crazy we did we got to experience underwater cave diving true video game never gonna do in real life just because of that oh hell no yeah I hate to break it to you guys but uh what its all down here okay thats fine let me get my stuff and then Ill hand off the torch to somebody all right dont go any further swim down after you okay no yeah yeah we follow we follow sure oh yeah I really got myself stuck in here no way I was dude oh there it is thats mine get the  __  out of here get the  __  out of here get the  __  out of here  __  ape what do you mean go back go back Tucker are you stupid yeah oh wheres my get out of the way move again whoa oh  __  I gotta  __  drown again Jesus  __  all right hold on let me give me that give me that like yeah no problem wait Whered I go oh its in my hand thats why hold on oh okay hold on uh no thats not it sorry theres this one all right yeah oh did you go down again no no I needed my stuff my stuff was at the bottom my stuff was further in um yes its gonna be here like this Im lighting one for the homies I brought it back though oh yeah I brought it back a little bit because I picked it up and I brought it back a little bit but I still dont I thought drowning was you take you take damage you die yeah Im gonna hold you in a bathtub for as long as I can until you stop breathing and youll see thank you in Gary smider in Garys mod in subnautica oh you got to be careful bro theyre always on the lookout to get something I picked up a slime Lantern you have a lantern or a mold stock because its different a lantern I picked up a lantern it was down there okay let me just to have a little bit of that so so were not going down there anymore right no we have no reason to like rebreathers if were gonna go down there that  __  went deep wheres my other torch if you die you respawn with equipped items but not unequipped okay theres stuff down here though guys we should go down here I feel like theres stuff uh I thought thats what we thats no this isnt it yeah we havent gone down there yet this is how I ends yeah but we wait for Eli Im ready here I need to go into the water yeah sure are you gonna be able to get back I should be able to okay the king I dont feel like having one of them pop up and just smack me in the  __  leg one time I do have another slime torch but Eli Pearson appears to not need it so I have a slime Lantern Im good yeah nice uh the way out by the way is back uh uh up the walkway oh my God I really went down here it really did holy  __  me dying like right at the entrance going how did I die yeah you were so close what the  __  did drown in like a foot of water no I mean its not a fun I mean were just in a hole bro like what do you mean to put in water oh you made it impossible second holy  __  nice come to us all right come here come here lets go Tucker were about to were about to go  __  up these ants all right man theyre grumbling down there yeah they  __  mad lets get them wait they just  __  off no we  __  this  __   __  this  __  one big ant good observation yeah you like that  __  gotten a couple of those why do these acid glands look like my nuts marble getting sturdy oh light theres light down here no yeah oh thats like wait is that a boss okay its not no no no I was worried for a second it looked like it had like armor I was like what the  __  what is that guy up there look at him to jump down come on Nimble come on down oh he doesnt want to come on down hes got moves hey Im coming up then Im gonna get your ass and he did um yeah he did that it its never then theres the little Loop area right we loop back Maybe no I feel like this guy I mean apparently theres something else down there I hear another ant down there hello powerless man hey Aunt whats the news you woke The Brood we walk in the hive  __  him up theyre nothing God were so strong now no fear oh this leased outside ouchy yay we did it okay I dont remember where that little golden where are we to be honest me neither do you guys want to go back apparently it was in the lab I swear there was one in the lab no there was one next to the to the dome but it was underground it just wasnt there I dont know where else we can go underground it was it in the ant tunnel I dont know I dont remember that movie lets go back to the lab I want to go back all right I swear I feel like were missing something no next next thing we need to do hey lets go to the super tech lets go to the burgled chip in the pot I think theres theres something really big on your right Eli it looks like  __  Jurassic Park T-Rex mode oh I just got you guys hear me yeah DC what happened I dont know rip I just got DC randomly oh my steam just steam just went down oh fun love when that happens uh yeah steam just completely been done oh hes lagging I just closed my game just head back to base everybody okay me actively going towards the lab Im gonna be honest sure  __  I dont think I can get back up here was that the problem I think that would kill the ladybug yeah what the  __  dude because it doesnt it shouldnt require Steam like Id have to like go through and I dont know just download it on Xbox game pass TM I dont know the game Id rather just wait usually hoping that this is just like a little quick little oak oak lab I dont remember what that is Im gonna be honest what Oak lab if you zoom out isnt it the oh  __  its the one under the tree did we go through that thats the burger lad aint it is it the same one hello Aunt um maybe there was a different way in the in that lab we just didnt explore I dont know I dont yeah I guess we should have gone a different way all right whatever its fine right yeah right now but we can work out we can make like rebreathers and  __  because were gonna need that for the water yeah oh theres a door we didnt go through okay so its not down its around got it I mean we can we did the next chip that we get when we go to Virgo we can also go back there we have milk molars that we can use to upgrade our stats milk daddies so what do we do again we go to how do we upgrade our stats we gotta use the machine yeah SL terminal and then going in an unknown tunnel okay uh good good luck I survived oh short tunnel it was a short tunnel very short come on man um Applause okay man anger land wheres the rebreather is it in meds no probably in the breathing section yeah yeah its crazy that is crazy wet wild Guild tube analyzing wait its not a gill tube okay that bee was getting awfully close but were okay theres a lot of them holy  __  oh  __  we have so much science actually now dude see what I can do with this lets make religion we need Lily Pad wax Eel Grass Strand and silk rope we dont have any of that lets set that science back a couple years hey lets create religion mean when Im crusading me when Im playing I am Jesus Christ hey I found the I found the tooth which one the golden one yes sir oh okay nice where is it all right I dont know why Im asking I can zoom out and look at you Im gonna bust it I hope you guys dont mind go for it busted in that Oak lab what is it Mega milk molar can you invite me Eli yeah yeah Ill see if I can invite you through it was me offline but I see you are you on the Xbox app no no Im on Steam I messaged you see oh I got it there we go weird my esteem is still showing me is offline but my steam friends is online well see if I can connect in this group oh I just I just got your message maybe steams back up now okay so the oak lab is the tree place okay I just confirmed that hedge lab we havent discovered the other ones like weve never even whered you guys  __  bees were back at base yeah oh  __  me I gotta get past the wolf spider hey Im still here Farm pretty yeah beautiful um probably on the other side honestly youre probably better off just running towards them oh are they not at the base or is that true they are no we are at the base I am not at the base Im being a little risky biscuit right now tell you what had to find that damn milk Muller I tell you what and I goddamn did oh yeah you melt the  __  out of me any day um huh no I just I thought you said no no no no you guys milking each other over here huh huh me likey this conversation can you kill a black widow bro thats like asking me to fight Mike Tyson and win like Im not gonna do that I mean you could try at this current point in time maybe in the future yep pay-per-view dude pay-per-view we finally kill a black widow in this game and we make a smoothie station  __  buff lungs that sounds like an alter ego so we can so we can hopefully breathe underwater how do you go to your mutations um its in your I think your status yeah you inhale and your cells burn bright with an enhanced energy Max stamina capacity lets go hell yeah so you have to go to which one again its the terminal right then how do we get in here which one did you do I can run forever I have Max damn Im going up stamina build okay Ill go stamina with you so we can throw as many Spirit oh wait I only have one how many did you have I mean how many molars did you guys have only one did you guys have a mega milk Muller oh um yeah I think one of them you can do oh I dont have what are you saying oh and um I think Im fine because I didnt I didnt get crazy hey guys yeah whats up Smitty do you want a mint yeah I just opened up the mint thing out here oh your Hammer yeah well I just you just have to walk