I Abused my New Gravity Powers to inflict Pain... (Hard Bullet Mods)

Hide steam games from friendsgood car games on steam HARD BULLET game official first modded weapon and this is it it looks like some sort of knife that is able to pop out that is able to puncture stuff and like do a lot of damage so were gonna try this one out in a bit but our bullet has also had an update okay this is really cool so feast your eyes upon this right in the previous hard bullet video we played around with this which is a claymore you you pointed out somebody explodes really cool really cool i cant speak today problems sorry but today weve got this again which is just you know your regular good old firecracker adds a little bit of you know force and stuff to everything thats really nice but then weve got these things now these are some sort of thruster mukbobs i i dont know exactly what they do so we try them out now were going to start off with this um orange one orange you glad i picked this one yeah so ill pick this crate up and just slap that on there well it actually just sticks like that its pretty cool and then we activate it and its just gonna there we go fly away oh my god thats really cool oh oh these stop automatically and then they disappear oh thats amazing but you know what would be even more amazing than sticking one thruster onto a box thats right sticking one thruster onto this guys forehead you look like a cyclops jesus if you guys like what im doing by the way feel free to subscribe im close to one million thats a milestone guys breathing down my neck you know what im gonna breathe down yours no he doesnt like that no he does not like that at all oh hes shaking a lot okay yeah yeah just relax buddy just relax its gonna end in a bit you just need to endure it for a hey guys totally fine im gonna put that over there and then were gonna put a few more on you just to see if they have uh some effect on me im also gonna see if i can activate them by shooting at them oh another one on your other nipple and on your uh on your belly button there you go and then were gonna put one on your mouth so you cant breathe how are we gonna activate all of them i dont know oh you can activate that one and oh no stop triggers im tricking okay that doesnt okay no no no no no no thats not good no its not okay so activating more than than one at once is a little bit hard because i dont got six arms only got two all right you heard this coming up there you go that should keep you tired i dont know i just felt like i felt like making that joke but it makes no sense okay theres one more over there there you go and fly away there you go thats what i like to see if you could just get up now okay youve got one more stuff in your body im not touching your butt im touching the little thing there there you go yeah look at you go relax buddy relax just some thrusters okay its no big deal whoops oh god i almost shot your shut your arm off its fine there you go activate it there you go come on go uh weve got two activated okay right i need to try something else because this is really fun so i realized one thing when i was playing around with the thruster and thats the fact that if i just put you on them youre gonna glue yourself to them thats right theyre like really gluey these ones and they just stick to you so i can just drag you through them like this youre just gonna have a bunch of thrusters on you look at that the only bad thing is i cant actually activate them so its time to figure out if i can activate the thrusters wait a gun um as far as i can tell yeah its not activating bro thats a lot of shame the next question is can we activate them with one of them activate please activate come on damn it but thats not everything okay these ones are innocent thrusters they are uh the kind you use when you dont want your body to explode into pieces which is where this one comes in you see that little symbol over there buddy that one over there yeah that means its gonna explode once its done flying around so right there lets see what happens then okay just please dont be no no dont get scared dont be scared its all good i think i might have killed them that got me thinking can we make them into bullets we sure can but they dont activate automatically ah what a shame i was really hoping they would fly around but that is not all you guys i teased you in the beginning that we have this here this knife which is the first official modded knife and were gonna see if its any good if its any good at all yeah its gonna tap it the crap did i just do i dont know what i did so apparently this thing packs a little bit of a punch there you go oh its not really its not really stabbing them the way i want them to stop you know okay lets just leave you over there okay lets remove that it has to be able to become a bullet right no modded weapons are unable to become bullets oh thats a lot of shame thats what a shame that is can we try the grenade launcher i know what this is gonna do okay i put this here in the tube and then we reload it and and thats what happens we shoot like one of them and we can only shoot like one until we need to reload it again like that and then yep i think oh god okay yeah i definitely took care of him hes hes done for it so this grenade launcher will be ten times as big holy moses of that is a big weapon rob oh okay you know what this might be this might be too big for me to handle ah crap where did i put it i actually put it on me damn it i need a new one oh christ okay so we need to load this with something thatll fit this hole and theres not a lot of things that will fit this one but i have one thing thatll fit it Music not that one not that one but maybe that one thats the sound of success okay all right weve got this weve got this okay grab it and shoot the biggest bullet of your life it was the same size im so disappointed right now now i have also been able to uh learn how to control gravity okay so with the push of a button i physically i physically need to go and push a button guys words oh were flying were flying im still learning this the christ its okay go there we go now we kind of have moon ground okay you like moon gravity a little son of a you little son of a oh son of a god youre even falling in slow motion thats really cool okay so since you are in sort of like zero gravity yeah there you go thats really cool right so thats also a mod that ive downloaded so if we put it once higher were kind of floating around a little bit and this is because were in zero gravity baby and i can kind of swim around a little bit like this i think i need a rocket to control my angles and stuff so here we go just lets see if we can use the rocket to like propel ourselves for well im not sure how it didnt work damn it okay how do i oh i know lets not use the rockets lets use this attach this to me and become superman iron man super iron man come on okay maybe i need something to attach to this thing thatll do here we go oh im maneuvering through space i have become iron man im running out of juice now were using a gun to propel ourselves forwards and youre gonna die oh my god this is so freaking cold this ah i love when games get modern support you know thats just awesome okay stop stop floating around in space stop now i didnt actually try this out but these things im wondering if they become more powerful if we supersize them so thats exactly what were gonna do were gonna take this pistol put it over there boom boom boom were gonna see if this thing holy falls that is a big thruster were gonna see if this thing is more oh its actually attached already there you go okay packs a bigger thrust than than it previously did thats perfect okay weve got it weve got the worlds first rocket powered shopping cart here we go yeah i dont i dont think its more powerful i just think thats the normal power its bigger but its not more powerful its got bigger flames though now as i was saying in the beginning of the video this is the ultimate sandbox a squiddy land this thing is basically all the levels combined into one and its a little bit jittery its a little bit laggy oh it doesnt work that no its not optimized and stuff but its really freaking cool because weve got that level over there we can climb and stuff weve got the torture place and weve also got some drills and hooks and gyms and everythings over here its just a lot bigger with bigger comes more responsibility your face is really shiny oh yeah its really shiny all right lets just take you here then and lets see what we can do oh i have a perfect idea why dont i impale you on a hook oh god okay hook there you go come on just there you go right in your eye okay and then we attach a thruster to him so he can have a little bit of fun so take this put it on your head and activate it hes having a swing kind of hes not really swinging all that much but i mean hes trying lets put it on the side and maybe hes able look at that hes getting some speed oh lovely stuff this is not hurting his eye socket at all now do you guys want to see more modded hard bullet content leave a like on the video subscribe so you dont miss it so the only thing that im wondering now is this place have a height limit because i can see this goes really high up i just dont know how im gonna get there oh i have an idea i am the master of gravity but i am not gonna go alone oh no sir im not im gonna take a bunch of test subjects with me because were all gonna go to space dammit if its the last thing we do you know three people thats it three astronauts people dabble and double theyre all doppelgangers but they have the similar whatever its fine okay here we go are you guys ready for the space launch changing gravity im not there we go oh im going up im going up into the sky oh here we go can i hit the top is there a top there is no top i flew through the level oh my god i heart bullet ultimate sandbox its literally just a giant eyeball and i want to go back down but i dont know how im going to do that because im just floating up so i just turned the gravity up to a million and im going down and im so im having so much speed my arms are warping and i miss the level Music black friday steam deck Today in Hard Bullet I went on the internet and downloaded some Mods. 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