Gunfire Reborn Livestream | So this game SLAPS?!

When was steam boat willy madesteam uninstall GUNFIRE REBORN game do you see on the Discord I set up this disc uh YouTube Discord bot that uh will post when a video goes live which is super cool that is cool it took me a minute to figure it out because theres a bunch of Discord Bots for twitch that will do that but I had to find one that obviously would work for us that was pretty cool all righty we out here Im gonna post on the channel on the Discord actually streaming some and fire reborn if anyone wants to that Louise us oh shoot wait there we go all right whats this game about uh you be a little Boxy Boy and uh and you do and uh and you do stuff my I have an FPS counter which I dont feel like I normally have and my FPS is 144. oh my God all right nice Marty the tutorial took like five seconds so if you havent done it yet just do it its like literally the shortest tutorial ever Im already in the matchmaking screen all right cool oh theres like dodging okay cool Music foreign this is not what I expected from this game no I Ive never I mean its been a minute since Ive actually seen gameplay of it so you give me a second Im gonna turn off some play begin all right okay so I can pick up a different gun cool no secondary skill thats cool foreign that is weird that does feel odd uwalla thanks for joining the uh Discord glad to have you yeah seriously oh I got this yes this one this one while uh weve seen obviously on Xbox and a lot of people are like oh this game is so good came out on PCA like a little over a year ago and it was awesome and so it came to Game Pass we covered in the monthly and we were always like be really fun to play a couple sessions of it it doesnt look like a game you need to like play for hours so here we are giving it a shot so far its a cute little game about guns and fire being reborn and kung fu fighting and Im a little Panda Boy foreign Music Okay cool so Im in matchmaking I think yeah lets add each other Im looking at all the different uh people you can play as so Im gonna go ahead and invite you oh wait you cant use multiplayer to do to your account account settings uh-oh well lets fix that up where are my settings at so then how do I there we go settings oh yeah the SPs is at the front at the top thats funny um I think I gotta go to quit actually yeah okay abandoned Adventure thats what I did and then it gave me a whole bot to do this whole lot to this game holy guacamole okay yeah it hes still got a little bit of stuff to get through I dont see in the settings where Im definitely in the settings okay yeah so now Im in matchmaking oh yeah I can switch hero cool yeah but we dont have any other ones yet okay oh dang what I want the cool rabbit girl yeah I do some pretty cool ones I cant find any settings where it says whether you can play with someone else oh yeah well I think there is something here it says matchmaking level requirement not met at least play is required for matchmaking level 10 though lets see lets do a run and see how much we level up yeah the uh series well let me see if I can invite you let me just see what happens if I invite you it says lack of multiplayer permission for me all right so I see I see it maybe matchmaking is just like you know like playing with randoms maybe we can get joining your lobby yeah I think maybe we can just join us but like to like play with randoms maybe you need to be yeah that will be it which is awesome I love this I love this big Panda play I wish I could place it unable to join game at this time it may be full or close maybe we should Google this really quick dang it did not expect this yeah I know what the heck I do like the I like the uh atmospheric lightning right now must start a new event from the main menu to enter our lobby other players can be by the library youre playing okay theoretically quick did you do a first run really quick and then just died yeah thats what people are saying is you have to do like one run really quick you need to be level 10 for a matchmaking we ran okay heres a YouTube video I just saw that and I hate these disgusting games the thunder sound overlays a bit of your voices tiny bit louder than the okay thanks for that Walla yeah let me go in and uh just lower this volume in general nope not that low lets put it at like 55. all right that should be a little better let me know if thats better I think it was just also just loud in that many well so I didnt I I didnt go to like the net stage so let me just Im in I started an adventure so Im gonna go and like stage one now yeah we dont have to be level 10 to play with each other so thats good its just a matter of how do we get this to work okay so then now Im gonna quit Adventure I do have a private team set maybe no that wouldnt be it I dont think all right I definitely yeah I do have a private team as well yeah Im gonna go ahead and add you let me do settings maybe maybe theres something in the settings I looked in the settings it wasnt anything there okay and joining your lobby lets see hey there he is you joined oh nice lets go cool alrighty lets get it I just need you to ready up all right crisis of curtains thats amazing love to see it cool its very floaty yes I feel that we could probably we could probably fix that right away in the settings I would think Im gonna do that right now LW 791347910 said Ive been trying to get my friends to play this since we liked um Ro R2 what is that thats Ro R2 right down here to look sensitivity down to 50 youll enjoy it more okay um what game are you mentioning there Im Im failing at the acronym that youre going for here uh r-o-r-2 it sounded like a brain tube risk of rain too nice um controller hey what did you do vertical yeah I know I just went straight to some of the settings then I just did um controller and then Zoom sensitivity and looks I did look sensitivities at 25 and zoom sensitivity is at 50. and thats all it took and I feel pretty good about it okay let me do that I dont have look sensitivity I have horizontal sensitivity okay soon sensitivity would you put that at 50. uh dont go all the way to the right I went to the just the first controller option you see what Im saying theres two controller options on your screen on the top you got gameplay controller video audio controller okay yeah so you just went down there its under gameplay no gameplay and then theres a controller and then a video and then an audio and then a controller theres like two controllers for some reason Im mine yeah no thats not on mine mine I just have the right the far right controller thats odd okay DVD you had it at 50. yeah and look sensitivity at 25. I dont think I have look sensitivity thats annoying why do we have different options thats really weird I dont know on its up to you sensei uh uh huh yeah thats really weird thats fine I didnt feel yeah this is a little better okay lets get it leg get it um yeah risk of rain too is like one of our favorites really really good game um cant say much about this one its the first time playing it so oh I got a headshot oh my God yeah I like the feel of it bro yeah it is really cool nice headshot bro I know its really cool actually feels very arcady which I like yes ninja invincibility do we share pants you can press up to share Im gonna do that uh its just me being like hey bud oh wait no no that was that was another one oh nice okay so if I pick one up girl yes I picked one out this one oh what thats cool yeah thats a cool little feature I like that yeah Im gonna get a little clip of that all right continue on our way so B is Dodge or okay its like a dash dont forget your abilities oh yeah thats right so they researched on a cooldown whats the idea I think the L1 does I think the r r one does not watch out this guys big did you did you pick up that extra gun that just dropped I shared it oh nice thank you Sharon is carrying bro so now I got one with small ammo how do you switch guns oh why okay uh why nice whats this oh sharing is caring nice gobble ever find a mysterious energy pick up to enhance power ooh its just like a roguelike systems okay okay oh God sign me up um okay so heck smoke enemies affected by smoke grenade will deal okay enemies of everybody smoke grenades energy orb friezas duration I dont know if I we dont have do we have smoke grenades I dont know if I have smoke grenades Im gonna do the initial freezes duration whats the energy orb Im gonna do the energy orb because its um its purple oh I think we do have well we I think we do have bows yeah I think we do have both I think the energy over is one of the other abilities that we have and then the yeah I think our energy orbit is L1 and our smoke coordinate by BRB okay lets get in there Mysteries that we must settle during our time gunfire reborn stage two long link Tim tone tune direct I missed oh okay yeah bro yeah okay so that so so I picked the duration of that so yeah when I pick when I get someone theyre gonna be stuck a lot longer yeah thats cool nice well you can dodge an air bro yeah how do you dodge again uh B Ane this is actually kind of fun it is awesome theres like poison on the ground wait for me oh I got both of them oh nice thats cool share oh we got a bunch of us oh lets go yeah you can cut it thats so cool you can give you the option yeah I think its really nice it could just be an absolute jerk oh I got a sub machine gun bro oh no way should be on the right I think I shared it okay let me see maybe I didnt well I did though no I dont think I see it bummer sorry dude its all good all right obviously gonna share this bad boy oh nice okay cool another little thing or gains 200 base damage after casting energy the next shot gains plus 300 weapon damage yeah Im just going to do an energy work build honestly oh yeah I can like if you press left on the d-pad I can see like the stuff that youve picked up and everything