Steam crack all gamesid steam GUNFIRE REBORN gameplay whats going on everybody romanco back with some more gunfire reborn content and boy oh boy uh was this one nuts if you want to see me do runs like this live make sure you check the links in the description there is a twitch discord my shorts channel if you want to see funny clips or cool clips thats down there as well hit the subscribe button on that hit the subscribe button on this channel because there is going to be a ton more gunfire reborn content coming out soon uh tier lists tips tricks guides the new boss uh plenty of new synergies with the new weapons and character all sorts of stuff but anyways this run was nuts um beating reincarnation eight in under 40 minutes with a new stage and you know its supposed to be really hard difficulty without using a weapon uh not bad not bad it was a ton of fun most damage ive ever done in a run hopefully you guys enjoy this like i said check those links sub to the channel turn on notifications have a wonderful rest of your day i love each and every one of your faces and i will catch you all in the next video god i want to keep my sword out but i already know because itll take me more damage im probably gonna end up using it power what was that guy on how is he hitting me like that god damn i mean yeah thats good i actually havent seen you yang since the update oops um i guess well try to keep the sword out swords gonna be not as good as breaking these bases and stuff like we have to be a lot more careful but okay well no wave breaking blow there uh oh oops hurry oh my god look at that efficiency baby well what are you oh okay okay okay okay we please wave breaking blow please please please please oh oh god i just got the chills from that holy  __  okay that is very very good was there theres a chest right here okay okay lets pray god we i guess our only thing we do now is pray we dont get the golem i guess hey its kind of annoying the chance to deal double damage already we have a lot of good skill stuff we have wave breaking blow ah okay lets do this first no youre immortal ah  __  i  __  it i  __  it i  __  it okay Music all right i was hoping to get a oh we get a ascension thing or a scroll we didnt get either thats fine no no i guess well take that probably our best option were still doing this oh easy peasy baby lets go enhance elemental power thats not great expected more from you uh did i check this peddler no i dont see any reason not to take that and i definitely dont see any reason not to take that holy  __  abnormal speed is huge were already up to almost 40 mighty stream yes okay all right lets just relax and just keep on pushing through last area before the boss hope we dont get the golem we have another scroll here that we can get get the beetle too one of the easier boss fights oops gosh wow no goblet and no scroll again  __  but maybe well get a good scroll from here hopefully maybe thoughts uh huh um no we cant ah  __  we cant because abnormal speed so we actually we actually dont want any of this uh unfortunately thats not ideal  __  well oh i could have sold one that was probably you know good idea what oh god yeah i dont even need money but still being immune to slows i thats too good to pass up on i was gonna look for something with skill damage but immune to slows is just too saucy for me uh yep oh foreign please no gollum please i am begging for no golem no golem no gold no gold um were definitely taking rogue wave yes okay good good good good good good good thats thats big that is big indeed all right come here uh i can deal with you come on wind god thats not until later i mean look at how much better this is its not even that much different than the run we had the other time the biggest difference is the fact that we have rogue breaking wave this time like it makes that big of a difference ow ouch get away get away get away oh  __  all right easy yes good defensive stuff um we take dark tide i think if we learned anything thats that we take dark height there yeah yeah all right mushroom man give me skilled skill double double skill oh skill freak we actually got it holy tits okay uh well thats good is this the one where we had yeah we have a potential to be doing a quadruple uh skill damage so thats kind of wild im out about about about okay yeah yeah this is a good were in a good spot right now now lets not pooch it not rage not rage not no okay its fine stop dude this all i need to do is kill this lizard okay oh my god that went so much better than it could have um oh hey archie hi archie whats up covelli welcome in streams going pretty good so far we had a really really good run earlier um am i regening the secondary skills its probably the rogue wave or wave breaking blow every time we kill something with our punch uh if our e is up or no if any of the punches kill an enemy we recover all the uses so as long as were killing things with our punch were getting our punches back god damn why are so many of you yeah corrosion is the worst ball theres no doubt about that it is the worst ball but uh any balls better than no balls i suppose uh lets take wave rider no the spear is no element by default i said hi to archie archie didnt even say hi back im kind of sad what the where did you come from give me my shield give me my shield give me my shield okay oh i have to take your oppressible surge i have to i have to just because you didnt say hi back to yourself okay well listen yep lifesaver not even close give us an extra chance