He didnt expect the Pencil... (Hard Bullet VR Mods)

Legendary edition skyrim steamsakura sadist steam HARD BULLET game weve got one remaining in the barrel and now we dont know where it is anymore youre so long youre so lucky ah what the hell oh am I glad this thing is back in the game the little propeller at high there now the propeller hat is not the only thing that Im happy about Im also happy about this a new massive sandbox level that we can oh oh were gonna have some fun thats gonna be thats gonna be really cool but were not gonna go there just yet even though it looks really appealing oh theres bikes and hooks oh my God thats gonna be amazing but were gonna see a lot of this place has to offer now the first thing that um kind of struck my eye a little bit was this the giant piece of death didnt want to fall down there I think I dont know whats gonna happen so instead of just wasting time lets do it right now and see if this pit of death is as deadly as you might think oh boy okay thats a thats a long way down and those guys are yeah theyre not coming back anytime soon okay all right lets go over here because theres another thing thats new to this game you look surprised and Im not surprised ah just like youre not surprised for this when Im asking you to subscribe to wackycast theres revolvers look at these guys theres theres a theres a white shiny one theres a tiny one there so this one that looks like that and theres all kinds of revolvers and were gonna have so much fun with them theres even like a revolver what is this a BB gun does this even do any damage no it does hold up it it actually ended his life and he did it like it didnt hurt him all that much well hes dead but like I mean it didnt it didnt like spew blood all over the place so this thing is like an incognito silent killer just like I am what the wait wait wait wait wait theres no way wait wait okay okay okay okay does it work against the face come on I know you want to do it I know you want to do the spinny sound okay it only works like that say hello to my little friend gotta do it oh youre so lucky all your how do I how do I oh God how do I open okay and then do I get how do I get a new oh and then I put that in there oh we can actually play Russian Roulette oh look at this so one two three four five if I shoot four times weve still got one bullet in the chamber and if we we dont know where the bullet is uh so do you wanna oh youre so lucky okay its my turn well that didnt really work at all did it stupid gun doesnt want to do doesnt want to do my beating at all okay we need something else that oh I completely forgot about him we need something that has more rounds in it is there a revolver with more rounds in it what about this one one two three four oh this wasnt six oh it works this looks really deadly like it looks like its got more Barrels in it or like bigger barrels so if we compare hold up well these are six as well is this like does this make more of a boom than the other ones who makes does it sound the same and here we go that sounds the same theyve got the same sound thats disappointing but you know whats not disappointing the fact that I can shoot them in there do you want to play Russian roulette with me or do we go to the torture chamber Russian Roulette torture chamber Russian or red it is sorry okay here we go right so lets just uh lets do this boom okay so Six Bullets six six could you close the five okay five Ive shot five shots weve got one remaining in the barrel and now we dont know where it is anymore here we go okay oh youre so okay here we go this please no please please please please please son of a why am I always getting the short stick of the straw I dont think thats the way it works but thats the way I said it right so not only do we have revolvers but we can also pimp the revolvers Im gonna take not that one this one because this looks hella cool how do I how do I empty this how does it can I spin it I can spin it how do I how do I empty it oh the bullet come on Ive still got one bullet in there come on get out this is nonsense why is this not getting okay whats whatever this is the one were gonna go for because this looks cool as hell right so we are going to pimp it ever so slightly what it creates a bullet now theres I just want to try one thing okay what is the perfect chopping device this will do okay a machete that looks kind of rugged okay James cue the blurring is this okay thats just like being at the butchers come on son I think I broke his arm kind of sounded like it okay here we go yep Music okay I cant get his arm off so maybe I need something with a little bit with a bigger oomph yes oh yeah oh oh this is this has got to do it okay right we all know that theres only one proper way to take a limb off and that is to call for Samurai wacky okay you guys enjoy this I enjoy this lets just do it he doesnt enjoy it his hat came off doesnt matter because his arm is going to come off because you know whos up against Samurai everybody walk backwards yeah oh