over holy  __  theyre level two guys I Wanna Cry I want a Sprite yeah something you might need help dealing with over there Im trapped in a glass box of emotion all right lets go Im coming out of curiosity hey let me out oh my God holy  __  can you shut it in there try and shut the lid Im curious if you can theres a lid over here uh no damn lame Ima break these open I dont know what theyre gonna give us but Stones theyre the Flintstone Min chart hell yeah hell yeah dude Music somebody get this man behind over here someone says eat 10 mints itll be useful for you later I dont know if theyre crawling cap dont need them were gonna Savor them until we need them were gonna analyze them mint Aaron Arrow oh  __  maybe they like slow people down yeah cryo like ice I cry all every night okay I thought Id have that eating milk theres a plus crit energy Marksman cap by the way eating mints gives you a mutation all right  __  it see all the mints wait what yeah apparently eat 10 of them I got fresh defense mutation I feel like theyre capping but you know what no uh Tucker just did it there are more minutes so eat ten yeah guys this might be a YouTube challenge hold on one hold on Im gonna put this in my inventory just one time three three nice four you like throw up in all the movies now drink a Coke I just explode all right I I spammed it I was I was eating them also I dont feel any different do you have any extras no okay whatd you get I dont know what do I change yes check your mutation status status what am I supposed to be looking for what do you mean you should have one thats like Vince scroll down fresh defense yeah and then there should be other ones though I do have it do you have other natural Explorer no look at Fresh defense it should say phase three of three right oh yeah yeah mines one of three so what are your all right what is what is resist it says three or three yeah but below it what does it say plus gas resist plus burn resist Sizzle protection all right so I guess you just have a super strong version of it hell yeah hes level three  __  yeah wait did you guys click on the Biometrics on the left oh I didnt realize you can click on one of each or one you can click on things where mutations like Biometrics you hauling plus hauling strength oh or items we enable it I guess I thought I guess so is that not passive oh no wait when you click on it when you click off of it like just do something else I think its just passive yeah lets see oh youre right I See Im stupid thank God not really Im Im not Im smart okay I shouldnt disparage myself Barbarian dude oh  __  but I can swing  __  heavy barbarian was a creepy movie made me feel better zip lines right now I dont think so right lets just save our science we got the the one that gives us stamina all right we just need uh what is it okay we need to  __  rebreathers what menu is that in uh its the um we need we need uh Lily Pad wax and it is in the tools it or the how the headgear its called like a reed something what the hell I dont see it its in the read Guild tube sorry oh Guild tube okay we need eelgrass strain and Lily Pad wax which I guess both of those are uh gonna be in the thing you know okay if there is one place they would be at my guess would be the thing yeah I mean you know what Im talking about its where Im its where I marked my marker is at the next thing that we could go to so we need to make a uh uh a pebblet I think Pebble dagger a dagger what did you just say what you did today we need a pebble a dagger to me to make uh what is it the  __  chard not the what is it earwax your grass all right I dont even know what it is not speaking English bro no worries okay no shot hes speaking English all right so we need a pebblet dagger which means Lily Pad wax right so we gotta go get that lets nap then when we get up lets go to the lily pads what time will we wake up at if its five we can go 720 blaze it perhaps we should make oh hell yeah sleep time perfect sleep time sleep time whoa what whoa wait new Warzone map what dude oh my God its the forest this is Black Ops 5. the numbers Pete what do they mean please dont move and look straight ahead I promise you wont feel a thing what hey yo uh practical Technologies my ass its a go for molecular reduction spacer is prime wait who are we theyre sending in the Rock holy  __  Music guys I just had a weird dream for a nightmare shrouds coming what theyre deploying shrouded to grounded oh  __  God you hear the Hueys my second shroud has hit the World Trade Center Christ these ants are pissy burgles like Im a  __  robot dude burgled this burger that when will we find out about tapas I could love Tapas bro big fan of tapas hey our leathers done Music all right lets go uh this is running off bro you get all oh  __  this one the lily pads were by the pond by the oak oh well he got caught and that was out of my bed all right are we going to the lily pad now yes yeah yeah yeah everybody got the room um my food got stolen off the thing here theres a food right here Weeble roast cool Are you full up uh Ill be all right all right I got two all these ants dying had to put my cow down last week no call that buried leather because Ive been making Berry leather guys funny bro Im gonna eat the omelette yummy Music were going to the market right a lot of  __  yeah wait the which Mark are you guys going to kill ladybug uh we dont go tomorrow go to the tree oh wow  __  we I dont think we need to kill ladybug right now dont worry this is why I have full stamina I can non-stop Sprint all the way to the tree I just want conflict okay um me when Im in a dictator what were you gonna say okay yeah you cut it off a little you know I was gonna say Rogue Nation stay in the Middle East well I gotta be Middle East when can it be a rogue nation state yeah like Canada like  __  story  __  Im gonna hit you in the mouth of the hockey sticky dude were gonna cosplay is your uh culture what not prime minister oh my God that was one guy he only did blackface one that was one guy that was definitely twice yeah okay this coming from the country with the KKK shut your  __  mouth hey whoa inshall got those truckers huh we didnt invent racists but we sure as hell did it it sure is how perfected it the USA Baby USA always number one thats a lily pad  __  is it over here uh I dont know drop it does it work nope does it have to do with this side I bet you its underneath  __  did I put my I would believe underneath the lily pads okay oh  __  to get a lily pad theres a  __  coin guys theres a koi fish theres actually koi fish thats the thing is yes oh my God why does it make a noise bottom bottom of lily pads yeah I know I already have uh I have a bunch how much what else do we need like it looks like a little disc yeah it looks like a little frisbee go why cant I jump back on the lily pad all right in the eelgrass we need to die dude what the  __  you see this  __  flop flop there we go whats that noise Applause thats what it would sound like hey who has the uh thing that can get you grass we dont have it yet we need a tablet dagger I am not getting in the water Bro  __  algae hey yo they just picked up again the koi fish one shots you all right can we kill this yeah probably  __  swallows you what do you mean it one shots you of course this thing bro what is this parasite looking  __  kiss it on the mouth new prehistoric virus discovered look at that thing its so cute Im gonna kill with an arrow Palm bradyitis oh  __  hold on I killed it the koi fish someone Harvest that you killed what a little bloat moth I think it said yeah water boat man water boat man finished oh nope they want to do that oh wait a minute Im actually getting so annoyed with these what the  __  can I can I peep the koi well I just I saw a spider I saw a water spider yeah water spiders are a thing Im  __  up my tadpole oh  __  you are I got meat no way dont worry you killed the sperm oh no me when Im conservative no damn get in the water for a second hopefully I dont regret it oh look at him thats big Im getting out oh God panic regret are we getting enough Lily Pad things yeah I have I think so I have seven how many years why is it making that sound did you hear that why is it making that sound BB Music youre dead he sounds hella hungry bro you cant I cant yeah its not letting me what what services Music invite you back okay game doesnt love you I think so everybodys been disconnected or  __  over at some point today yeah huh I couldnt get connected yeah well that was does because you werent signed in yeah that was the user that was literally yeah it was Tucker is next hes on the chopping block hey what the  __  bro oh she turned oh I see what youre trying to do okay that almost landed on me Ali hoop hey fellas Im back Payback oh no so is that koi fish still angry probably guys why are you oh its not scary bro why would I go back why are you all over there looking at me we need to make that we need to make the thing to make the eelgrass hes behind me isnt he  __  Marvel quote well that just happened all right lets go back to base wait why do we need to go all the way back to base all right well someone where we can research guys I may have just poked the bear run I  __  shot it with an arrow no reaction but Im still worried lets get out of here how its underwater or koi fish is just getting  __  fast you