Steam deck replacement ssdsteamed com GUNFIRE REBORN hello everybody Welcome to last minute continued as gunfire Reborn yes I I have a I have an All-Star team with me today as were gonna try out uh its been a while for him for the most part were getting back into things as the DLC is about to drop um but before it does we were trying to get back used to things again really um so Ill sit on reincarnation level six which we should be able to handle he says but there is he is the prince known as venato hello uh are you ready player one how do you do fellow furries indeed this is this is Titans Creed who is under the and then the uh pseudonym Music for some reason I was gonna say but yes hes hes player ones dont they dont even fool you its just Titans Creed with a mask on and that mask is of John turbo Finley but weve discovered him because theres another John turbo thing hes sitting next to him all right uh like theres not enough Johns in the world yes so many Johns every house has one its its youre contractually obligated to have 18 age have you seen a John good evening oh theres one here apparently good evening it talks as well very novel oh boy oh thats that violet okay hello hello to all of you anyway weve got announcements were going to do later its a very casual streaming day which is why were doing a somewhat difficult challenge but never mind um so venatos being the cat Im being the bird Thomas Cruz being the doggo and Bunny girl Turbo yep  __  is Bonnie girl Turbos biggest fan here no actually no no probably not probably probably not shes probably like tired from Id imagine so she was worse hired from existing as are we all as are we all so lets get on with things I guess Turbos next wifer of 2022. the chat says actually I was the best neck uh the waifu of 2021 apparently like I see is that when I came up with funny girl turbo yeah well you want best newcomer then and now now youre winning the whole thing you see is on the up yeah your career as a rabbit is only up apparently Music also did anybody see the changes to the uh to the ghost wall behind each other yes I did no because Ive only just opened the Stream so its not my change yes uh there is a change to Titans Creed its ghost and theres a change to those ghosts um yeah I was going to say you finally put my pack in a hat the packet the pack has a hat yes I assume I have read her yes yeah uh yeah one of the things was to upgrade uh you two in particular for the Bernardo stays the same but not only ever ages if Pete had to say I havent done hat online I would dont if he commissions go there see I just resubscribed to 13 months live with no Discord notification itll go live event a little happy and its like Discord notifications do get have a bit of a delay so its not yet Violet uh well have a look after I will have a look after off the Stream anyway you go I did it was good very good well there we go is it as good as uh what was it uh its like way better than uh my first cosplay attempt right remind me what reincarnations about harder suffering much harder mushrooms oh yes mushrooms Marshall mushrooms uh right so you know jackpot you know what Im gonna do it without it  __  it I dont need it Im a  __  Powerhouse youre gonna go for that hell have them both hes hardcore right um Ive got Unstoppable momentum so for each enemy hit by a leap plus a hundred percent next leap base damage and gain a five percent chance to reset the cooldown up to 10 Stacks removes all stacks on a Miss okay well thats fine that sounds a good one to start with and this is gain a second secondary skill use every three seconds hmm intriguing I might actually go with that because that way I could front fling more swords uh faster what is it no isnt the swords the primary in the secondary is your grenade oh secondarys grenade yeah all right makes sense so that so having Bloom and then try to get my I mean technically yes I mean if you go for the bloom build yeah and Ive got very  __  Stars uh I mean Im using this Angelic or a piece of garbage well Im gonna go for this mortar for now I just want a couple of big hippos where they dont eat ammo a couple of big thats all I want it doesnt ask so much out of ammo already and bananas on the deck already yeah get out of the get out of the fire for now not in the phone underneath that oh God yeah so for anybody who hasnt played as long as I have theyve made a couple of Base changes like uh once you clear a room on the first two uh uh ax they no longer uh have the traps going on anymore oh too high box and then vote I guess yep do you know what ammo expert this early is pretty strong uh questions uh Music so well more crushing damage its on the king all right well give newcomers a rundown of yep blind blue characters and what the realistically do Im a dog I like big automatic weapons because my big ability is to Jewel wield and then I can fire really really hard and really really fast God is a bird no Johns a rabbit he likes a really fast weapon so he can uh get more stacks of Swords to throw more swords really really quickly um Minato is a cat venato likes to freeze things with big orbs Hey wheres a peak gone Im here Ive got Ive left the Vault whats up let me uh wait a little everyones out there we go yep thank you uh what did I get maybe you can have this instead um Brian leepy boy no I I cant remember if this actually works for you because you dont have a shield and therefore its not recharging I wouldnt think it would some abilities do because it depends it depends but uh well go for it well trade well trade Im sure some you some youll get something that somebody else wants and they can or somebody else will get something thats good for you and then they can trade that way oh yes the Clone monsters which came into the recent patch as well so thats a new thing where if you kill a monster which is a clone the monster then it spawns two clone to monsters it just multiplies I havent worked out what the loyal thing does yet foreign flowers everywhere everywhere okay thank you Kevin no no come back Ive got something good for you oh yeah yes please yeah right so Im a bird that leaps and