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LAST RECODE game you the world a year and three months ago I was there thats where I met ovine and Sheena as the three of us grew closer I felt Id finally found a place where I belonged but then there was the incident in the wholl grants Cathedral Shino fell into a coma and Alvin disappeared from that point forward the only thing left to sustain me was my desire for revenge on triage seeking power I became the terror of death but all that power was lost and triage hit me with a data dream even after that my search for power continued inside I was still seething boiling over with feelings of injustice and rage it was then I learned of epitaph losers players strong enough to combat the out of spec phenomenon known as like the immense power closed players avatars proved irresistible except through that power and to think I met and dealt with all kinds of people since it all started people I could only understand by dealing with them paid off troublemakers who were good deep down people who had different reasons for doing things but shared the same goals people I could count on and when I found out the truth when I drew back the curtain to find OVA orchestrating everything it was thanks to all those people that I was able to cope Music when Oh Vaughns avatar Corbin ik unleashed rebirth summoning forth the anti existence Kuby I was able to survive because everyone was there thats what I realized true power comes from all the people that we encounter in our lifes journey so to make my peace with power once and for all and to awaken it before its too late Ive come back back to the world Music Music yeah its been forever since I last logged into the world the desktops just like I remember hmm theyve stopped doing updates well whatever what Im looking for will find inside the world time to login Music server failure and theyre going to shut down the service I have to hurry I better log into the world huh sure has been a while hasnt it but I dont have time to drown in nostalgia not good its more unstable than I expected gotta get going I should input the area word at the chaos gate Music its recycling I see youre logged and Maciel yes Im right in front of maka news chaos gate safety were in the world no need to be so formal but come on sure thing pi I trust you know where to go and what to do head for Delta hidden forbidden dark grotto and ascertain the situation once you arrive understood Ill monitor you from the real world and just in case you werent already aware heres whats up the world is currently experiencing server issues and bugs across all systems leading to widespread instability no one knows why even the admins arent sure how to fix the instabilities at this time if I had to venture a guess as to the cause Id say the servers were straining under the weight of all this illegal activity not the least of which is the rebirth and the emergence of cobia in any case this place is careening down a path to destruction and then theres CC Corp theyve made the decision to permanently shut down the world r2 on New Years Eve the last day of 2018 Music theres only a few days left rescuing him is going to be a race against time dont worry I know whats at stake I helped you succeed for your sake yes I will I have to make this work Music this is the newest lost ground on earth by nan the home cavern I finally found him and here of all places guy who first got me into the world who guided me so he could save his little sister ina from the ID a virus that infected her and then he activated his avatar Corbin X for bidden power rebirth the man who reset this world ohad its been over a year since then but OVA Masato endo still lies in a coma in the real world Im going to smash that ice to pieces and wake you the hell up damnit damn I cant even scratch it am I still not strong enough okay calm down I can do this there has to be some way to save hang in there open Ill get you out of there one way or another Ill find a way to break you out of that ice whether you want me to or not thats a promise I knew it I need to get that power back the power to get you out of there Music assail haseo it really is you Music youre all here Shino sent word to us she told us you were coming back sale we have all been here waiting for you huzzah oh you cant just log in and not tell anybody okay and she no welcome back to sale weve all been waiting for you you didnt have to inform everyone of course we did everybody has been really worried about your sale come on a sale lets go to the central square yeah come on when they found out youd logged in everyone just kind of gathered around there Music Atta Lee Music I see you why huh I know what youve been up to ever since last year youve been trying your best to save him havent you when you logged into the world today it was it was to come and save Obon wasnt it why Music Why What whats gotten into her why didnt you tell me earlier why dont you feel like you can trust me all I want is to help you huh sale all I want is to be there for you wait Im sorry really but just just let me explain Ive been researching at psyches place this whole time trying to figure out how to find ova I told you right PIs name in the real world is psyche earlier this year she quit her job at cc Corp and transferred to nab the network administration Bureau so I kept bugging her until she got me a job there as well I mentioned that too right anyway I finally discovered ohons location just this morning in fact so you see I honestly didnt have time to contact you or the others thats all it was you told she know well she knows taking care of OVA in the hospital in the real world honestly I didnt even want to tell her or anyone else for that matter things might get really messed