Hard Bullet - Melee and Physics Update Gameplay

Steam games of 2022steam link for pc HARD BULLET gameplay hello the killer tanner here back in hard bullet this was supposed to be the caltune update but they postponed adding the map so this is the physics and melee update i think kind of new and improved oh a little wonkier than i expected new and improved physics you can like grab and push them and i think i think they said something about adding your elbow as a hitting pool bosh no not quite they lied to me they lied but improved melee physics enemy physics fights are supposed to be more visceral and brutal now they lied about that too or thats coming in the next update what thats an interesting new feature i really dont know if i like it though its  __  disturbing wow i dont like that oh my god come on thats grotesque oh that was cool all right new idea can you deflect bullets i cant maybe i can thats kind of a nice effect you can just gently shove people i feel like my character is a little weaker than i than i would like i mean what was that  __  listen here man beautiful cooperate thats wow i mean i know im a little  __  but i dont hit that soft apparently theyve got more to add i am happy with whats here right now savage what an update my god you can get off now am i accidentally grabbing him instead of just the bar ew gross oh cool i think they made the armor more effective as well nice thats nasty i think they added dismemberment or maybe they will no idea oh thats sharper than i thought thats so brutal why this game is the most turning into the most hardcore vr game ive ever played nice doesnt bust their helmets goes through their vests though i dont think hed be bleeding that bad unfortunately they arent as floppy as they used to be i like shooting them in the kneecap and watching them fall over maybe theyll add that back in theyre trying to make it more realistic theyll find balance eventually oh youre a tough son of a  __  can i have that can i pull that out no push it in no pin you to stuff come on hows this working drop your gun nice thats not a gun digit oh why havent i done this yet come on dude yeah right that would go right through and into my face oh you dont you dont care huh cant captain america you i guess i can knock your weapons out of your hand at least oh sick drop it oh nice i really need to turn off guardians with some ugly footage i think maybe dismemberment will be in another update oh man thats disgusting nice kind of works like an axe just doesnt dig into deeply that is so brutal and pin people to walls yet no this thing deflects bullets too i want you to stay still it doesnt work yet next update i guess they split the kowloon update in half come on damn it thats kind of disappointing i liked when they got floppy oh wow oh this membrane does work bosh not meant to sustain an electrified charge but it does give them a good jolt and they die quickly i wonder if the game recognizes that there is an unconscious state in these enemies and maybe they will get up eventually maybe thatll be part of the story maybe there will be stealth who knows this is just the melee update if you enjoyed it ooh i hope you dont enjoy that guardian  __  because i gotta turn it off but anyways if you enjoy physics based melee combat and gun play be sure to subscribe so youll miss any how to remove a game from your library on steam A VR gameplay video in the new melee and physics update for Hard Bullet. I recorded just a little too early for the New Years update so I may have to skip that one.Subscribe here: Absurdly infrequent video previews and other instagram stuff: VR is a shockingly small portion of my gaming life. Feel free to add me elsewhere (mainly Xbox). Watch my clips, check my libraries/achievements, play with me, convince me to make console content again. Up to you. Gamertag: thekillerTanner PSN ID: thekillerTanner All music and sound effects in my videos are from YouTubes audio library. FYI: Im an American but I live in Switzerland, so please forgive any delayed responses to comments, etc. #vrgameplay #hardbullet #thekillerTanner multiplayer steam games for mac and windows cheap single player games on steam steam dech apple tv steam link xbox controller steam