just block my  __  phone need to go deep in pond for Sunken bones for a helmet that we can forward for longer underwater we dont have to but yeah why are there arrows just dropping out is there a wait oh I realized something fun I could do in this game now Im Im going bro I dont even Im not turning back run what do you guys determine flum hes determined already I turned around I saw red eyes through the  __  Forest you guys poked a  __  ladybug W guys dont you guys theres one person oh no way oh  __   __  whats whats this Arrow here is it just a marker okay oh another one yeah theres a stink bug door left door left oh  __  oh you guys are being attacked by two ladybugs yeah I wonder  __  why dude no Music its fine they they deaggro all right I got a dagger Im gonna go get some eel  __  okay deal  __  Im just gonna go back to base I dont know where this is troubling other field station is do you need food Im fine on food there it is oh were safe see flaw its okay Meals on Wheels decoy bait and green machine okay holy  __  bro from this angle that looks like a frogs face do you see where Im standing from look at that log over there thats knocked over does that look like a frogs head oh  __  you mean like right like this thing yeah yeah bro that I dead ass thought that was a frog and Im like were gonna die a little bit or a snake yeah I guess I see that oh yeah Im gonna take his eyeball oh holy  __  dude Im pretty Im pretty mad Im gonna take his balls hey yo heyo hey uh for all dogs everywhere not cool bro Im cutting that one out of the video Music log JK  __  your little nuts whoa no cookies no reproducing in my house no overproduction yeah spay and neuter your pets Bob Barker if you really love them yeah yeah sure I really love them take their nuts and dont look back do we ever discover whats in this little water thing here next to the base what do you mean is there anything there I dont know thats what Im wondering what water thing are you talking about a little Pond area here yeah where this where that spider died the first night theres nothing no nothing theres nothing its just a little Music Eli what if there is I need a little more theres clay in here okay its good to know I need to deposit my  __  I have so much on me uh need a little decongestant how about this ax oh bye oh somebody found a spider we might need another uh oh no my meat became small spoiled what do you do with spoiled meat eat it can we do anything with it I dont know I dont know what you do with it  __  no uh I got enough grass for us I think  __  pushing weed uh a guy who wants yeah Ill be right back real quick okay uh whats that making noise on the outside of the perimeter its hot gross that was so hot boiled me for smoothies somebody said no somebody else said for mushrooms or fertilizer or some  __  I guess I dont know a garden patch Gardens are already worthless yeah I think we havent used once Im a gardener what did I need  __  Acorn top top face what the  __  a weed stem what all right little weave you get them from just like chopping down the weeds out and about we dont have any in our chests I guess not what do we doing dandelions oh yeah yeah you dont want to go near those wait why oh a ladybug Im coming back just because theres bees around them whoa roses ladybug lumbering down the lane Music wait no what Oh wrong  __  Im dumb oh foreign Im just gonna keep making more silk dont use the research table I need it why because I got stuff to research I got new items that youve never even  __  conceptualized all right Im ready for it where the hell are you running back from the little dip in the ocean that I took okay first of all never say that again second of all dont say that again dont say that just dont say it again I took a little surfsky on the ocean me and the boys me and the crew never heard that I dont like it she she says it and it pisses me off so much oh that you decide to it yeah because I thought it was so  __  yeah I used the word lexicon like youre some smart thats a good word are you too dumb to recognize the word lexicon dude NPC noise Tucker come here very funny Im coming where are you Im Im still running come here still coming Im Im on my way uh-huh I see you what whyd you piss off that amp I didnt uh oh Im getting in here oh God Music Im inside my character I cant do this on Twitch oh my God yall hey whats up guys whats going on over here though help hey yo this things looking kind of bad over here you got me have you gone through a second how do you get out of first person I forget the button every time oh I got you I got you Im just were just were stealing uh its fine oh oh shes fighting an ant get him did he win no its a battle right now Im watching oh hes shooting his ass yep Im taking out some of these webs  __  his webs yeah were just were stealing were uh were baiting uh the silk out of them this is good lets go boys kill that giant spider Im gonna go Im go loot Im gonna go loot the orb Weavers cave oh smart wheres that right here over here yeah dude has a whole  __  yeah oh my god oh wait oh break it you already know you already know get up anyway get up in there whack and cant break it down theres got to be more we need that we need those  __  grenades bro no no it tell us I think it looks like the same kind of rock right yeah well yes we can theres a dandelion up there where is it I mean its like up but oh theres another orb weaver over here hes fighting a uh this ladybugs fighting this ant you guys do we team up in the ladybug ladybugs the ladybugs got 90 of his health back yeah but we can still kill it Tucker dont dont stand on it dont stand on it smash his  __  Applause yeah get  __  nerd  __  my bad  __  kill the witnesses for the king in the garden this guys like wow thanks for the hell hey hey hey what do you just do nice does anyone have any extra arrows yeah theres still some other ground over there I might have picked some up to be you guys definitely have some all right I have seven Im dropping right here I dropped seven yeah accident okay thanks grenade rocks will have a crack in them okay well know well know and we  __  killing everybody now dude killing that attacking that spider was a good idea I dont care what anyone says I agree just came up in there and started stabbing his thorax all right it was on site bro I need Lily Pad wax and then we can craft I have two Gill things so to keep me safe I have so much  __  I know its actually unbelievable let me Analyze This oh she analyze me just one time I analyze you a long time ago deemed you not worth  __  Jesus  __  oh my God sorry all right God damn this goes  __  myself great oh I absolutely shot the spider too  __  get Tucker killed I will admit to that 100 yeah I know but it ended up fantastically for everybody so it was haha funny whats with all these weed stems uh Im gonna use it for a garden patch to take care of our spoiled meat what do you mean we have it with guard patch Tucker just built it like miles away yeah I have one and its very bad okay yeah we can just go back to our sweet Garden patch then we can keep these weed stems for something then these weed stems yeah put them in the stem palette then is there a stem palette yeah or a weed stem its a stem palette I just imagine it would work with it how do I do it just keep look at that um wow good form this is why Im around for real like youre missing one or no this is just a  __  um this kind of look like one right hey who wants a rebreather here all right yo what up dude dropped it how many does it take to make that I just need we just need wax a couple more okay like uh did nobody else grab any what wax what I only yeah Ill drop Ill drop one minute I went under the water and I couldnt find anything good news despite my teams great pulsification we have enough exactly now what the hell did I clean my my  __  lily pad out dude there you go so you equip it in your in your in your hot slot oh in your head slide wait guys you can put it in your quick slot oh wait did I not drop one do I get one there we also need uh flip-flops for this water boatman eelgrass strand wait Tucker do you not have one I do Im wearing one oh no youre not damn youre wearing a hat um Im wearing one oh youre right no I have one in my inventory ridiculous bug oh my God um if you put meat on the drying rack that makes a jerky right and then yeah yeah and we can use it to make different full meat okay meals should probably start doing that we might need another chest were like we have so much  __  its actually unreal yeah we do theres a half thing theres one right here yeah about were gonna Its Gonna Fill Up really Ill make another one uh Im working on it just put the put the thing yeah just the thing just the thing put the chest behind uh another two you know what I mean whats happening three axes on me Holy One out of three axes again well all right uh I think thats good I dont know actually well wait how did this oh wait how is all this random  __  getting in my bag what the  __  Music are you putting it there no what the Im so confused what how did this happen liar Im about to just Im just hot depositing everything real quick  __  it lets see pebblet Hammer useful I think didnt we have one with like the armor and  __  in there Im trying to put my  __  in there we might need to farm more of the pond stuff to get flip-flops so we can