up again I didnt want to put any of you guys in danger and have you suffer for it the seal so you were trying to keep it a secret damn it you know what normal people say when theyre in trouble oh Im in trouble if you need help you ask for it its common sense in real life online wherever well dont you agree with me ha say oh well of course I look forward to helping you Music yes all right am I glad to see you huh say oh yeah been a while how you been oh you know same old same old you heard the big news I hope CC Corp is shutting down the world can you believe it weve all had so many good times here man yeah we wanted the adventures to just go on forever whoa yes that was a big one there sure had have been a lot of noise bursts like that lately I think the servers corrupted its no use contacting the admins though were looking into it gee thanks a sail theres something I gotta ask those noise bursts are they part of the reason why you came back I mean Im not trying to pry or anything its just if youre here on a mission we are here to help like before you know a team all you have to do is just say the word it could be our way of repaying the worlds for all the joy its brought us or something like that thats right we want to help syllabus gasps Bart Music greetings master Issei oh its been a long time Im pleased to see youre looking well kya day were zelkova off performing his inspections I believe unfortunately he did not inform me of his destination before he left a strange choice considering the state of the world I dont know where he could have wandered off to so hes not here so Cova moon trees guild master I wanted to ask him about something Im worried about Lord zelkova master haseo if you happen to determine his whereabouts would you please let me know of course well do Music hey haseo guess what its been six whole months since I beat the demon palace the holy palace and the sage palace Ive defended all three titles for over six months pretty sweet huh wow that said the arenas already been shut down and since the world is about to disappear for good the playerbase has been steadily shrinking its way different from the old days when you were champion Hey the sale theres a reason why you decided to come back to the world now right if anything happens you know you can count on me after all I am the champion gotta prove my worth let me know what I can do no matter what it is okay Music Oh everyones still just the same as ever assail Shino well I couldnt do it I gave it everything I had but I couldnt break over on out of that ice Oh about Oh LaVon he may not actually want to wake up you know what just maybe he doesnt let the story he created to come to an end I refuse to believe that I cant Im going to find a way to wake ov on back up I swear it Oh be right back that I so Vaughns encased in its clearly outside the games back I wonder if I use the epitaphs power would that be enough to break through it a sale I am going to seal scale your avatar does not belong in this world hmm a short male ionize in the whole grand Cathedral guess Id better head over there I bet I can guess what I know wants to discuss this wont be pleasant but I gotta do it Music welcome back the same how are things fine I guess Music for me my brothers condition is worsening hes been getting weaker and weaker over the months the doctors say that he might only have a few days left I know you possess a mysterious power a power that once saved the world so why cant you save my brother I truly believe that if anyone was gonna save him it would be you I believed in you this whole time but its its too late Music with the other eight vases absorbed stay thus far too strong for this world hes likely to summon anti existence all on his own the power I used to have scathe its gone Music hello ru haseo huh uh looking for me are you a sale the same haseo who a year in three months ago when the Rena Triple Crown the same house a over a year and three months ago when the PK tournament the same house a over a year and three months ago boo canard into a huge Gil forgive me I just had to be absolutely sure that it was really you I have a favor to ask please would you mind coming to this area why should I who are you that man in qua home cavern ov on hes part of what I want to discuss take care wait I dont get it how the hell does she know about Hovan and beyond that how does a normal PC even know about go home splendidly done the monsters here are set to a level far higher than usual and you just swat them aside like flies haseo you truly are the one Ive been waiting for actually Im her sale huh oh pardon me I cant quite match faces to names its fine but who exactly are you let me introduce myself my name is kou sabirah I come from the next lung the Nets lon I know the net slow-mo its an illegal town crawling with hackers and rogue ais I hope you can save my brother from a monster a monster yes two days ago an enormous monster appeared and completely wiped out the Nets Lum the name of this monster is the shadow Vegalta the gulten I dont know that enemy type it is not a part of the worlds game spec the creature is ugly wretched and terrible PC and PC object you name it it simply devours anything it can put in its mouth my brother acted as a decoy to try and protect the nets lump but the Vegalta captured and swallowed him but my brother has a special security wall equipped there should still be time before hes completely trapped we can make it if we hurry youve got to get my brother out of that Vegalta hmm okay and whats your brothers name hes called sell Cova zelkova moon trees zelkova wait youre his little sister yes I told you that already didnt I know whatever at least now I know who you want me to help and when we met back at Makkah knew didnt