.Hack//G.U. Last Recode Vol. 1: Rebirth - Walkthrough - Ep 1: The World

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LAST RECODE game Music you Music Music Music Music Music wow this is cool hey hey you you the Adept rogue yeah you Im talking to you so I take it this is your first time playing this game yeah I just finished installing it to my PC well if you wish we will be honored to show you around I am sure you would like to become well acquainted as soon as possible just say yes and come along with us I promise you wont regret it all right it is decided then here Ill hand you my member address member addresses are short email addresses that you can only use in the world short mail allows you to instantly send and receive messages from any player online in the world you can only invite people that you have member addresses for to join into your party all right so lets open the menu Music this is a list of all the people who have a member address Music okay lets have some fun Music I am honored to lend you my sword okay great now your party is complete remember you can only invite people logged into the world enough with the formalities should we go on to your first adventure Music this is a transporter called the chaos gate players can use this to travel from the root town to other locations choose warp menu in the world all locations except for root towns fields and dungeons are called areas you can warp to these areas by combining three words at the chaos gate these words determine the type of area monster strength and so on alright lets try out the word selection choose area word from the menu this is where you input the words the thing at the top is the word plate you combine the three words in here to create the area you want to go the gyro at the left of the screen shows your current stock of words you can get more words by getting information from other players emails and forums okay why dont you give it a try lets start with the first word choose courageous from your stock Music okay now you can go to your first area oh yeah I almost forgot see the mark left of the area word thats a server symbol it indicates the server youre currently in right now its showing triangle for Delta so as you can see we are all in the Delta server if its a different server youll go to another area even with the same area word pay attention to the server symbol when invited to an area by a friend if you want to know more just check out some of the forums all right then were off to Delta courageous engaging daydream so weve all been transported to a field open your map to take a look at the layout this is the area map use this screen to check current position mission info and any other information you may need Music this is our mission missions are basically well I guess theyre sort of like our objective for the area it looks like this is a collection mission we must collect three symbol fragments and make our way to the beasts temple the symbol fragments are in treasure chests found on the altars the altars are protected by monsters so the only options are to open the treasure without being seen or defeat the monsters first then open the treasure these are the altar icons I suggest we first head to each of these icons and open the treasure chests now this is the icon for the Beast temple which is our final destination okay now that weve confirmed what our mission is lets be on our way wait a pasta you forgot one more thing Music okay this time lets really get going Music nice we found an altar already once the battle begins the battle area spreads out like this the battle area is surrounded by the battle fence so its virtually impossible for anyone to escape the only way to escape from a battle is with an item called a smokescreen Austin and I dont have one right now so well have to fight it out Music youre not too bad not so difficult huh Music yeah keep it up thats it just continue fighting like that Music thats that I guess Music all right we found another altar Ill teach you about using skills to attack Music we got him the regular and combo attacks are just simply normal attacks skills enable you to do much more damage to your enemies okay what you see here is the skill trigger menu do you see the four panels you can press the button that corresponds to each panel to execute the different arts now try it out by using the arts gambling alright perfect the skill sugar is not just a shortcut it can also be used to stop enemy attacks or it can be used to interrupt one of your own arent you forgetting something important il10 there is an even more important use for the skill trigger of course I havent forgotten youre talking about Renji key right Music Music Music there you go very well shall we let him play as he wishes thats a good idea all right now see Oh its all up to you now Music Music well daddy Music Applause Music Music we never lose Music yeah awesome job alright lets finish off by heading for the beasts temple okay now use the math to check your position just like we taught you Music Applause Music Music this is a statue of full set the god of law we just call it the Beast statue but I think in the games story its supposed to be an important God or something you see that treasure box thats the offering to the Beast statue theres a rare item inside of that that you can only get in this area go ahead and open it huh say oh sure go ahead youre still a noob you need all the help you can get Music