kicks things and then swishes his tail around and does even more damage thats basically my entire role welcome to the bank indeed it is I am the bank that likes to say I guess maybe thank you oh I brought back into fire ironically Ive been given water thank you ow okay oh I accidentally oh okay it was a phantom Peddler yeah exclusive to reincarnation in home stroma corrosion thats nice lets have that enhanced strategic advantage uh for reference loyal is basically the other enemys next um get reduced damage taken Im just gonna buy all them theres no bloody point so Music um uh theres someone to  __  on the floor Nintendo disrescribed for 11 months hi Kev holy malius beat is almost been a year Nintendo look its your favorite ah she will now dance for you all right look at that I say geez Ive just um Im gonna keep that and uh expanded rainbow eyes didnt you last time like that like that didnt you think Petes oh Music no Im right I have myself uh the dynamite gun thats recycling yeah Im recycling cycling money money money its so funny its amusing I guess lets go kill some new Blitz theres a red chest dont die too far yeah too far yeah it will burn you to death if you have too much fire youre like will reset three you do what do we get for the gem uh you give money for you the box or a scroll normal scroll Music money for stuff I got Richs privileges oh cool it deals well damage if I had a little money its all correct damage more uh final judgment sure good to start with thats a very good start final judgment uh well its I can go through guys what it is so so far Ive got the haunts room of corrosion so every six seconds Ill emit a pulse of corrosive energy final judgment which I just got uh weapon attacks instantly killed normal enemies with less than 15 HP remaining or bosses theres an 8 HP remaining um and then other stuff as well yeah oh wow bombers I found a field of bombers I think they found you there was there were so many fixes that I didnt see unfortunately incoming indeed all right I got so many Im blooming them up Music I actually thought that was with you I was ignoring it uh theres some pots and things that have been smashed and you could pick up wonderful treats oh yep Music its a vault in the back I need to kill stuff person oh you could just break apart with your e Ill get you some Mama back I mean technically uh no its not false remarks but as easy enough Redbox red box out the back it is pay health for a scroll or pay health for money energy sandals oh hidden treasure so the bank of vanata is also open yeah oh lose lose 75 my current HP which is seven oh no let me uh just get a random scroll here natto blow that up add a mental Cube YouTube couldnt do anything soak in the elemental Cube I guess oh good what is it the cube theres a cube here comes the waves two waves so I was gonna say someone who can should blow up those barrels the explosive barrels Immortals in there I got shot in the face yeah that guy okay look that was the bastard turbo thank you all right there we go there we are it was all the way back here okay weve got two people with banks and youre ignoring all the pots animals animals all of you overwhelming Shield oh extravagant consumption sure Music oh Genesis sure um wouldnt you know it the bank of Turbo is open as well oh Jesus everybody but Pete if you guys want to get something that we could all use maybe mutual respect could be useful I have mutual respect has it not been helping you I dont know I didnt even realize you had it I dont know I hadnt noticed your beauty especially that not mutual respect field supporters its just a bear well we definitely havent been noticing uh that then cubes indeed cubes more cubes oh you know what I should I should have uh created my uh my Angelica thingy might spend any money to upgrade any weapons at this level oh its like starting stuff and whatnot wouldnt waste any I personally wouldnt waste any money Music Ill take Sucker Punch Crimson fire scale no boots brilliant let me see what youve got for me uh uh he will wont build it Bank I will do drugs but now lets turn around what over here see this thank you now the prison will get it eventually but Pete had both of those uh yeah as soon as we just deal with everything thats here somebody must have picked up the bullet Bank in their frenzy to press buttons because theyve got the against the flow but not the other one yeah oh I seem to have it again oh thank you oh dear everybody is we get paid these stuff got all the ability to dual wheels so if we get him some very nice weapons indeed uh he will be most grateful and then proceed to murder everything I mean if we get him two of those ice beer things  __  hate those things you give them theyre not theyre not fun to use though you do get in the heat the ice sphere is a bit more of a uh tactical weapon again new people imagine just like a spirit of ice which wall if youre aim at something while recalling it hit some of it Yeah so basically you can not only throw the weapon but you can drag it back can we kill the like really defensively strong thing upstairs there we go Music okay oh my God goblets not Whopper weve got a boss room as well oh easy kill easy kill on top of final judgment all sounds pretty good all of the dual wielding stuff except for extra dual wheel time Im gonna go back to that petals oh Health thats a thing I remember health well in this build but oh try to remember you in the mountains oh sir in the mountains mountains Im heading the mini boss very high mountains are you the mountains oh we could get just about any boss in here probably a player one of your dad though player one is revived  __  me Vanessa you keep asking and we keep telling you no how many times is it gonna take hes persisted the lad he is oh time to move all right a bunch of  __  spawns on our head turbo youre gonna be the most successful against this thing if you can get your money then watch your back when I theres a problem right behind you thats fine there we go ah any good weapons a shotgun and another shotgun oh my God slightly better as good as the Angelic RI hat um Kevin fish Ill wait for something