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LAST RECODE game music music applause the jfg julias jersey and of course the choice between volume 1 42 volume 3 volume 4 volume 5 x of course not - and start parody mode here the whole thing will also be uploaded to youtube so i have to open for the people youtube say hello this is a live stream dont be surprised Ill keep that to myself first of all Ill see if people think the sounds are okay we think thats appropriate we have to be told right away Ill do the voices here if you can in Japanese or English I ll do it in English because it came with German subtitles but I also like to hear what people say no and in Japanese does nt understand a word weingut on the German subtitles but sometimes as subtitles yes total nonsense the English translation can also be total nonsense who I already know that, but Ill let myself be spoken to in English, even if many people might want to listen to a solo in panic, but well one more game in english so the halo youtube spirit says the manual to you one out there so i would say start right away with volume 1 after i read that out from shadow halle youtube she heard me if it doesnt bother me while streaming no matter i start now otherwise artet it s completely over it works and a gamer is game even if i say something about the game right away when it started so that you dont be surprised for those who dont know the series there heck there was already on playstation 2 and more about that in a moment we have the choice between a normal in the game and also starts a normal game or a shiit mode you know yourself again so appropriate in the last man pays the streams and so or also in the last streams per se, the topic was always taken up, so I dont have to take it played or just want to enjoy the story no we want to take the whole normal feeling here with us music applause music but also unlimited online game world to be provided macro or mecano and I find it nice in the chat already inside looks like sword online as i said ill tell you a bit about it in a moment i find it interesting that people immediately recognize what kind of yes lets be five goal its really cool man i dont know you i dont want to be with you talk music maybe but i want to get gartens member address ok you get people like that are really pushy yes and now move on to talk i just have to be very brief for the people who dont know the game and arent familiar with this series there were a long time ago there was a playstation 2 and there were players there too and the game is about hi he is working on an mmo rpg so has an online game so seen so our main character here a character has created an online world here the online world is called the world i know imaginative but that means it again and we are now experiencing so seen in an mmo rpg adventure we play as a guy plays a game so you can kinda see it and then he is said to be reminded like a had one chartered online yes but im pretty sure it was there heck first id say so the story here with all of this you want later in an online world and so that there I think there was the pioneer but Im not entirely sure its just a guess on my part but I can have been there for much, much longer than online thats why and was already a big fan of it back then its made it very interesting and now were going to start playing the game fun and now we believe in it straight away we now created a character come online here and are immediately arrived here by two players so that we should now go here together with them look at all the homes and how does that seem to me that they are so pushy ok now definitely open my menu see here we also set up the game for a very short time then we have a small map i know i should exchange red clothes directly find it funny because here it is gold i should go to an area and our negative because she even writes to celebrate the reality mega for help visit www for a lot of money everything was clear the group was okay okay that he wrote his list of people of the member addresses i have you interesting so right now just before manuel says the maker of 200 man then broke the game himself made by building the i work main of santa de la torre lie with your partner revive fire you can before the microwaves radiate thanks to a higher percentage what the ten seconds is special fried then all helmets could simply be removed ok interesting yes here is a bit different but we will find out later i will be worried about here i know you roughly from mexico very well roughly i wasnt really able to play it back then because all the parts that are currently playing on the ps four in europe would have been released here that means love redemption and everything that we have on it all the other volumes just could nt be played back then unless you had it imported it played in English but I did nt play it at all thats why I can only roughly describe the story but I wouldnt have anticipated anything so now there are idiot types here the idiot meinl group Ill do a date having a bit of fun then I had a yes, it s also an honor to fight so ok very good now our group volksleben lets not close that at the beginning so the things that just have a voice output I intentionally dont read them out now but that this time here is going to be an adventure to the store shop before the adventure begins speaks to me the store shop employee and select menu save to save the game progress and then well do it like this imran here who wants to come his adventures save anja save times on the first spot I was so fussy about the seven minutes played what are you up to say you can save your data come here when you have reached important points behind an adventure ok so if you are ready use the chaos gate and start an adventure anyway we are not quite cooking the two can still read target a group member and press iks to trade or give him gifts. trade items with group members You can make a very good deal from trading you can also trade with players who are not in a group gifts against constants you own groups with choose if you give them great equipment place immediately to place immediately my questions the trade main screen negotiates and then the main screen negotiates you can trade in each window up to five items from wayside shrines and listen to the window of one of the players what has the so good that it is the subject that other players that would trade up to five items duh would like is neither then fix and pulled again sounds is actually normal what has the here many movement medicine popular an ally with 25 percent again warrior 7 reduced physical attack service kg m3 a temporary 3 and French