Thanks what the items in the treasure chest are your rewards yes and our reward is you I love taking out these pathetic noobs its really quite fun face it an idiot like you isnt qualified to play this game hey hold on I thought you said I could kill this one dont you remember after all Music Music Music oh nice try dear Music how pathetic well what do you expect from a new booze just logged in for the first time come on say something already I swear just pretend to be their friend and they fall all over themselves to let you pique them hey youre still around arent you Music welcome to the world Music the blood could see you last study code Music Laughter what an idiot Music the terror of death this is now the bigger game what Music Music Music no Im surprised I didnt think itd be that strong I guess this means that the rumor about you killing 100 P cares wasnt a lie after all hey come on dont look at me like that here let me apologize so just take it easy calm down and do you know tri edge what did you say hes a legendary PK shrouded in blue fire they say players that get killed by him never come back to the game huh oh come on now dont tell me you actually believe that crap theres old forum fairy tales so you think you can go up against me the great Bordeaux and just walk away like nothing happened Music yeah I think I can Applause Music Music Music so if you you the character that stinks of death the terror of death your the PKK assail players who kill other players are disgraceful and I agree its terrible how PKS can just strut around the world so easily these days but is it right that you PK Ches have chosen to use brute force to stop them I dont have time for this not now you have no authority and it earns you nothing so why I am the leader of moon trees unit - my friends call me so cocky and Im afraid I cannot overlook your actions did you say moon tree whats that the name of a guild sorry ceccacci but Ive already got enough friends Thanks Music do you always interrupt people like that you know the company wasnt finished talking to you yet she no actually do you know this person no javi its not unusual to meet players with similar characters in an online game like this just a case of mistaken identity hey you why dont you just huh a text message Delta hidden forbidden waterfall waiting at our cake Elm but who sent it move on Music Music just hold on a moment why dont you stop acting like a complete fool remember what you PKK czar trying to do if you succeed youll be no different from the PKs themselves Music Music Oh one Music its been a long time a sale or maybe I should call you the terror of death youve gotten quite strong a lot stronger than you were back then well I was forced to become stronger thanks to you you where have you been huh sale all was the reliable one I knew I could count on you when the Twilight Brigade broke up why didnt you come then what have you been doing the last six miles is e it was such a small seed I needed to find out what was growing inside and there was only one way to find out thats why I decided to raise it you raised it what are you talking about Oh Vaughn Im speaking figuratively when you suddenly disappeared we all just why did you disappear like that after that Isao do you want to know about triage wait you know triage six months now and Shino hasnt come back to the world since triage killed meanwhile the real life Shino is lying in a coma and no one seems to know the reason why triage he is not a normal PK so you knew about Shino yes but thats all that I know but if you were able to find triage you might learn something about she knows coma you may also learn more about what really happened that day and if you were somehow able to defeat trash then maybe Shino would come out of the coma if my information is correct he will be back today at the scene of the crime the scene of a crime you mean Music Delta hidden forbidden holy ground the place where Shino was killed Music Grans Cathedral Music yes finally Ill get my chance I swear Ill bring Shino back Ill do it over on him yes you and I were the only ones who could possibly bring her back we are the only ones oh one Ill meet you at the holy ground there are some things I must do Music he will be back today at the scene of the crime triage is coming here Music Music they say there used to be a statue of a girl here a girl thats right she was called Ora I wonder what she disappeared who knows maybe she just lost her interest last hope for this world whats that sound its triage Applause Music what the hell what the hell are you Music this guy killed Shino Music Applause Music Music Music Applause Music Music steam empire building games Welcome to my Dot Hack series playthrough! This is my most anticipated game of 2017 so it does not bother me getting it at full price and enjoying its HD glory. While I did replay this back in 2013, Volume 4 is enough reason to once again start the whole trilogy. Enjoy the ride!First encounter with Tri-Edge and things turned for the worst on Sora. #dothackgulastrecode#dothackgu ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consider subscribing today! Join my Discord: Custom Media Playlist: Playthroughs: Stream Archives: SRW/Mecha Playthroughs: JRPG/Dungeon Crawler Playthroughs: Strategy RPG Playthroughs: Action/Platforming Playthroughs: how to use proton on non steam games burn with steam crossword clue cleavland steamer urban dictionary steam game logos trade url steam