thats really cool all right so you can have like one of each ammo type for guns nice thats cool like theres three ammo types you have one of each I like that foreign actually oh what is this you can hold three weapons yeah yeah because you got three ammo types nice oh yeah I have a this is like an energy gun hey dude this is the thing yeah this game is awesome bro lets go dude look at this dont wait thats the gun I just got yeah wait is this better than mine our Venom plus three bro yeah my thats the one I just got too yeah you should pick that up too because then youll have I think I think I have the shotgun and then the regular gun and then this one and thats all three different animal types our little babies little beetles nice I got a chest over here bro oh look theres a Craftman right there give me a weapon hurry up and say what you want to say manler stay away from me I think youre talking to the Craftsman on this thing I guess I guess so youre right yeah give me a weapon requests get a rant give give and get a random weapon how much money do I have I think Im gonna try to do that lets see oh frenzy shark shared it Im gonna swap that for um my other gun yeah cool oh heres the Craftsman he can enhance your guns for you uh okay got it so okay so thats those are two different things yeah I just put up my aura Venom to plus four now oh and you can only pick one thing when you do that that the thing I just oh this is a this is a grenade launcher hello thats amazing oh look something yeah I got one wait different weapons have like come with like an ability like my aura guy has a built has an ability actually what is it LT no wait what is LT on this oh yeah it has like an alternate fire oh so thats amazing okay yeah Im gonna bring up that guy because hes really good I dont have enough money though because I picked up the other weapon damn Im gonna bring up my friendship shark its kind of cool okay lets get it lets get it oh my god dude this grenade launchers popping off this is crazy forensic shark here thats a grenade launcher I have a bullet Bank picking one up of those dude I got like a triple comeback a little extra gun all right so what are those what are the triple comeback things that I just picked up then oh theyre on your occult scroll screen so the triple combat minus 50 magic speed and Max shielded armor by gained two extra revised oh thats cool I probably should have been reading what they said all picked up ammo we automatically converted to the currently equipped weapons type okay thats nice what do we have here in the Golden Goblet oh I can nice energy orb Ive gotten level two on one of my abilities that Ive been using yeah Ive just Ive only been picking energy orbs so oh theres like a little skill tree to the energy over thats kind of cool okay continuing moving on and were about to hit the boss probably yeah stage four I think we have one more uh theres like a mini bus over there I think oh dang wait Im almost done I probably shouldnt maybe I can drop that one that I got because yeah give me less else nice theres some boys up there and going for him dude the old fire on that one gun is so sick oh metal ammo okay lets go Im in trouble dude Im about to go down Im coming I went a little too aggressive I think oh my god dude this is insane I have seven HP but like Im just like living off of my shield I need to get my rocket launcher in that corner there lets go dude all right you nailed it this is a scorching rounds plus two lets see if its better than my no its not bad I got a level three Advanced shield now wheres that from thats cool okay cool theres another chest up top too so nice what did I trade that for no I traded for my friends eat shark no I want the friends eat sharks can I trade it for discounts no I cant trade it for that this is the one where you could trade things in for money nice all right let me do some of this stuff okay ooh energy blade after guessing the nest shot Kings blood from plus 400 weapon damage and deal sandwich thats very nice yeah cool I wonder how we break that I think you have to have an ability yeah all right so wait wheres the uh wheres the other wheres the other shows up up on top of that like uh up there oh yeah I see okay this guys just selling stuff nice okay request upgrade inscription request re-roll inscription whats he selling good stuff its a bunch of weapons I bought his cup his magic bun that gave me some healing oh nice so thats large ammo so what do I have I have two large ammo weapons and then I have a oh you cant you cant maybe you cant trade out your initial weapon huh yeah I dont think you can interesting because it has infinite ammo that makes sense yeah so I might want to trade out for this Argus oh wait no I want one of these guys okay yeah I kind of want something with normal ammo thats why dont I have these these two have large ammo yeah okay once theres no more ammo this guy looks really cool oh yeah thats nice cool all right wait then let me do the chest up there I didnt do it yet because I wanted to see what what I could buy first okay what do we got no way I dont have enough money now thats right all right Im good oh you then you had a sniper rifle that looks kind of cool huh yeah I did have a sniper I didnt use it though that frog is really cute its funny because this game has a very like low poly art style I love it but the the gameplay is really good the little pull their arms sound like a little mixed on but oh here we go dude our first watch oh nice lets go the Eternal oh we got the Peddler here you better buy that bun bro yeah nice good call and then what is this guy the Craftsman I dont have enough money okay nice I got a good combo so one of my weapons is plus 50 weapon damage against enemies affected by Decay and this and that weapon specifically causes shock and then my other weapon causes Decay and it gets increased if the enemy is shocked so I just need to keep constantly going back and forth I think I think were running the same two weapons right now which that works thats funny yeah yeah youre running the star divor and then the aura Venom yep yeah yeah I looked at that too and I was like that sounds really good my skill tree Ive only done stuff on on the orb what have you done on the smoke or just the orb two I did only on the orb I have my Advanced Shield all the way up to three and then my energy Bolt wheres the I havent gotten the advanced Shield option Ive been doing energy Bowl energy blade and then the energy bolt and then I have one on the enhancement oh I do lets get it all right lets get it Im gonna start with my Venom you start with your shot yep its very cool oh dang this is an arena bro oh whoa dude oh dang this guys crazy oh what this is legit lets get it oh hes going down quick oh crap get out of there get out there oh hello AJ broke my chain in like seconds this is amazing bro dude the star Devore is so sick we got to get his uh uh theres minions theres minions yeah I see him I see him theyre suicide bombers I think oh damn its Shannon wait he just literally he he got me was one shot dude so careful I I was able to come back to it because I had a triple comeback oh nice thats huge yeah oh yep yep there goes your boy so I gotta revive yeah I can revive I can revive okay I had enough stuff to revive I dont know thats nice oh crap dude okay wait I gotta let my star Devar cooled out all right were good I think you just hide behind a pillar if he starts yeah yeah Im throwing my orb lets go dude look that was so cool yeah it was cool because he like froze it that was awesome oh Im in trouble Im getting away from me switch to start over hes got the red yep we got green shock um watch out yep minions minions crap Im Im killing minions Im also hurry bro hes on me okay Im switching I got you bro heels down Shields down oh hes coming from me bro hes coming from me oh shoot that was Douglas all right triple come back baby I got him Im down can you be around to revive me dude nope hurry dude Im almost out Im coming Im coming Im coming oh  __  how do everybody get a bomber on you oh youre done oh hes gonna go oh no oh can I come back wait I cant revive I cant ride I got it okay so you just gotta beat him we just gotta beat him theres some ggs in the chat for your boy honestly youre so close dude you got so many bombers on you though watch out these are grenades bro user grenades okay I just gotta get him now oh god dude no Ill get him oh my God he did it okay lets go dude dang wasnt breeding the last second there that was crazy bro jeez come on that was crazy all right so you can uh Ill be revived in the next ACT automatically okay cool cool I did a scroll right theres a bunch of stuff up to your left right there well Im sharing it but theres nobody in the show all the remaining skill cooldowns okay uh Golden Goblet predominance have to kill an enemy affected by an elemental effect oh yep that sounds really good piercing Flame what ammos this Special ammo piercing Flame man I just like my two weapons so much so Im gonna try to test it out on oh you can yeah you can uh you can use you can use a scope on one of these weapons the on on the sniper which is kind of cool all right I think thats everything all right lets get my boy up thats kind of cool that its like Nets Act thats good dude dang that was honestly Wild that was awesome the really cool box there we go felt like he can rest here do a do you have full health there you go yeah nice pretty cool I want that puppy like  __  he looks amazing oh shoot oh then these guys are a little uh a little beefier hey man were in the second act now bro yeah thats right whoa big guy right here bro oh dang dude Im going down quick from that guy Im out of here whoa yeah he puts the hurting on you foreign I got you thanks bro yeah the coyotes are like kind of strong against the lightning no theyre yeah theyre like stronger against lightning for