Shooting PENCILS Into Ragdolls - Hard Bullet VR Gameplay

Steam games online multiplayerhow to steam pastrami HARD BULLET gameplay okay you know what screw it lets just make a giant pencil shall we oh there we go theres a giant pencil giant pencil to take out a giant man fire oh i skimmed his neck welcome back to hard boiler were gonna mess around in sandbox once again ive got this little rag doll dude look at this guy hes so cute and i want to quickly see if i can actually shoot him i dont know if this works or not so let me just make sure my guns loaded okay throw him in the air slow motion and lets shoot okay yeah we can kind of shoot him so yeah that was fun but anyway lets move on to sandbox mode lets go jump in the car and we are back now i am having a lot of fun with the magazine generator here and i want to play around with it a little bit more so lets just go ahead and spawn in this guy right here to begin with should we maybe change some of his stats up a little bit or should we just spawn him in you know well spawn him in to begin with there we go hey buddy right youre gonna be my little bullet tester so if you come with me this way and just go somewhere in the middle there thats it and now lets make a custom bullet so first we need to decide on a gun we want to use should i use a shotgun with this you know what i think we should i dont often use shotguns in this game so lets place that right there and now all we need is an item or a weapon to use as the ammo can i try this theres like a trash bin lid right so lets just put this here and uh do we want to change the scale of it lets just leave everything as it is for now press the big red button oh i jump by accident bring me back down okay here we go so what we just get one shell is that it okay well let me try on this guy oh did i just waste it i dont know lets just give it a go shall we fire um well this is awkward now this should knock him out um uh um where did the lid go it was supposed to be the trash lid what happened let me try this again there we go now it works what the hang on a minute it went really laggy for a second then i think i know why why is there so many of them they just disappeared what oh wait its because its a shotgun of of course its because its a shotgun it shoots out pellets which means it just shoots out loads of them as opposed to just one bullet okay so maybe using a shotgun isnt the best idea aha yeah lets use this dig right men so now we should have quite a lot of ammo with this one all right fire yes okay we need to get a new guy and so spawn hey buddy yeah and Applause oh no are you okay wow this actually works i wonder if i can shoot myself with it this is going to be kind of awkward to do but here we go Music oh im actually fine oh hey youre up let me see if i can get them from over here and fire yes i can alright lets just go ahead eject the mag because were gonna try something else hmm what do i want to try what about this the tomahawk yeah yeah i feel like this will work pretty well im not expecting it to really spin but then again bullet rotation what if we just up the rotation to 10 bullet speed 4 maybe scale it down a little bit tiny little tomahawks and now lets see what happens shall we this could be really good all right excuse me out my way spawn a new guy in and here we go um i am really sorry about that it was supposed to be a tomahawk one moment i must have put in the wrong mag let me eject this one okay this is now definitely the tomahawk mag and fire oh Music well it worked wheres this oh theres the spin kind of weird rotates the other way though which is not ideal but lets give it another go shall we this poor guy has to put with quite a lot and dont forget hes just a rag doll okay so its fine he hasnt got any feelings all right Music hows he still standing how are you doing this oh i cant use this guy with two hands okay well never mind hit fire and hes down oh wait no hes getting back up dude how how are you doing this hey let me just aim for the head yeah still up im all out dont worry im just gonna press the big red button get another one yeah okay maybe yeah there we go lets try it from a distance got him in the leg that is now the ragdoll not down dude okay you know what this tomahawk kind of sucks to kill him okay so ive gone ahead cleared the scene because i reckon probably the best bullet to use is actually this pencil right here and i quite like using this silence pistol so lets put the bullet scale well leave it at one i guess bullet speed lets go for six rotation bit of rotation sure why not press it get the mag pop it in and now we are ready to go hmm you know what im gonna do im gonna make a giant and then kill him with the tiny little pencils well theyre normal sized pencils but hes a giant so here we go holy i forget how large they get okay here we go this way fella you giant rag joe man okay so you just stayed right there ill wait for you to get up and then uh well well see if this works oh there we go and fire oh what was that that tiny little p what uh why are you nodding your head like that yeah oh no well i dont like the rotation so why dont we quickly just go ahead and change that change to zero bullet speed five okay you know what screw it lets just make a giant pencil shall we oh there we go theres a giant pencil giant pencil to take out a giant man fire oh i skimmed his neck is he still