Ps4 controller steam gamesbtrfs steam deck HARD BULLET gameplay hello and welcome back to my terrible quality videos today were gonna be doing part two of the most violent game in existence hard bullet okay lets just start off with uh the good old Defender grenade launcher what the  __  happened to your face his face turned its head out Im insane all right Im just gonna leave this hanging just like all my other problems uh you seem like you want to go flying you go flying into the air wow beautiful its like a firework next one lets take a shotgun theyre fun there you go oh my god um I want to test this out can I put grenades okay this game just gave me the ability to um cause problems wait sorry about that man okay I guess does this work it works its beautiful okay we have to try that with a grenade now hopefully this works oh my god it works and that is so glitched theyre just floating away because theyre sticking to each other what the hell oh oh he lost his limbs oh my God but thats my new favorite thing to do you know maybe not with the sticky grenade so it actually like can do something oh my God this is amazing Im gonna Glide the  __  out Im just going to continually do that until I can see how far this can go Im definitely not going to go insane bye and hes gone no he is in the corner even easier to shoot him oh my God theres gonna be so many in that corner right there what have I done to you you look like a monkey oh and your ass is just glitching the  __  out thats great oh theres another lingon oh and they just all roll towards him oh its like the most dangerous marbles in the universe no Im sorry youre not even recognizable now you are glitching out I can see through you but your torments not done yet oh my God what the  __  so Im gonna have to use you for my YouTube thumbnail so in other words Im trying to get views from you so can you just like yeah thats a good pose yeah there God what am I doing with my life your torment isnt over though Im telling you I gotta find a better gun for this oh my God hes just solid red now at this point nothing left his neck is detached you can see through it oh wow this is what is even happening here you know what after this I think your torments over I think I think youve suffered enough and he goes flying anyway oh hes so glitch I cant even just push him on here oh wait maybe youre fine so an explosion is a form of art right so tactically this is art beautiful oh oh youre youre so dead Im sorry okay we got another red guy oh and his face is just as bad well I got a friend for you um youre not so lonely now you guys could probably talk about how nice it was to have legs there you go oh oh speaking of legs Jesus oh wow hes having fun its like a roller coaster oh headshot oh yeah your nose is just gone okay still hate this I dont think Ill ever get used to the sound or just doing this I hate it its with cheese but red and guys look I made a Minecraft pickaxe I dont know I havent finished mining you you know my favorite part of Minecraft was just like going home and like sitting down on a call with your friends and just kind of like going for some mining it was always so fun I dont know theyre good memories Im insane I have a beautiful firework time wow its like a bunch of screaming children it really is and they explode like them too oh this might be a bad idea because its gonna take a while for them for it to explode Dodge it oh nope maybe it is its like bowling but with bombs and you are all gonna  __  die oh boy oh yeah it kind of works oh youre an idiot you just walk right into it great um these dont fire really far though oh you guys are dead oh there you go I was wondering Well that took so long oh youre just looking over there what are you looking at youre both gonna die now youre shaking your head no youre gonna die stop shaking your head okay hes just dancing he likes it oh now that hes gone oh sad you dont get ammo nope stop trying to reload you you literally dont have ammo yeah exactly give up oh my God Im sorry you could see the blood vessels in the teeth thats too far thats too far oh they call me the terror Spider-Man oh my guns gone Spider-Man does whatever a terrorist count to bringing back Minecraft memories just picking up a pickaxe and going for a bit of a mining session its very relaxing honestly oh Im so insane now Im starting to believe Im playing Minecraft this is a problem well I think Im gonna end this episode here this has been part two of my hard bullet series and uh if you liked it maybe leave a like comment or something uh or join the Discord and let me know about parts of the video that you liked I dont know and were gonna have events soon in the Discord so join that if you want other than that uh thank you for watching and Ill see you in the next one can steam and game pass play together I once again played the most violent game in existence for your entertainment. 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