some reason oh whos this guy hes a pain in my butt thats what he is hey that was legit yeah the rude awakening there nobody said gunfire reborn would be easy no they set the up that is that as a jabroni over here Craftsman oh I cant come through I I I I went through the door dang it its all good good call all right lets get it theres like one coyote guys Im over here the old fire is just so cool oh yeah we got another whats kind of using all fire on the green gun how do you do the alt fire um L2 they just oh yeah okay yeah it unloads your whole clip its super dope whoa dude that guy gets you good yeah dude thats what Im saying hes crazy oh crap Im down Im down I got hit by fire I got you dont interrupt me thank you oh God he was behind you he was about to get me too I like that the levels are like a little open its kind of cool they got me using my my abilities on coyotes right now what the heck going hard dude get the light go hard in this game bro seriously what is that gotta cry its a Craftsman bro oh gosh youre killing trucks sorry Mr Frog I feel the lizard guy was cool fire lizard okay wait now we can touch the Frog the other guy thats my house looking could buy one of those buns grenades I cant buy guns I think he only sells the same three guns actually so it doesnt really matter all right Im gonna just buy some houses might as well yeah about the bun Gotta Give me some of that bow bun bro bro do you see how many there are were in trouble dude this is where the rubber hits the road Im not leaving this rock right now oh they can dodge really well actually oh dude another one two of those big guys are in here bro okay oh new gun not done to look at it though oh Im out of ammo its not going  __  oh bro were in trouble I know Im bringing them to you Im out of here Im trying to bring them to to like some some bombs using the environment on these guys all right one guy said behind you bro this way all right Im circling back to get some ammo what is this wait what that looks amazing I got I got you I got you that guy sucks careful though uh uh make sure like should I get you or the guy or the guy real quick oh okay now give me give me okay nice nice theres a dog right next to me you got it you got it oh I was so close oh oh Im down oh I think that was my fault okay one sec oh my God theres a freaking hey I got you guys all right Tails were in the middle of an intense gunfire reborn gunfight no we do not do the full time we both have full-time jobs we we push it though we push it this is uh its pretty much sure okay oh my God bro what the frick was that room that wasnt saying Emily was Brandon said the other day how many hours a week do you think you work on co-opro stuff oh man I dont know I mean between like the screen like playing like when we play we play like social glimmering thing is pretty good looking dude I know I think I might I dont know what the swap it for though I mean its plus four is it I would swap it for my electric personally okay then and then okay you do that I dont know we should one we should okay okay because my electric is my plus too okay my electric is my plus two nine plus four is my is my purple is my my girl yeah my aura of Eminem is plus four my green yeah no you dont mind answering Im actually a full-time uh math teacher which is pretty crazy to think about um my students my students all the time ask me uh um about what I would do if I wasnt a math teacher and I always joke that I would be a YouTuber youre like Mr no way thatd be awesome you know you idiots and sometimes Ill be like would you guys believe me if I had a YouTube channel with 20 000 subscribers and they were like that would be crazy oh that is really funny um Im a graphic designer for work I do packaging design uh mostly in branding and other  __  its its why our Channel looks so professional and designed for this channel which is nice too thats a real passion making thumbnails oh wow thats a good question um man what what I guess if you go if you dont include the actual playing the game then I would say between script writing cutting footage um getting the audio done so like are saying our lines and then me actually editing Id say like what thats like a 12 to 15 hour process depends on the size of the video you know depends on the size of the video okay so Im Im uh Im torn my Venom is three and my lightning weapon is plus two but your but your Venom is three oh your Venom is four thats like tribute should I you know its like I dont think I should then you have to sacrifice it dude oh yeah no I mean if you know if I mean yeah I would say that I should keep my Venom because its plus four and then if you have to decide do you wanna five or plus four or Venom plus three no lets do that lets do that Ill Ill keep my lightning so then that way you have a Venom and not have lightning one of we have to keep that that for sure yes yeah uh uh well it is like being Batman but yeah Im saying what would you say bro it takes like 10 hours ish between script writing cutting me editing Id say 10 to 15 hours for a video yeah no thats right the guys part of playing the game yeah I would I would say thats thats a lot theres no doubt theres a reason that we can I mean last year we got pretty close to essentially averaging a video a week which is like when I think about that Im just like how how did I physically pull that off I genuinely dont know oh I just got a 40 plus lightning damage taking that nice um Im looking at this other weapon over here because its a plus three a three round burst where the third shot is a guaranteed crit after killing an enemy plus 50 lucky shot Chancellor next well I appreciate that thank you very much we work we work we work tirelessly to make sure that it is a certain level of quality yeah thats for sure no I gotta have I gotta I know I gotta keep the lightning all right cool Im in some inside baseball we obviously let out that our game our 2022 in gaming and obviously that was a very long video and so long it was fun over here nice there was definitely points where I realized I could have made it a I could have finished it faster but at BLS like a lower quality video where its just like we were just putting like stock footage with us talking stock footage with us talking and I was like no Im gonna take the time and make this even though I knew it wasnt gonna be viewed a lot I was like gonna take the time and make it a good video all right here we go dude oh dang the fire is kind of dope we just we just cruised through that guy yeah that was awesome well I really I really appreciate you saying that well that means yeah that means a lot to us honestly and we have a great Community everyones always super supportive of us yeah weve actually found on that note we have had a weird thing lately where its not like people are being mean but weve had more views and like our channel has been getting a lot more like uh new people and we have had uh more people that like arent our usual audience that are commenting on our videos Sometimes good sometimes negative but it is kind of its weird were used to like being such a tiny little Channel and now were getting like a lot of just like total not strangers I guess everybodys a stranger but I dont know you know what I mean bro yeah its like its almost like the the aperture has has expanded so its like were gonna have you know were gonna be exposed to so many more people that naturally brings in you know a lot of different takes whereas like before its like it was you know we had a lot of people that were obviously really about it and you know I think I think at best a lot of people the uh uh people give us good feedback and thats great but then you know every once in a while we got a couple we got a couple Trolls but its its its a occupational hazard you know thats exactly right its all on the job its in the job description desert worm yeah I got him I got another Power bro desert power I kind of wish you could uh oh what is the Deftones thing I dont know got it for killing 22 coyotes yeah same I like how agile the enemies are its kind of cool I do kind of wish we were a little bit more agile I know you got to use that Dash a lot yeah like I wish we could do like flips or like bounce off things like thatd be really cool just to speak to the whole like Kung Fu I wonder if like other characters would have that you know yeah like different moving abilities oh here we go yeah definitely on shooting wont consume any ammo for the next two seconds after killing an enemy or destroying an item I really like this at this oh you got a guy like right on you bro yeah I didnt know where yet dang oh crap I thought it said the portal was open what the heck no nice nice I should be good yeah youre good youre good all right left Im down yeah Im down shoot shoot shoot shoot yeah I mean youre not gonna get me its already over oh dang it dude what the heck Music dang you got off big old group of people too I know dude gotta watch that guy hey we have been really really lucky of like almost all of our comments are super positive use it the most common comment we get is people being like cant believe this channel hasnt blown up yet Honestly though oh were like well then make it happen dang Im dead that was crazy I I like died now yeah I died as I was shooting my bolt too oh I was about to get that guy dang that sucked all right so I mean it was awesome Talent yeah okay so that that stuff that I used to revive myself now I dont have as much of it for this part thats interesting okay interesting okay so I can do skills battle survival Im gonna do survival gives you more HP and shield okay oh Im gonna get the exploration one for US gain the ability to break glowing cracks and access the Vault oh wow this is amazing yeah that was when we when we created the channel LW it was it was like we just we you know we played games together all the time and I kind of