alive yes he is all right here we go slow motion wow whoa oh there we go oh ouch thats painful this guys getting messed up right now i think its fair to say hes dead let me just grab one of these things give me that got it oh its so heavy well my arm look at that thats weird okay aim and run oh no oh i went right through oh no hard bullet this game is messed up and now welcome back to the torture area so i say we grab this guy here do we what do we want to do lets go scout you know what let me try a mortal ive never set this to true before and then the next thing im gonna do is scale him down lets go point six so not quite all the way down there we go hey buddy yeah why are you so heavy for a little guy oh there we go all right so over there we have the torture area and you my friend well are going to get tortured but dont worry youre just a ragdoll with no feelings so its absolutely fine wait because youre smaller does that mean youre gonna swing more i guess lets find out there he goes yeah okay let me grab him by the leg and then lets really swing him whoa there he goes ive had an idea oh mind the drill be careful of the drill what if we grab this one can i hook them on to both does this work Music it kind of worked for a second there okay come here were going to try this again double hook so awkward to do i did it yes oh did we do that nope lets bring this back up there we go double hooked yeah okay lets get another one you know what we will make it 0.5 wow that is absolutely tiny hmm what to do with you you are immortal as well so we cant kill these guys so what if i just lay him here and then use the drill he cant die so hes gonna be fine here we go yeah wow you see that see your friend down there yeah kind of bad right here lets bring this back up lets see how hes doing you good bro i think hes okay so lets just go ahead and put him here okay new guy now instead of using the machines around here how about i use the knife so throw him up slow motion oh oh no and because he is invincible we could just do this as many times as we want and hell be completely fine oh here we go oh oh ragdoll kebab oh god i hate that one all right time to use the lift once again raise it up just a little bit there we go and you my friend are up yeah oh we went right through look at that oh thats bad right you stay right there and now lets see what happens if we lower it is it gonna get crushed im not too sure oh oh is your head okay bro this is weird okay wont go any lower than this so i say we just bring him up there we go hes fine hes completely fine now i have once again removed everything in the area because i want to try and set myself a little challenge here so we have the enemy spawner over here but i want to see if i can take them all out with once again custom ammo so i do want to make something good here so i reckon if we use this place it here and maybe use a weapon would be a good idea something sharp something that is symmetrical and should just go straight into the enemy like the weight should be even i guess um i guess this spear thing would probably work pretty well so lets place that in there rotation speed zero bullet speed should we go lets go 10 make it nice and quick scale it down to 0.5 and then i reckon this should do the trick yeah okay lets go get the enemies in and see if this works get ready for the enemies theres one right now okay lets see if this works aim down fire oh it worked whoa what the he freaked out a little bit oh hes firing back get him yes oh what is his neck oh theres another one yo this thing works really good look at this oh theyre getting messed up right now oh i see that pistol no dont shoot slow motion ah no bad oh hey you want to go bro lets do it then was that it hey hey were trying to fight over inmate all right here we go come on then lets do this weapon engage oh im all out empty the mag grab a new one and now were ready dude seriously got him oh yeah i forgot fully also yeah baby so ive noticed that they dont tend to die very quick um so its accurate but it just doesnt quite do the job ah slow-mo shed yeah this is so cool is he dead no way is this guy getting back up is he im pretty sure we got him oh screw it wooden baseball bat okay here we go uh baseball bat oh it works what that might even be better than the other one this guy still got he cant run oh that spirit messed him up and so did this baseball bat yeah oh and i have once again spawned in a giant because i want to see if the baseball bat works on this guy too well there goes his kneecap yeah it works just as well as it would on the normal ragdolls its abe for the face oh down he goes and now prepare to be amazed because this new mag right here is gonna be a little bit weird but uh watch this okay and fire i am shooting out this gun the exact same rifle as a bullet how weird is that man this game is so weird but i love it yeah but anyway on that note im gonna go ahead and end this one right here theres another video on the top right so make sure you go ahead and check that out also dont forget to comment like and subscribe and ill hopefully see you in that video right there goodbye steam pressure cooker Shooting PENCILS Into Ragdolls - Hard Bullet VR GameplayWere back in the new Hard Bullet update in sandbox mode torturing ragdolls and creating custom projectiles to fire at them. 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