you say you had something to tell me about OVA well Oman whos ovine the man in Quan cavern those were your exact words uh forgive me Im not very good at matching names with faces uh yes ov on that was his name he has rejected the outside world and sealed himself inside that ice I understand what hes feeling his wish is to disappear along with this world what but I know the way in which he may be saved and I will tell you if you help my brother please go to this area and rescue zelkova Music this is in your hands now what is with that girl theres something not quite right about her but even so she does seem to know about Oh Vaughn maybe she even actually knows how to save him from that ice and zelkova is involved ha sale the procedure is complete you are no longer an epitaph user back to just assail the PC whatever this is its big but I dont see much choice and I had business with him anyway you came you hey wheres that Vegalta or whatever hey Shh itll be here soon its getting closer what COO sabirah thats what swallowed zelkova thats right is that thing healing itself disappeared what the hell was that monster for sale huh thats suck overs voice please go to the net slum terminal use it to look up data on the Vegalta well never defeat this creature without it please the voice is gone please do as my brother says he must know something go to the net slum bridge and use the terminal there please haseo hace oh wait you are huh sale correct yep still me ah sorry Im terribly bad at remembering faces well then my brothers fate is in your hands while your dough oh never mind her what could the net slum terminal have to do with all this well guess Ill just have to go there and find out finally made it to the net slump now to head for the bridge you initiating an authentication for daily updates data updates confirm abnormality in the data transmitted confirming an abnormality origin analysis will take several days you thanks to your area hack connection between mah canoe and the net slim has been restored leave that terminal to me I should be able to shorten the analysis duration so why dont you go and give them all an update them them who your friends I just spoke with them it looks like theyve all gathered in the you ah sale I hear youre kicking butt at nab eyes told me all about it hows things with you my neck of the woods well things arent going so hot the worlds shutting down but that means all my contacts with girls go out the window when the game ends so do my chances at love what could hasnt changed and Ive got nothing good going in the real world either after G you disbanded and went their separate ways I was the only member with nowhere to go pi got in at nab and her career took off and I heard yacht to quit CC cook and became a stockbroker or something living the good life now that reminds me I havent seen yatta here oh yeah Im sure hes off cooking up some scheme or another either way looks like he went and left us all in the past you just look around Sao everyones come out in full force to help you just like with Alvin and the Twilight brigade Music hi Sue hey Bo how have you been and how sucker oh she hasnt really been around much lately I see Bos sister Sokka is an alternate personality living inside of both that was created to protect him if shes really nowhere to be found and I guess that means Bo must be doing okay in real life uh ha sale the reason why you came back to the world is because of Ines brother of on right you Lily wants to help you I wont get in the way but put him in any kind of danger and Ill make sure you regret it bucko and dont get too close to my master in either Oh what was that Saku just now oh thank goodness I thought maybe Id never see her again yeah what a relief you you the arena shut down I felt like Id gotten all rusty but nope a couple of battles and Im sharp as ever if youre heading to an area let me know okay Music you entrance so you came no Music you up until Obon is safe Ive got your back Music you I heard from her about how you had lost your powers how you took a job at nab to try to save my brother and that you finally found him you perfect timing haseo the data analysis just finished it went a lot faster than expected thanks to you to me yes all of the groundwork you laid at NAB really helped to shorten the length of the analysis now then let me get down to business and explain the results do you remember what I told you earlier right now the world is in a severely unstable condition the Vegalta you encountered is a byproduct of the instability produced when the world lost autonomous control it will continue its struggle against a perishing world for as long as it lives then Ill put an end to that tell me what I need to do to defeat it here use this assail whats this the program that will stop the destruction of the world where did you get this its something else you helped with it was your research at nab that enabled the programs development monsters born from anomalies in the world can be weakened if the anomalies receive a correction however slight got it so I just need to use this right wait a moment Ill calculate the Vegalta is location for you theres something I need to tell you this worlds data is starting to decay at an accelerated pace at this rate it appears highly likely that the world r2 will be destroyed much faster than was originally anticipated I see theres not much time I have to hurry I need to head over to Sigma sacred ruined abandoned aisle right away Music you Ive been waiting for you haseo youre heading into battle once more actually Im Masao uh-huh oh Im ever so sorry matching names to faces is not my strong suit now we must hurry you have to save my brother Music she is just the weirdest well anyway I should go as far into the area as