I think itll help us move faster yeah the burger chip is under the water there and I saw it theres another one too Super Tech okay thats the second one we need actually because theyre numbered two three four where are you right now Im looking on the map Music oh is that the mission then water yeah well we need we still need right the flippy flops but flip-flops after that but thats what were doing yeah yeah the the pond the pond left yeah yay my biggest fear lets go lets sleep and then uh oh God we wake up at 4 20. thatll fly by lets do this night time is just for crafting  __  I sleep oh interesting Nick I I Im down yep yep same oh guess were not invited I guess yeah unlucky really but not surprised shut up dont sleep now its too early and we just damn by the time we get up all right what do we need Acorn shells not Acorn tops why are the water things always glitching right on the  __  place Tucker dont sleep Im not sleeping Ill sleep Music damn you cant even grab it out of that its so loud yeah that ones  __  both parents dont know oh theyre all  __  dude oh wait no Im stupid Music Im gonna put all the armor stuff in the right chest here let me put it right here just going in this one okay you tell them dude do we have a repair tool does anybody have a repair tool already do we need a repair tool just right click it and repair Im just seeing Im just seeing if anyone has one oh my God you could name the chest yeah you can name the chest and then put an icon but no one has named the chess yet Im the first one to do it in this plate wow look at me go okay wow absolute Trailblazer what are you naming the next one look at uh I got it it looks okay okay hold on somebodys doing it hold on oh I dont know it wont let me get out of there oh there we go okay what was it what was it gonna kick ass dude what about it cant it cant fool me hold on damn it oh close hold on theres theres a solution I got it you got it I got it all right lets see it right there dude what no no this looks nothing like it you gotta you gotta be able to fool them you know Music this is just depressing it worked it worked there we go this group is a mess I said it do you want cca55 its like the confirmation code for signing into Twitter Im logging into your account wait a minute I just got a text hold on what do you think you  __  it Im removing two-factor art authentication as we speak all right sleep time now we sleep and now I sleep and  __  repair tool we dont need it hey Im gonna fall asleep standing up if we go much longer Im gonna fall asleep okay Im gonna go hey Im gonna fall asleep with my hand down my pants I hope thats okay everyone yeah its chill to me thats cool how close are you though where are you sleeping oh I havent started yet we sleeping yeah sleeping yeah we sleeping holy  __  were winning weve been gone for like five days and nobodys checked the smoking like yeah shrink thing nope nope nope oh let me just leave all this food here what are we doing with those food what do you mean just if you need if you hungry grab some  __  food I mean I hope its okay the water is tastes good  __  and bials dear guys all right great thanks very happy with that good work everyone this is my favorite chest free aphid roast this is my favorite Kiss right here you like the skull too me when Im dead hey yo that oh thats nice are we ready yeah yeah I think were orphans nobodys noticed were missing damn I mean thats a perfect crime nobodys gonna report the I mean based on the dream slash storied progression thing we all experience in our sleep Im gonna guess we were experiments and no one like we got stolen were kind of like uh stranger things oh my God stranger stranger danger wow I get it my parents hate me really yeah I couldnt have guessed that hey Aunt Crossing all right you didnt have to do that Ill help him no I definitely did I definitely had to you did I got you boys dont worry you did on the dead homies damn look at the sap thats crazy pick up that Acorn top what the  __  you doing oh thats ours bro thats your sap collector no this is the  __  look inside of it look inside bro what okay all right bro this mans throwing a temper tantrum yeah hes getting real upset my Weevil Rose so now Im angry Applause filtration tablets needed guys wait for me Im coming would you sound like you big Google gaga  __  all right at least Im Gaga what the  __  the Gaga oh we cant quote him anymore yeah true quoting Kanye is basically quoting Hitler at this point he did say he was literally like Hitler so Kendrick Lamar made graduation true thats crazy thats all hail lets Lobby to change it on Spotify Kanye watched the epic rap battles of history with Hitler and hes like damn I like this guy now its here what the  __  I believe that that was literally excused earlier Taylor Swift made graduation true God be much better oh well whats this you know that tadpole thing though yeah its weird I dont know what the  __  mean you never seen a dead ball Ive never seen a tadpole 74 seconds holy  __  so much activities wait guys come back wait what come back up to me for no reason okay um okay okay oh what you got nah dude nah nah I trained him lets try to get this on cool man bully yeah  __  bully head ass look its coming for you good luck Im fine youre one mistake was not removing the branch come here you porcupine look at all these little pad waxes Lily Pad I was really hoping it would get here before you guys jumped in the water I thought itd be really funny but foreign Im just kind of watching this kind of  __  hes got a lot of Health I aint helping with that can you guys help me kill these uh water boatmen in a minute yeah theyre fighting the ladybug they dont have to Im coming Im gonna kill it because my weapon doesnt work underwater so can I throw a spear underwater probably yeah oh Tucker yeah dude I I get the same problem I dont know as long as you should be afraid I picked up a couple of years I cant get it up as much thank you no worries thanks theres more over here okay you mind throwing them over this way sure thanks dude Im gonna go  __  up who a the the water Intex perfect I dont know theyre just floating in the water right now this is a coin over there hey were over here this  __  wait Im gonna get this algae real quick Music aggro I hope not um what are we doing by the way it was definitely angry the water what water boatman the water insects oh insects in the water what about the tadpole climb this  __  man tadpole I dont I dont think tadpoles give us anything right now but hes showing against food hello kill him oh oh my God hi I killed youre gonna turn into a frog one day why do I jump so  __  short thats what Im saying I dont understand this  __  oh my God look at this big ass eyes dude oh my God yeah the tadpole yeah kind of cute that pole just give you meat oh okay all right well we dont need that right now so here what are we doing you said we need to kill those bugs but theyre not over here theyre on the other side theyre over by uh your marker this one the ones with the little legs and yeah oh and then you need a uh spear the water bubbles that float up the surface give you air oh if youre low on it neat you just run over them or do you have to interact with them I think you run over them I think the koi fish is dead Music what is that Tucker it does give you air very nice yeah thats kind of lit nice oh how do I hear things making noises oh its a spider oh theres three spiders where are the insects whered they go all right bro oh hey Bell diver spider because thats what nature needed spiders underwater yep crabs are just spiders that live underwater yes yep but theyre damn tasty whoa just got really bright what the hell  __  lit bro so what are we doing oh I see one second I see one right here oh you mean kill it kill it kill it making sure theres nothing else around Im coming Im coming on a tracking one you might have to shoot it with your arrows I cant oh I one shot it was my spirit all right then I guess Spears are the only way to kill it I mean I can once Im on the surface but its climbing up though I cant jump all right I got him I dont see that one how many do we need wait I got the scanner by Me by the way theres a scanner on me come to me theres like a space head or whatever I think I found it hold on like a BB yeah yeah yeah I lost it me last night in my room Im trying to  __  it oh its  __  bubble Jesus hey I found it oh yo come to me the underwater lab oh yeah weve been here before no oh I found it okay is this safe I dont know oh yeah yeah I got it yeah were good were chilling here under there yeah yeah content uh here Ill come to the entrance you guys can see it okay yeah I see it Im at the entrance right now oh yeah straight down yeah oh yeah get closer get closer get close to it oh it opens Im coming yeah Tucker all right you should open it open I cant you just have to be cool go go oh this isnt the main this isnt the main one but its part of it okay we could still explore it oh Tucker almost got me killed I didnt do  __  all right raw science marble oh we need a key card what and thats that okay that was fun I am well wait let me try here look around no no no no no no assistant manager key card well all right that was a waste okay well at least we know all right back to killing these uh little insects how many do we need to kill uh enough for all of