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LAST RECODE game hopefully well be streaming double check real quick before we get started says were live nothing to see Silver Spring like what good to go cool so uh hey guys welcome probably expecting us to continue on with Silent Hill 2 we will be probably most likely picking it up tomorrow today can is out sick and so thats why were waiting till tomorrow to continue to Silent Hill 2 I remembered I said I was gonna play die heck gene you reversed offline and you get everything prepped for volume 2 for what were going to bomb to continue off where we left after we complete sound l2 but I remembered theres some postgame stuff such as the secret event dungeon we havent done as well as finishing up with the chaotic pks and some leveling but the leveling here and there were gonna focus on doing the chaotic pks and were going to finish up that a special storyline quest event at the end so lets see if we can wrap those two things up and then that would be pretty much the postgame I will get some leveling done in between and well see how far we get but our main goal for today beat the chaotic PKS get the rare twin blades and complete the special story event postgame story of it alright figured on streaming here on Twitch you know and then well just upload it to youtube so everyone else gonna see it see it as well we got  __  in path 249 probably just no keep going back here and just doing the same thing weve been doing Im going ahead and wrap up with the canopy case I dont think I have enough further Music look at Gardner Michelle got it be good the sale the same for sale do PK fire your fiery genie pop yup all right lay that right off the back okay out of pique lucky us I dont remember how many you know there hes a lower part designer which is pretty much the long long arms alarm Music think we only have three wari party Tillotson sham so can wrap up things wood Music mekka crunchy as well how many we just got left oh I dont have enough hes 40 something we have 30 so well just keep coming back and well collect chances as we go as well okay any of our people nope alright Music pilgrim is a regular pk Music Music suppose Music right think we got two more on the chaotic PKs Im think we did four last time so hoping that we can wrap this up Music Music Music enough for another chimp check on mecha grunty Music Music probably should make some money with a gas bar was as well and remember always gonna be on the lookout for corporal ya know and Hanako so if you see the up look who we found and not go right there shes got both of them and well take them look at us with Alamo name service Music just hit if youre watching you know just hit me up in chat say hello dont be afraid um no Im just here going post game stuff so well be ready for vol 2 uh after we finish up Silent Hill 2 so figure out your screen here as well as YouTube you know and well upload this video straight to YouTube after were done just watch energy not sure whats going on ken and I have just completed a had just completed that heck to you vol 1 rebirth on our YouTube channel and its peoples TV on YouTube and we are now playing Silent Hill 2 Kenneths out sick and I dont want to proceed without him cuz you know he knows the game in now so I figured I would upload the postgame to vol 2 rebirth I mean volume 1 rebirth here on Twitch and then upload it to youtube later cuz theres some postgame stuff I want to do I want to complete the chaotic PK quest the bounty hunter is on quest line the mecha grunty were so close to the end and you know get somewhere those Ryu books done as well as uh as well as finishing up the special event host game with postgame quests so were gonna do all that I figured why not do it here on Twitch and then just upload YouTube later for those that want to see what they missed out on I mean we followed this the flags to unlock the special event all through the play third so really be a bummer if we didnt include that in the stream so I just dont want people to miss out Music chicken shrimp jams if you dont know Jim Jims are pretty much those little animal things they collect those little tokens and we can use them to open doors and whatnot and dungeons in and but most importantly mecha granny who uses a  __  ton of them in the mecha gun grunty light lost campaign thing so we do that to get him home you see whats going on with a our buddy gasps Bart out here who makes us money ah yeah boy Oh well move over riding this down but you have to top the way alright see what we got here make me money if you did then kind of rich so lets see what we dont sell here well so lets get rid of these and lets do that Im pretty sure I got some crappy  __  if our wings I think were using those definitely not perfect I just bought this game recently I used to play the old die head games hey gig Giga delay I hope I pronounced your name right yeah Im a big fan of the dot hack games um Ive been actually this is last Rico I actually own the Bs of games originally on PlayStation 2 I own all the dot the head games even dot hat linked on PSP I actually bought the GU games as they were coming out every time they were released so I got my hands on last recode lat when it was released as well have three copies I quit because because buyers car hunting got too much for it yeah yeah old school fire something virus core hunting was it was really rough um but I did it I did it I even completed the ending quest with Mia and uh if you stick around and you keep watching eventually were going to were playing Silent Hill 2 right now and then were gonna go on to volume 2 of this game of gu but eventually were gonna play the original dot head games and Im going to show my partner Ken when when hes