Experimental Update Gameplay - Hard Bullet

Cheap steam co op gamessteam tv failed to load broadcast HARD BULLET gameplay hello the killer tanner here boy did the experimental update that just came out really make this game sick and twisted well i guess its only sick and twisted once it gets into my hands but yeah they finally added pinning people to walls this is your first time visiting the channel be sure to subscribe so you dont miss any physics-based vr combat videos they added a i guess what you could call a desert eagle i mean i dont know what to call that theres a special ammo creator only in the sandbox obviously put whatever ammo you want there whatever gun you want there boink special ammo doesnt shoot them far fast enough to stick in very far then again its just experimental theres really no point in putting this in the main game he is still alive over there all right drop it i said drop it you add another one huh drop it all right youre gonna come with me there you go bud just stay put oh he does not like that this guys still here just barely just barely off the ground i have no idea why these are here but theyre kind of neat man these little these little plastic army  __  are sturdy fine here join him glad the breathing stopped this game is starting to rival blood trail in just the level of how grotesque it is they updated the shotguns and guns in general pretty neat sandbox is basically just a torture simulator come with me that was easy with a guy in my size but a plastic army man like it didnt work just chilling how nice together forever gonna paint you like one of those french girls you have to strike a pose though come on good enough oh youre still here sorry thats i dont know if they updated it or im just using the right weapon now but dismemberment is a little easier he says as he continuously fails it there we go stand up straight okay is it even possible okay then just throw a fit in the corner can you have a three-legged race all right different kind of fight here you need these two to come together and wow that worked extraordinarily well all right ready winner is the first one that stands up go come on stand up you can do it ah this guys this guys got a leg up come on you can oh youre still alive no one knew has spawned ill give you help come on youre way behind get that leg under you come on there you go i know hes got a head start but you can do it you can you can do it all right here we yeah and we have a winner Music for some reason their heads dont explode with the deagle while youre holding them why the hell was he bleeding the second he spawned this super deagle thing also shoots limbs off with three pretty successive shots gotta be somewhat quick oh you lucky oh okay doesnt have to be that quick still struggling huh this update is ridiculous games to play with friends online steam A ridiculous VR gameplay video in the experimental update for Hard Bullet.Subscribe here: Absurdly infrequent video previews and other instagram stuff: VR is a shockingly small portion of my gaming life. Feel free to add me elsewhere (mainly Xbox). Watch my clips, check my libraries/achievements, play with me, convince me to make console content again. Up to you. Gamertag: thekillerTanner PSN ID: thekillerTanner All music and sound effects in my videos are from YouTubes audio library. FYI: Im an American but I live in Switzerland, so please forgive any delayed responses to comments, etc. #vrgameplay #hardbullet #thekillerTanner is steam hotter than boiling water toy steam train steamed rice recipes game of thrones saison 8 steaming last man standing steam game