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Tmnt shredders revenge steamtorrent games steam deck GUNFIRE REBORN game and tiger Cannon plus two oh yes no I do like this tiger Cannon this is absolutely my back tiger Cannon takes up about one third of my screen yeah it does I can only afford to enhance one of my guns and its either the tiger Cannon or the scorching rounds you know what makes sense hello welcome back to outside Xbox Im Mike joined by Jane hello and this is gunfire reborn in a video brought to you by outside Xbox and sponsor 505 games Im a Crown Prince yeah so are you yeah we are for the moment lets ask two Crown princes get into this dungeon for a Royal Rumble presumably a Royal Rumble is exactly whats happening so gunfire dungeon reborn is a sort of roguelite inspired FPS uh with procedurally generated levels and a bunch of tons of loot including this Aura Venom which is a weapon Ive just picked up its got sort of uh like Mountain Dew in it from what I can tell um okay little little globe of Mountain Dew um and so the idea is you uh you work your way through these sort of procedurally generated dungeons firing guns and then there are theres a talent tree for abilities uh that is persistent so even though you will die probably many times um so yeah all these levels are completely procedurally generated these dungeons nice all right this looks good yeah yeah its a machine gun its a machine gun so its got a sort of um sort of vaguely uh Eastern mythology sort of vibe but with machine guns which Im Im into this time around Im going to go for smoke genius sounds hilarious so Im gonna go for that Im gonna go for pyro dominance which is my option so okay which sounds like Smart Genius presumably is going to enhance my smoke grenades which is my other special ability Im ready lets go its been opened this is some Granite grenadiers here um crossbow mans yeah crossbowings oh that looks good that looks yeah scorching rounds yes please Ive got a sort of explodey pistol thing oh the five scorching rounds so yeah Ive got these abilities this one like chains guys up a little bit um and then yeah thats my smoke bomb smoke bombs are great theyre really good they do a lot of damage I also like that even though my uh my TV is only capable of outputting 60 frames per second right the games running its got a little FBS counter up at the top its like 170 frames per second yeah if only so yeah if only I could see all those frames um right Golden Goblet give me Im gonna go for more smoke grenades okay energy Echo one energy orb applies the same element as your current weapon and its Elemental effect chance its 100 that sounds great Im going for an extra energy orb that seems like its oh Ive got two of those now Angelic or oh an Angelic or across too you I will have that nice is that the machine gun one I had yeah I think so the star Devourer plus one I mean why the hell not why not why treat yourself to a star Devourer okay all right lets go so in stage three stage three this is where it starts to get for serious I think okay oh bugs bugs crossbow mans oh no oh smoke grenades oh I got exploded oh but you revived Ive been revived it was the explosion my fault because yes it probably was okay oh this wild Hunt plus two guys with exploding boxes who run towards you you know that archetype oh yeah those guys theyre carrying like companion cubes yeah yeah but like but not friendly companions no no explosive companion cubes oh Ive got I so I unlocked the talent that allows me to open oh did you I didnt get that one the Vault things nice do it oh I can enter it too because shes got the talent thats good got an ie for detail apparently the vault is just full of more baddies I note so its like a hidden hidden area hidden stage okay extra stuff oh boy oh boy oh Im feeling a bit peaky Jane Im feeling a little bit a little bit unwell uh oh yeah well keep an eye on your Shield yeah but I would say like like Halo horned beetles down there across Bowmans hey and they are cross they do appear to be crossed yeah oh theres a little Beetle you left oh no I left the Beatles Pest Control abundant Vitality plus 75 weapon DMG uh while your Shield is recharging oh that sounds good pretty good okay for that all right well I feel refreshed and recharged my shield is recharged Im on two out of 65 Health points uh Im gonna need to look after myself I might need it I might need a quick revive okay at some point theyre throwing smoke grenades theyre using our own weapons against us stay away from those flame bombers yeah theyre bad oh Im on fire Im on fire on poison grenadiers as well no no all right Ive frozen that guy well done Im gonna go for or I could do toxic toxic smoke toxic smoke okay all the time oh heck smoke I think hex smoke might be quite useful because basically enemies affected by my smoke grenade will deal 50 less damage and take 20 more damage for six seconds all right here we go okay lets try these out there oh no hes a friendly yeah he is a friendly leave him be I dont I mean how much sort of football do you reckon he gets in these dungeons I dont know maybe where his first customers ever Im gonna enhance my scorching rounds okay yeah I base