brought up the idea of doing it and we just realized there was nobody that really focused on Co-op so it was just it was it was a need yeah there was which we kept up oh and these are new things you can find later on I think mm-hmm oh yeah Ill buy I want him yeah so wait how do you get these guys so then you read time level five so once we get 10 15 20 25 would be our first guy 25 is um yeah okay so we got to level five 25 is the is a doggy oh you could save up 600 to buy the owl guy or oh no this is like the bird guy I cant see their names cannot see there I have no idea how to say their names I dont think you have to save up I think you just have to get to that Talent level oh yeah well some of them have um some of them sets like requires 400 of that currency that you used to level up with uh okay so some you get from leveling up some you have to pay for yeah and thats interesting cool cool run it oh yeah so I got like a bunch of things that I unlocked I guess just oh thats cool so a lot of the stuff that we got was like we did stuff during the game and thats when it unlocked a bunch of stuff so thats and now well have that in future oh yeah yeah so yeah so different guys have different abilities yeah so like yeah like the sort of green bird guy has a a leap ability so he leaps forward was a hard kick thats like his ability instead of the orb actually oh dang the dog has uh dual wield build two weapons at the same time oh shoot dude oh shoot I want that bro oh dang in the the bunny has a a sorts out and shes multiple Flying Swords but this is so sick this games awesome yeah Im digging it all right lets get out there bro I told Gabe recently we were talking about the channel and I said like my my uh my like little vision right now in my head and it kind of like changes over time its like I kind of want us to almost be like the digital Foundry of Co-op where like people will review a game and theyll be like oh but like performance just go to digital Foundry like its not my thing like theyre so good at it and Im I love to be like one day were listening to a review well explain it explain what uh what digital Foundry is oh yeah in case you dont know what digital Foundry is its like its a channel that literally just reviews games based off of performance and theyre really good at it so like so much so that its like industry-wide you watch a review and theyll be like yeah but dont worry about me on performance like a digital Foundry covered it and they do such a better job like thats how good that they are at what they do so I just love the idea of like one day not anytime soon someone literally being like yes but if you if you want to know more about the co-op I didnt get to play it but the co-op Rose did and theyre really good at covering co-ops so go check out their review like that would be such a cool amount yeah thatd be awesome oh look theres um theres a theres a purple thing over here dude so how do we do it did you get the triple comeback I just got that where did we shared it over there maybe you didnt see it or didnt get it this crack leaves the ball to the Vault after breaking you can enter the Vault to search for lost treasures no I dont think I saw it dude thats interesting okay I discovered it you want to go give it a shot I mean why not yeah lets do it its got two swords on it so wait so so what did you have to do to open that I just had to hit it oh now I have the ability I just had to hit it right right Im guessing this is like an extra little room yeah that we can use to be like okay you want to get some more right stuff youre gonna have to fight through this little wave on 360 no scoping people was this was a sniper yeah I think I think far uh LW its like when we first started we didnt really have that perspective of like lets just specifically go through the pros and the cons of cut ooh Co-op and now were kind of like weve more focused on that like yes you could get a full review out of a game from watching us but like more so youre here to hear about the co-op in a full review yeah exactly I think that maybe we dont share things all the time because you just picked that up and I did not I wasnt able to get it the magic watch yeah um yeah I think lets suppose make sure yeah lets lets both make sure we hit up and then lets see lets see next time yeah what happens yeah I guess we can just go back now thats kind of cool yeah so its like a little extra power yeah the sensitivity on the scope is uh whack uh wait I think my gains Frozen oh yeah thats not good yeah connection loss damn okay all right Ill exit six it does suck we didnt lose connection on on the stream though did we know thats weird and were still going on Discord yeah its always weird the sound when you die yeah thats funny all right whats the armory oh these are just like all the stuff weve unlocked cool theyre a place where I can like make my character look different foreign let me know when you can send me an invite Im liking the weird screen I guess I can do new adventure but like I dont know where I do like switch it up right right here theres an Armory thats cool you can go and look at your Armory yeah like all the stuff youve unlocked let me invite you Im in offline mode weird yeah the game looks like some weird like menu stuff and its kind of accident at the game it feels like overly complicated for some reason 505 games develops this that sounds super familiar yeah I I think theyre like a big developer theyve done like more stuff or did a publisher thats awesome well Im glad that youre using us to get your friends use my body thats the goal I dont know about that okay all right go ahead and I was still in offline mode no Im not okay Im inviting you okay maybe Im not in it uh no yeah I see you invite lets see thats awesome I mean thats the goal is we just like we just figured you know youre trying to convince your friends to play a game but like you send them the IGN review and the iTune review doesnt talk about the co-op at all yeah its like well thats not gonna help a whole lot so like what if there was a review that you could send your friends to be like this is what the co-ops like then that convinces them its funny because like get it ready yet its funny because like when you know before the channel and everything like we would do that like where wed be like you know wed send each other like IGN reviews and stuff like that and then wed have to like both equally dive through like many different articles to figure out like what the game is like and like how does the club work how easy is it to play together how do you play together well especially especially because I mean thered be plenty of times where we buy gaming and then like the co-op was not at all what we expected yeah were super disappointed when you spend money on something like that foreign I never know when its like and then like over yeah then just like a couple Japanese just come around the corner and Im like oh hey guys Ill just have to assume its not over yeah yeah honestly thats like killed me last night so thats what killed me last time all right I just so like we got this fire Cannon here oh and oh good we got a lot of stuff I Im sharing all this first Im sharing as well okay so Im picking up the tiger Cannon 50 for the first shot of magazine picking that up oh wait wait you definitely took the tiger Cannon and that for me uh what the heck I definitely could share with it I think Cher is just showing other people okay what happened when we first started maybe you maybe like let me try let me try let me try and then you press up on it maybe like I dont know you definitely just took it too okay all right here we go here we go uh Ill take this tire Cannon because you already got a touch oh you know what it was I think its duplicates it first I think when you first unlock something it duplicates it but if you already unlocked it you know you know what I mean so the tiger Cannon we just unlocked for the first time so thats why there was two of them okay thats interesting that makes sense yeah weirdly not as played though I do think the Golden Goblet we both get though yeah I guess its just yeah it says Cher which is like a weird thing its just yeah theyre against lets assume that the word chair means ping yes I mean exactly okay let me look at my weapons I might go for a different element here I got the Aurora 2 and then the tiger Cannon neither of them have elements so never mind energy orb gains plus two I have to kill them if I dependental energy over the place the same element as your current weapon oh that sounds very cool actually okay Im gonna try that this time around I do want to go do the little thing over here yeah lets do it the game that really pushes over the edge where we were finally like okay we need to do something about this was when we played when we were trying to figure out about Monster Hunter world was bad but where it was like everybody and their mom was like you go to play Monster Hunter world and Co-op but nobody actually like talked about what that experience was really like yeah and like especially it being this game that like neither was a played and its like a long running series is it was all sorts of complicated that it okay nice all right so Decay do you have a Decay gun no I have a different thing on here actually I have a flight I know I have an element I have an element for five oh you do yeah I have a whole different web uh thing I have a whole different scroll mine says wait wait thats what happened watch wait wait watch Im gonna share mine and now can you see it yeah oh wait but do we only get to pick one or yeah well sharing is saying hey if this isnt in your world now it is and now we can pick between the two uh oh that makes so much sense okay all right so I mean I guess probably flowing wind because neither of us have a Decay weapon right while moving the faster no no no no now