Using a SANDING Machine on a Ragdolls HEAD - Hard Bullet VR Gameplay

Cuisinart steamerrocket league prices steam HARD BULLET game right so ive gone ahead and cleaned everything up because i want to use the sanding machine some more hey stop screaming right here we go onto the sanding machine welcome back to hard bullet in this episode were gonna mess with some more ragdolls and also create some more custom weapons because i absolutely love to do that all right but first up in the last video that i did i used this sanding machine i think its a sanding machine anywhere or some kind of grinder to launch stuff and some other ragdolls so were going to try that again ive also got a traffic cone here so yeah lets see if this works and launch oh maybe not the best prop to use oh there we go we did a little bit of damage what about a tire yeah not that great either and something also tells me that this isnt going to work so what about trolley yeah lets put the car on there well looks like well have to stick to basketballs oh okay its not really working is it buddy man im not the best of this i mean we dont have to use basketballs now do we all right and launch oh well that right there was a direct hit okay whos next you you are my next target all right buddy come this way step right up and you know what im gonna put you oh im so sorry i just kind of grinded your hand a little bit there you just stay there now theres no way that im missing this one the dude is right there and launch well i still missed fine use a basketball instead how how do i do this anyway im gonna use that thing a little bit later but right now im gonna go ahead and create some custom weapons once again to use on the ragdolls so lets go ahead and put this away and the way im gonna do this is actually select them by random just like i did in the last hard bullet video so heres what im gonna do im gonna go to the back and im gonna select something random using my telekinesic powers doesnt seem to be working though okay random oh i got something in my right hand whoa this looks like stuff okay this could work oh and a spear great right now we need to weld them together um hmm this seems like a very weird combination and very unnecessary but we have to go with it maybe we could just extend the spears length like this ultimate poking device that looks pretty good and now lets weld them together well make a couple of uh restraints here and uh lets pick another weapon at random oh whats it gonna be its another spear great double-sided spirit is unless hear me out we create an even longer poking device okay sure i guess we could do that and weld now lets select one more weapon at random oh whats it going to be its are you are you kidding me is this rigged or something how have i got free spears right well this is just getting stupid now ive actually created a really long spear before didnt really go too well looks like im doing it again and now ladies and gentlemen i present to you the ultimate poking device i could even poke the ceiling with this well nearly anyway if i jump i can do it there we go anyway lets see what this thing is like on the ragdolls and you my friend are my first victim oh it works hooray wow this actually works pretty good this is much better than my last poking device charge oh im trying to fish him out like lift him up ugh okay dudes too heavy lets take him off now we only have one last ragdoll to kill let me try and slap him in the face with it hang on a minute oh oh that works too yeah i mean its not quite as useful but hes down aim and poke well yeah its not too bad i guess works pretty good okay excuse me sir could you just hold my poking device for me for a second please thank you all right that thats great cheers buddy and now using my suppressed pistol right here lets see if we can actually create something useful so that has like some kind of melee attachment to it and again were going to use the random technique if this is a spear i swear its the staff again fine okay maybe if i put it like this i have no idea how this is going to work oh no no turn on the zero g so ive gone ahead and got some more test subjects and this might be the most useless weapon ive ever made i mean you know i can still use it as a gun and everything but the staff yeah its just kind of awkward it just adds unnecessary weight to it yeah isnt that right see but unless actually if you maybe hold the weapon like this instead hang on a minute yeah then we can just bash him with it i mean you know its semi-useful kind of finally we got him now this is the kind of cool stuff you can do of it shoot and then bash it its kind of awkward to use sometimes um bear with me there we go bash him over the head and then shoot again there we go and hit also how did this guy actually just survive that dude i shot you in the face youre supposed to go down wait actually i have just a thing for you my friend stay right there my poking device no one survives the poke yeah just line it up here we go and oh wait for it now go oh well this is awkward dont you look at me like that attempt number two for the poke and george oh there we go i got him ive got myself a fish perfect whos breathing like that i have determined that it is this guy be quiet its okay wait actually oh i thought it was me breathing for a second there oh hang on a minute this actually might be quite useful to aim with yeah look at this not too bad wait hang on a minute i think the gun might actually be useless because of the stuff it doesnt seem to be as effective anymore somehow these ragdolls can survive how are you doing that just go down Music die and now what im going to do is create the ultimate gun so were going to place the weapon there and a pencil right there bullet speed lets go with eight leave everything as it is press the button and now we have ourselves a custom magazine oh yes that fires pencils pretty cool right yeah not too bad anyway lets grab another mag because it doesnt end there were gonna go ahead and customize it a little bit more but this time were not gonna use a randomizer because i keep getting really bad stiff maybe give it some kind of uh bayonet on the front that would look pretty cool i think you know what lets just keep it simple im not actually gonna add any more weapons to this gun right lets turn this off and now we are ready to roll all right aim and fire oh yes some reason the pencils are not actually impaling into them which is a little strange just bouncing off them hows that even possible yeah yeah yeah yeah oh hes down we got a new mag locked and loaded with pencils but now its time to try out the bayonet why is everything bouncing off these guys never mind spoke too soon lets try this again yes i think its fantastic this guys done for ah oh i got him yeah now where do we put you how about on this hook right here yay but the real question is can my custom weapon here take out a giant ragdoll look at the size of this guy and also just ignore that big fella over there he kind of died when i spawned him in but uh anyway lets give this a go shall we clean my throat and ready to fire three two one i hit him in the lip actually wait ive had a plan we really want to take out the giant then we need giant pencils should we just go with 10 screw it were doing it i have no idea how this pencil is going to fit out of the barrel of my gun right giant pencil meet giant ragdoll and fire wait that wasnt a giant pencil oh do i need to clear my mag of the old ones first well ive got a new mag three two one fire why is it still are these pencils tiny still what thats still the same size thats no good for us now i think i figured it out i think its my custom gun here that isnt working so ive got this pistol right here and lets give this a go shall we hes also facing the wrong way now but thats fine right three two one and fire wow the giant pencil worked hey buddy oh oh that looks so painful i do love making giant pencils though i have to say i mean look at this thing im going to draw on your head sir well actually i guess or impale you sorry sorry you had to be done though okay youve got no feelings youre just erecto how are your nose nose hairs pretty clean good for you right so ive gone ahead and cleaned everything up because i want to use the sanding machine some more hey shh stop screaming right here we go onto the sanding machine oh its brutal this is what hard bullet is all about though okay and just remember ragdolls have no feelings this is for science okay we need to know what would happen if you put someones head on a sander okay or grinding machine thing hows it looking i think hes hes okay look hes totally fine hes okay hes he actually is okay wow thats incredible right so this experiment hasnt exactly gone to plan so for that reason we must dispose there we go okay yay everyone loves the meat grinder anyway were gonna leave it be bye so sorry about that but anyway on that note im gonna end this one right here theres another video on the top right so make sure you go ahead and check that out also dont forget to comment like and subscribe and ill hopefully see you in that video right there goodbye steam engine inventor Using a SANDING Machine on a Ragdolls HEAD - Hard Bullet VR GameplayIn the next video, Ill make sure to check out the new update but in the meantime, Im back on the sandbox mode destroying ragdolls. 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