present what those games were like because they were definitely a hit theyre definitely an old-school type of game it could get kind of grinding especially for virus cars and the way data during works back then but I think youll like it he seems to be digging the story and hopefully youll watch and uh youll appreciate a look at the past and maybe since you never completed him you can get to see the ending as we go through trying to see anything special Im missing out on Im pretty sure I need to buy this were trying to complete the books here as well and this is part of it so you know bind every little item that you dont have theres a lot of cool little equipment and whatnot that you can miss out okay I think were good on this so Gaspar should be selling our equipment and stuff so we can continue to move on so right now were just working on clearing the chaotic PK quest I dont know if youve if you uh if you finish rebirth or what not but yeah were gonna doing a lot of just the postgame stuff Music Music see I see Mecca drowning I see you but I dont have enough chin come on Caterpie K aa regular QK right got the sleep counter honestly this is all for remember event I have the dot head games memorized I pretty much know I played the hell at these games over and over again every year in four years Ive always pretty much once a year Ive completed that Ive had games from beginning to Im a big dog half man Ive actually met the president of cyber connect hes pretty cool I meet him once a year Tokyo Game Show yeah man the dot hack series is one of my all-time favorite game Im serious so I follow a pretty hardcore and I just I just kind of know how to do everything Music certain things I forget yeah yeah I appreciate it someone would call it assess if Im just just a really big fan one of my yeah Im just really into it its definitely I will say lot less recode is definitely a lot easier mainly just cuz quality your life things like a Mecca grunting you couldnt skip that whole cutscene whenever he flies off so you had to watch that every time and it takes a long time to do but uh yeah sorry its pretty I think its pretty I get you just get used to it all right lets see what we got here keep going back to the same area because this battle area is closed here and okay to the chaotic peak ages can just pop up so its always random but you know if we get lucky now obviously were just getting P Ks but eventually well be a cow 2pk we got a care to peek out on the first time once we start treating today so I only have two more to kill and then I could get the rare twin blade spinning and theyre my favorite team with twin blades honestly so you see we got pinecone on 250 so if you never completed this game theres items that you can all you all we should look for and mainly to care NPCs and the game have them that you could talk and trade with and not go in port booyah know they have items that only appear in volume on rebirth thatll help you level up your skill level its called a beginners text and beginners book so in volume 1 the highest you could get your skill level is 10 and a higher skill level goes is how you learn new skills so pretty much if you can collect enough for those books you can max out your skill level for this volume and then you collect the trick is to collect more books so when you go into volume 2 and unlock your new job youre the flick Reaper the site then what nice you can level that up so you dont miss out on these skills and have to you know you can get more skills at the beginning so its a little trick to like why is kind of cool to grind out your characters here because you can always be looking for corporal Yano and Hanako and uh if you all is hard to trade with them cuz theyre really rare books whatnot so it cutted theyre kind of expensive to tray with but like these right here these fire mouse skins you get 13 of them you can trade 13 of those for both the book and the test at the same time so if you get a lot of those customization of items that you can customize your weapons abilities you could trade them this table of so its really most people end up trading a lot of good equipment instead of just trading the garbage stuff that can just customize your home your gear the corporate corporate Yano Hanako we keep that  __  up and thats how you get it see right now I have a 17 of those fire male skins so I got plenty enough to trade with them to get those that I need and Im just getting more in this area way more chimps so always double check in the area to see anyone whom I dont know know because I got a canned out all the Flyers come on see if we could get that chaotic PK on this time ah more garbage enemies these things are annoying that they explode theres so low level at this point yep the coupons are good too because you can get discounts on all like the item shops take to heal the chops in the city and to complete the inventory Ryu book you have to buy have every piece of every type of item in this game so its good you know use that on more expensive items at the Gill shops only say Im hoping to get a hoping to get a king Chim Chim or something so we can wrap up that dang mecha grand quest is so close to being done think were two away think we completed the Chim Chim quest Music lets try this again come on cata pk nope Music Oh ya cant get past low can you pass 50 in this game but see so when we started in this game well get one experience and well just level up to 51 right up again and so were good I wonder if Gaspard sold any more stuff try to get as much money as possible to while we can stuff I think thats enough time for us to have sold something Music lets go check with gas bar real quick for Pagano here Ill see you oh wait so usually if you see one of these