one of us will get one and the other one will get the other one is whats happening really thank you all I appreciate that while moving the faster you move glad you did add new games the less while moving the faster you moves the less damage you take up to 20 I mean its honestly not that good but plus 20 movement speed for three seconds after reflecting Decay um I mean theyre not like the craziest thing so you can just just take the purple Ill take the blue its not a big deal that works yeah Im not gonna go for a Decay weapon then so like thats just saying youre gonna go for this yeah so if theres fire Decay give it to me okay cool yeah what do I have right now I got an update for fire I have enough uh no I dont have yeah right now Im Im like Im Im a blank slate were good cool yeah so we can get like electric on you thatd be great yeah thatd be sick I gotta I got a cool ability that Im excited to try out like the when I now when I when I shoot an orb whatever element like I have on the current weapon the orb will take that element its kind of cool this SMG is actually uh incredible probably just be saving my ammo though honestly ooh whats this Argus Argus is not bad bullet spread what is a tiger Cannon I havent shot it yet oh no definitely keeping that thats cool okay move the rocket launchers ridiculous yeah it definitely is really nice I agree with that who is this better than my Angelic War right now no well its okay so did this pop up in your world the Angelic War I just dropped I just like I guess its on the corner Golden Goblet against enemies affected by Elemental effects after the next shot and Deals okay I gotta do that one thats too good you pick up the the purple SMG Underground can you hear me dude I dont know if Andrew all right I got me I got me I got muted okay youre good youre good but um yeah I picked it up Im going for an elemental build too at this point so nice yeah that that ones really good well the purple gun I dont think that I dont think that one has an element but its a really nice SMG its really good but probably havent gotten any Elemental guns yet yeah no the thing is so good dude hanging dude yeah you just light through these guys holy crap foreign I wish I can run along this wall oh we got a gun here the wild Hunt oh its nothing really share it oh yeah let me share it yes I just popped up in my world thats cool so like do you see this one yes I do okay cool uh yeah neither of them are special now okay this is the fire finally actually let me change it out my rocket launcher yeah I think Im gonna change it out of my rocket launcher too then Ill change it out when we think I grabbed it I I got two fire weapons oh hey here here yeah let me give you one of them let me give you one let me give you maybe drop it and share it yeah I got you watch there you go um yeah that one is good never mind Ill probably just keep my rock concert you could do your two fires okay oops and there we go now Im ready to go all right lets get it oh baby so wait what are you ready now two fire weapons and I get bonus fire damage and Elemental damage all right lets go dude oh nice and a vault boot oh nice and a chest and opening the chest real quick ooh plus 80 fire damage lets go dude nice thats like Dude can I re-roll these if I wanted to no ooh this ones got a wolf face on it after killing an enemy Ive had to find Elemental effect nice Im gonna try to proc though because even if I dont have element then you do okay Im entering the vault Im already in here bro yeah Im with you oh big guy okay hello Elite needle I know I had a big wolf face on it yeah  __  you The Beatles sucked he just like rammed into the into the wall thing that was amazing nice good call Bro Im freezing it look at his alternator it is coming beetles okay one of you is sending a constant buzzing sound oh yeah I was hearing that too wasnt sure what that is either once we get a break yeah thank you maizu appreciate that nice thats so cool dude what is this weapon illusion oh I think I might just paid that for my rocket launcher I dont think I am yeah you are yeah I dont think I am because when I look at my OBS I dont have like any like undertone going on you know my like audio thing yeah let me look its definitely part of the game because when I like took it off it it like when I went away yeah I think it might just be an audio glitch in the game then which is unfortunate sorry guys yeah its definitely in the game is it loud its not loud on my end at least hopefully its just not yeah I mean let me see its an audio effect maybe its that sound effects yeah its a sound effect because if I turn down all my sound effects in the game I dont hear it anymore um interesting well Im just going to turn on my phone if its a little bit its a good idea and then thats fine yeah I cant hear my guns arent as punchy but um guala says its not too loud yeah Ill do Ill do my sound effects at like 50 percent oh okay let me see what I no I dont want this gun unless it is a is it a fire now its not okay and Moroccan launcher is super sick right now honestly bro where we got oh damn dude I got three options here holy yeah I did I did two okay Elemental weave after swapping weapons element to effect will always be triggered for the next three seconds I cant share any of these other I guess Im just gonna pick them up yeah I think you just can pick him up oh you think about three or only one like only one yeah I Im glad I picked up the legendary one then yeah Im gonna do that too interesting cool cool all right we got a chest over here oh no we didnt marry up and then its funny because at first I like didnt notice in the night when you its like one of those things where its like when you notice it then you really notice it um Get Wrecked Im like just popping freaking headshots like its nothing right now I know its nice nice okay whats this weapon here thats just another wild Hunt look at these Wilds dude this aint the Witcher come on now come on now oh okay you get prison yeah watch out for that big guy hell get you yeah oh I got a purple squirrel shooting wont consume any ammo for the next two ooh fire you guys bro okay Ill take the fire enthusiasts wait what did you share share with you got because I dont see the other one oh here let me share with you you get Deft hands nice cool what is the fans again shooting wont consume any ammo for the next few seconds after yeah nice thats cool dude this is gonna be legit I like it infected by the fire but it creates a lifesteal scenario what thats amazing yeah oh crap jamming to The Witcher playlist thats amazing from what game another Witcher 3 has really good music we used to um I used to live with this guy in um who did DND he was like my dungeon masters name was Tyler and uh he would play The Witcher music um ooh let me get that shock he played The Wisher music when we would um when we would uh like enter like a battle it was really cool like the wizard music is great for for that too we got a chest over here goblets yeah so what do I have in my Ascension scroll right now its amazing okay yeah let me get the Craftsman too so now I have shock so what are some of the stuff I picked up after swapping weapons home until that will always be triggered for the next three seconds okay and then I have wildfire so that will proc okay cool cool so yeah Im fully going for um do you see that you see the Vault over here too nice how much money do I have Im gonna upgrade both of these nice I got both my weapons to plus three all right Im good to go the TV show nice and also rest in peace yeah still cannot believe I lit we like live in that world right now its so depressing were never were in the universe were Henry Cavill no longer plays The Witcher after after we still have a whole season of them thats the worst part I know we get to enjoy from our season knowing the whole time we wont have anymore dude I got I got I I got the upgrade where now I can throw an extra orb so nice its just like nice wow its just crazy that like whats it called that they would like botch that so bad like you got the guy and like you got to do anything in your power to make that man stay like that is what you do but Im like basically just gonna be at full health but super low Shield because Im constantly gaining health when Im doing damage but constantly losing Shield thats good thats gonna be real its gonna be real weird for me thats cool though that two Scrolls show up over here lets see what theyre okay yeah I showed one oh and I have another Argus thats all it is killing an Amy grants extra copper and has a chance to Grant supplies for secondary skills okay I mean its whatever you want it uh no I already got one so yeah thats all you hey babe youre on youre on uh yeah you want you got anything you want to say not in particular right here oh a triple Choice again oh here we go snow boots gained immunity to slow fats okay thats kind of nice plus 50 movement speed and damage when your Shield or armor is at zero dude wait that sounds really good for you uh I dont have that one we have different ones oh that sucks oh the watch theyre 32 chance to reset cooldowns when you use your primary skill or Dash okay your Shields are armors Etc and doubles the time and shield rest before recharging I guess I will take that got a good one cool lets get it this game is amazing yeah honestly super good I had no hello to the shot no well yeah one of the one of the people in chat who Wallace said no hello to the chat anything I say hello she says no but you know who will say hello welcome to the chat Brady the dog right in the middle of the room hes like this is me my name is Brady Im a puppies thats amazing buddy you saying hi to everybody look at him he sits like Winnie the Pooh hes right lady the dog man I dont have the auto tune for it all right here we go for you oh boss again dude all right lets get it oh wait oh you do you do have