us to get the flippy flops how many is that uh let me double check hold on hold on we gotta get the safe um we need four for each one foreign I can get more of that but we I have one flip-flop okay uh Ill look for more wait which one is it the The Boatman fin or which one is it a tooth this is over here Russian spider on Smitty are about to be on me its about to be on me tooth over there but it looks like its oh its gone now its a render this is okay its definitely over there Im gonna go get it Im going to this Pagoda over here on the water apparently theres a field station I can get  __  get science from get poop yep we are surprisingly very athletic yeah but we cant jump on Lily password yeah I need absolute silence for a second Marco Tucker please nice nice there was just a big orb weaver you know I just wanted to be like careful who cares what the  __  throw up grow up all right I got says this is the same size as me every time you kill one of these bugs you get more air spider  __  theres so many of these  __  spiders  __  100 dead oh theres a tooth up here I mean Im there Im safe here Im not safe Im dead oh slapped out of existence it says got paddled by the koi for me all right Im coming to you is this spider you need a ladder for this it was a little  __   __  you come here  __  the  __  is that sound what am I hearing theres a spider on me if you flop Im trying to Im trying to get them with a bow and arrow how do you get up there everybody wait what the  __  is uh you go around theres the little guys that you can jump onto okay oh my God holy  __  he was right underneath me holy  __  if this was if this is Open Water Id be dead holy  __  so I figured out what that noise was he is hungry bro holy  __  he got a taste of Tucker and hes like I need more straight up got angry bro I just looked up and he was swimming over top of me Im glad Im not the only one that got scared by that chat holy  __  theres a lot of spiders over here Applause so Im not going in the water anymore oh youre gonna have to you know thats fine okay Music I see that spiders shooting yeah I gotta get over to you but honestly like Im traumatized I believe oh well I hear a really angry spider right underneath me but theres a tooth over here somewhere oh you dont even know where it is you just heard about it I mean its someone said its up by these rocks I think Im just hearing a lot of noises I think oh I think theyre caused by me yeah he is I just saw him oh my God yeah hes right next to me Tucker look out what do you mean oh what happened a little water spiders chew McCoys by me uh  __  I gotta get up on a lily pad then the koi the koi the koi thats all oh insect  __  uh-oh oh I see one got some bad news guys I would not travel down here I killed one nice was that it just one Arrow two oh okay but the koi fish is coming to me I believe in you Im safe all right how many did you get from that uh lets see what we can find I dont know why all the spiders I have five flippers I got a fin yeah or whatever yeah how did you get spinny just one oh  __  you get one per ah  __  Ill find another one Ill just keep collecting these uh Lily Pad wax all right water flea me yummy water flea is such a cursed name for something um Keith what whoa what is this what are you what are you a water flea it looks disgusting dude its just like a little transparent jellyfish thing the  __  you mean its disgusting what do you mean you see that  __  all right looks like something out of Spore hes dead it does actually kind of look like a weird like like flying eyeball ghost thing from neversoft I did mosquito oh  __  he just drowned so Im gonna go uh mosquito drown oh  __  yeah hey Mickey mosquito okay what are we trying to get right now more water fleas or what no no the uh the water boat man the the insects with the little paddles yeah  __  okay theyre buzzing anything but molaria are you guys seeing like a lot of them theyre around I just cant kill them by the like I have six so I uh I have enough for one and a half wheres that koi at bro thats what Im trying to figure out here right here right here by you okay 100 yeah all right Im trusting you Music sorry I meant to mute look at barely hear it all right I need Ive got seven I got another one on me and she did a bunch oh how many do you have many little orb weaver  __  Im picking up a second one right you have Eli I have I have none I got a second one now oh wait that just gave me two I think oh no wait I have two I have two oh wait this is the water oh the water fleece  __  is nasty what the  __  a little gelatins little jello shots hold on a sec I hate the jumping mechanic in the water yeah yeah dude this coin is fast approaching and I cannot get in the water there we go take a look I feel like Im hunting Jaws right now were gonna need a bigger boat I wonder if it even feels that you cant even kill it its just funny Music the clothes behind me oh my God he just tried to eat me but Im on a branch okay so I have two of those fins I have eight that should be enough what we need four each dont you already have one though that you cracked no oh okay oh hes spawn camping me bro of course Im looking for more where is he flum can you mark him literally on me okay literally on him moving towards you guys oh Im dead Im dead oh my God that was close I all are chilling youre chilling that was not on you what he wasnt that close what the  __  are there two no theres only one  __  theres a lot of tadpoles Music theres literally like 150 tadpoles unlimited food over here liquid gills yeah I just discovered the water flea meat I guess its not significant we can cook it though gives us meat I can make uh pebblet daggers for each of us oh yeah we need that dont we why is this  __  looking at me like that I am staying my current size my entire life no Im never going to be this small Im manifesting it right now bro I do not Envy The Life of George shrinks holy  __  could you imagine all right how many I have 11 Music I have 12. where do we get that key card then I think its from the actual Pond uh lab I think where we were was the extension ah yeah cause we still got to grab that missing burgle chip in the tech chip the tur the burgle chip is in the is on the ground or on the map can you just ping it real quick because its like in here somewhere yeah its in here its far away from you its like right its Im trying to Im trying to say it I see it I see it whos close to it just go swim there I dont know if its like its got to be in the lab no mine purple pink pink one oh okay and theres got to be a lab over there right that would be my guess all right just gotta find more of these little buggies do not have you only found two I dont know dude Im looking around theyre rare I couldnt yeah how are they rare I got 13 of them yeah you got the pathing down bro its dark in there yeah I want to say Im ready to go back so its right on your marker is where this thing is supposed to oh I hear the koi oh yeah hes right underneath me hes moving to you Tucker Tucker Tucker yeah wait no thats not me is that you or is that your ping its not me its my ping oh youre picking okay I dont see no fish do you just continuously jump until you get up somebody like when you are kind of just trying to hold it like hold jump all right Im gonna get closer to your bit here its over by me a bit I dude I cant do it man Marco I have 14 you have two right so we need two more yes I have one wait no we dont were good 16 right four times four were talking about The Boatman fin right yeah were good we have enough God damn holy  __  what a snipe lets go back home ah we survived the pond well three-fourths of it did Music and thats okay nice good farming dude always by what ow mosquaters damn mosquaters ah you probably shouldnt be so close to this tree why not theres this big hole here I should probably be aware of it but well good Im just hauling ass bro Music oh my God damn nature oh God try right now try and write a book about that JK Rowling God I love Earth oh I killed him  __  you  __  you picked up a blood cell blood sack that is  __  1v2 to that  __  definitely got malaria yep I aint going near him I aint got malaria I think thats what all the people in malaria thought oh theyre spiders though all right lets put all the stuff in the chest and then Ill see if I can make it absolutely which chassis one of them just any of them maybe its not close enough sometimes I dont know hurry I hardly not hour what I dont know but theres so many spiders very very spooky very scary Music all right I made one Ill drop it theres one fin flops somebody pick it up yes I guess I wont do that almost here thanks um where is it right here our swim speed yeah so we dont have to be underwear all right Ill make the other ones cool all right I can make I can I made two heres one whoa water flu roast gives you a lot of food hope this is enough to keep us safe are we uh who does somebody else need one yeah Lily Pad wax uh I have Ill put it in the chest did I update it I put in the chest so you oh sorry yeah it did there you go uh and then I think its just you know who needs it I have it okay then were good then we might be ready now oh yeah and then uh the pebblet the pebble daggers uh Ill drop one for someone who doesnt have it yet honestly I need to um right here behind Music Im gonna craft some more all right I made