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How to post a game on steammetro game steam GUNFIRE REBORN lets see how much damage you do oh that was that Music today we gonna play towel okay I dont know I just call it the bunny but uh its how okay I think its pronounced like that I have no idea how to pronounce any of those um but were gonna call her bunny uh were gonna go for sorts out uh build where we gonna spam swords out uh and theres gonna be swords flying everywhere right so Im gonna go on Elite and lets hope we are not gonna die today um because the last time I played I died quite early um but yeah we will see guys lets see um so what we want to do right Im gonna go to the heroes Tab and theres like a blade rain and we want to summon three additional swords for every sword out which is insane okay one sword summons three additional so for every one sword theres gonna be four Swords which I think its broken against bosses right but yeah so for this build you actually want uh a gun with a very high fire raid and I mean like a very very high fire rate um because then it wait where does this go oh never mind it doesnt go anywhere and I know theres also another build where you use your fatal blue theres this one Wham and for once I know the the terms of these guns I mean these skills is usually I say e and Q because I dont know the name well I know the name but its its good to say Q but yeah we need a like an SMG like an auric um Angelic Aura right or just any injector like any SMGs any anything its nice with the high firing because then our uh swords out just gets quicker up because now Ive been shooting quite a lot I only have three stacks to sort out if you see it on the bottom middle ammo capacity gets double noise to be honest this song whats up now kind of reminds me of those uh the sexy scenes in like very old movies now you see like a girl basically like seducing right now well its its you know what its fine it its chill music I like these kinds of music um and whenever Im playing gunfire reborn its about the chill vibe okay so what do we got enemies marked with fatal Bloom takes plus 20 damage in a flying sword summoned by a wood home in on that Target thats kind of nice um so whenever you do fatal bloom they take 20 damage right which is nice uh after hitting enemy flanks what inflicted and it takes four percent damage from flying sword within one second and this can be stacked this one seems very good right because they take more damage uh every time what the enemies hit by flying sword will take more damage from all the Flying Swords okay so it stacks and it can be like if we have four additional swords right four additional swords with ten percent demo oh my God its 40 and then another sword comes in and another sword comes in its gonna be insane there we go lets use our I think is a lot of people are wondering like huh do you use your flying sword as many times as possible or just save them well I would say save them fun do what you want I mean if you like if you feel like you know killing people quicker than usually I mean use your swords out if you feel like oh I need to save it for a boss later or an elite then save it for an elite 35 damage when HP is full and our HP is usually always full okay there we go what do we get here Ill just take a damage restore three percent health for five seconds thats pretty good oh what the hell where did where did I have where the hell did I respawn like for example here sword art is nice because I dont have a lot of rate of fire so to say so whenever you have to reload or you have to like uh do something then sorts out is a pretty good alternative from for firing for example here right wait I can I can show you guys God damn it for example Im reloading right bam sorts out and you still deal damage nonetheless there we go why do I get all these guns with low fire rates on an SMG what do we get all 100 flying sword base damage that is pretty nice um each stack of Blade heart Sims an additional swords wait each stack of Blade Art Simmons one additional Flying Swords ah is this gonna be the run is this gonna be the run where were gonna one shot bosses again but now with our skills and now with our guns for the last two videos Ive been killing everybody with the I thought it was more everybody with the guns apparently oh this one has a pretty high fire rate if its going right look at that but an SMG is the best with this character look at that they are melting away already but yeah so um a problem now uh at our home right now is we are running out of wood yeah usually we warm up the house with wood so to say so we have to chop wood and stuff but we ran out of wood so I have to chop soon after this run so to say bam you know to keep yourself a little busy ah Ill just bam oh yeah like the thing is in this game it doesnt matter if youre I dont know being efficient or not if you can kill monsters or like enemies its fine the hell there we go do I have an SMG now get a random oh thats a lot of uh a health gun 75 oh well well lets heal up uh like a lot of people dont like I.E for example like kind of forget whenever youre low in hell for example here go to pedal and just buy the magic button and youre like you know 30 more health I always