there oh like as much as I like my dick Music no thank you oh final judgment yesterday is quite frankly one of the best guys Im just feeding the dog here we go now um were just feeding the dog have I got anything I can give you in return just when he gets to the holds of Leaping and jumping ones and the speed here you go speed as well over here take uh take that one its your phone number oh no this is you already have that oh this is your private phone number yes its 1-800 cubes apparently okay Suns oh yeah lets lets keep the sword out you can move faster with the sword Kevin anything up there uh nothing on the bridge theres a turbo up there oh dear oh dear oh bloody hell what does Hell happen yeah curiosity box yes please oh Ive got generosity  __  were not standing within 12 meters of monster yeah thats thats not my thing um plus 45 skill damage when your skill hits an enemy with more than 70 HP yoink oh oh actually is there um is there a tasty weapon there as well nope no hippos for you oh hip-hop for me hippo for me hippo for you youll have a hippo okay lets use you that does Rock let us roll actually lets go ah I remember in the mountains foreign foreign I went down at the back of the room hes gone thank you oh Im glad I leveled up my gun before I got him over oh I was gonna say same here uh hes fine hes just got a lot of Health points just a big boy damn it uh yeah my timings slightly off yeah Ive read I didnt have uh my Dash charge back up again nope out I got him I got him after the Rocks go off yeah oh just me terrible week well we actually managed to come back from uh nearly everybody dying so foreign yep as well oh yes please flowing time uh as a bone dragon Peter thats gonna use to you no thank you take the premium membership though so I get 30 of my coffee back come on game just give me the increased your world time please thats all I ask Ed that message combo right and now Ill wait for one of the people who can block pots to go start blowing up pots what we got from this somebody missed a pot over here second what is that blue yellow beef what is that oh yes probably uh laser glove or powder uh yeah laser glove hi Im collected all gold all gold collect okay just a bit slow on the cash conga um its all good get The Foundry on just we can move a tiny bit faster Music we had a mellow weapon uh the hard choice between steel armor and gigantic explosion both very good for kick builds um yeah obviously I went with gigantic explosions because it looked a little bit better just in line with whats going on ah right Mushroom Man but also the well also the stuff around the world come here Mushroom Man I still havent had anything worth buying from him yet so I remain pure and clean when your current HP is greater than or equal to that of an enemy deal additional 150 damage to them otherwise take 30 less damage from them you know either way its fine is it percentage based or is it numbers its percentage based oh percentage base is really good then number based and not so good uh pink color I I hate this  __  impressor so my recharge has been sped up a bit thats good as well hello Earth its the Reverend dirt part everybody wow oh wow Kevins quite this as well lets start getting towards him if we can I Im moving backwards there are Rogues theres many things I am a very terrible Im a glass Cannon and a very terrible one as well oh really not good eve Music pet the papa with your gun uh whats up okay thanks game for doing that to me out okay theres still a sniper here guys relax you got it yeah but it was the thing that was killing you guys stay away from the explosie well its like my internet connection killed me uh the most deadliest enemies ping a vigorous poisonous ping let me see um Music ice beer Music Music its gonna be defensive Cleaves just because Ive got no interest in oh a nice is bear there you go actually Ill take this because briefly so I can show people what I was talking about earlier so theres the spear as you can see I can throw it like so you see it spinning in the distance if I press the right Mouse button it returns to my hand and does damage on the way back so pretty good thats not very good tasmans kind of crappy too and grants cavings oh my God health Music portal hidden anyway have we know yeah probably be later on the vault is a treasure room which means that we got running to do yay phoning and its powerful Music yep return to the vault all right time to get the hand foundations out I guess yep Music uh its just the rocks Music which is obviously the most dangerous room because lag and the red chest is money for Scrolls for a gift box yay the bank of Pete is awesome everyone has the bank everyone has the uh destroy pots gain copper oh corrosion shards well I just need a corrosive weapon now somewhat good a veteran veteran unfettered will Ill take that Ive got like well may I may I have please have veteran because Im actually the one whos going to be closed up close and personal that is true please thank you so 115 please note at the bottom of the screen for every kill I do within seven meters Im gonna gain one HP which will then disappear but uh well increase the thumper anyway Music uh thats that is actually In fairness a good suggestion venato come back oh what do you got Im just gonna give you the corrosion shot it is a very good its a very good point you can have that and uh you could even have the enhanced realm of corrosion Banker we fed the cat and the dog now Music yeah I was gonna say youre not gonna be here but uh there is a Craftsman in this room by the way oh another yeah that one came in the ripe Noah oh hes  __  Immortal as well back up and just let it sick if someone got penetration bullet yeah I think the Kev does no oh thats not thats bad fire post the good kind oh uh yeah Im trying to distract them uh kill the inherited one last there we go there we go all right were doing were doing okay so far give me I mean nobodys used their own oh thats um thats actually not grenades yeah thats actually very handy considering the plus within seven meters thing I just got from venato plus 40 damage to enemies within seven