three Music does anybody need one uh what Spears pebblet daggers oh no I need one I think yeah okay Ill drop you youre the best the best where is it whered it go then drop it okay there on the ground okay thank you you should be good bring what you need this for to attack underground underwater something we needed this for specifically what am I remembering the eelgrass yeah I know where we need to go before we go back where just follow my lead oh yeah okay okay all right um after this after it gets so after this message yes after this ad anyone have raw tadpole did we research oh yeah he already researched it I thought okay then uh yeah bring a shovel to dig I got other things to research I forgot hold on whoops analyze analyze that  __  bro I just amount thats it what about this oh uh we got a molar by the way an extra one Ill forget oh yeah I think thats awesome blood weird actually we need two to upgrade the ones if you already upgraded one so oh  __  we almost got enough science for some big boy upgrades too the one youre thinking of requires a bone dagger okay yeah all right apparently all right well I made one okay thats good sleep time oh my God I reorganized I cant be the only one real quick what did I put uh Music Applause plant-based products where did I put those probably in the next to the vegan aisle true I actually dont remember where I put the leaf stuff was it in this one it was this one I wasnt looking at it correctly Music kielbasa can also heal enemies no  __  way AOE heal for everybody lets run away then run away get the AOE Hill bingo bango all right to find the underwater lab we need to find a underwater cable okay for that when we head over there okay uh I sleep I sleep yeah yeah we sleep I got some organizing done okay thats good I didnt really uh change the icons of anything but its its a little more uh I have stuff that comes from plants in like one chest and Im putting all the animal parts in another Im like kind of a  __  freak the way Im like putting animal parts and everything but like you know oh wow it looks good wow its still kind of a mess but not so bad have you been using the sword storage button yes surprisingly nice okay once in a while just making sure all right eat up bring bandages and food I need that I forgot about bandages theres a spare ones in the left chest I think theres a lot yeah yeah I mean I think that was from my inventory okay dude and then uh were ready to go someone bring this meat this roasting the water filtration tablets needed yeah Im good too all right Im ready is that one not cooked this one isnt cooked actually hold on this jerky is done nice wait but before you eat it can I see if we can use it for some Im not gonna eat it Im gonna put it in a chest all right Ill put it in the we gotta rename this food final oh wait this is grass product kill that grass you got some grass anyone got grass in a food chest preferably CBD a dedicated food chest whats up with that theyre in the acorn chest heres the jerky only put jerky in the chess and raw stuff actually does raw stuff spoiled too it raw does yeah raw raw does but dont I dont think its a its like three in-game days it takes ages so okay all right Im ready I am ready my friends are we sure that was for a bone dagger needed can we even make that is that a thing not yet we need the bones we need to find the bones that are probably at the bottom of the lake all right all right yeah for the bones to the pond the nice shoes I think Im about to go like skiing with broken skis bro got that in my solitude no I dont know what that is I dont think I do bro got on the Jefferson steppers bro got on the jfks what no head limited edition Lil Nas X JFK Nikes with real blood oh my God Jesus I dont think Jesus had anything to do with it and you cant prove that happened in Gods land where you going to the pond okay so which way should we should we go like what side just go to the pond yeah were just going to the pond bro okay its gonna take a dip in the are there mosquitoes all of a sudden Tuckers got malaria he took their smell is they can smell Tuckers infected ass Im not infected that I know of to my knowledge you know I havent been to the doctor in 20 years but I Im just not sure I dont know yeah oh its so pretty look at that wow I cant see  __  Im blind okay one second how do I the only time all right cool Im just gonna thumbnail come on piece of  __  bro please my content my content I have to go back and  __  get a photo of that giant hot dog jump we should all jump and then Smitty should go into photo mode pause at the end of uh-huh doing Adam and jumper yeah we need to be in the sunlight the sunlight needs to be uh if you jump we jump this this way is this a this is a horrible background oh my God okay fine well face this I can change the Sun in the photo mode okay ready okay yeah Dance all right on go we jump three two one go I I have to hit P I didnt do it okay three I hit Escape oh we gotta go in the water bro what the hell come on gotta be real oh  __  this  __  my Flippers moving too fast I dont shoot looking ass lets get this photo really quick guys come on guys lets get this photo on go on go weve got three two one go beautiful okay oh my God beautiful can anyone else see what I see no no okay hold on I dont know what youre seeing specifically I think we each wow we look like superheroes this is gonna take a while so give me a moment lets bring the fov in oh my God crawl out I want everything in here actually no I should probably be doing a semi close-up um the angle is all wrong can we retake this no I think its good honestly its like its a good like progression like the two of us on the outside are like uh lower than the other two in the middle its kind of nice bring that Focus distance in a bit wait who the  __  is that P without the  __  matching mask flip-flops bro youre missing your phone oh no way howd you do that yeah wait are you guys doing it too yeah Im doing it everybody pick a pose wait how the  __  did you get the pose its in the emote like the little smiley face yeah yeah Im definitely pet ER how do you change your connections oh my God Applause  __  Im out wait whered you go oh thats a beautiful Tucker yeah bend that ass I love that thats great oh yo look at that Im checking this  __  out I got really loud like Im punching you in the face thats so good look Im really low why the  __  do I get so low I need to oh you can change the time yeah Im hiding my equipment hold on this is good I like that pose okay Im gonna Im gonna change the Sun so the sun is hitting us if we can wait hey what okay I gotta change Pros hold on there we go wait oh  __  um okay yes Applause hmm yeah this is good I kind of I need I need the Sun what do you want me or are you like this do you like this there you go thats nice hey hey smell my fingers Applause shaking crazy over here its actually crazy how you can change the suns position yeah its got uh games have been including that a lot actually its pretty cool no I want you to punch punch uh Eli in the face its good Im probably not even going to use this but its just funny all right let me just grab a photo how do you how do you take a photo you you press t when youre out of the the prettiest girl there we go damn the Sun goes through your hands that ladybug staring at us probably wondering what the  __  is happening right now uh whos whos on the left oh never mind it doesnt matter all right back to reality hes mad at me that was your fault wheres the fish Dude Wheres the fish all right which  __  which  __  underwater wheres the underwater cable thats what I was trying to find out man I wonder I wonder how much underwater cable costs oh my God Im so fast I deserve to be eating that by koi after that one underwater where are we going so fast underwater Oh theres underwater campus with me its on me uh left side oh its a dinosaur all the icons have disappeared for me I see Eli its Eli I dont sometimes T-Rex go yes go straight down okay right where Tucker is oh  __  spider oh yeah it is damn deep theres a big snake down here oh  __  oh stuck in whoa lets go get it is that your spirit here did you I might I might not have you sort of spear this thing oh okay okay theres uh where is it where is that the bubbles look for the bubbles its on the cable where are we going by the way I dont know just exploring chill  __  weaver like whats over here whats this lighting is that a bubble stream I have 30 seconds this is here come here I think theres bubbles oh look yeah look at that I got one now Music I just killed the  __  stupidness it helps you go faster theres more bubbles Im kind of scared um wait where did you guys hit the slipstream  __  I missed it 37 seconds I think Im gonna die oh no oh its not in here okay is this the right way Im dead dont see any big bubbles dude oh no are we all dead yeah Im dead wait whats this door oh its locked oh  __  its locked I have 10 seconds no we lost all this  __  no Were not gonna be able to get back either nope no we can I believe how believe I think we can we just gotta juggle where the  __  did you guys even go oh we followed the we followed the I dont know how to describe it that should have given us air I thought so too its fine I got I got the two important things my rebreather and my shoes Im out of here oh I do have my rebreather okay yeah we might