New FPS Roguelite RPG Game - Gunfire Reborn In-Depth Gameplay

Top games on steam 2022steam wallet GUNFIRE REBORN game today were checking out one of the top seller game on steam of this month it has also been extremely recommended by steam itself and Im having a lot of fun playing it gun fire reborn taking an art direction similar to great games like sea of thieves and Borderlands the colorful graphics of this game are definitely eye-catchers from ancient tombs to open deserts I was positively surprised and impressed by the comic book style visuals as well as the layout of the levels there are plenty of pillars ramps and broken rubble to use as cover during the firefights meanwhile the massive selection of weapons is where I caught myself liking it the most each weapon thats presented in confiar reborn present a unique look and offer different elemental damage to help you blast through a variety of enemies and bosses the game is also very fluent and smooth plus the controls were easy to learn upgrading weapons each time increasing stats via skill trees and practice or key to progression you wont be finishing the game in a single play and thats what makes it better gunfire reborn is a new roguelike FPS adventure level based game with overwhelmingly positive review scores on Steam and before we start with the gameplay and explanation of what this game is all about I am giving away 10 keys of caen fire to you all on the channel all you have to do to win is like this video and comment your Steam username the 10 people that will win the keys are gonna receive a friend request for myself in approximately 3 days make sure you participate and you could join the fun so confiar reborn the game can be described with three genre FPS roguelike and RPG every part of this game as these three main pillars and has without a doubt done it really well in gunfire reborn you can choose many different eros and each will be really different in their own way with different abilities and such each character will choose one of three different kinds of awakening skills after each stage however since these skills are random you may not be able to upgrade a skill to max level in the end and will often have different types of skills it is quite a challenge in itself to make advantages of the tweener combinations of awakening skills after fighting against in many different enemies standing in your way players can get soul essence which can be used to upgrade their talent unlike the traditional or core road like game conveyor reborn as roguelike elements so talent and level wont be cleared even when the characters die instead the more you try the stronger you are in the next round so keep dying but keep trying and become better and better so we can take on these strong bosses like this one Music in the game there is 30-plus weapons at your disposal which all have different categories also functions as well as attractive designs and a lot of these weapons will be dropped randomly when players fight against enemies there are so many choices at your disposal and each one fits a different play style their shotguns assault sniper and more there is also more than 100 or cold Scrolls with their limited number and randomness it will give you temporary buff during the combat and help you within the game you can find these occult squirrels in chests throughout the levels they will really help you as you can see from here the game supports co-op and with up to four players online though it is a bit more difficult to play in a team than play alone the enemies will be stronger considering youre more than just one player of course however different sources of every player and heroes weapons and awakening skills and rakaats clothes make the combat a lot more intense and also interesting and diversified sometimes when playing youll be able to see both throughout the dungeons boats are little levels that acts as an extra bonus they will appear randomly in normal stages and players get extra words once you defeat the enemies inside these levels can be really challenging depending on the ones you choose and its really cool Music with overwhelmingly positive reviews on steam if youre a fan of this kind of game gunfire reborn is a must try and make sure you check it out in the description but look the steam link will be there alright guys thanks to con fire reborn for sponsoring this video and make sure you subscribe to the channel for more videos on new games make sure you guys check out gunfire reborn on steam eater - the link in the description below or - research thanks to jiggly boy for being a master member on the channel you can become a survivor member for 99 cents only it will support me and the channel as a whole thanks for watching stream epic games through steam Check out Gunfire Reborn on Steam now: Thanks to Gunfire Reborn for sponsoring this video! 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