I can Kabira just in time its coming hey Im the one you want to fight this time all right here we go it escaped but at least I was able to rescue zelkova sail a sail you saved me you Zeljko vas sister who the hell are you wait a moment hmmm yes that must be it oh so your huh the sale you require power do not the power of your sealed avatar am I wrong if shes here its a possibility what is what are you talking about meet me up a nut slum bridge later Ill explain everything there now please excuse us we have things we must prepare sell a little sister shall we what the hell was that guess Ill head to the net Slimbridge like zelkova said you Tarr absorbed all the epitaphs I had no choice but to seal it away a being of such impossible power escape it would trigger massive distortions in the world and summon the anti existence kuba but were there to be an impurity one such as COO Severus data Juvia would not appear now open your eyes this is your new Applause Music Music Music Im right here you this is it theres no turning back after this I should probably go talk with everyone one last time before setting up you came after all actually Master Yoda has been supporting us from outside in the real world this whole time in fact hes the one who developed your initial research into that mod program that I gave you back in the net slim really so the mod program was your handiwork Yoda if youre about to thank me dont I have my own motives for helping I didnt do it for you I damn sure didnt do it for ovince sake but as the man who loved this world more than anyone Im not about to let him be the one who gets to go down with the ship understood you you you huh I wonder what could those two be talking about whatever it is maybe nows not the best time to interrupt Music Oh van wait the hell up nah Oh fire Oh hon come on wake up the ice is gone open your eyes theres someone desperate to see you shes been waiting for over a year Ive been waiting you cant just sleep your life away wake up right now get it up come on wake up please please Alvin Music at long last Ive made it here oh I knew where you were but I didnt have the power to break you free from your prison until now yeah you can hear my voice I know you can just like you did before Music you are me we are to become somehow managed to evolve human-like intelligence and now its trying to return to both on Music Music Ohan Ill sail her memory the Idas memory has explained everything to me so it would seem you have woken me up ova back then when I activated rebirth I left behind no regrets or attachments and at the end of it all inés recovery proceeded as Id hoped and I got to watch you grow into the man you are today I chose to come here I wanted to disappear at the very edge of this world for me it seemed the most fitting you freaking idiot are you ready to cut the crap now you know thats not true maybe saving your sister this way made you happy but do you really think anyone else is okay with this you dont really want it all to end like this I refuse to believe it its not you is it its Co sabirah its that Ida whispering in your ear isnt it Music over there are two paths before you one path will lead to safety and shape the path where you turn your back on reality and sleep in that ice forever the other path leads to peril and pride the path where you return to reality and face up to the truth so which is it gonna be you certainly know how to twist my arm so Im in for a struggle so welcome to the world Music where are we an outer dungeon PI can you hear me nope no connection damn guess all we can do is move on so this is what they call a rude awakening huh what these are the crappiest circumstances I can think of but even so feels like Ive been waiting forever waiting for us to stand together side by side and now theres nothing that can scare me you mean nothing that can scare us lets do this so Vaughn you got it assail Music there it is do you come on over beating that thing is our ticket out of here works for me whats going on the hell the mod program should have weakened the damn thing I think I understand the more the world degenerates the more this then strength compounds look closer its purpose must be to preserve this world structural integrity it would seem its natural instinct is to absorb anything outside of the games back thats why it destroyed the Nets and why it keeps attacking any attack that doesnt finish it just makes it more powerful in that case I guess we better take this thing down in one strike oh but we gotta hit it at exactly the same time what so thats your plan that anyone can do it you can after all youve got all eight faces now very well you lead and Allah just to you Music I am we are right here lets finish this Music now this is it all our memories of the world all these emotions all concentrated in this one attack Music Applause youve gotten stronger Issei oh I dont know that was always my goal but even now I couldnt get anything done by myself just like last time I had to rely on everyone else Music seeking power do you know try edge Im gonna get sushi now its coming here Music its here its here Applause Music dont forget about us Music right here all right this is it I believe it its time all of the feelings that Ive carved deep into the world are going into this one attack Music Applause Music and thats exactly what has made you stronger what are you looking at its just that Music I know Music welcome back Music Im home Music Music people the world itself all linked by some ineffable invisible force hearts and minds intertwine and thus another new world comes into be Music you you controversial steam game Hello everyone!Heres the fourth and final chapter of the .hack G.U. series! 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