as well just go for it yeah oh this shits locked  __  Im gonna die uh me when Im gonna die all right I guess wait do we just keep our stuff again if we die we should yeah whatevers equipped we should keep okay maybe this is okay maybe this is okay I got one spear  __  the way I was going apparently was the right way its just I didnt find the right door well I wish you would have done that before we died well okay the way you went was that the correct way yeah through the little okay I just I almost died I needed like I needed like 10 more seconds probably it was like a research bubble there yeah and Crossing I just looked at the wrong door dont you hate when that happens true an extra door is just to kill us thats  __  up thank you oh God the koi is here oh  __  thats more Weaver theres a bio skater okay all right I just saw this thing that said a b and c with the little lightning bolts and I was like okay fair like uh I guess theres like a mini puzzle oh like under underwater under water holy  __  we dont have time for that I know we do Tuckers not over there is it Music um what I think youre in there a little like too far over you know what I mean yeah a dive in a really  __  up place um Im just gonna go  __  up my stuff I dont even know if I can pick up my  __  to be honest there even is my  __  dude I went in I didnt if you if you speed run it down there I think I think youll be able to get there with like 40 seconds oh my God my stuff is actually underneath everything yeah wow you have to yeah we went through a big tunnel what do you mean I thought it would float up you know no no no no were fine theres a bunch of like bubbles and stuff like dont like literally its not a big deal youre a big deal like I dont know if theres I dont know  __  oh  __   __  off spiders can I just climb Jesus wheres Tucker going I dont know I need to  __  off for real so on that Mark Tucker thats where we go down no you sure I was looking for the mark but thats not oh thats the spider yep oh oh okay thats my T-rex there is a spot is that is that Mark yeah yours oh okay dude the spiders on my ass I thought Id goofy spider spider cant hurt you goofia Goofy ah wheres the bubble bro oh you went down huh wheres the koi has anyone seen him no you know I had forgotten about him until just now Music I dont like that okay is in my ass just dont look be oblivious Im  __  not looking all right I got my stuff game devs were like what if we made an annoying  __  mob and then put them also in the water wait your  __  was all the way back here Tucker you started coming back oh dude hello beautiful  __  Im jealous Im  __  my shits so far in there I dont even know is this where we have to go though should I go through here keep going straight follow me follow me if you have air theres got to be another Buffalo Smitty Im going no we just have to perfect it one shot one should I even get my stuff then like its not even worth it I dont grab my  __  ASAP Im probably gonna die but whatever Im gonna explore this as far as I can no yes yes thats the right way thats right where youre going right now wait is that yours this one was mine my bad I think theres no door no its literally locked thats the wrong one okay wheres Eli this right here theres a biometric scanner assistant 20 seconds Im using it right now we can get inside Im here right here dude oh my God wait somebody pick up I made it theres air theres air theres air theres air yeah you can just hit it right here oh my God we were literally right here actually that was crazy youll grass strand ah damn theres a bunch of fins down here nice yeah good job pick it up pick it up dude we need a battery backup theres also water boatman phase this is all the useful stuff we needed just we were farming it like congratulations you have more  __  oh what the oh  __  hes got a guy hes blasting my man Tucker whats happening why are you contenting with us I didnt mean to I just kind of like win and then my bad hold on hold on hes starting then he started blasting bro oh great got his food yummy I started minding my own business and its just blasted come collect Luke okay Im coming oh yeah great job I got my loot all right after meal time it is recklessly cast aside all right so in here theres gonna be a guy he cares about expose a closed loop system complete with retractable solar Dome I mean guys possibly go wrong what the  __  what what the  __  it is almost time for your appointment I took somebodys Arrow I drop it its all right great cabbage of Belgium I can snooze that bread looks nice can we see heres a crafting thing we can also set respawn point if we die oh should we do that I did that Im gonna do that as well oh  __  yeah I mean we dont need it right now actually yeah we dont need it right now not clean all right lets go oh this is locked wait uh uh um we need to flip all the breakers so we flipped one right like theres yeah yeah okay oh we have to go back out into the water yeah its fine but we have we know where air is now what the  __  I cant get through it no not that way Im just checking if theres no more air out here which is so ass do we just hit this theres air down here we gotta find the switches theres one over here well I think theres one yeah this is  __  massive this is probably it but how do we turn like that literally turns what do you mean I mean what do you mean yeah and theres one right next time one on look at that oh Im trying to get the bones this is the red thing I see that or what is that yeah it is whoa hello spider am I oh theres nothing here oh  __  I need oxygen big dog and Im just gonna go back  __  this Im gonna die koi fish scales I am Im gonna die I turned on two no I embrace death yeah you need like 30 seconds to get back yeah when you reset the restart nine eight air no theres a soggy room three oh Tucker died Tucker died I found air but there was a level two knife that I needed oh you wanted the knife no I needed a knife yeah and its the one I was trying to get to oh did you need uh sorry its where your dead body was yeah I think it was over here from below right here someone said that wasnt air that was a milk Muller that you were at oh wait no this is where I thought thats where I entered you enter from down here down its like a whole maze you dont die yeah I might die whats down here I dont know thats by this is where I found this thing yeah I know but you see the milk color I gotta get back Ill go back for the Ill go back for the molars hold on oh I hope I remember where Im going I think Im gonna die I might die right Im gonna die like right at the entry I got it um no I believe in you guys no Im not gonna make it I had to stop I have to get my  __  back 10 seconds bro yeah Im so close I see the door literally right there man  __  bones Im collecting bones for you guys so he can make a bubble helmet so he can actually breathe longer how do we  __  get out  __  I guess I think Im dead Im gonna flip the switch I guess oh no wait its already is it flipped okay I think its flipped how do I get out what do you mean get out where are you of the water its literally you cant climb out I dont know bro the square does nothing that square does something wait yall I didnt get the milk molar yet we can go through the square oh my God Im going to get them wait no no its closing oh wait no its not doesnt matter Im going to get the milk Muller go get it were going in here no no Im going to craft I need to craft some stuff hey got it Phantom I dont know where the milk is hey how you doing I suppose thats a part of the equation wheres the milk are you talking about it was in the area where you just turned it on in the bottom in the corner all right Im gonna look for it and die looking for it okay yeah honestly Im just gonna pick it up and go go back for my  __  I need to know where it is first its in the corner oh God come back I want to do content I cant well this thing in the corner thats blocked by the Soggy Roots yeah  __  water over here I told you its not a milk mole its just a  __  its a goddamn experience bubble said that I said it was something else and there was a new one I was like all right  __  it imagine dying for that someone said milk Muller Im like oh really Ill get it I thought well  __  all right implies a tooth chat theres no  __  tooth its just  __  its an XP bubble its a goddamn its a goddamn liquid air bubble man everybody I heard that and Im like I have a hammer that could break a milk Muller Ill do that after then nobody clarified Smitty dies for no reason Fringe can I dude shut up bro youre the same size as me i what does that even mean I cant even get in here where are you going Im gonna die again how I dont know okay I got stuck are you able to get in where my stuff oh theres you good yeah I just practiced my arms is there air up at the the lock thingy the grid block yeah the door come follow me follow me yeah you can come right to where me and Tucker are standing thats air thats a safe Area 15 seconds I lost my slime Lantern oh oh hes finally here wait what store this door you guys are going different directions different directions Music look at this look at this whoa whoa wow look at that contest test okay day 36 him I dont want to read that I cant read that door is locked we cant go that way gotta go down in the water again ah oh its all right Marvels a lantern oh  __  I