you have a you have triple okay thats good one of us needs to have three people come back yeah man I feel like our last I feel like our last one was really good yeah I think its because we were unlocking a lot of bass things you know what I mean yeah okay I think I can upgrade I think I can upgrade both my weapons dang Im one coin away from getting another gun and I really would like that delivering one dude what do you which one is it the glamoring one the wand oh what I dont have that in the shop what the heck maybe get different weapons in the shop I guess so man thats crazy all right Im gonna just upgrade both my weapons then cool all right Im right Im coming in here as two plus fours come on Brady is the best doggo and at the same the same time hes the worst doggone yeah theres been some horror stories there he is all right hey buddy hey Brady look hes looking right in the chat hes like hey Chuck all right here we go all right lets get it bro a game we got this Im gonna skip it I aint skipping this dude you gotta get pumped shorts cut scene of all time and so the burning begins hey get Frozen hey get Frozen I shall burn so that you shall burn crap crap crap crap this is very close to me whats he doing so many minions oh crap Im all out of ammo oh thats okay you killed you kill these guys and they drop ammo yeah oh crap I got hit by that dang it oh Im out of ammo too break okay I wish they yeah I wish we could run faster I gotta get this outside of the room come down oh dude Im all at him hello another name on both my guns give me Emma please okay here we go uh what what get behind something brother all right here we go Im getting some ammo and Im coming to you now hey yeah dont forget to use your grenades on them yeah yeah oh dang I got hit by that nice were killing them this time then yeah dude this this fire build is kind of amazing oh whoa he hit me hard Im down he hit me hard bro can you revive yourself yeah Im gonna do it Im gonna use it yeah for the team you got it bro Im 14 less on what I could have earned this round so keep that in mind bro oh true I forgot about that okay Im a hero never forget never forget oh wow I dont know how that didnt kill me to be honest nice biggie gotta love this game is amazing bro yeah its super super fun honestly oh dude theres a glimmer ring right here oh I got a star Devourer for plus three lets go whats that thats the electric one oh nice nice you get that out here I have a plus four plus four okay I just shared the glimmer ring yeah yep thats me dual Edge for each enemy killed increased damage dealt by one percent Ill take that whoa thats cool and then a goblet yeah I got the Dual Edge as well nice all right and unlock after killing an enemy oh yeah I gotta do this one for sure okay cool nice oh you watched a spin-off wallet thats crazy um you know I was like super interested in actually like originally I was like oh that looks really cool and um has a girl from uh I had the one from um everything everywhere all at once so I was like that sounds amazing um but yeah I just have heard that its not great um so prophecy for making it through but yeah I dont know after after the fat the double whammy of them you know um screwing things up with Henry and then the spin-off being not good its just like Netflix just totally dropped the ball on that its tough I mean especially with the Witcher 3 uh next gen upgrade like everybody loving that yeah like man I wish I could have actually played that thats true Ive been thinking about that I I Ive been Haiti six times now nice lets go bro um so Im almost done with that obviously I beat God of War I dont think Im gonna platinum in the end I might I might do like the main extra things and then just see where Im at on it yeah but I just dont know if I want to like sit down pull out the garden Platinum you know yeah it is a lot plus were gonna be were gonna be were gonna be in Hogwarts in no time exactly exactly for Hogwarts thats like the thing right now yeah I get that Massey mesu has a good uh little tip for us in here uh you should have an eye on weapon levels as well dont stick to low level weapons too long unless you really want to spend the gold to upgrade it so thats cool dude Im loving this fire wandy theres a sick weapon yeah so what is it is it its not the its not the glimmer ring its like a different one its like a wand like shooting fire out of a wand like a freaking Harry Potter already thats amazing dude another wild Hunt come on yeah at this point Im not picking up another weapon unless it is a plus four at least all right look around for a minute we got a chest at the back here we got A plus three tiger cannon not sure if you want it um no bus four and only now yeah thats right bro so amazing did you have you played gunfire or born then Im guessing all right lets go forward okay lets get it yeah its really cool like whenever I shoot my orb now its like its a lightning orb I think thats super sick actually and were popping off bro that was 1900. my fire one is just an absolute animal no I want to see what it looks like its so cool I just trapped here is a Calvary three so no oh hey look at it Rift Rift enter the drift all enemies turn into desert bore after being defeated probably have to kill him twice then maybe what Im guessing I think oh I have to find out I guess so these guys are theyre kind of Yep theyre definitely what happens its just a little its like the littlest enemy I think okay you guys are kind of beefy over here crap okay watch out for that big guy we got a big guy coming up to the left yeah I see him gonna hit him maybe like 20 hours so far but also sessions and bursts yeah I get that and we have a bandit on the left too yep on him getting that band at first yeah same I went for the one on the right my bad okay I realized I was on the right side of the map and I was like oh wait are you good can I grab this desert worm thanks for joining us always appreciate that you stay up late to keep us company yeah thank you youre the best well see you on the Discord later tomorrow oh Im gonna go down whoa almost just went down dude like we gotta get that sniper in the back you see what Im talking about oh Im out of ammo okay I gotta move in um which I two big boys uh oh yep now were in trouble dude this is a crazy room oh geez just kill these things next to us I guess dude Im doing like you guys are not going down okay we got through the armor yeah nice guy through the armor on these guys okay cool here Focus this guy swing it through his armor yeah yeah its like yellow that makes wait henchmans right here too Im flanking him this guys gonna have no armor dude get him again got him hes dead lets take out the henchmen while were here okay I got more ammo a little bit though not gonna last very long uh the two I think my web Yeah my two episodes are using the same ammo thats why all right lets get close and then I can uh oh theres more ammo for me too got him yep same and again nice you little invisible boys who Do You Think You Are wow whatever dude what a room yeah that was crazy I got oh dribble comeback I got persistent I think I already have triple combat right yeah you still have triple combat so Im gonna pick up triple comeback then but even his chip will come back actually I dont have it its you you dont have it okay you should put you should pick it up then it must be only for like this area then thats the one where uh you get two extra revives well I cant pick it up you already picked it up right oh yeah never mind um no Ill take this one good one anything else around here we can no I didnt see anything that went after the little thing up there yeah I need a I need a different weapon I wonder if you could sell weapons thatd be nice yes whats up yeah excellent game Choice mind you of the you know we know yeah I went and looked at that game and I found people who play who have like theres a basically like an online um Blood on the Clockwork like tool that someone made on like a web browser thing so whenever we do it well probably do it that way which looked really cool but um uh chaos if you havent already join our Discord we can talk some board games and you can help us set up that blood on the Clockwork stream if youre still around uh if not just uh when you watch this back ooh Craftsman guy watch out were probably in the middle of a fight here yep watch out dude yeah I got you oh yeah a bunch of guys up here big guy big guy big guy Im gonna Focus him okay I got him nice chew through that Shield lets go big sniper guy in the back Bandit retainer on him theyll let him get away hes off the shield hes off his shield cant find him hes in trouble oh god dude two big boys showed up she picks up Im getting like some rubber banding actually freezing the Bandit ooh whats that weapon no no cool though nice okay cool thats it right yeah uh is this a normal ammo create an explosion what that sounds amazing I think I might well you should take that yeah I think Im gonna change it for something else uh but theyre both normal ammo but thats fine come on the better than my Aurora its not but I got a Golden Goblet lets go now Im gonna keep my guns thats there then enemy energy will press one more charge yes please yeah dude thats the one I have its really good Im gonna go back to that guy back here um whats the Discord link um um go on our community tab or you can just go on like our link um our link tree like on our socials or I think its on the home page even of the YouTube page um but yeah if you want a quick way just go to the community tab we posted about it and um the invites right there but uh yeah it looks super cool I Im like super excited to to host that was with everyone I think itll be really financially um uh man none of these are really good smoke running capacity I guess thats kind of good thats your thats I think that the smoke grenade is the grenade that we have