meters Ill certainly take that player one has found a Craftsman Ive also heard of a lot of pots and boxes Im a man of great crafting ability it is unknown whether or not he is a a crafty person of the Cockney variety but it matters not I think all the pots are blown up Music Im just gonna do that to five Music which Demon Lord do I want to use which weapon is it I have two demon laws I was good I was gonna say you might as well use both oh I am in in lieu of you know yeah Music upgrade one instead of the other well I mean technically I want to get the one where I can use um Reserve ammo now so I dont reload so that way I dont lose the answer for the right uh yeah so I dont so I dont lose the damage buff okay well somebody aggro and everything so uh oh better everythings here its a wave of monsters isnt it yep because theres one of them over there as well foreign villains lightning robust villains look all right back up oh thank you RG boys charging boys and a loyal guy in that somewhere ah damn it yeah theres an inherited person though foreign very crazy theres a boss room as well hey whats the fancy catalog or the chest as well  __  him finally duration to dual world and holy hell so late in the game to get that what that actual f here we go whats in the box uh lose hit points to gains hit points or Shield Music I just presume nobodys found any of those fabled hippos with you believed and not uh to get Emma back on this uh no but there is a fantastic maybe like that helpful but well have a look easy to slows Clues yes no Music yep sure thats a pretty good sent to me first Ill be sure oh lucky big hippo lucky short trance plus 41 percent you sound as Ive got some enhanced energy sandals and what were you saying Mr Kevin oh no its gone now oh okay no lucky big hippo right lucky shot chance plus 41 percent Music anything else right oh my God thats solid uh projectile and you read low gratitude someone will damage on your neck magazine Music yeah sure Music thank you Kev uh yeah Ill take the ability because Im the one to Shield uh Kev yes sir are you what in a poisonous ghost S I had uh I got the enhanced version of field support So anyone can have that one I will be moving a lot I dont think it matters because if youre dashing youre just charging up the hats for your secondary skill um and what energy sandals yeah yeah well you know I I got enhanced energy sandals so thats why energy sandals are there okay cool someone did someone just said lets just grab the other field support yeah yeah I grabbed it right what have you got to say for yourself Im gonna see what the boss has first yeah what its going to be until we kill the thing you could probably get my goblet first mistake Music Music mobs oh youre right I got a blunderbuss to the face Elite henchman it is you number one everyone can get together there we go my face hmm that might be okay for somebodys second damage against the leaks and bosses on there Im driving enthusiast uh which one corrosion um version Shard and plain enthusiast Music see what this guy has for me um see choices uh coin shot no thank you effective split risky gamble or ammo belts oh the kind of belts final judgment thats three of us down at least okay um at the if we get past the boss of this level there will be a small break will I make an announcement look out youd do it now no Ill do it Ill do it when were in the yeah boss Music right the boss of sand you still need time for NATO or not uh no good I hate the boss of sand uh depends which one it is I havent fought against the  __  uh snake boss in like forever its always just been the flying wanker can that be his official name the flying wanker flying wank its like the Flying Dutchman but uh more of a dick infinitely more disappointing foreign plays Evil no mans Sky please please name your ship the flying wanker Maybe I dont think you can name wanker at least not an eve six out of ten wow wow foreign charges what the  __  just hit me Scarface Bandit its not not doing it Music right lets try lets oh we got a big friend up there anything up the other way the secrety way no nothing up here no knocking around there Music its all gone a plum Applause Music oh  __  me what was that from well the mini snipers I think Im stuck what the hell also no dont do that now it was a gulf of Scrolls boxes thing so theyre rushing that one theres a part of me that which I bought the  __  sniper dude Along on this  __  it well this is being a bit yo there we go uh the chest is money for a gift box or a scroll and I got mutual respect sick are you sure you got mutual respect I thought we established that it might not be mutual respect but I I actually have got mutual respect uh luxury boxes disadvantage uh more with the speed after using a dash Pete respects us Nows the Time to press the advantage I respect you mutually isnt like like traditional for you thank you I respect you about as much as you respect me I got Ninjas discipline which I I guess I I assumed I signed up for his course Ill be a gamer whats in the vote its a boss theres a boss theres a thing for Kev do you think there are many things Kev is a happy boy you veteran yep Go Fast Wind Oh Yes actually you know what okay oh yes Kevin already has picture and I think oh yes I cant stack of it but that would be great yeah so guys guys you remember what I told you to keep an eye on the hit points Jim broad said he was 115 its now 160. just because of that is there an announcement yes theres an announcement the fact that there is announced is not the announcement we dont do announcements of announcements yes you do not yeah not anymore I was gonna say are you Nintendo now I dont get paid for that no um oh oh shut off for a villain youve got that blunt about something uh Im really fighting an armored robust guy here guys itll be really helpful yep all right hes confused yeah watch out for the snipers piss off Shane Shane yeah nope and nope nope nope gave me a nice thing in from this chest such as uh you know what a mutual respect I could have had the mid-air jump thing but you know that tends to cut up quite a lot mutual respect old medal hey