thought I had one I dont know what happened right now I think I gave it to someone boys lets go go go go go go down here oh okay follow me first I dont know theres nothing theres nothing theres nothing what do you mean youre actively theres another way theres another way right this way this way right here its fine its just a weak little orb weaver what the  __  do we go diving belt I cant see  __  its so dark were killing him holy  __  I cant see it okay come this way come this way big  __  I turned friendly fire off we would have died yeah our main torch bear just like see you guys later grow up wait this says smash Keys hold on I think I did it reboot biodome terminal oh no Ill give you some biodome okay I can draw only one reasonable conclusion it is the loose shrinking process which are the cause hes asked that I discontinue my experiments but what choice do I have I quit now true what will I be other than a failed inventor and scientist with no discoveries to his name unable who cares dude the basics of physics why so dramatic yeah I know literally scientists are always so dramatic like oh I discover gravity shut up  __  baby hey howd you guys get in there you just like walked oh its crazy yeah door unlocked give me your battery  __  foreign we gotta find the chip now found it Im kidding okay gotcha what about uh straight ahead one of these terms was a lot is it we were here this is oh theres a blue door the blue door is locked its this one was locked and now we can go up okay okay someone get a photo Piper Advantage we probably need these robots robots and science research theres a resource thing hold on I put a sphere what happened to me damn it oh hey more rocks yay more hams is there anything for this research well we can go down this thing I discovered oh no way guys I found a bunch of I found a bunch of bands and Sprouts oh ew its a bunch of anuses pick them up muscle sprouts got the chip nice nice oh great hes gonna start complaining it again guys come up here wait Im in it doors version 3.1 sorry I didnt think that would happen hey yo whats up oh  __  dude just raise us no no no it opens it up and up  __  hey lets kill the koi no we cant we cannot kill the koi koi is Invincible lets shoot it with a laser music what the  __  look at the TVs is that it no look at the TVs come here yeah oh down here any of them TVs I see a black screen he has a black screen I see it hey yo yo my kind of concept oh this TV Im gonna zoom in on that yeah wait a minute yo get the hell out of those spots damn oh they all diff bro those are straight up mountains on that thing what the hell thats crazy you guys can you guys can go Im gonna stay here okay yeah no Ill be with you like were gonna this is a team project yeah analyze the muscle Sprouts agreed theres one here um I dont know if I cant we have not and I thought I had one I dont think you can I have but I just realized I got a rotten Stingers I dont think you can you cant analyze them theres more things to do follow me yeah yeah we can go down wait was this the entrance I think I dont know theres more things follow me not the entrance theres more things researching were researching me Im doing  __  theres new things to do follow me thats a bone dagger um yeah when youre an NPC I will follow you hey over here oh yeah this is back to underneath the thingy you know what Im talking about the Pagoda yeah yeah the pergola oh this was the door that we needed no no no come on where is it yeah I dont see it right there oh I see it now Im out of here you didnt hear the  __  one I didnt hear it but it looks like theres something we could get in Im making a break for it Im out whats that over there all right guys I think the koi is friendly yeah its not moving oh there was more up here wasnt there no he kind of looking at me bro that wasnt the Pagoda one okay no ones still over there we still we need like a  __  key card for that and I think someone sent its later game yeah we needed madwell or some womans lets go to our Burger lets go to burgle and turn this in true and then we can be done true I fell okay okay uh one sec Ill be right back Im not gonna see if this koi is here oh hes angry I like how we can just eat algae yeah its just like um green wow I guess by the ledge no Im out Im by the burgle entrance Ill just wait here yeah Im coming crying in the game all right uh just uh up to the surface yeah yeah the koi is still kind of camping hes just careful oh he is and its dark take your time no Im just gonna bro hes still he says hes okay he said still sit boy sit Smitty I swear to God if you dont get your ass on this  __  lily pad you know what imagine having possible with lily pads no more ice cream and my ass did it I was about to say it no more ice cream yeah thats what gets you motivated no honestly ice cream uh not really my favorite thing its the first thing I popped on my head because I agree no ice cream is incredible ice creams great but its kind of mid I agreed every now and then theyre better desserts where am I going by the way to us so through the  __  giant spider I mean if you dont have to go through the giant spider Im gonna go through the giant spider challenge does it hey burgle hey what up Virgo I found another super chip whoa beat his ass in beginning cell I need to eat one of those for next time for what no outro no lets go back lets go back to base go back to base and then Smitty can eat the nachos Ill be honest I ate them earlier no I ate them when Tucker would took said yeah Id like to see that I immediately ate them oh my God I hate it Im so glad you said that thats so good because I did it and nothing was mentioned of it ever again I was waiting for it because Tucker lagged out or you lagged out somebody like that Im so goddamn funny man what the  __  is Chapman ice cream Smitty is this the kind of  __  ice cream excuse me dude what is it just making up ice cream names now no no thats what somebody said bro I dont know I thought it was like some sort of Canadian opera Chapman oh Chapmans is a thing I dont like Chapmans though I like that okay okay I only eat the best hottest most exclusive ice cream hes gonna say okay so its practically liquid the fact that its so hot oh what is it uh its liquid ice cream its its you wouldnt its called London ice cream and you wouldnt know what it is because its local its London in it its so goddamn good oh my God but anyway uh yeah its trust me I I know good for bad I just there are other desserts Id rather eat like a creme brulee or a  __  I disagree is good but like ice cream beats it Eat the Rich Im getting shamed for my preference thats crazy yeah God damn right yeah you should feel bad Music youre so  __  sheltered its incredible you are youre like ice cream is as good as it gets Queen whats the time how do you tell me Eli I dont know what the  __  a top dessert is just whats your name whats your favorite dessert just tell me what your favorite dessert thats all it is were just saying what our favorites are oh I like uh  __  pie what pie American Pie any kind of pie you have to choose one if Im gonna put my head on a spike and say creme brulee one specific face is there an actual thing a Boston cream actually I thought I thought it was like bad but now its ah thank you but no slime whats your favorite I just ice cream what flavor ah theres this thing called black raspberry chip that shits my jam oh wait hold on that sounds pretty good thats like from its like from a local place where Im from the peppermint ice cream during dinner last two weeks ago that  __  I dont like mint  __  but that was I dont like spectacular ice cream yeah its not Im just like toothpaste I am so we reset our spawn point here oh yeah how do you do that oh yeah sleeping sleeping we sleeping we sleep all right Tucker youre the last one oh time out whats your favorite dessert Tucker Im Im not a dessert guy I dont like dessert you gotta pick one I cant put my head on that goddamn Spike like that it may not have other people I dont care whats your favorite just cheese Jesus Christ a cheese board its a pretty golden choice but  __  you I dont know what youre yelling I just dont Im not a swedes person Im a Savory salty Savory stable and holding so youre gonna roast me for like a creme brulee ridiculous and I just think that thats insane you know why what do you mean you need to blow for that  __  like is no longer in vest its a little  __  candle lighter  __  Im sitting in a  __  stall with a spoon and a lighter underneath using it like a meth spoon just small spoons at a time yeah I wasnt listening to it oh all right good grounded episode just watched the whole  __  cut scene like who asked all right lets go that was good  __  sake the whole screenshot bit was really funny well good good session it was good yeah and we got progress the first half of this game is grindy it is yeah yeah we still had to grind but we know what were kind of doing now yeah were a bit more efficient with it now all right all right goodbye have fun bye bye all right Chad thanks for watching uh hopefully you enjoyed and let me know what your favorite dessert is Im ending the stream okay bye steam best sex games Stream Name: Grounded with the Fellas (Grounded pt 4)Stream Date: December 4th, 2022SMii7Y+ Video: Game: Grounded What is SMii7Y- ? 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