yeah yeah after using smoking it no actually this is pretty good afternoon smoke grenade plus 30 Max Shield thats actually pretty nice okay lets get it yeah I really want a different gun do you want to go upgrade your gun down there that guy are you good no Im just gonna keep my then Ill be harder nevermind I upgraded my image my fire wand because its kind of awesome nice I think its only stage two lets go dude crazy lets go for this Rogue villain on the right eyes down nice dont think we hit a thing on that Bandit hermit nice down on that desert worm you did all right on the fire in that coyote another hermit yeah on him he did its like a legitimately very good co-op game yeah it really is like very good well its cool because it really does feel like they they have gone out of their way to actually you know make it funding Co-op specifically which is great um shoes are red match choose the red magic potion chooses the blue magic potion thats too expensive yeah same they do me now Im saving up my moneys for a really good weapon I I like the weapons I have right now I just I just dont want to have two weapons is the same ammo panda hermit yeah I see him and then well go for the gunner in the back get that Gunner do you get that Gunner okay behind us behind us okay I got the Gunner nice another hermit right here oh dang dude wait I got sniped from somewhere hey you down no just really low house uh what what sniped me dude I just came back there its the worm oh dang geez all right it goes ooh I just got a poison weapon drop nice Im mostly a fire boy right now but maybe you should have this bro Ill take it if you want for sure let me see double up double weapon Elemental effect chance uh thats tough you can take my plus four Aurora if you want it um what are the what are all the things on your um poison one that you just got uh um double weapon Elemental effect chance third plus thirty percent damage against Elite bosses and then some crit stuff um you should take it you should take it yeah because I I desperately need a different weapon type so I appreciate that yeah no youre good bro and then oh I cant upgrade both of these up if I want to I might yeah Im going I got my I got my glimmering at plus five myself yeah I just got both of these at plus five nice well Im probably just gonna be sticking with these two weapons like I like how the the armor is like making us be like okay we gotta Focus that one because once you get past the armor they go back down really quick you gotta get that armor out of the way yeah and its like all color color coded well yeah yeah the yellow armor is more intense than the blue armor everythings got like a nice color coding to it Bandit retainer yo hes uh yellow the gun got him so you could definitely want to use a lot of grenades bro because thats what that does is youre gonna have double elemental power if you like hit more Decay on someone hmm yeah thats right so its like if you get more Decay on someone youre gonna get or you hit him with another Decay weapon I think the idea is yeah well get more for it oh wow that guy just went I will also be using as many grains as possible for oh yeah dude oh whoa were not done someone got me yep hes like turning me you need to check with me every time behind us Rogue villain I think thats the guy who got me yeah big guy big guy big guy Im coming back triple coming down yeah thats fine I was at super low house anyway from the last room okay nice he dropped some stuff too he dropped the ooh a plus four oh I just got hit I need to remind me oh never mind you got me oh yeah a level four Argus and I got a level four um piercing Flame since I went oh the sniper uh theres a theres a riff right here yeah and then theres a chest right here all right lets get the shots real quick and I havent gotten like two in a row of the same one I would like to have um acidic explosion enemies affected by smoke grenades explode after dying thats kind of cool after killing an enemy affected by an elemental effect less 60 percent rate of fire for 60 seconds Jesus insane I think Im gonna do acidic explosion so now I have let me see what I have nice thats cool okay youre in the rift you want to do it yeah lets do it all enemies transform into the desert poor okay okay yeah Maisie thanks for uh thanks for joining us and uh giving us some tips um thanks amazing like I said to chaos here if you havent joined our Discord um wed love to have you got a couple people in there already um talking about Club games Last of Us HBO show Lo-Fi music all sorts of stuff yeah so if you if you want the link for that go over to our community tab on our YouTube page and um thats the invite so no pressure though yeah no pressure you join if you want to join Ill check out get those lets get those technicians yep nice nice we both saw that were like oh dude and were getting so much copper from this bro oh Im down Im down Im down oh yeah that guy got me pretty good too big guy got me can you remind yourself or you cant no I cant dont bother oh no thats not gonna happen dude okay oh  __  bro oh Im out of ammo  __  oh  __  yeah lightsaber play safe you gotta you got invisible Bandit and the Bruiser yeah get that mother trucker hit him okay just one more one more oh my God jeez you cant you cant revive me until youre at a peddler though okay dang dude triple comeback bro came in clutch again Jesus its insane Im glad youre getting all powered up though this is insane bro all right what do we got um Hawkeye site thats kind of cool all weapons crit X however minus 50 damage when not drinking the crit hit oh I dont know if I want to pick that up all weapons crit plus plus 2X however minus 50 weapon damage when not triggering a crit hit weapons was a scope gained 2x Zoom oh yeah I dont know Im gonna pass on that thats a now yeah give me a peddler please you gotta go to the next area okay well at least Im a full house I aint come on give us the Peddler please I just got wrecked by that big guy dude he shot a cannon and it was like oh yeah no dude that thing was insane taking down my Shields like its nobodys business you got a guy thats just oh yeah damn I didnt see like a  __  these guys can sneak up on you really easily I get to watch you in third person so I saw it oh nice okay thats clutch you got a sniper in the back oh oh wait I cant provide myself all right Ill try to remind myself once theres a weapon guy but not a peddler here uh hey dude oh my ammo oh hes in my side yeah oh nice oh holy God dude that sniper is just waiting thats my number bro there you go they got they got just the sniper just a sniper okay you got your ability up Id say yeah because youre not gonna be able to get a shield down there you go there you go get in there were gonna get in there oh my God Barbara come on please just ask this guy nicely could you please can be my friend back Id do anything to get to my friend back you gotta have a ton of money bro you better spend it you cant take that money to the Grave bro honestly though all right plus six on my my green whatever it takes man whatever it takes uh nice nice oh you got a big guy okay take advantage of that fire Barrel maybe yeah thats what I was thinking nice nice go call it dude that was huge get another big guy hes a runner hes a runner and coyotes bro and coyotes oh God oh God oh God you got it buddy nice one carry out down there oh dang dude thats nice the frogging on this thing also when this weapon goes crazy what is happening I dont know it just goes crazy bro all right who left where you at all right just a coyote get out of here coyote okay youre not done yet am I no yeah you just go to the next area my bad okay youre good check around the corner here yeah thats just the thing okay your boy died all right come on no Pedro yet they gotta give us one give us the paddler I mean if you get to this level youre in the boss and theres a peddler at the boss so theres that thats true okay theres a sniper app over there I think this is probably the last wave oh God hey caramba bro hey karumbas right okay oh  __  oh I was in his sights oh my God hello oh my god dude oh my god oh no and it wasnt even a sniper its one of the little guys oh I had too much like levels yeah well its not gonna happen oh my God bro Dan I had a blood five and a plus six with Twilight dang thats crazy bro we got a lot of crap from that though yeah it was super sick Ive been up in my survival and then drops an additional weapon after the boss oh you get you have to like refill that every time thats interesting okay cool oh yeah dude you gotta get do at least one on each and then you unlock the next row of stuff yeah I see that thats cool I got my health and shield both at four right now Im gonna try to Max that out first yeah the Rogue light stuff in this game is really really good were gonna we got a reward we got the um rainbow gun oh nice thats cool because they got the level 10. at least I did I got to level 11. yeah all right matchmaking is available nice foreign thats really funny that the gay matchmaking um from that level like that its kind of nice in a sense its like you know if youre doing magic that at least some people have played the game yeah it only really takes two runs to kind of get the whole idea of it though yeah like I feel like I understand how the game works already I mean were also were also Elite Gamers so yeah there is that theres like you thought well you cant you cant downplay The Importance of Being an elite Years of Gaming on our belt all right lets do it bro lets get it Im ready I am loving this little game yeah this is awesome especially and being on Game Pass is really nice and there we maybe Im trying to think of a of a title here something along the lines of like all the backlog co-op games you need to go back and play you know what I mean something something like that where you get nobody Saves the World and this game