forget its like super cheap too when picking up copper we cover health okay thats pretty good or increases Max Health whenever it is full oh each time marks an enemy increase weapon damage and skill damage by 10. up to 40 and this one goes up to 150 right so if we are facing a boss just use fatal Bloom first like your q and then go all the way in with your um e but this one is also good though but the bloom is more like targeted right and the other one on the left I dont know which one it is again its more like overall but what you want is targeted damage hello I hate those with the shields like it takes so long hey what the oh they are immortal why do I always get those Immortals search for scroll good and evil um search killing an immigrants extra copper and chances to receive supplies for his secondaries yeah more copper means more upgrades oh wait theres a thing here there we go we still havent received our SMG but its kind of early in the game still oh the Hell bam I think the next video Im making is about movement speed like the weirdest thing is not all characters have the same movement speed and I did not know that but yeah wouldnt you inflict burning effect enemies also inflict burning on yourself sheesh bam oh come on there we go yeah this character is very fun to play if everything goes according to plan right oh no its literally oh my God Elite what a lead okay this one has low fire right uh not full health nice so lets lets see if this works I still find it so weird right I mean this bunny is like super small equipped like a goddamn minigun look at that and now our thing Stacks quite fast see we have already six stacks and then we can use swords out and everybody dies oh my God but this doesnt deal any damage unfortunately look at that already four stacks and then bam gone oh my God Im losing a lot of Shield because of those snipers sometimes did a lot of damage Im so glad that the minigun doesnt reload as in Call of Duty like a lot of sngs and stuff like lmgs in in games you need to reload so so long reload time minus 40 damage against shock rate of fire after killing an enemy oh look at that more way to fight you guys speed of fire theres ads again for Spotify you guys dont hear it anyways right you Paul I mean you guys here Im talking over him what do we have each time if it will marks an unmarked enemy increase weapon damage and skill damage by 20 I hang out with Phil Mundys base weapon damage yeah I also want to do a uh fatal Bloom build one day but thats for another video uh marking enemy feels someones Flying Swords and Ill just go for more damage because what I want to do is one shot bosses for now wait uh is theres an Angelic Buster here I mean Angelic boss I keep saying it Angelic aura lets Refresh on time oh accuracy stability a Reload this is 1K and this is 800. ah Ill just go for this one lets upgrade this one time and lets go because we already have six stacks and we deal we have oh whats this boss I havent seen this boss in a while lets see how much damage you do bam well it does a lot of damage actually oh our Shield went uh down so I was like oh no am I gonna die the first boss oh this one is kind of mad right okay uh look primary skill capacity Plus one doesnt mean that do I get two of those we get two of those thats nice uh uh nope oh this one is super nice too because you get a lot of um rid of fire right because you just keep holding and then you do so much damage lets see what we get God this was also very nice but I also want this one after hitting an enemy seven percent were gonna go for this one first so we deal a little bit more damage for the enemies in the next stage Music um okay okay lets see were gonna do Q first and then bam like this I mean it does decent damage right all right the units already capped out oh my God we are just melting through everything there can we melt through this guy lets grab oh my God what the hell is that damage I also saw a Reddit post about everybody Whos playing um this game on multiplayer like a matchmake and they always complain that either the bunny as their teammate doesnt deal any damage or they deal all of the damage oh what the hell did I miss all of it no never mind bam yeah a full swords are built can be very good though come on hey what the hell and theres also a build with uh the bunny where you actually have this weapon equipped with the spores and it deals so much damage but it I dont know it kind of feels like cheating because she literally one shot everything so I usually dont play that build because it takes the fun away right if youre literally one shot everybody I dont know for me it takes the fun away because now you have a chance to die you have a chance to you know Dodge stuff and now you actually want to improve instead of like you know one-shotting everything but thats my opinion right Music oh Bloom oh my God you did so much damage and the best part is because we have two stacks of um primary the fairy dont know the swords out it recharges even if the thing is on cooldown look if I do e and now it recharges instantly otherwise you have to wait until its available to recharge um marks up to 150 okay this is a very very good we already had this one on Level 3 which means that with the on bosses we can