at life which we need okay dont really like the wave room actually it shouldnt be too bad oh oh yeah right give me nothing how much is our hurdle doing that did 4k that ending thing did 123. what the  __  where uh lets go baby get farmed yes well take that uh yep well take mighty stream too absolutely should have waited to refresh till you ran out yeah if we were being optimal yes i should have for sure its okay though uh replace a random nope nope and yes ill do that sabotage magazine oh no oh no like that means anything to me im not using my weapon wait warzone pacific got delayed no where did it get delayed to hmm that gave me enough it did give me enough wowie that was well worth it holy  __  oh my god i beat the boulders god that was smooth oh thunderstep did work for us so im gonna take it i think its worth no i dont have enough money damn it okay well not much we can do about that hey welcome back freezer welcome back oh i just went there okay last area then we have to hope for the worm and not the wind god dropping recycle i dont know if i have many scrolls that i would wanna i dont know if theres any scrolls id want to drop unfortunately especially not enough to get the amount of money we need for armor um oh parkour oh theres gonna be this is gonna be clean um wow that was a that was a super weird bug guys what a weird glitch uh did you guys see that wow what it happened again what the heck why is it so such a weird so weird really weird bug there guys i dont know happened twice okay wow this this bug is really weird Music i swear i swear the games bugging right now guys yeah yeah the character model has some glitches its true its true i swear december 8th for warzone specific or pacific at least its not wait what was it originally originally it wasnt that much later than that right or that much earlier thats not too bad i was thinking it was delayed to like next year i was about to say oh god what is happening do i need to put like a flash warning on the stream you see nobody has epilepsy holy  __  that was wild oh i will take this please give us a uh please give us give me a a goblet oh lets go no scrolls but an extra goblet yes please uh mighty stream three yes please that is so goaded and so much easier than this room would normally be oh  __  uh yep wave rider 2. and its the wind god which is annoying but i think its doable especially with our our getting wave rider to tier three um i will take that upgrade that i lost my left knot i think i lost my right one too Music i upgrade the sword for my hurdle when youre in your e and your dash turns into hurdle you do more damage based on the weapon oops oh  __  god damn chill  __  oh you  __  i actually move faster like this so well the reason it was easier is because of the uh mighty stream at three because we could have our title aspis up for so long which means were constantly regenerating punches um so you know it makes it easier for sure that is so tempting that im gonna do it well were back to the third area lets try not to pooch it this time unbearable hurdle probably is the play all right our last mushroom man gives us well its all  __  except for endless assaults actually not bad but we could have done better thats fine um all right chat i go to the bathroom ill be back and well get ready for the third and fourth area well hopefully but ill be back in a second uh it is an exclusive remnant freezer but since were only punching and not using our weapon at all it is actually useless because it just buffs weapon damage um so oh its rage oh its rage its get out of my way are we serious all right did it done dusted uh devils cove no i will not lose 50 of my health thank you a very much ah theyre all immortal not good but now i have a mortal so yeah keep farming my timer nerds what lets get it well hello do get sauced baby and we get another goblet lets go big big big big clench fist two also big uh advanced poggers oh my god we have so much hurdling now yeah keep refreshing it baby oh oh thats it okay okay i suppose uh unbearable hurdle i mean unfathomable ocean at tier three would be nuts but i think unbearable hurdle with how much dashing were doing has to be the play whoa whoa good timing i need to get like all the solas since i can because weve lost like 3 000 soul lessons since this update came out total uh upgrade by three oh lets risk it for the legendary scroll for phantom skin thats a dub its back here hello theres a double upgrade we can get all my for the craftsman here and survey says we have a very good scroll to get yeah ill take that actually its bonus potential damage right how are you manipulated where did the lightning damage come from what oh ah  __  god damn this is just so good this is just so good and theres clench fist three baby thats a huge damage buff i have done a bunny yes i have done a bunny um no weapon run i think this will be the third character ive done i think ive done bunny and i think the other one i did was cat and now im doing this character yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes what yeah ill hope hopefully be to the fourth area soon a lot of weapon drops there oh  __  okay were out were out oh how did we lose our shield and cooldown must have gone too fast whoo and we get elemental bestowment can i get the second boss in a lead hey once again ajax i was uh i think it took me like a week now maybe maybe like three or four days when i was playing with bill to get past the first boss so trust me i get it been there um uh bye-bye