Steam jumping gamesteam games i should buy HARD BULLET gameplay good day dear friends call me the fifth feast or Alexander is a zombie named Oleg and today we will conduct various experiments with you and with him in a game called hard bullet we are but if you like this vidos or you want to support me you you can do it with the help of likes and friends write in the comments on what other games we are you would like to see more videos for articles nifiga yourself he is stupid no slaughter still worked so friends the first thing we will check today is this new weapon I honestly I don’t I thought that you can click on these arrows, although it’s obvious Oleg don’t peep for you, it should be a surprise, I went to this menu, I saw these guns by the way, it’s p90 before it turned out that it’s really Belgian, but we won’t use my shotgun now, well, this video than - the knock is different in my opinion, it is exactly the same, except perhaps, but I don’t know the type a little, it differs slightly, there are also minimal differences shotguns are my favorite topic, so I want to test it and before the shotgun has never let me down and nowhere in general Oleg is already lying okay discarding the shotgun I want other guns shotgun it always seems to remain a shotgun and always remains good but here already look friends what happiness in submachine guns the most diverse submachine gun is always cool because you can hold with one hand and you uncle uncle uncle uncle uncle uncle lets see how much damage this submachine gun can cause to Oleg if you shoot right at the stomach a normal normal creature shes just it collapses, but Oleg the zombies don’t forget this, so oops, I even accidentally shot more than necessary, everything is flooded Oleg one more shot, he doesn’t even react at all at all, well, quite a lot of shots had to be fired before he at least somehow reacted, but what if we are like this not very well, a shot at the tower, of course, immediately eliminates it, okay, I’ll try in shoot my leg but I can’t fire 1 bullet at a time because it’s worth pressing it immediately two three 4 5 5 bullets into any part of the body, regardless of whether the leg is a hand or so I don’t need it and whether it’s the stomach exactly five s well, one two three 4 5 5 bullets five bullets are needed to fill up the zombies but one person will be enough for a few he will die and then there’s a zombie right there yes well it’s possible the chip of this particular submachine gun is beautiful it’s spectacular you can hold two of them but to be honest I don’t I know the name, but I really like how it looks, okay, lets move on to the next one, more like this, I think its ready for the fifties cannon, judging by the shape of the barrel in general, its very, very old, lets see if it was made somewhere in artisanal conditions, and so Mr. Oleg you must withstand 5 bullets, but better 6, we went to the belly once two three 4 5 friends do not depend on the submachine gun how many shots need to be fired to blame the enemy on this is very strange, lets lets take such a submachine gun as if they took this one and upgraded it hard look it looks really awesome well lets try as two three four five five yes what are you going to do why only 5 why 5 is enough wow the head didnt even hit him to go nuts for something the submachine gun and im not impressed ok alright alright if we try to do it differently well give him a look maybe a shield can save him lets try it so come here my favorite welding thing and well do it neat like this so it doesnt fall weld clean up like that but and lets try through the shield withstands nothing for himself buddy completely keeps him from spitting at all brunet is listening cool thing oh in my opinion I missed yes all over again now create okay give me my shield although maybe its just out of order lets take another again we saw yes as if someone - something invisible took a shield, well take it, well even do it like this don’t get up, buddy, and don’t even try to take another one, I don’t know that I can’t attach a shield normally like it was the first time for the first time, it turned out fine okay, I won’t invent anything, we’ll just do it as we’ll do it, and everything don’t fall and fall I’m putting it here for now so that I don’t forget her friend now we’ll take something more serious a Kalashnikov assault rifle, some say that it hits the rail, but in fact it’s not like that, but we’ll try to break through the lid of the trash can, it also can’t clearly act, it’s not impressive like that come on, do n’t care how much I shoot, by the way, but how many bullets do you need to knock out a dude from a Kalashnikov caliber, then more than a submachine gun, let’s oh, create what it is, don’t play these games here, play your belly by the way, painted a little it’s you guilty so times two three 4 5 5 5 it’s strange that a submachine gun has the same lethal power as, in general, a