deal 30 extra damage Plus if were hitting multiple targets we do even more damage okay what the sometimes you have to switch weapons hey where are we oh its a parkour thing usually whenever you are oh whenever you are uh wearing like a rocket launcher or something and you seem very slow just equip your Music your thingy your uh third weapon because you will gain movement speed bonus because of that its also in one of my videos but say this makes it so much easier there we go and jump and jump and dash oh what Music did I do wrong one why cant I get there dale am I doing something wrong oh dude maybe here no you have to go from there I think oh wait what Music okay wait guys wait wait wait I can do this I can do this Music why am I always struggling like parkour is never my best thing I played uh Counter-Strike too and a couple of other parkour ah there we go you have to instantly Dash there we go and Im just very bad at recording somehow movement speed after using Dash oh thank God thats good or Dash just has three charges I usually get I did these but I think three dashes is probably one of the best schools to have uh automatically convert to the current equipped weapon type oh thats good we never run out of ammo then Im gonna for now okay lets go oh thats a peddler I always attack The Peddler its so annoying like I always think that its an enemy just standing there chilling look at that damage what the foreign look at that it just shreds through everything Music oh what the hell like I the first time I played this game I think this uh bunny I unlocked the first that was my first character that I unlocked and I had no idea how to play her I was just like leveling up random stuff Music and then apparently I you know I searched up a build what the okay a search up build and then I came up with well I didnt came up with this one Im probably somewhere someone already had this sword type built but I was like you know what might as well go full out on sorts out it seems very strong right oh oh my god did you see that I cant wait until we get to bosses oh projectiles plus one okay so the thing I have to explain here right projectile plus one on this character is Mega good because for every uh uh 15 ammo spend you get one stack right up to six stacks but if you have consumption plus I mean projectiles plus one it counts as an extra projectile which means is this two shots yeah this one shoots uh wait two shots look at this wait were gonna do e right and look how fast we gotta charge it like bomb already five charges its insane so you can actually spam everything so fast so what you what youre looking for in a gun is high fire rate plus um projectile plus one right so all SMGs with the projector plus one and this is an SMG I think its just Mega good look at that already six stacks yeah also this gun has two for um oh my God were gonna have six sex already what the hell damn four stacks oh my God not even as slightest chance there holy this ones also good thought of hour yo I think Im gonna upgrade this weapon until the end because this one has projectile plus one its so good I keep saying it its good but usually on a run I never get those so remember hitting enemy theres 10 chance to deal enemys current health is true damage when hating an enemy right and its pretty good with SMGs because we are hitting a lot of people very fast and very often especially with the swords out right if you have for example starts out summon three additionals of four Swords I think it Stacks with uh this one hey huh this one but I dont know for sure though I would I asked you I assume that its going very well lets see Golden Goblet ah oh Rusevs an ammo in a magazine on each kill yeah Im gonna go for more damage on the sword right I think this is pretty good already look at this we got three stacks I mean three in this one we got also three in here but its pretty good still yeah lets lets see how it how we do it against bosses Music so almost one magazine we stacked the whole sorts out oh my god did you see that holy crap Music why are we doing so much damage now this is insane oh God damn Spotify like the thing is I Im like a poor dude so I dont have like Spotify Premium and a lot of people like yo why dont you buy Spotify Premium Im like bro I dont have money oh there we go you guys have to do it with Spotify free is that spot was it called Spotify free what did it say given a cold scroll obtain a luxurious um go with this one I dont like the did you take damage it takes away your uh Max Shield I mean it takes away your shield first it I dont know its annoying um minus two percent Health per second when you Shield almost full recover 100 HP and to get access damage when you Shield Armor gets fully broken okay so we our ouch our um HP is gonna get drained right no I thought but um plus 50 Cent weapon damage when your second account is zero uh oh not like the thing is we deal so much that you know what but I dont want to die thats the whole thing Ill go for this one just to be sure that whenever we die two times were not dying Im gonna upgrade this weapon though oh my God look at that and then whenever its level five or higher youre just gonna oh what the hell yeah I missed most of that God dang oh I forgot to use fatal