Steam top co op gamessteaming crablegs HARD BULLET game welcome back to chorus hm thats me and this is hard bullets again i cant be bothered to do the star wars thing because i got a new job and im knackered all the time but in this game explosives update part 2 is finally out and well that just warrants experimentation so were back in my favorite room on the planet its exactly the same i dont think itll ever change also you might notice that im moving around at random for no discernible reason thats because my left controller is  __  and i need to spend a lot of money to get a new one which  __  sucks so thats gonna be a bit of a gripe to deal with so lets just go through these one by one what have we got this is a grenade launcher that should be fairly obvious no idea how to load the  __  thing oh wait oh just in the barrel like that seems to be impact launcher which is nice so im afraid hello its me have you missed me oh right yes i remember reading in the patch notes its got like a minimum range for explode the light it will only explode past a certain range otherwise it would just be an insta kill there we go thats horrible then weve got this which i assume is oh its a firework oh we gotta strap a bunch of those to a dude thats gotta happen we got dynamites should be fairly  __  obvious what dynamite does there goes his leg oh dear and then we got these things which i have no idea what they do they appeared to stick to people oh oh its a booster okay i see so what i can do is i can attach all those to the back of his head and then just right okay thats pretty cool uh this one is this this ones a different one im not sure what this one does exactly its just a more vivid boost lets pick the guy holy yep oh that one explodes when its done okay so already i want to experiment with those so lets see lets change that to arcade because im lazy spawn tool enemies there we go hello my friends welcome to the arena youre gonna wish that you stayed home so what were gonna do is im gonna take two of these and were gonna just absolutely cover this guys back i see so they group up if you stick them next to each other didnt mean to grab that one so if i put that one there if i these three will all activate at once what up earth like you doing bye yeah it just kind of fizzles out yeah can you get back up for me please thats something youre capable of doing hey not so what were going to do is were going to activate the other two they just flop to the ground they dont go flying maybe the rockets have got to be facing upwards upward facing these are okay thats kind of funny these are just underwhelming as  __  hey what if i activate you and then throw you up into the air where did you go youre just on the ground youre boring that is a bore that that is boring as hell what if i just stick it directly to your face and then pull you down no no no no no no no no no okay what is that dude doing hold on thats why arcade mode by the way i want to experiment with that a little further oh my computer does not like what im doing here how many kills am i racking up doing this this is  __  stupid so weve tried these things which are not good against people so ill attach those to a prop maybe maybe to the bot ding ding ding ding ding your boy just had an idea were going to take this sword and were going to weld do we need to weld one of these to this will it just stick it just stuck straight away i dont want it let me put it on all right ah  __  it so what im going to do is grab in the no grab it the right way up yeah oh oh rocket sword its stuck up there now ah how do i do this more precise i gotta get it ive gotta put the thing directly in the middle otherwise the trajectory of the sword is affected that might do it oh cut his leg off that definitely worked two three ive got no idea how to link these all together so i guess ill just activate them all at once oh geez its like a discount iron man shield anyway enough messing around time to get serious hey i dont think it matters if i can to be honest can i weld this rocket to you oh i can lets see how that goes we wish him a speedy recovery oh you know what weve got to do now weve got to make one of those bigger a mountain to it perfect this is exactly what i wanted how im going to get this guy to sit on it though is another thing hey entirely wheres the world too the welding tool can now be grabbed from a distance which means no more picking it up upside down this is a pain in the ass sit on there we go there we go yes he is ready for flight can i ignite this though oh yes we can hes stuck in me that was that was amazing oh my god that was that was incredible where is the welder there it is so were just gonna that to there i put it down too early  __  this could be a problem there is it still its well its on its on for science for science you got anything you want to say to uh the folks back home who are gonna be watching this on the tv no cause neither do i oh he just goes in a spiral oh thats so cool oh thats thats a ridic that is absolutely ridiculous i love that so much all right were gonna try dynamite now i dont know how to apply dynamite in an entertaining way so uh i have an idea though where is the little throwing knife there it is i dont know how badly welding a dynamite to a throwing knife is gonna affect the balance of the blade but were gonna give this a go grab that i didnt miss the throw that was very very awkward but that did work as planned i just praised it for letting me let me grab it where i want to grab it its not going how i want it to go but its definitely going which is good can you just hold on to these for me thanks i cant even begin to think of a witty thing to say yeah there really is no coming back from that but at least i can dig you a grave i want to do more  __  with the boosters now that i know they can do things what about oh yes i turn that this way its a hammer so what im gonna do is rocket propelled hammer it definitely works this is technically a sharp weapon is the thing can i just burn your face so if i fight the boost i can get explosions out of you oh god wheres it going oh hey that sword is still up that theyre stuck that oh that ones just flat out gone this is an attempt at a helicopter but its not spinning the way i wanted it to oh jesus i really thought it would spin that way and it sort of just rolled over instead oh its because they would i put them on the same side on both sides they were just cancelling each other out so here is my very scuffed attempt at a helicopter its spinning but its not spinning the way i want it to it i dont have a budding career as an engineer i need it anytime soon all right well that was explosives update part two and yeah i could definitely see why it was split into two parts because this all probably took a lot more work and being able to ignite things in the magazine generator is probably a big deal too but um it was well worth the wait this is probably going to turn out to be a good weapon in the survival modes maybe a bit overpowered considering you can but yeah this has been a really fun update i know i havent been uploading as much and i did say in my last video im gonna do a star wars video im gonna try an extra for im gonna try a different format too but if im gonna be honest with you i got a new job and im  __  exhausted all the time i cant be bothered to do the star wars video but i cant be bothered to do a new format either maybe i will eventually but i just kind of want to stick to what im comfortable with which is cue getting into a game goofing around and slapping it together and resolve 650 subscribers that happened by the way which is  __  crazy how im i im i cant even begin to fathom i am so grateful for every single one of you also i have like 32 000 followers on tick tock now which is absolutely mental two of my hard bullet tick tocks have reached 2.3 million and 1.8 million views respectively which is absolutely mind-blowing get the joke considering that i was getting hyped over any tick tock that got more than a thousand views and to be fair i still do but anyway enough mushy  __  im thank you very much uh i hope you enjoyed the video Music and outro first steam tractor Explosives Update Part 2 finally dropped in Hard Bullet! I had a lot of fun playing with the new stuff, including an unexpected surprise...MY TIKTOK: @chorushm give steam game to friend steam free low spec games ff14 steam steam ubuntu steam mop uses