pretty strong yeah Pete I respect you mutually and also myself I respect you even more mutually he doesnt respect to you mutually thats the problem I think without so respects me its Turbo yeah I dont even have to tell you oh great you know you know in your heart I mutually respect you dont get emotional now Music oh oh I made a mistake I didnt get mutual respect I got mutually emotional instead now its uh thats unfortunate friends is shark nobody cares nobody in this game has ever gone you know what I need a friended shark woof indeed I need to stand back this they just stay I need to stand back I need to stand back like here because otherwise you go transparent and then it becomes a bit awkward Music okay so you see right through you see through all your lies what are we waiting for Turbo uh okay I need more money okay turbo needs more money good thing weve still got another one this is true I cant kick barrels through game armor yeah you know I can also do be with the group when they go for the door would that began um hmm you no you die  __  ow you die you die have you heard about this what theyre doing you die you heard about our Lord and savior death he saved us all in the end no please no snow snipers no sniping snipers no sniping snippers okay Ill do that I did appreciate the old uh the old leap then yeah stand there and start doing oh ow my tail feathers foreign Ed Music but if anybody wants to go and run back to the um do the Craftsman if you havent used it I would suggest doing so now if you have the spare catch oh I want I want both chats uh what would you say gigantic explosion to a last breath one Id take Last Breath one personally Im kind of leaning towards it only because the health last breakfast yeah its just just that double bass damage yeah its the stuff just starts scaling up too much in health these days oh four boxes what boxes who dare do the Box live uh everybody apparently until I found it and then not me Ive got a thousand copied up Music shiny shiny like a something into something Ive seen your essential on the way back turbo that I can start it up yeah lets put an encryption its good all right what are we thinking floor wanker or Skywalker ah Ill prefer the floor on for a change because I havent seen it for a while uh masturbate I would like floor Peddler Peddler show me your wares oh improve clip oh yeah were not running out of Emma now and Ill take evil devouring sword why not just in case we get curse Scrolls all right oh I dont have much in the way of stuff uh who wins oh yes kick his glowing green balls massive damage and instant recharge I mean isnt that just good life advice anyway oh who was that that was Pete yeah everybody was done they werent nobody was near any of the vendors were also not nowhere near the door oh  __  that was uh oh  __  oh crap look at the whole double bar thing that was a thats right were getting down to about half of the nil there we go okay Im gonna hope for some decent chairman eyes foreign Music burp well I popped my uh down again I might do another Tad too early then oops I got him thank you careful of L fire lizards it says wow some I didnt realize there was one left to the side I was dealing with all the circles in front of me oh  __  definitely why are you Kev nice he knows Im the one who can end him quick well youre not the other one have you got yeah nice well there we go now go and piss off your bastard Music its like yeah tiny hit points um porcupine game please good weapons the love of Christ arrogant consumption no no thats not too good unless someone else wants to be poor constantly but not until I actually spent some of my six thousand copper thank you Music uh nope Music yeah Ive been running with extravagant consumption but I think I might just uh I think extravagant consumption is pretty good towards the end of the game when youre not caring about money anymore yeah all right lets go around the outside just get any remaining coins I mean particularly as I was about to I was about 800 and something so I was gonna lose a bunch of coin no matter what right okay Music then we all sit around the campfire and Mr Kevin tells the story yes I will tell a story I will mute you guys when I do it but because Im gonna be on cam and stuff so at least briefly theres a trailer for you as well lets get the older this and this make sure we got everything and now I guess Im just going secondary skill use every second uh yeah painkill sounds good right right as everyone gathers around the fire bear with me just a tick lads hello I might look slightly blue but thats because were on the other uh on the big light as opposed to the camera lights hello can you hear me everybody a story from his storied past now theres not two of Me no no theres not two of me um excellent okay so hi everybody hope youre enjoying the stream so far its certainly a very fun game uh that weve got um I wont just bring you a tent to your attention some of the stuff thats coming up on the stream uh including next Sunday where we will be playing at the Atari St horse racing Simulator game uh its been overdue its been were long overdue a game of it and its going to be a special one because its an Invitational uh its not going to be any of the members of the crew but it is going to be some regular some people that you see around the place Friends of the stream and contributors um and yeah just doing just doing that thats going to be next week but its the week after that thats most interesting week after that is the second week of September 2022 and we hit a bit of a landmark so well do something special for that right so were gonna try and do a nice lets lets play with me doing it which is a very bad idea I think Music at least gonna get to the ramps guys Music Music oh Music Music thats me thats who is that turbo that was super big Music Music ah no the super jump from the wrong time Music foreign Music yes we are back with the game that started it all for us here on Twitch Sonic Adventure 2 battle we had the little uh little tester with uh little Charity stream earlier on this year with crowd control its being brought back for a