my God please please let me use the arm I cant use the arm as a bullet maybe theres something else that I can use like your head okay yes this goes without saying James this needs to be blown I cant use his head all right you know what since we cant use body parts for bullets lets just use the katana that I used to you know do that okay bullet speed we need maximum bullet speed okay bullet scale lets make the katanas slightly smaller because lets face that thing are they spawn in that thing well what happens if I keep oh does he shoot katanas now Im not sure why does it he doesnt shoot katanas it doesnt work I cant tune the things why am I just being a dumbass oh so since these are new why dont we use them which one looks the coolest to you guys oh Im kind of fencing this one this looks maybe Ill shoot a katana nose here we go it shot plenty of katanas okay lets put lets make the kataras normal size lets load him again there we go those are a lot better okay lets load it here we go this guy doesnt know foreign outside the level somehow how the hell would I climb outside oh my God I cant look at that well speaking of climbing outside the level why dont we climb inside the torture room wait I didnt realize this but this place has gotten some its got some Hooks and stuff oh my God okay so how do I get the people to the hooks without falling into into that place myself well thats thats a question I dont know how to answer but maybe if I just toss this guy high enough and hell hell hit the hook instead of using me all the time why dont we use good old fudgy yeah look at this thing I shot revolver Tana revolver Katana this will get the job done right so if the revolver doesnt kill him weve still got the katana attached to it its not really Oh my Jesus loud lets try that again shall we win this time with the mask its bulletproof oh my God I didnt think that was going to be bulletproof but technical that is just a tiny revolver right it aint got nothing on some good old-fashioned shotgun here we go all right if this manages to deflect the bullets Im gonna call you invincible thats what I thought wait what no no no no screen no no its all good its all good youve just got pierced in your so technically right technically he survived the shot from the shotgun but he got pierced in the in the toe from my Katana and he died from it what a useless piece of what is a very unexpected bullet that we could use against people Dynamite pretty pretty expected what about a sticky pretty expected as well um oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay this will do this will get the job done right lets get a pencil up and running over here and lets take something that we dont have to reload all the time its path 12. lets put it over there lets put that over there Im really curious as to why this doesnt make like why this doesnt make like a magazine anymore it used to make magazines Im disappointed all right no I didnt want to spawn a big guy son of a get get down from your big horse the Panthers dont do anything the pencils do nothing okay why dont we make fudgy the actual size is in real life which is that a tiny man hi there Fuji are you a tiny little boy oh crap youre so like youre so lucky ah what the hell hold up the pencils didnt do anything there we go thats what I thought the pencils did something get rid of the rid of the Mask come on fell off ah come on then okay the mask is not coming off but oh maybe we need the right tool for the job yes maybe we just need the right tool for the job stop screaming Fuji stop screaming here we go and and there we go thats it yeah you can stop drilling now get back up okay can we get the mask that mask is really on there okay theres no way for me to get the mask off okay so the drill didnt work oh maybe we need to grind it off lets grind the helmet off shall we I mean Sparks are flying thats usually a good sign right thats usually a perfectly good sign that the mask is gonna break anytime soon man that thing is really really on I kind of broke it a little bit but like its not even its not even ah Shredder yeah this I mean if nothing else Works surely what the hell is happening okay lets we need to put this on okay it wasnt even on to begin with fudgy relax buddy relax here we go okay in you go it turns out that this mask is so hard onto your face but were just gonna throw you away throw you away and get a new one because I know I know we can get that mask off one way or another now if the drill doesnt work if the shredder doesnt work and everything like that doesnt work we just need to wrap it up a little and by that I mean putting an explosive right on your Noggin there you go if that doesnt get rid of the Mask nothing will all right X yeah there you go nice okay there we go I know hes gonna fly off and explode at some point Point yes no its still oh my God how do I get the mask off all right so back to the roots then Music steam canning vs water bath He didnt expect the Pencil... 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