damage up all right lets enhance this Argus plus theres another level now and you want to search the Vault for lost treasures uh yes please lets do that boom I hope the Lost Treasure is some health points that would be very useful right about now all right I feel like an Indiana Jones but with lots more but with more guns many more guns and also youre a cat I am also my cat oh no oh oh okay across Bowmans all right Im back Im back okay good good good Im back Im back oh no oh theres an elite Beetle no no no no so big oh its giant use your abilities okay in place oh no I got killed oh okay how do I help you rescue Mighty Seven all right here we go ah oh no all right okay Mike I dont think I can help you thats all right well I mean I can help you but um not without getting all right Im back I I spent some of my Soul Essence to come back so Soul Essence is used to unlock stuff thats the Europeans yeah the stuff you get talents with later on and you get you get it every time you like kill dudes obviously and um whoa whoa oh its charging its charging in place there um and uh but its also used to unlock certain characters and things like that as well so its your sort of persistent rewards thing oh it just gave birth to a lot of smaller people extremely disturbing I did not need to see that oh the Miracles of nature yeah exactly the circle of life heavy crossbowmen yes yes oh theres so much delicious stuff and it killed the smaller bugs as well thats good yeah as well killed the head vampire and August two yeah lets um lets swap it yes stop that for that oh this is a health item its like a oh a steaming pot of a rice steamer yeah Im back to full health perfect nice I will say this if youre gonna call your game gunfire Reborn the guns have to feel quite good and sure do feel quite good so thats good ooh Advanced job is yeah it sounds like sweatpants oh you have to choose one of the treasures oh no I thought they were all mine I just went for the first one I saw I got a silver medal thats fine I chose Advanced joggers based on the name alone I didnt need to look at the rest of them like theres some kind of elite sweatpants yeah Elite sweatpants for lounging on a Sunday all right morning oh they spotted us but its fine because I just fired a bunch of stuff at them oh this cosplay is quite good oh no but I got killed you got killed yeah I got killed sorry and youre right behind you uh can you revive me all right let me get into cover and see if I can revive you from here yep thank you oh thats gonna get me killed now Im on fire Im in trouble Im in trouble now okay oh no okay yeah Ill come get you Ill come get you you can try yeah well but Im Im right right in the line of fire so watch yourself youre all good oh theres a guy with a big Shield everyone get out of Harms Way right now right let me just whoa oh gosh oh no wow the longbowmen is is bad yeah lets get him first can you see me yeah I can see what youre up to oh youre monitoring me jaunty hat and your little ears poking out so cute yes The Shields broken you got the boss Guy The Shields down oh the whole guys yeah the whole guys oh but my health is very low pop smoke watch out for those Flames all right oh God theyre such good theyre such no yeah were just little cat babies were uh insufficiently talented so so lets add some more talents yeah weve earned some Soul Essence so now you can go to your talent tree yeah and increase things like the power of your weapons or the your survivability yeah your survivability so lets go Im gonna level up my health and Im gonna level up my battle yeah and and my skill why not why not all right stage one hes hoping for some great guns yeah so this is this because this levels procedurally generated its completely brand new to us and yeah yeah everyone else basically yep oh gosh sometimes you throw that energy orb that sort of chains them up and they are so low Health they just explode yes it does a little bit of damage and you can upgrade how much damage that ability does yeah obviously were oh weve got some guns right now piercing flame thats a kind of sniper rifle type thing and tiger Cannon plus two yes please what did you go for the golden Gauntlet uh I got a power source one which means I get a couple of goes on my energy orb before I have to wait for the cool down which is exciting oh yeah um I that does sound valuable but on the other hand acidic explosion which causes people to explode is really its my bag isnt it basically so lets go for that oh yes no I do like this tiger Cannon which is absolutely my back its a little like 40 plus weapons but then like the inscriptions which are like modifiers uh there are like hundreds of those as well so in terms of like a total variance of weapon theres loads of them okay theres some of those glowing cracks in the wall oh yeah do you want to do that yeah lets enter the Vault okay oh traps and traps okay guys throwing grenades as well Im coming whoa whoa whoa this is new isnt it can we destroy these traps no reason the timing thing isnt it okay fine oh guy with the shield and more traps and explode you guys oh wow wow side of the rocket launcher they dont like there we go rocket launcher made short work of