in there yeah games that I like naturally fall on the backlog for sure for sure theres something theres theres something forming you know what I mean I feel that theyre both on Game Pass too did we include this on the game pass video I dont think so yeah because we havent played it yet yeah this is good though remember its like I said in 2023 well probably update that because after weve had a nice handful its true and hopefully this will still be on Game Pass but yeah itll definitely make the list I agree I definitely want to get that the um I definitely want to get the um extra charge on the orb ability again that was really nice its a rift on the right yeah Elemental Shield after you since were gonna go for a smoke grenade build this time dude why not do it oh nice energy Echo I really like that one gotta get in one of the boys and on a session with this I just feel like its so easy to just hop in and play yeah I think Christian would really like it I think he has actually played it before I feel like he would love this yeah this is totally up his alley its a Christian game bro okay I got the K driver and you gotta go ahead and share it with him okay unfettered like mine are right on top of each other so I cant see yours mine says so I got the case just pick your first okay let me see plus three percent weapon damage I should take the Decay driver since my uh Im going for a grenade build and our grenade right now is the Decay yeah the two then get it oh this ones kind of crazy but I get plus three weapon damage for every 100 copper you own thats kind of crazy oh thats kind of crazy yeah hey give up bro yeah save up right I think it caps at 30 though so basically just at 300. this is just a certified Banger of a game you know the only thing is I do wish that you would unlock characters a little faster yeah thats true because its like when Im comparing it to something like like Amber Knights where its like you you can kind of theres a little bit more variance like right now we both have the same grenade in the same ability yeah stuff like that but once you do unlock characters then then I feel like it you know opens up even more but I think also just the gameplay though its just so satisfying yeah but I wonder how many rows does it take to get that first character because right now weve done two runs so the question is like how many more runs do we need to do before we get it yeah and then even like after that how much runs does it take to get the third one you know stuff like that so its like because you I I think this game would really shine like when youre when you do kind of have everyone running different characters I mean thats that thats dope but the Gunplay man I mean the Gunplay just feels amazing I guess thats the thing because its I mean most roguelikes are not like first person shooters yeah and it has a this has a little bit of so many different DNA I mean its a first person shooter but its almost kind of like a hero shooter you know because we have abilities that every character kind of will seemingly you know behave differently so its kind of cool actually just how many different things that oh lets go energy orb has one more charge yay thank you all right thats a great one to have all right we got a thing back here Ive got my two favorites Ive got a question mark on a chest oh I like that I have me likey a what is it oh whoa this is awesome actually whoa Music I made it oh I got hit its okay I just tanked it I thought I made it oh I got a gold one okay premium membership whenever consuming copper 30 will be refunded Jesus crap yeah I mean take that bro I got an ammo recover every time you move one meter gain a round of random ammo wait on the dope too thats awesome wait thats amazing wow both of us were freaking insane thats really cool I definitely want to see more stuff like that just like crazy almost risk of brain kind of  __  I felt like I had that in the last one my fire bubble was like super good yeah it definitely was man I never had a I was not worried about health at all yeah that is really cool we got a peddler here oh nice wait I got a copper Miner on yeah because we just unlocked it for the first time okay cool cool all right what do you got uh Mr froggy frog illusion thats a rainbow someone we just got fire okay theyre from the Next Room dang it okay Im just gonna revive were gonna go out that fast what the heck dude for the Next Room thats annoying oh no wow Im like oh theres a freaking Beetle bar and thats okay geez dude that was crazy all right what weapons do I have right now Special ammo okay I need a I think Im just gonna get that the Decay weapon Ill trade you for your rainbow yeah that sounds good okay well whats your Rainbow its not the Angelic Bora is that a different weapon its the new one okay cool give me a decay nice lets go betrayed eat pleasure working with you wait so how does this weapon work I dont know oh it has just had to Ray okay thats kind of cool its a one-way unlocked for reaching level 10. cool oh it can oh like I can shoot it wait look at this this is insane I can shoot a mark so like I shoot a mark right there and then it auto tracks through that Mark thats cool yeah thats kind of cool for like if if theres like a sniper I cant reach I dont know how much damage it does but I know were playing around with stuff yeah it doesnt really do that much damage actually Ill probably trade it out next time oh had some uh having some lag yeah lets get those grenades in there bro yeah got on Scorch and okay lets go yeah that weapon really does not do much damage do I need help if you get over there nice oh I guess like one yeah I guess the guy saw his face and just had really thick Shields this guys got a freaking thick Shield dude yeah I mean it is kind of nice just to Auto beam it maybe if I upgrade it itd be really good tiny this guy is freaking thick bro I dont know honey my thumb is getting tired I know dude its because iron with a different finger right now I ran out of one of my other weapons and theres so many of these little guys hello all right hes dead holy crap jeez dude for real that was insane dropped the Angelic Aura for me I got a glimmer ring shark I think the the the aura if you dont want it yeah you go ahead yeah let me trade that out for the uh for this guy so then thats a plus two okay cool cool and then yeah this is fine I might try to get something different later oh yeah I guess I could trade dang I just picked up the glimmering and I just also got fire Enthusiast then lets go dude that would go the opposite direction of the build I have but its like not like Im that far Ive only picked up two grenade things oh wait this ones kind of cool like shoots like a dude it was so much fun last time no no dude yeah what did I get I got Russell do abnormal speed ooh ninja invisibility plus five lucky shot chance per second up to resets after drinking a lucky shot oh my God that sounds really good actually yeah lets do this guy okay lets get it lets do it whoa oh yeah this is kind of cool for for ad clean look at those poor beetles Jesus right now the name Santa chance Craftsman guy here Im gonna just boost this Aura all the way up I dont know actually dang dude I dont know I need some I need some more options here let me do the chest first I had chess actually this is kind of cool the heck smoke its a essentially a debuff for the from people yeah I have that one on yeah Ill use that too then can just debuff the max should I upgrade my weapons what do you think that would wait yeah Im gonna wait too I mean I have a plus two and a plus one thats fine its not in love with the things I got going on right now same same oh nice streaker sounds cool tricky shrinky see what thats about we share this one right nice well Im probably just going to be I mean its a plus three Im definitely pick it up Special ammo nice okay cool the entrys critical explosion after hitting explosion after that deals correction thats a weird way to shoot but um I mean its gonna be probably its probably gonna be pretty powerful so about to find out thats pretty good oh what is all thats like flying everywhere is that your thing yeah cool oh do you like the the way that theyre sort of dully not weapons where its like you know it feels fun to just be like oh like get a basketball up here you want to do it oh wait ones like uh oh theres a tiger Cannon over here oh I got a plus two angelic ore I know you like that one I got a plus two Angela core too though thank you though Music Ill keep the Streaker its kind of fun yeah lets see the lets see the wall oh my God yeah Reeses man yellow hes coming dude he was he was around here here he comes big guy oh not another one oh God foreign foreign and then a little bit faster that time here I got Speedy Pursuit over here pleasure through some lucky chance plus oh wait thats actually really good because now I have two ways to get lucky chance I essentially I think I have a hundred percent working chance in after like five seconds so thats nice and we got Lets see we got two vanones plus two yeah I think itll keep what I got the the Streaker is kind of fun actually its working pretty good too okay get the shows going I got flame shards yeah I just use flame shard so I guess Im doing a flame whenever an enemy is a spike that deals corrosion damage to them whoa that sounds awesome thats nice yeah effective by Max Shield armor max HP and skill damage whoa okay that sounds really good veteran for each enemy killed within seven meters plus one HP oh that kind of sounds good we kill a lot of enemies for each enemy killed within seven meters yeah I mean that sounds kind of good okay lets get it you want to cut off stream for the last 30 minutes yeah lets do it right eye lurkers yeah give me a second all righty yeah buy lurkers anybody still uh watching um go join our 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