Bloom there what the hell Music and the best part is you only have to aim somewhere wait what did I grab did wait what oh what I was like how did this spawn out of this chest because it seems perfectly from this side right but uh apparently uh a monster that died um I need to use fatal bloom or no because I have like what 16 stacked which to be honest is a lot oh my God yeah all I want is uh fiddle he was sneaking there the hell all I want is swords out to like just fly out 5 000 swords in one go and then just one shot bosses oh my god did I miss everything there bam wait what holy oh look at that just one shotted Music and I think uh this bunny one of those um has the fastest moving speed in the game combined with somebody else I think a couple of others sorts out bam God to be honest I have no idea what fatal Bloom does wait what does it do seven pendals in front that explodes outwards marking all enemies within six museums and dealing foreign Germans the mark lasts for six seconds deal damage to the marked enemies again every time you hit 12 times okay so you mark someone and whenever you hit in 12 times you deal more damage I mean the same amount of damage I know all of these are garbage for every 10 ammo consumed for the next three seconds increase rate of fire by 10. theres a chance to recover ammo thats pretty good but Ill just go for this one for every flying sword someone increase Max shield for by 200 cover 2. so we are a little bit more uh on the defensive side because we already have almost no health and well no Shield Music I dont I love this one by the way whenever youre in the air and I jump quite a lot right youre gain 50 damage when not within 12 minutes of Monsters game one percent luck is short chance okay its pretty good and especially against bosses its pretty nice um you can actually etch this one to get a uh a Gemini encryption but I dont think we need it right you have a lot of money actually Music lets see were gonna etch this one look at that Elemental oh thats garbage because this one doesnt have elemental I think nope Music but Im gonna probably change this into um change to critics I think or I dont know all magazine sizes playing okay lets see how much damage you do oh that was that Music were almost one shot at are you kidding me damn look at that done within 10 seconds holy this build is pretty strong already like I think we have the perfect combination of weapon skills and damage right now that can only go forwards right now uh plants oh we could also do some plant spores actually um recover 40 instantly when The Shield is broken nice um Ill go for this one now right oh and this can be stacked increases flying shot damage against the enemy with 10 percent but I want this one though why dont I get this one all I want is this maxed out sword Shadow but Im maxing out everything else the game doesnt like me okay lets see but I just like this character too I dont know why Music oh my god did that damage okay if I if I hit it does a lot of damage but so its also very this build is very skill based okay if youre not hitting anything then you are not dealing any damage but I think its like you know true for every character here Music wait what how did I I didnt do any damage anymore oh our shoe is broken youre Immortal are you kidding me okay there we go the chest here no lets go there I mean to be honest I think this run is going pretty well too look at that bam gone uh get a random weapon or replace normal description and replace it with a rare inscription right so this one has normal so Ill just look at your chance plus 50 yeah baby Dont Mind If I Do what everyone shot this guy oh my God we can Molly I think this is the strongest I have ever was in gunfire Reborn oh my God if I uh hit my shots oh my God oh wait there we go and I dont think theres any negative side about this build because for like for killing those monsters its pretty good because you have like six swords times four soon right if we get the thing at the the Ascension and therefore bosses its also just perfect because you do so much damage against one target but basically theres no downside by playing this character except that youre squishy I think they die easily but then again just just Dash right get good thats what I usually tell my friends too theyre bad just just get good okay what do we have corrosion damage plus 25 AKA garbage I mean garbage for our build right holy boy oh my God I will keep using our E2 like swords are because it has no cooldown and have two stacks of those hey yo Music that guy was just hiding in a corner waiting until you know everybody dies and then attack me from the back how dare you I mean this one doesnt have a uh thing too but Im gonna pick it up for now there we go uh but were gonna change this encryption though right were gonna reforge until we get something cool sports pretty good Elemental its exactly the same combine their critics like so we need another gun with a high critics so we need a sniper oh my God a strong button you know might as well level this one up this gun is so good no I want the magazine capacity Music um when dealing weapon damage to an enemy theres a 10 chance to summon a flying sword I think that ones kind of meh because 10 is super small