The Shield guy so thats good news whoa some more traps than I was counting on at this early stage of the game to quote the poet Nelly its yeah getting hot in here oh oh dear Im just waiting for my shield to regenerate before I stick my face oh did you get scorched I got a little I just got lightly scorched it was a more of a fine more of a fricasseeing than anything else ow all right were done treasure improved clip richest privileges every time your skill deals damage it will inflict additional skill damage based on how much copper you have oh okay cool thats cool so if I get rich I do more damage fantastic a bit like real life wow yeah I guess that was satire light satire yeah please enjoy the comic stylings physical comedy of my Channel Try the fish what do we got Grenadier let me know if you see a Spearman and some beetles what do you need a Craftsman for just to just to upgrade my sniper ah I see I see it needs a little TLC I think oh theres a crack in the wall a vault oh yeah do you want to have another episode well theres a Craftsman here didnt you wanna yeah yeah I definitely want to um over here lets get some extra uh its tempting to increase the damage of my rocket launcher but Im your tiger Cannon Im gonna do Im gonna do the um sniper rifle instead uh do you wanna do you want to explore the Vault or do you want to press on and try and get the best lets press on okay lets press on this time theres a peddler who looks a little bit like Kermit yeah hes got real Kermit Vibes hasnt he yeah oh oh he sells magic buns and ammo supply resource grenades and sells guns but theyre very expensive very expensive Im going to take some grenades well theyre very expensive you just spent a load of money upgrading your sniper rifle oh thats one of those horses Horsehead Shield guys but he can be Frozen and also smoke grenaded tiger Cannon also fat oh yeah yeah obviously that works as well the longbowmen was causing us real theres another horse head dude oh whoa hes got like a sword strike yeah hes a range thing okay all right wow I uh the longbowmen really like really takes a chance yeah absolute nightmare long moment Im sending it yeah long moments down so my my new 300 plus 300 smoke grenades are pretty good with those longbowmen so Im gonna try and okay try and get the one in the corner as well whoa oh no oh that long bowman oh damn it damn you long bro man thats right Im Reviving its fine okay tiger Cannon oh no wine oh Im also down so I think I can get you from behind this pillow nice one thank you thats good Im just gonna send tiger Cannon things out yeah until someones dead okay I discovered a vault by accident because I was firing Rockets indiscriminate okay good well done okay yes yes Longbow and one of thems down and the other ones down and the one on the right heavy crossbowman on the right there we go nice nice porcels been open wow we managed to get through that was tricky that was really tricky this is gonna be the boss isnt it oh Eternal Eternal Palace oh and this this Craftsman and okay kind of All Sorts going on what do you got for me shall I shall I start upgrading my my rocket launcher I feel like a hundred percent hundred percent what does the pet I need health thats for sure uh well Kermit well send you some magic buns yeah got my scorching rounds got my tiger Cannon yeah Im equipping the tiger Cannon right tiger Cannon takes up about one third of my screen yeah it does yeah its enough this is oh its such a Boss Arena no look at him oh hes the big love as well angry guys were in trouble were in real trouble oh I wish oh I wish my Dash wasnt a cool down thing yeah I bet theres a talent to unlock uh oh sure to cool down that was a big explosion that was a bigger forget your abilities yeah oh he broke my he broke my thing my special ability oh oh dont stand next to her flaming crate oh no I tried to use a exploding Barrel as cover okay all right okay youre on your own Mike um hes also recharged The Shield entirely look at all these little Companion Cube guys no run away Mike run away Im trying Im trying okay oh Im coming back revive like Im coming back hes like oh man we had his we had his shield all the way down we did yeah and then he did his Revival thing and then he did his thing yeah so okay oh hes destroying the cover as well yeah its like he knows what my strategy is right youre like four youre like three quarters through his Shields and okay hes about to rain down hes about on you again hes about hes charging up his shield is the problem why cant he rain down like like nice yeah storing buns oh wow yeah hes uh hes a Tuffy hes a real hey I think we might have enough talents to get him this time okay right Im going to what do I need more of I need a lot more health I think so lets do that Ive got 30 Essence to spend so and I need more Shield yeah confirm foreign these early stages make me feel so good at video games and then the later stages and then you remember I dont know Im not happy how bad I am yeah stage two totally that was a good Grenadier hiding back there not anymore there isnt he am dead oh Ive got a star Devourer oh thats fun I like that so this is two player co-op obviously but you can play up to four