guys the rest of them are in this town - so Coriana might be here so thats a good time to go check in town quasar Toa midnight hit yeah once you see like one one of those guys the rest of them are usually not too far away but lets see is this hell and I head again No yes nice Music so all this crap equipment that we dont need were in the 50s now so we dont need that okay Ill talk to her before we see if they got anything we we dont have yeah thanks weve had all this here so ah yeah okay man okay was my its actually my favorite want my favorite female character in these games yeah I loved her so yeah you played in volume 2 so uh if you stick around yeah yeah remin reminisce die knock gu volume to reminisce were going to be playing that pretty soon right after we finish up Silent Hill 2 and then well go into that so if you want to stick around and see how that ends you can catch that on our YouTube channel yeah so just if you stick around youll be able to watch us see a stream in were gonna do so once we complete a volume we always do another game in between so I dont know whats gonna be in between volume 2 and I think I think we agreed on halo so were gonna play the original Halo game and then uh well go into volume 3 Redemption then well play something else and then well tackle volume 4 reconnection which came out with last Rico see that in is this back in the day when I was buying the games there thats something completely new that they included just for last Rico I really think Coriana was here somewhere because I seen I hardly ever see Midnight here Okami and uh boob Adama without seeing without seeing whats his name corpo Jana so I think hes here somewhere damn hes pissing me off it would be so weird if he wasnt wasnt here soon we go around here and turn these in just to see hows this looking with the bounty stuff because I dont remember how many get it became oh yeah I got two more awesome and we got to get to 24 more regular pks they complete this quest oh nice Music yes jams perfect thats gonna help so much when trying to complete a metric right were so close to the end huh nope yeah Im them for not interest Ill talk my hindrance so you could le you said used to play the original diet a game would you think about this one when you of your endurance fight in part one yes yes Im done with this Ive completed the champion quest its awesome he gave me something with the vigor were divider cool thats HP up like a lot is a lot of if you stick around youre gonna see a lot of stuff you would be surprised theres a lot of references to the original games and like certain characters used to be players in the original games as pretty is pretty cool Music and then I dont think it I dont think hes here thats which is weird its weird to me I dont like it we will talk to deaf granny see if we earned anything before I go back to doing uh Caleb decays Im not every time I wish I could tell her part I wish I could tell them apart nope and I hate it we still got to refight all the avatar battles to in this game so we can get better wallpapers yes clean another book trades nice so this ones done play time trades gonna have to go fight in arena all these are just battles okay more battles got to be fought more dungeons okay I have some equipment I need to delay all right well get there yeah it is awesome yeah if you stick around youll learn more about like more about the characters the one not um I was a really big fan of the whole epitaph thing it was it was so shocking to me when I first played the game when I saw that kites model was like pretty much designed to look like the enemy and whatnot I it was so hard for me to figure out and especially back then on ps2 you know I had to wait like a year and a half before the story would continue yeah okay alright so corporal Janos not here all right I havent seen him at police wait unless thats him nope jealousy Music make a grunty remember think we got two more after this with the mecha grunting at least I think thats one things got one yep hey out of pique yep well now in here I thought 100 which was someone with a decent level to back it up fine Ill take yall I love it letting you up with my pants at it poison poison lately Music Caterpie Ches arent really much of a threat once youre level 50 so we got one more and then after that its just regular P Ks and we wont have to waste our time really doing that well just do it every time we see one of those one of those blue arena battles from you know Eddie I know last Caterpie ks name is uh immortal guru key or something like that its like a beast map so if we see a beast man holding uh and hes an edge punisher that means we got the last one I doubt if we get two in a row but if we could thatd be great no just love PK but we needed that Music yes yes much in Jamsil to finish up your neck Music command me there we go is that enough to finish no I think its enough to get us a little more Music yeah man Im just a big fan like I know a sudden this game can put off a lot of people its a great game though its a the story its crazy good and back then you know I was just having fun just running through this is what this game is what originally got me into mmos like I dont I started like sort on online I like to me this is 100 times better story wise and whatnot this is this is the original game that made me want to play MMO thats how I discovered Final Fantasy 14 you know I had I was always a big bad fan sword on the line came out I watched the first season of that was big in the first season and but I still prefer dot hat and then I did some research and found out about Final Fantasy 14 a realm reborn coming out signed up for the beta got into beta and thats the game Im playing the whole time thats my in the wrong