defense of an enemy temporary three okay no I wanted look what i have this is your item list w ill up to five items from dont understand what did we then restore an allys 50 fp and 100 lp and it banned okay if we again what is the result just your heart and kingdom hearts so thats with you you want to go again something really smarter if you the next and we are the funny why you write compass chat like that fried belong to a distributor for a territorial that really would only have vips or serious ok go briefly with other people before really getting started hello Im not happy to know learning hello where is now to an adventure on year i actually plan to up to newbie hello glad to meet you what is an online game bible is that you meet all kinds of people that interesting so what are you fine the kiosk he starts the adventure okay who I do nt want me to go to the kiosk before the goods have an adventure right here, but I do nt just have it up to 3 euros 0 villas lately there are ksk by the way im just after newcomers are you so watchful sk is the abbreviation for spieler keller i always called pace player keller there are just people who in this game here at the world everything works i dont know i dont know any easy that should work but here in this mmo the world it is possible that players can kill players even if they both belong to a faction both are actually friends you can still kill other players and he gave me the tip given hell be vigilant the renewed want to kill people because they just have fun with it well, quite normal the world means all places outside areas i can only brave i choose music lets try that music and nico grope cameras leave again for tricks series hello asks degree is the game actually real in rpg and plays its app ideas in kjk of course just a game as good as you want now times here offered itself but i think more will i can probably live from the words from which courageous i assume then im unsure namely courageous 1 courageous 2 or courageous three so captivating is then the one in this area for just right for your current level now just the right items ok and daydream music music ok initiate the witty report yes come on yes why limited but play a fantastic twilight room music robin transports robinho markets music here we open it our markets just press the pad of a weird ph first see what our mission is just press is this is our mission bastian collect the required number of symbol fragments for this area currently owned by 3 music music final destination me to see my with the van we come back to the city after the end of the area museum for sure or little tempe l the altars are there with press a funny touch symbol again and on the map i noticed it but im not that stupid yet music for a surprise attack outside which you can approach the monsters at the altar unnoticed and tricks when the target appears okay it helps if you do something music well now press surprise attack quarter it cast then we have to fight several one opponent and repeats not okay there might be laptops as well as atx pressed and release when the gauge full power attacks are effective against opponents use defense ok-boss attacks regular xcom where repeatedly hold iks power attack and down during the circle and continue taxing item menu saying you fight with you too music novel that was nothing more works sometimes the treasure chest stops the altar symbol fragments you need to open the best temple remember the treasure chest after the fight against which we then search together with three symbol fragments in the dual treasure chests on the altars open with the symbol fragments you can search the template opened the treasure chest on the altar age this is a consequence step he is the symbol fragment preserved goes to the next everyday picture look at the way on the map where are here again long and difficult even briefly look at the chat like with children close to my heart i think i know if you have my room i wanted to play that in japanese but you will be back quite quickly blame or what are arguing in the chat because of such online characters yes then point out for a surprise attack yes I already know that well do it again so I did it ok now skills so powerful attacks for which duh skills points needed hoped dfb skills points means im more so clear smart clear if he so smart i mean clear closed g you what to do with triangle the main menu of each skill house but to open the crafted skill carrier are shortcut keys for the execution of skills printer 1 to open the skill trigger tried to open okay what did we go storm versus storm theme current can or storm music music music big consequences the games will renggli is another activity perform attack with increased damage so include the ignorance his call out while the opponent is surrounded by a blue purple ring appears when you damage him repeatedly ok grabs the enemies until he has to be surrounded by blue and purple rings when used or other conditions are met the favorite action is triggered this increases the morale of the coming members and enables more powerful attacks the conditions of favorite actions are different for each choir member music thanks Dietrich indicator shines over the head of the sp ielers when the peacefulness knitter is used you cannot use any objects or abilities the display of the solution is the 1 final score since I am very much at the same time we come to such important mmo where all my friends fight for me and not simply take over our gold pieces when the gold pieces should be can also be opened open the door to look kick the we made second symbol fragment get go to the next altar do i am sooo quick last part of any based and taught as a cd and get the item of the treasure chest we put fight look at that why did fr applause music you have to use the key here again but it doesnt matter the game looks like its from the ps1 and has been 95 tutorials this legend of thrones on ps2 game is a cool sword but the name has to say in japanese the battle cries are less well not all daz now u urge to play japanese i want to get both the fragments the document or the start to light up the following one there have united you have the triforce wrong play music he thank you one slowly its getting too stupid for me because i have it is where to go the map is not so unmanageably damn long then I have to look at the map down I have to then I would have the map then I wouldnt have found out now music david david update from october the memory is very short in march rang the bell I have to leave for a moment he will steaming crab legs time Hiho^^.hack//G.U. 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