special 12-hour stream to celebrate a decade of being on this platform um we are raising money for um uh the charity you just saw which is uh does fantastic work uh all around the world bringing food to those who really desperately need it and uh so 12 hours nothing to be let me see that were gonna go through the whole freaking game and youre gonna try and stop me but Im not gonna let you oh no Im gonna complete this damn game and you can throw bombs at me you can throw over champ you can kill me stone dead and Im gonna keep coming up and Im Gonna Keep ah dragging myself on and well complete the game um if we can and what do all the other stuff as well but uh yes thats can I break the game again yes 100 run repair control oh but maybe not a hundred percent I dont think Ive ever actually completed it 100 um but yeah so 12 hours of torturing Kev as uh what was just saying yeah basically not only that um I mean you saw is it the 10 years of twitch weve had the clip videos going up on the YouTube channel which I know you guys have a lot of you guys have seen um there is also going to be during that stream another announcement a very special announcement that uh of one of the secret projects that Ive been working on theyre so secret barely anybody even in the crew knows what it is so uh look out for that uh we should have some uh something uh to show you then Ill tell you today but Ive only got time to edit one trailer at a time so I hope youre excited for that lets go over to the the schedule just see what it is um obviously Tuesday is raft Sun next Sunday is uh horse racing simulator Terror of the horse racing simulator uh raft again of course thats our sort of default but the Sonic Adventure 2 battle crowd control and charity stream this 12-hour stream is a sun Saturday because I cant do things on the Friday otherwise Ive done it today but Saturday um Ill give times later uh is it the world domination one no its not the world dominant Im not no thats not thats thats a different thing entirely and then well have some easy Jack box on the Sunday because Ill be very tired but yeah hope youre looking forward to that and now back to your regularly scheduled game so anyway there we go yeah we start um we have uh Pete uh away at the moment so Petes away is he yeah yeah hell be back just uh just check the pockets of the dog see if theres anything wrong in office Scrolls yeah the dog have a wallet just uh just wondering uh tenth Ill be ready then because guess what this is Nintendo I dont know what youll be streaming again round the mountain by then um yeah cool I mean it makes it makes sense you know I mean I obviously you know Ill be regularly streaming obviously so so its gonna be obviously youll get get raid from me absolutely uh well I hope so and uh Im like to see a couple of you in and around on during the stream sure covers for a couple of you know minutes here and there maybe who knows youll see but yeah thats um yeah crowd control sa2b were gonna try and get as much of the game done as possible and um no way thats going to happen oh oh I didnt realize I could actually get over here um I can get back right there we go again I think there we go excellent Music I cant stand on the dogs head foreign ladies and gentlemen what will be on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square the answer is this apparently nudging Into the Fire sorry it doesnt say that loud um sat is 1870. okay well Im people seem excited about that but yeah its a 12 hour stream I can celebrate 10 years a smart thing would have been to a 10 hour stream for 10 for 10 years but you know Music its always best to do a half day of uh yeah rather than just 10 hours make sure we get the full range of Music time zones yeah uh definitely a look up uh World Central Kitchen Equipment its a very very uh does a lot of good theres a lot of good and its pretty mildly and at a time where not only have we got all manner of you know disasters going on both natural and man-made which is a ffecting people as well as coastal living crisis and everything else under the sun they are needed more than ever these guys but theyre doing theyre doing great work in Romania um Ukraine obviously I suspect they will be rather heavily involved in Pakistan with whats going on there at the minute Music Arthurs food you see that this is this is thats how good they are they even managed to feed Earth apparently soup has four words for your stream idea is this man mad so first how many two before its just not mad to be fair whenever anybody decides to stream sa2 the answer is always Madness no no no Im assuming shes somewhere or you message her via messenger messenger or whatever um so just tell her my response is youve known me since you were 12. wow are you trying to make her feel old or you feel old I always feel old I am back by the way and ready to go if everybody else is so but my point is that she should know the answer you really saved the guys know the answer by now uh but yes very looking forward to whats to come Im glad so the uh the stream we did for uh punkies group uh it went very very well money was raised and lots of fun was had as well particularly important Ill have a bit more time to actually experiment because previously that it was really thrown together hmm it might be worth looking at some of the mods as well like um that is something one of the one of the big mods that I actually do like for sa2 is the one where you play all the levels and do the bosses in chronological order for the story itself I mean the bosses you actually face depend on what the actual size should take so if you fake if you choose dark you obviously do all the hero youll be against all the hero bosses you know stuff like that foreign ERS killed somebody by kicking a tree how it goes sometimes I have noticed of late like since reinstalling the game back up that that in multiplayer this seems to be a little less uh stable than it used to be up here is a thing curse scroll gift box please uh boss holes Im gonna do this dog Kev you can sell the big hip hop on yes come here dog I mean I havent moved Im still here woof woof