choice the stories look yeah man and the cool thing about this about that hack is you know this was not heck with him another one of the personal franchises the dude across the platform - like from having an anime a game and the manga and the novels and what night it was it was crazy good and even though that had link which is a PSP game is on Japan only you can find a translation for it you could find a patch translation online but that game includes every character from every game every anime and every novel and manga in it like in some form or fashion every character is in the game and it the game please kind of repetitive but you know the story is pretty decent now and from there you know you got like the movies that only came out in Japan only and whatnot like uh there was a game a movie called a CGI movie called the end of the world which has another cat kites look-alike character in there but uh if you put that blu-ray disc in a ps3 it lets you it gives you a dot hack a fighting game you pretty much can play as kite haseo or black rose-- ovine and whatnot and fight each other in the game oh man well look man if you ever want to try an MMO like me and my friends we play on Final Fantasy 14 were on Genova servers so if you ever want to play a give it a shot hit me up let me know Im always down to have to play with people and Im always down for new players were not not super hardcore anything just like to play the game as we play weve got some Raiders you have some people they just like the picture of us however your style play while we found always happy to have you play with we got played we got a people in our free company to live stateside and we got people that live over here in Japan where I live Music Music now we dont have enough chairs Music I highly recommend found fence for Team and shadow bringers the new expansion that just came out yeah I live in Japan been in Japan since 2010 yeah yeah thats like actually when I got to Japan in 2010 I came to visit my family and I ended up just staying out here but the first thing I did like my first day like after resting from the flight over was run to a game start game started by dot hat link on PSP because I knew it was the only sold in Japan I found it had he came with the little DVD that came where those are the first my first purchase yeah man lets find out here I lived in mainland right now Ive been living in Okinawa for like the last nine years so yeah I live in one hour just like you know the island I dont know if you ever seen an anime called blood of blood plus the our blood the last Ive heard a lot of that takes place in Okinawa its like at Highland usually if you watch anything like that and it goes to the beach or somewhere or some trip its usually to somewhere like Okinawa or something Music still not enough chimps okay out of pique here I have berries if youre living in Tokyo is gonna be pretty expensive I mean at least in Tokyo you dont have to buy a car you know you can round with the train system okay now is the cost of living is relatively low compared to other places in Japan and theres a big American presence here a would all the military bases so theres a lot of jobs on base that are pretty much just English English beginning theres someone on the English and speaking off base as well like a lot of tutoring positions Tom a lot of two-minute positions and whatnot um my my apartment cost me probably about 550 bucks a month and theres even you know apartments that you get it just like one bed so whatever this is more than just you will probably get that especially now you just gotta find long as you can find you a job that pays you pays you uh the minimum wage you probably get by with you know with that for a while depending on how much you how much you spent Music now okay now its all about that Highland like man its lots of beaches and I want worries a big thing here because mate here Nakano Kanawa which is like Okinawan like alcohol or whatever its one day drink a lot out here its pretty chill place to be hes got a lot of family members asked me when Im coming back to America and Im like Ill come to visit lets go check what gasp are you know we want to keep making that money got corporal Yan Oh awesome hes got the beginners book so we take that from him and we will trade him lets see we can get by with this he dont want to use too much got some fire mouse skins that you might like there we go ten of those got a book so the difference between the text and the book is the test works for ceceo or one person and the book works for everyone in your party so if youre gonna use the book make sure you have two other people in your party to maximize its effect Music Music feel like its this motorcross Im not gonna lower it too much because um I think theres a more expensive thing yeah I want to lower the cost for I dont have yet no I dont want to put that thing something theres some equipment that you can only get from like some customization stuff that you can only get from the shop basileus this background for the most acquaintance backstabber God at all yes backstab is an ability that the special the special twin blades that were trying to get has I didnt know there was one that we can customize with to get the ability so thats awesome lets see you cant remove whatever that was my attack will get rid of that and we want back staff Bearpaw there we go back attacks are always critical yeah okay and one else selling anything over here nope all right cool Music yeah Japans pretty fun lets see Ive been i go to tokyo game show every year i also come back to the states once a year to usually in june for e3 so Im usually at e3 every year and took your game show Music chand lets see come on lets see if we cant wrap this