players which must be absolute chaos to be honest we do it would have done some good in that boss fight though yeah it would have helped out definitely I mean I assume it scales but still having four people just the extra revivals for me oh okay so if I Dash theres a chance at all it will reset the cooldown which is oh that would be good count on it only a third chance yeah better than nothing though thats not worth the detour what am I going for energy or freeze duration up thats not gonna help much yeah affected by an element of it no Im going to go Im Im up in my Shields thats my thats my build this run you know I mentioned uh Indiana Jones earlier uh oh yeah its getting real its getting real its all snakes up in here no theres big rolling Boulders actually uh oh I got hit in the face with a big roller thats fine its fine my shield absorbed it its a good Vault because its only its only obstacles okay oops I head butted a boulder oh thats bad um but Im fine Im fine Ive walked it off I sure hope we meet up soon yeah I got a gourmet thing oh okay a lot of exploding barrels in here I dont like that I wish I had my tiger Cannon yeah I miss my tiger camera okay oh little little Cube guys Cube guys and bugs keep guys and bugs little bastards these little bastard drugs correct assessment Deans tactical assessment hi Kermit okay I need a magic bun now theres a gun called a shrinkage here okay seems pretty good or a Venom oh theres a tiger Cannon I want that Im gonna buy the Shrieker just because of the name all right for the variety yeah it looks okay terrifying oh Ive gotten rid for wait Im gonna um this is the difficult bit isnt it its yeah choosing like I really like my star Devourer but its only level one so Im gonna have to say goodbye to it yeah Im gonna enhance Im gonna enhance my lightning gun because I can only afford to enhance one of my guns and its either the tiger Cannon or the scorching rounds you know what makes sense I know but I yeah it cant always be tiger Cannon if only unfortunately oh long long moment oh have you gone on yeah sorry oh okay and thats right thats right let me just get this guy out of the picture are we ready I mean beautiful the ammo ready is relative but yeah I think so the goodies I think weve got all the good stuff the Scrolls missed anything all right final confrontation lets do it you ready yeah charge all right Im gonna try and stick with you and well well try and focus fire on this guy okay well try and keep him Frozen with your uh energies thing as well he does break out of it really quickly though yeah he does he already landed a shot on me so thats unfortunate Im gonna try my shoe cap boom yes trica yes flashing too soon Yeah Its Tricky all right weve got some of his health down yeah they didnt get his Shields back oh no hes gone back hes already gone back up there the coward he does he does do that okay fine he brings his little friends as well yeah I bet he does well explodey friends all right whereabouts in the arena are you left or right Im Im behind you Im literally behind you were getting his oh hes yeah hes tricky this guy oh okay Shields down again nice nice this is where we do the damage really isnt it oh gosh hes moving away hes moving away oh oh oh oh oh gosh that was I should definitely have dashed there in fact oh no Mike revive okay Im Reviving yeah Im revived all right Im revived okay yes less than ideal just gonna work okay all right hes about to charge hes about to charge yeah I can tell hes coming from me oh oh I dodged all right halfway down halfway down oh gosh dont forget your energy orbs energy orbs yeah oh I dodged too early there yeah all right were doing okay hold on one third Health left yeah come on come on come on we can do this oh I sort of paused him briefly in mid-air there oh nice all right all right okay hes going back for his recharge oh no dang all right maybe next time maybe next time if we can stay alive actually we keep we were pressuring him well yeah but he might have he might have more up his sleeve he may have more upper sleep but we definitely we did some damage there like when he was when he was doing his recharge oh my shield is down oh that was close get some real last minute Dodge stuff going on here oh oh got hit are you okay Im okay Im not okay anymore so nearly dead all right shes solving weapons no get it stay away from me stay away from me yes yes come on yeah yes nailed it nailed it oh youre tough wow that was so close well done oh man I wanted to finish him off with my tiger Cannon but uh it was too slow Hoover and everything else all right let me just Hoover all of this Mighty Seven has revived Im in the desert okay great all right so that was a quick look at gunfire reborn which is available right now on Xbox and its on Xbox or PC game pass as well so if you have Game Pass you can try it out for yourself right dang now uh thank you so much for watching this video brought to you by outside Xbox and sponsor 505 games like And subscribe if you enjoyed this and well see you next time see ya bye steam deck mod manager Sponsored Content: Gunfire Reborn is out now on Xbox and PC Game Pass! 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