I Traumatized my Son... (Hard Bullet VR)

Can you hide a game from your steam profilepayment methods on steam HARD BULLET game hey daniel what are you doing why were you just touching my son daniel get over here this is such a bad look bro whoa what the  __  are these things hello girls play with dolls i play with action figures okay now kiss oh my god here we go we have guns boys like a middle-aged man in texas im so excited this is dead ass the contraption of a homeless man holy i feel like this video would do better if youre shirtless come on let me take your pants off come on man hey come here come on stand up man what the  __  are you doing listen to me i got something really important to talk to you about okay have you ever heard of manscaped with manscape your paws will thank you this video is actually brought to you by the global brand for mens grooming and hygiene products mathescaped offers the best tools and liquid formulations for the big three your body butt involves manuscripts sent me a lot of stuff from their 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damaging it is to put your balls in somebodys forehead penis to the face not even a scratch on you youre doing so good man have any of you guys actually played dead space you know the scene with the needle goes into the eye lets recreate it oh i think i just killed him why are you playing questions with me what are you doing stop stop stop stop this is literally a game for sociopaths get off the hook come on come on what are you doing get off nah hey hang in there bud is this  __  me grinder ive seen so many of these channels on youtube i really want to make my own come on man we got to get 10 million views on this video okay so we got to utilize everything we got go in there my wife kind of dropped off the kid for me today so im forced to watch him personally i wouldnt have anything to do with this boy if it wasnt for court apparently drinking too much is a probable reason for my son to leave my custody that doesnt make any sense dale doesnt make any sense daniel what does that make sense now you didnt see me kiss that man okay im still in love with your with your mother im not were gonna make this week really fun for me and you okay welcome to my work i work at a movie set now anything i do to anybody is just acting okay son to do daniel you hurt my boy yes yes son daniel punched you not me he did it okay youre thinking weirdly okay i dont know what your mothers instilling in you im a good person hey daniel what are you doing what were you just touching my son do you have something you want to talk to me about daniel get over here you goddamn right bastard this is such a bad look bro now what are we gonna tell the authorities that happened here by the way in case of anybody asked your father he was home with you all night we were just playing and we were just playing xbox  __  daniel its a mangas keep it on bounce on your head boy there you go now you look like a samurai boy this is circuit 2025 barden just instilled a mandated vaccination thing and it turns out everybody whos been vaccinated has been turned into a mindless zombie ready to kill us boy so what i did i went to the local warmer and i got an ar-15 and im ready to fight any baxter who wants to come over here and forcefully inject needles into my neck theyre theyre coming after us boy theyre coming after oh us holy  __  boy you stay there okay i gotta keep on fighting for america these lame dogs dont even know what hate them youre still youre still with me right youre still with me every single person here right now youre gonna bow before me you aint gonna take away my rights i gotta keep on fighting fight for my rights fight for america youre watching your problem youre good son youre watching your parents do good im gonna gross you my right now fighting for my wife for american value sir son this post-apocalyptic world that were living right now is so  __  up america 2025 is so  __  up son we are the last few able-bodied people in america boy get up get up ive got something for us both okay i found somebody who has been addicted to the modern shot theyve had 15 needles in their body i think their goddamn immortal you know what that means we got to do some tests we got to do some government issue tests on the goddamn body you see its literally right inside your skull right now boy look look at him boy look at him im cutting the shreds hes not dying how are you still alive what kind of black magic is this oh my god oh my god oh youre still standing what the  __  dude holy  __  oh my god oh look at him yeah go ahead give him a kiss remember boy manscape okay oh yeah good job boy oh yes he has a good job boy oh yes yes very very nice very well yes well very nice very nice oh yeah good boy oh yeah that sounds like a good boy oh yeah guys boy you want to be a man right you got to get down and dirty you got to get bloody got to go down and dirty here we go arm two door in the butt good show jolly good show yes oh boy oh yeah good show oh yeah good good good good guess good show listen boy lying to you the entire time okay im not actually a profit maker im not actually an actor im not im not gonna this isnt even your weekend with me okay your mother has a restraining order on me because ive been a serial killer since the early 90s boy i took a personality test and it turns out that im actually a cancer so it allowed me to have justification for mass murdering a bunch of people son okay im sorry i kind of bruised up your forehead a little bit yeah you know what youre not like the gift wouldnt like the guy rubs the cats haiti thats what im doing to you okay this is a sign of affection i promise boy time for fiction boy i promise son of a section um ill build you a new body okay youll be a new boy brand new boy okay son i promise you youre gonna be okay youre gonna be fine said i bothered you youre gonna be okay i i had some fun murdering a lot of people i had i had a really good time but i think its time for you to go back to your mother okay now what do we say to your mother when you go back home what do you say you tell him that your father ricky is a really good person didnt do anything wrong all we did was play fortnite and drink capri sun all weekend long Music okay go in there all right lets go see your mother boy steam gratis game Thanks to Manscaped for sponsoring todays video! 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