up Music Music finally maybe that Music gasps the king chimney were about to get a whole bunch of shim shams Music dodj alright we should be able to wrap this things up Music come on 50 think this is it my watch this one Music have to go check with the dude to see if we made it back I dont remember hmm I hope you made it cuz thats sure dont want to have to keep doing that oh and not go thats what Im talking about another one shes got the beginner text really just crap and Corfu Yano both of you dont have nothing today you saw it for Brianna no Ill say oh hes still here nothing again Ill have it Ill have enough Music Music were here lets put back on the raft needle Music I do not want thematic Vantage oh yeah what the crap Music I want us put on unless I can lower it more within other parts maybe money has Ive even put some money on Music nothing like a sham now michael grantee that again oh Im not go youre back whats up girl yeah Ill take that yeah yeah Music and right up check gold Gaspard Im just one mommy said more net no I dont want to sell that I want that Music just by what I think I dont have while the medic bag fed whatever but the medicines bula medic badger is all right see what place we got were almost done but on it so Lord of the Dead is the the final dungeon and we got all these extra dungeons to do too so well do those as well go check with her at the Harbor lets see if we how much further we gotta go and make it ready because hes annoying really you dont imagine any quiz Music all right three more times so close so close to being done see their equipment Coenen park could still love me more so I work on that Music Music to definitely love me more Music check in with a deaf grantee see if you got more points for him release on items or something Music Music I almost done with the bike oh well now we got to get the third so yeah go get something a little bit more to go Music theres something were missing in there I know what the last one is the last one what do you get when you finish Memphis running so pretty much Mecca granny and the other campaigns they give you like gear like Mecca Grenier you get gear that you can only get from that so if your goal is to complete the books of 1000 you got to complete it to get that that gear um the cool thing about it is once you complete it and one volume you no longer need to do two companions another one because youre still going to get the same - I mean its kind of cool its kind of good and its kind of bad because it means you dont have to go through it again but if you did try to go through it again and you didnt know that means you completed the second time for no reason yeah so its a system its back I dont look another beginner but thank you and knock oh thank you so much Music yeah the other ones you get like books for level up your character stats and what not something you get spells and stuff that are good for trading in the early game so my goal usually I complete all the quests the campaigns unlike the first play in volume 1 and then I never do Music Music you know get just a message Music again everything but that last to candy yes help Music so if you actually you know what if you look at my equipment youll see I have these steam armor sake thats stuff you get the mecha ground decrease the water damage its just like prayer I simple stingray and say Music its a hassle but once you do it once like I said you never have to do it again so just knock that  __  out and get that stuff in the Riu book so you dont have to worry about corporal yah know whats up there we go I mean use the crap off those books and volume of too Music today no we got a immortal go rekey strong one I ask you what is it to live what is it tired tell me with your sword answer my questions final chaotic PK Music yeah uh pile weapons up she got a little skill of look nice you got it so were gonna go talk to dingo Music Music lets go  __  the thing go and get our rippers blades Music Music Music yo there we go and we got 18 more regular pkz to the Rippers blades are my favorite and they are the strongest weapons in the game they come with sleep attack attack stat and a rapid rapid attack twin blades I dont know if I say key blade or not my minty blade twin blade okay lets check with Gaspard then after we check with Gaspard will log out and go check our email because weve been getting that message and well check like a little cool like a update after we defeated the last chaotic pk Music that thing did again Music Music okay Ill slog out and well come back and after we check her email I love my background driving around car how many would get out much dog driving well first dont jump arrest best season kids out of these mats pies mats awesome syllabus met so we got to focus on  __  Gaspard and peers the third you can see what theyre talking about in the community forms the world got ganked hey k a case have all been wiped out seriously what was true the black was alright wow I cant believe who did that I heard to tear a deaf day sale to PKK oh man that guy is unbelievable its very normal for a PKK to become a bounty hunter actually I think its stranger to terror DIF this loan to become a hunter the pks will keep quiet about this to get wiped out by a lone hunter who has got to be a major-league embarrassment to them I predict a major shake-up in the PK world so you know this this happened so now that we peak aid them all Im fine - you get a whole new set of bounties another thing that we havent done in this game that well do here in the postgame is hunt down the doppelganger which is a copy of your character and it set this level is always said to be higher than yours and we want to defeat him because hell give us a key item that will be useful youre