hang on a second Ive lost the thing bark bark where is it who stole the thing I had it I dont have it um there you go there you go its because it doesnt look it looks different okay thank you yeah if you can sell that big hip-hop by the way thats good oh so we got a vault here as well so Music super Goose yeah I know super goose is an option bolt yeah Village were gonna get a monk uh weve gone from no because weve come from that direction so I think we get the other one for that we get we get the monk when we come from the docs Direction yeah no it wont be accomplished on this one the catfish normally comes into the small little Harbor uh biting area might be the action oh yeah yeah Im pretty certain that thats just a standard thing that you get the extra if youre going this way and you get the monkey to go the other way hey man thank you  __  die come on oh Jesus there we go there we are then everything explodes into  __  paste into paste uh right I think I have lightning Shard I think is anyone doing lightning damage Im using more lightning blasts a lot yeah I could have lightning Shard then you know you know why you can have the lightning shot because we mutually respect you once its got a dab he may mutually respect you although I might have changed my openness up lets find out uh you know lets go what Im known for vindictive nature probably oh thats a uh hmm Music silver medal or Gourmet probably silver medal actually just a penetration bullet I mean I mean if you pick up long shot then Ill swap you oh youve already done it yeah I would have given you the gold medal you know what you know what oh Turbo um next to the Craftsman all right okay Ill Ill get it uh after Ive I was sucked into the the Next Room SOB Ill break with me foreign respect these nuts I mean if youre going to respect them respect both of them showing favoritisms not really done in this circumstance foreign Music likes it what what shot a frenzy shark if anybody wants this ammo belt Ive picked up a enhanced ammo belt all right Ill probably got it no no not that I want that all right yeah I picked even has Im a recover it everyone wants the basic one why I cant remember if Ive got that or not uh game one random ammo if you need to travel I cant remember Ive been giving away half of myself no I dont have Hammer recovery oh Jesus so many weapons of metal again all right silver metal yeah thank you Music uh oh oh who wants energy sandals because Ive got enhanced energy sandals now uh I mean  __  snipers actually go check what was in the Box realition though I somehow dont think that Im gonna get um my 300 to Joe wooden again I mean have you got any parts of it yet Ive got the first one I mean youd have to get stupidly lucky at this point now mm-hmm youre right down there Kev yeah Im just purchasing his swears Im sorry Im just because were going to be going into overtime for the stream if we down this place well unless you want to just end it at the uh pre-bear yeah yeah no so Ill just sorting out stuff and well figure out best weapon in this circumstance so metal does work on bird its a bird its av8 foreign Music Music I Believe in a Thing Called Love veteran plus kick plus weak lanterns equals big Health boost for cap uh I mean yeah that helps oh yeah I got white sharks and all sorts me down unfortunately there is a bunch of  __  exploding lanterns right now thank you any shielding robust wanker dreaded robust guy oh um okay people just like let the Landers keep going did they say theres Mugs Up on the top there so Ive still got more coming I think now okay come on turbo where is it can you mark it okay its up here go foreign boss what is it though thats a challenge uh enemy Rift thing yeah this capture made of steel yeah I know right thats thats pretty much ignored everything I was doing uh Golden Dragon all right yeah oh every sound is  __  thing all right I said hello good job yeah for him to strike evil banishing talisman uh a very good a very good thing that could be handy for yourself and Flesh and Bones is there as well so who who I was gonna say uh Kev um my hat my shield charge up an awful lot actually all right yeah my armor is pretty good actually uh well for Lifesaver then well I think happens I mean Ill take reflection bone uh Id say I should get Lifesavers because yeah hes now in the fragile state I need power activity I need it badly thank you so if theres any aliens listening are any ghosts listening you all right for the glory of me the glory of the glory of the name that will go down in Legend player one Im gonna hear something funny the other day whats that it was National Pete day the other day theres a date yeah yeah and you know what day it was on Friday as well your birthday oh its National Pete day again on Friday do you know what day it was on Saturday National Pete day every day live for it Revel in it appreciate it appreciate your local Peaks indeed but you know what it is today is my unpeat day theres no such things uh very very unpicked days theyre me no not you youre Pete Gods sake and why are you celebrating on big day because my mp day its graceful Behavior to me youve got whale sharks he he Ard sharks well sharks whale sharks well sharks are bad well sharks are bad Music there is a awful lot of nonsense down here oh  __  please kill the lanterns guys retreat oh Im down again see this is what happens when you ask for an unpeat date you put this bad juju on us oh wow foreign still exists what the  __  they just shrug off any attack I do everything I did everything I do I do for you every day is on Peak day for you I thought well thats just plain rude dont go around saying every days on Josh day do I I thank you I mean no because thats something completely different Every Days beat up a Pirate Day quite quite right no quite right piracy should be frowned on you wouldnt steal a car and other words I I download a car would you download a car but hey Music uh we got one more level or something and then snake and all boat snake would you steal a bear sure dog bear bear dog no the government does what was this I dont know something about Pirates yeah the reason