shark no goblet tough hate im moving too fast all right i gotta go this way flowing winds not shabby with how fast were moving thats not bad at all everythings annihilation monk oh thats so good that is so unbelievably good what a what a lucky challenge to get oh yall gonna teleport or yeah wait they cant theyre not teleport off the roof hello sir nice to see you bye-bye take stormy riptide did i check this no shrine of recovery can lick my taint but it doesnt have a downside so i guess well take it um okay final boss time well sorry not final boss third area boss time oh its the serpent not ideal not ideal at all  __  thats cool though all right serpi man lets see what you got Music no im all out im all out oh hes so weak hes so weak yeah no its its a lot of damage its its a lot of damage its uh were hitting hard for sure or sure uh now were back to the final area lets try not to  __  it up again um hold on no wait no no thats what i wanted to see oh  __  oh god almighty all right hold on real quick let me do something here uh bop bop mute and then do this oh this okay cool all right thats all i wanted to do and survey says we are on to the fourth area all right freezer im gonna try not to make any mistakes trust me can i do that whoa oh oh god okay were good that was almost bad whats up okay get sauced here we go whoa i went the wrong way were just spamming uh they made it really obvious only one choice just locks on the thing yeah oh yeah they did oh oh you just got smoked holy  __  never eating mcribs again dude oh look at that talisman holy  __  a talisman with lightning fireball oh god thats good if it had three balls we might take it it does not have three balls though so oh my god untold effort okay so lets just take a look here we have surprise bonus 15 chance to deal double damage on our skill on any skill okay we have um i dont know how to look at it but we have skill freak which doubles our double damage on our skill the whole time so we have this which makes it a 15 chance to deal quadruple damage and now we have this which means theres another chance if we proc until effort and surprise bonus the same time were doing like eight times the damage which is ridiculous so if we get to the dps phase on the final boss i think that might have just given us the edge um but well see that 330 000 god 455 000 oh my oh this is good i think i just did 700 000. i think well hit a milli with one punch we might actually so lets get it baby um oh yeah they did do this little change oh yeah solid shells not bad no be really mean if they put two ascensions there like two other ascensions but had it locked so you couldnt take it so you see what you could have got just to piss people off thatd be a troll right there thatd be good really oh my god get smoked kid get out of my lobby happy friday to you icons welcome in god damn you think were cute you should look in the mirror holy  __  talk about q ow oh  __  oh shoot defensively powerful you think you can handle me nah no sir get  __  thats so good uh final thoughts on it bro broken this is the hardest difficulty in the game by the way i havent even used a weapon i havent even considered using a weapon uh whats up jukes welcome in hopefully youre having a good day so far hopefully having a good day welcome uh and yeah how am i liking him i think hes broken but i like it i like i like him a lot hes very very good ill be interested to try a uh ill be interested to try like a just full tank build to see how that does no hes so weak oh  __  its fine its fine its fine yeah yeah okay we got him an idea is this broken yeah this is a reincarnation eight by the way the the biggest test though the biggest test is going to be because were about to go to the final boss can we pass the dps check at the end can we pass the dps check thats what its going to come down to if we can pass the dps check thats this is officially busted oh dark tied too yeah yeah yeah yeah ill take that  __  and this isnt even close to like maximum potential we have like i guess we have a decent bit of like scrolls or a skill damage synergy but there are a lot more skill damage scrolls we could have got so oh  __  no dude  __  i just need to hit him like a few times all right theres one hit oh no i went too far stop oh stop no no were not keck w no no dude hes so weak hes so weak oh we did it we did it we did it holy  __  we did it god damn oh what do we got heavy shield yeah it doesnt slow us down much enough for me to be concerned about it and another chance to avoid damage uh yeah all right can we pass the dps check here we go everybody here we go uh survey says you dont have anything useful thanks and well upgrade this three more times and we will go fight the final boss get ready to type i was here pog why was there only one option in the fourth area um jukes theres only one option for every uh every ascension to try to balance it a little bit oh  __  okay i was gonna say i kind of want him to get ads out here all right here we go here we go everybody oh my will we pass the dps check will we i dont know thats  __  stupid i was here i was here pog i was here god damn Music yeah  __  call me saitama holy  __  thats ridiculous lets see lets see our stats here one we did one and a half million damage in one instance with this punch total we did 193 million steam game disk write error Twitch: Shorts: Second Channel: Discord: steam donkey pinecrest how to game share on steam elden ring pc steam handheld steam cleaner target steam game deals