going to suppose go ahead and save Music done Music okay a couple yawn oh this is it yes it is and hes got both of them today nice Music Wow he doesnt want to let go anything take both of those lets see Music thus if we can hunt down the doppelganger now when it comes to the doppelganger I dont know if the moonlit light words are in this game or not so were going to go ahead and search up a good keyword for to find him Music Music Music Music doppelganger so hes gonna be always b8 level tiredness I thought his five miss eight and hes gonna his health is gonna have region we want to get that p IM home King which and it doesnt do anything but when in reminiscence never dreamt reminisce when we fight doppelganger game were gonna get a new weapon from that Music Music wanna see Music so he I know he wanted parent up of the caves and you know when he fills in for acid so we just really have to go to any grass area and stand there for five to 15 minutes and not press any buttons Music so any area any field area Music all right so well chill here and we wont push any buttons well first will arrive to get on the bike because I think if once were on the bike you cant earn points for that city for our book for being on the bike so I dont want to sit here for five to ten minutes so Im uh you know maybe uh Music wonder what we could do until while we wait because this is this is the kind of boring thing to do sit here for five to 15 minutes while were waiting for this you usually had just walked away from the game right now I dont want to leave the stream so maybe what Ill do is Ill shut the stream down and Ill come back when it pops up thats possible maybe we can say this for last I think thats my move you will do a lot of other stuff and then Ill get the doppelganger I dont know what do you think Music no idea what to do Music it really in a way Music Music Music you know what I might come back to the doppelganger cuz I mean we got a bunch of quests to did the doppelganger we should save for last I mean its a fun fight cuz hes way stronger than us and whatnot but that 5 to 15 minute wait is kind of kind of rough to sit here and do nothing so I think what Im going to do is lets do some avatar fights and lets uh see what else we can get into instead of this but what we can do is we could clear this area because it will count for a flipped as well these collision champions as what we do yes a little cleared city I know Im fine you two theres a theres actually a whole keyword you could type in moonlight our little lip and doppelganger is just like a monster on the field so you could just find him without having to be that way yeah I definitely dont want to sit here and do nothing for 5 or 15 minutes roll away from doppelganger appear look theres another battle area hopefully just PK there Music points huh I hear lucky animal somewhere too love it they have a backstab rapid attack theyre my favorite yeah Music how big my money Nullah we should be completing these areas which people other than  __  and passes there re low 50 Music Music we take off the crit and we give it to put it take off material off this sword and put it on and put all the sleep we have the same fix as thats one way that way Music Music Music so Im gonna go back for that nekkid grunty since we only have someone to do Music yeah lets go ahead and switch out for some characters that arent low 58 Music come back and be different Music Music so the spring syllabus with bringing man gasp Oh they are going to die in these areas so this might be okay Kaspar is gonna have a rough time Music Music King Chim Chim look at to wrap up our Mecca granny quest thats what I like to see Music perfect Music this will be Music and weights I give your motion-triggered volume to dont have a sleep damage Music their fate were collecting all the lucky animals to is another thing we need to do because thats the only way to get this one I armor in the game so well definitely I have to look up each area where where certain lucky on will show up to complete that list Im not sure which ones Ive seen something can think of this Music should be it but make it brighter Music oh maybe Music Music its always good to have enough shams so when we go do dungeon we dont have to search and it gets good grades when I into area so get better keywords Music Music Music Music see what you do they have a little bit of a haul then again Im not sure really sure how many Facebook phone Music Music crusher Wow Music Oh guess what that was Music Music roosters booster stats Music Music I see Music I hit that 40 check Cass bards strategy thoughts of free will Music Applause Music Music Music Music felt like I saw an unlucky animal appears Music Music Music Music Music Music Music that was nothing syllabuses 47 he stood up three levels away from mats thats great Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music the Music Music Music Music Music alright lets dig a farty gift Music oh theres this mark up tomorrow just to destroy we can find him over the gas water almost getting up there Music another area Music Music and sometimes the grinding can be a bit Music if this little period well just go ahead and wrap up this special event just to cover all our bases Music yeah what are my teammates Music Music Music want to Music Music I think the reason why you use a sign cuts and stuff for so long is because you know magnin you had to wait like a year something for it in this line so you have a they just want to give you some extra so to do you know Applause Krauser yes some of us on use one more level before he hits 50 perfect Wow stung out another another she told my players turns into comas in the game okay I hear a lucky animal there it is lets take out those balls cuz