nothing works yeah the reason everybodys on strike although the reason no ones on work Im surprised all the teachers didnt want to go but um general strike coming along soon coming soon because the two unions have uh have done a choice announcement unite and Unison so its happening dude so weve just had the bin men off on strike in Scotland isnt it and then weve had the park weve had the post office on strike this weekend one glorious minute the Popes on strike the pope doesnt exist the pope is a lie Ill tell you what was also like this over here its a boss room boss room and inside is the Pope kill the  __  him Pope lets go in lets fight and Dethrone God foreign game Ive never played one of those they normally involve gods of some kind its a very popular series where everythings in red and black stylized and boring as hell and theyre always glad you came except when theyre not you want to go where people go and everythings all the same you want to go cause Frasier is there in name move on we won yep Kevin yes have a look at that bad boy what bad boy this bad boy this Shrieker um it was more its more the poisonous sword with the three legendary things on it but I did not see that at all holy Christmas oh thats a lot thats um thats a spicy meatball um as well hey hey Ive got Elite assassin as an option here right at the end of the  __  game let me see curiosity box I just took Resolute look at curiosity books Good and Evil Ill just get even more just good and evil yeah yeah youre not youre not between it just just good and evil well there was there was yeah thats the only scroll I got apparently good noodle oh yeah the Curiosity books that gives you between one and three yeah you gave me one yeah yeah I got only one from the Curiosity boxes as well its dingy Sadness the pope of nope is so powerful well not in this game unfortunately his names Pete Im the pope of no no youre not the type of nope but the pope notes your name is Pete Im just powerful is that what youre saying Im saying its not your own Pete though so hope of note also suffers for the same Affliction uh we have got some special monks here healing ones and a powerful one ones down that ones down its just somebody okay stuff to the right thank you Im not dealing anywhere near as much damage as you guys on this run apologies well not over my apparently what I mean venato and turbo are just doing all the work s in the least nope thats me Im actually surprised Im doing that based on how much I feel so Im just like missing a whole heap of money wasted apparently I mean I thought wasnt doing it because my thing wasnt breaking their Shields quick enough foreign all of this tasty Soul residue will be gratefully used on Tuesday oh yes oh okay watch your feet basically thats all right Ive got slow boots fire Boys fire boys I have no no action bunks oh hello yeah four monks over this side cappers as well Im just and lobsters one of those Annihilation monks was Immortal which is bastard okay here we go we did the thing we did the thing was done no one can say the thing was not done for it was yeah thats a new one for me theres a bone dragon here with two oranges on it uh lets go share with the Mental effects okay on it plus 65 total damage against enemies in Elemental effect magazine capacity becomes two I mean the first shot kills the enemy recovers one errors in the magazine otherwise plus 200 luck bloody oh thats a good one oh Bone Dragon youre surprisingly tempting have you guys done your goblet yet Ive done my girlfriend 30 Max armor is pretty strong I generally dont take All or Nothing until Ive got all the vines God to be honest but last time the normal or nothing are a good combo oh dear yeah okay okay ninten good luck of work tomorrow yep all the best have a good night with it it is its the boat it is what it might be the boat is it bought okay I got the entire  __  combo except for the  __  good gun oh really annoying guys enduring Caster plus one percent skill damage every five total Max HP you currently have I think I might buy that somehow hey yeah sure well not have that as well why not uh would you like the enhanced version of that instead of the enduring caster what does that do total skill down for every five HP have oh swapses Music oh I picked up the same one I think uh no I didnt okay it didnt say uh like enhances of interesting to the Baseline right are we ready to get randomly obliterated by jellyfish possibly most likely theres a boat air sales theres cannons theres Japanese inspired uh iconography yep oh funny out thank you all right thank you so we get to take out the eyeballs I died Im happy about that my Dash was so cool now Lets Go Crazy all right I got the ball hes got the ball get involved tired oh oh my God thank you I got his attention oh  __  you I was I in there thank you I see if you ever seen that animation before oh nice um Im probably gonna look at this game here guys actually yeah okay youre inside that makes sense Ive been up for a long time we could do the best yeah yeah I I I thought we would uh just end it on this boss fight so just just now yes I returned to the end yeah there we go banquet Music laughs oh dear idea but yes I feel like Kevins doing the Canon camera those bird kicks kick the boat well no my kick did nothing against the boat that was the problem Music wolf convection steam oven recipes How do you do, fellow furries!Kevin, Nibal, Titans Creed and Turbo head out into the spirit world once again in order to set things right. Its been a little while since theyve done so and, at the time of recording, changes to the game are afoot. So whats more afoot than a green bird that likes to kick everything? Nevermind all that though, as the entire group are here to sing ABBA. But are they mutually respecting each other enough?? #GunfireReborn #DuoyiGames __________________________________ Be sure to follow us on our other channels as well. Twitch ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Discord ► free online survival games on steam free coop horror games steam steam traction gta v steam cd key free what games on steam can you play with a controller