and it goes all the way to yeah no its ten percent like whoa not that much do this is enemy movement speed and damage dealt by 30 when an enemy is marked by fatal bloom a very good um utility one right but for every flying sword summon increased weapon and skill damage by 1.5 and its for 10 seconds too I would say pick that one um oh no I hate these ones the seal is loose be careful where theyre coming from oh theyre coming from there we have to defend this one I think its pretty doable but I dont I dont like it to take damage lets say because if I if it is hit one time I already see thats a fail for my personal thing or something I dont know its something something that I do feels lets say see its already hit its not a perfect run anymore I mean its still successful but oh my God usually those uh things are so tanky those uh fish things with sorts out oh my God we do a lot of damage whos healing damage oh those things bam bam there we go well that was that was quite easy actually everybody just spawned kind of on one location on the second damage all hits become Critical Hits still damage when weapon damage caused an elemental effect Ill just go for this one more copper too you know upgrade swords out oh my God look at that beautiful yo usually Im very always struggling against those big guys because they deal so much damage oh look at this so This has a five point how much a five point oh wait critics hey wait how does that work Music wait 6.1 plus 3.5 oh it is an eight what the hell Music the Lilia combines nowadays does that now before it didnt combine and it took the the difference no I mean the oh the average but now it actually combines thats weird uh get a curse scroll get a weapon with at least one normal gift yes after dashing two times getting immunity so whenever weve Dash three times you can immunity now nice Ill just upgrade this one fully look at that now they are super tanky somehow oh oh my God that was too close for comfort also I noticed now one of my videos I said it wrong because I thought it was the the average of critics it literally combines the two apartment I didnt know that Music oh Music look how easy this is holy crap Music uh uh oh yeah look at this theres oh two additional swords or we can also do this one right flank sword has a four percent chance to deal double damage and 20 to deal three times damage who are marked by fatal bloom Ill just go for Music it maxed out more swords means more damage everybody knows that look how many swords there are already spawning okay this is Mac stacks holy thats a lot of swords oh how fast can we kill this Elite huh what a lead sell everything there we go yo this is literally playing this game on easy mode theres a rocket launcher there we go tiger Cannon Pam dead and the the best part is Right This Gun has INF no wait not the gun uh swords out has infinite ranges it seems like well not infinite but quite quite long Music bam oh I really really want to go against the boss now and see how much damage we do okay theres a uh oh is that an elite okay lets see guys let that lead spawn foreign I was like looking back I was like wait did I maybe play it on normal but no Ive played only Music there we go and then soon Ill play everything on nightmare and that is reincarnation time right insane I dont I have no words for it Im Im speechless okay lets go open Treasures what do we have immunity to all curse no I dont have one um more ammo or no Ill just go for the immune to curse Scrolls because if were gonna have some then we are able to grab it oh my God like the worst part is if you oh if youre like inside of the middle thing there and theres too many not too many enemies its super hard to get out wait a minute where is he doing there wait it homes in on people I dont even have to aim well are you kind of have to aim but not like exactly did I have the thing that homes in on stuff and stuff yeah Im gonna level up this up this is a pretty good weapon okay I think its boss fight now lets see how this works Golden Goblet oh oh oh increase but this one seems also very nice okay were gonna do go for the 40 chance deal damage a double damage and then 20 to do three times the amount of damage so um this boss not a single chance Music and you can stack your things so quick because plus plus one projectile and this one has a pretty high rate of fire too like 1K and theres two stances like if you look in the right corner if you press B on PC its B do you have two shots and you have single shot right so whenever you hit now you know its its a single Target I mean single shot but theres also two shot which shoots four shots at the same time which makes this build insanely good right now oh I dont have any money left but we can do this wait why why didnt I do any damage Music okay wheres the guy here come on I mean were doing this with almost no hell and no Shield at all those jellyfishes are so annoying too Music oh my God okay we have triple comeback so thats good right there we go theres goddamn jellyfishes okay now the the second thing is open lets put those out of the sky cue him and oh my god what the was that oh my God the boss is gonna be one shot too holy look at that easiest game of my life look a shot but the total look a short chance