just sit in here and Im worried about it so Music falling in volume two okay I think thats it for this area awesome now theres more enemies intruder buses pollute it sometimes you never know okay are these people and Im thinking this is name is it corporal so imma get  __  and pie Im going to go sit there sarunas quest oh look theres hinako everything I could ever want Music hoping Jana what you got yep nice were gonna be so prick Music Music I dont know if I ever had this arm before I dont want to buy its kind of expensive Ive never had dont think Ive ever had this Music Music Music think is this maybe Ill help go talk to Jeff grunting first before we set the request that we have left to do Im at the office so close Music go up in here see if I can customize these weapons up here Music one more Music just checking I know normal you have to log out for them they had their books again but oh look at that guess not guess not I was wrong yeah perfect aaaand it give it all this garbage funny its still not done now Im gonna get that book Music Hey all right mama dont stay right here I can do those stupid things nice alright go off a song okay lets go set that quest Music where did the day Music this earlier gets me worked up Im feeling it now well this is a bigot for the cliche whatever I have to make a list later about what here I already have so and I dont have McGarrett dont have so I can go collect on them so I can finish that book danping nope you should take be good for new no just stuff I trade you son wait dont think of a robbery yes all right Mustang so sorry Music computer oh god this is actual dungeon today yes Music Music Music Music remember kids never go into a dungeon hatches berries or so you can seal it Matt even more useful new version without head games Music Music Music monstas arent really worth killing in here so well just gotta rush through here to give it love Music say father Music Music Ill say Ill stay alert we need to be on guard let me get there Music Music all right this is the last floor Music anyway - jealous towards the one where the teleporters find out Music Music Music weve got more in our up there we got found more fairy orb so weve got back what we lost but Im still wondering like usually you could tell where the ending to a dungeon is based on whether if Im a treasure map that the treasure chest is this was all in a weird place I think Im going right way I think its just supposed to be like a day to end or some  __  yep made it cool just check out this cutscene bear the mark of offering Lord Cerwyn Moses wait sir new knows I was a sermon sermon on Sunday buzz orbing your power Lord Sauron sir new nose Priscilla the resurrection will complete come stand before our master Music like when I originally played this game I completely skipped over this story like this thing because I never like did the went to the area that they suggest that I go to and when I was playing throughout the game one thing Im looking forward to is getting ready when we get to Redemption and thats gonna be fun but I think of remin reminisces my favorite original gene through volumes born from the dark they emerge floating in the holy clay Im immortal source of Haydns SEPTAs offered from real your service were about to kick some Munozs ass though 50 I got my rippers blades that thing is huge he sure looks strong dont Music its personal yeah Music I forgot about this Music doesnt matter then okay blocking does some slept  __  Wow okay slaps the  __  out of me okay Wow hes  __  me Music whoa Music okay were getting there were getting there composition sleek Music lets wrap this up Music yes we did black armour even if he was not complete how Caloris the new nose be defeated what are you its because you two were all from the timing of the incantation YouTube did not match me so Lord son unos could not receive enough power how dare you is because your magic power is insufficient what did you say so these guys are gonna come back in a different question a different light type of story in volume 2 & 3 and they just have different fights so there is still pretty cool so new notes is only in a boy so he says special boss and whatnot so if you dont you can complete the book a thousand you got to do this Cici corpse sure made that one lonely well I guess this ends the mark of offering event we want strong anime me yep the black armor I think its pretty good but I think its a fake like takes away from me and  __  bad yeah power of the sale Music yes a good stats but it it has s Peter which pretty much eats away at our SP and we dont want that so alright guys we beat the chaotic PKS weve got a you know some people 250 we beat Lord son unos the you still got the doppelganger to do but Im thinking Ill do that off cuz I dont want to I dont want to let us sit here for 5 to 15 min this would be different if Ken was here but then I have someone to talk to while Im talking you guys and whatnot like that so I think what Im gonna do is Im a ended here and then you know next time tomorrow well be streaming it should be tomorrow the kids feeling better hes been sick lately but if hes feeling better we should start up back up on to YouTube streaming uh Sahil to and then Ill go to continue work on this and Ill finish up a few little quests that we got to do with but finding all the items of social scene on boring stuff I just wanted to you guys to see that event that we worked hard to do in those finish up the canopy cases so um until next time thanks for watching backlog um yeah and Ive seen you know Silent Hill 2 and then well pick this  __  up in volume 2 a forum on reminisce right how to turn off shift tab steam Wrapping up some of the .Hack//G.U. 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