cannot exceed 150. I mean this ones good I would say but I dont know if you have like usually at the later stages you have more than a couple of uh lucky shot chances and then youre like base stack plus one and Max stack so you get two stacks extra which is nice I think right oh my God look at this we got seven now seven plus the extra additional swords oh come on oh sheesh if I can hit my weapon it would be nice too Im probably gonna speedrun through this now Music the damage now Ill just wait until I get some good items I mean good amount of gold phone case damn why doesnt he go down like is he always gonna be there up there that one I wish they were clumped up more because then I think our sort out can do so much more damage I mean Im not complaining about the damage from The Sword side right now but would be cool to see them like clumped up together like in one line so to say bam it is always so satisfying to see your swords out and then just melt everybody oh the triple triple come back yeah now we have our normal Health again these guys do so much damage oh oof gone um game maxits to be our Shield Ill go for the max Shield because I didnt like this you get more max HP but Shield Regens faster and more often than HP I see the saucer coming away God dang it is it me or dont we deal any damage to a saucer though whats out sorts out basically the sore side is just like a second SMG what does so much more damage oh also I think our vacuum cleaner is currently going on you guys gonna hear that wait a minute Im gonna try and turn it off were back Music oh there we go I just had to press on the button because otherwise the vacuum bot is gonna be all the way here and then youre gonna be like its paused for now and soon Ill just uh continue the vacuum cleaner you marked take a 20 depth more damage will home on them thats pretty good I would say um like 20 more damage though holy wait they home on them right so every time were gonna do this oh we dont have to aim thats pretty good oh my God just delete it we just didnt have a chance I cant wait to try this build oh no okay I thought I was stuck there I cant wait to also use this build in uh reincarnate and higher well theres nothing higher than reincarnate but its just like green Connecticut or something and what I really love about this game I dont know about you guys but it is so nice to to play different characters right every different character has a different play style and all of them you know if if you dont like the other one theres probably one other that you know you like okay dont get me wrong I like all of them yeah thats thats what makes the game kind of less uh boring Music they should add like a campaign or something right like explore the lore more instead of like just like a you know go from Level 1 to level three and thats it I really wish that they added some more lore Music the cool campaign where you can play with your friends or like an RPG Style do you have items equipment that you can wear they do die pretty well with the latest one but its not the same like imagine you find a good weapon or something that oh no now what now it really reminds me of Borderlands somehow oh no oh no where is he fatal blue and Bam okay that did a lot of damage oh wait I have to kill him first before he turns back right ah no problem but yeah Im basically now describing Borderlands I just noticed Music and I think they dont want to you know copy board lens or something so you know I think they did the right choice oh more damage now oh well to be honest we already dealt with so much damage but I think now how did that deal no damage thats awesome bam lets see what this Peddler has nothing that is uh interesting Music oh why do like sometimes I deal so much damage what the hell Music I should have learned to dodge more there we go Music there we go perfect also imagine theres like a announcer or something with perfect perfect Dodge I would be so annoyed a great hit critical hit oh I would be so annoyed what do we get for every 10 ammo rate of fire increasing and accuracy and five percent chance to recover ammo I mean thats kind of map no were at the end and we did not even get this one level three still build its still very good yeah I mean its a combination of everything right we didnt focus on one Ill just buy whatever here there we go because you have some money left over lets go buy this one there you go lets see if we can one shot this boss okay that was less damage than I expected oh never mind there it goes okay so we have to cue first and then probably do that right oh hi there we go what is doing something challenge oh Music okay that was easy damn easy mode sorry well guys oh wait thats another one but this ones garbage it doesnt have plus one projectile so yeah I hope you guys are gonna try this build out too um it has been an amazing run uh it went Flawless right um but yeah leave a like And subscribe if you like more gunfire we want content well content content and uh and then as always see you guys next time and uh where we sell see you later thank you for watching best steam games of 2022 Lately Ive been experimenting with a couple of builds and it works pretty well I would say. 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