Kalashnikov assault rifle you don’t find oh, this is strange, okay, I won’t hit you on the head because it’s just not a cult, damn it, I thought it’s just neat, let’s get up, you got it right, lifting that one into this under, it won’t work, let’s get them on your foot, let’s get my hand stuck in you brother what to do if the hand gets stuck in the brothers so get up come on come on your bad head lets get up I said get up get up get up in and it works I knew that you can I found out that you can smell like a rise dont you dare fall again when you are not asked by the way pay attention to what but what can’t be stuck yes it’s your better defense than me maybe even give you additional protection so that you shoot it will stay on your head buddy this is your chance to get out of here healthy like this but no but don’t hang your nose okay decided to hang your nose his neck is apparently weak him don’t turn around for me, it’ll be worse for you, let’s move on to heavy artillery stop, but he didn’t die, he’s a little broken i mug seems to have accidentally hit the recoil in the face but at the same time he is alive trying to twitch something so you don’t need my means to lift dudes he get up what he didn’t understand well get up in my opinion he’s not very good friends in my opinion he doesn’t feel the best knife he went in straight, he doesn’t rise, okay, I’ll have to take new guys didn’t get up, I gave him a chance even the means to get up didn’t help him, they will protect now this part of the body, the chest so that your lungs and your heart are still not with him so well, let’s go to the next guns and we have this idea I don’t have what it is I think it’s drum shot gun fuh but as before wait yes this is my favorite drum shot gun problem because a lot of shots and just went to the side and that’s what happened to it and reload it one by one what are you driving, but where to charge it the rope, I thought the drum is removed and new ones are put in its place; you need to charge it, but obviously not into the barrel it’s inconvenient, it’s better to take a new one, but this one is out of order, it looks like the shotgun has a very tough stopping power and you can stop a galloping bear, not to mention the zombie of that crooked brother, well, how so okay where do you try, just the emphasis definitely falls, falls all the same and knocks down the power, it’s simply outrageous, but it doesn’t break through, it breaks through friends, look what happened to his face, come on, get up, just pay attention to this, in short, the only weapon by the ear took him or something, six the only weapon that can do something with an armored zombie this shotgun must be adopted and one more attempt to directly consolidate the success of the read is not taken come on we where where where where the welding machine will try to do this well come on buddy carefully not there here mine not here here I would like cola like this like this yes Christmas trees -sticks what the hell get up come on okay you will get up it looks like it wont work out I normally attach armor to them its constant but it clings to hands I don’t understand why they sell the better you try to make it what it is why this so the better you try to do the worse it turns out similar hand cling instead of this garbage one more attempt the last one infuriates already wild than the hand fails when I cling protection okay if start from here and like this ideal almost almost perfect well let’s just go point-blank shot and it won’t be able to scatter in any way and even in the post in the ear or in the eye la still pierces look where from the first shot came in the second it won’t help not too hard too tough thing, but lets look at another desert eagle weapon, well, if it takes five bullets from it to do something, then I don’t even know wow, but the bullet bullet to it forms much more mass and more than from a submachine gun or from a Kalashnikov one or two- three look at what dents remain four how else are you worth five five bullets but you know what i think desert eagle powerful in theory and you could try him, well, you know, it’s just that all the meat has come off the bone and only the bone sticks out, but at the same time it sticks out, it’s still interesting, let’s move on to the next guns, we also have such a thing to understand what they are called, but stop, I only fired three shots not really 1 2 3 4 4 this is more powerful than a collage well, one two three 4 5 apparently due to the fact that he just falls in the leg, the leg can no longer hold him, and of course, he completely dies from loss of liquid, yes, to me I like the way it looks I don’t know it’s somehow not so visually I don’t like it although according to the characteristics it’s probably a very cool thing so a pistol with a silencer is very small for Damascus you can say music 5555 this we wait this we didn’t test we tested it looks like but not this one, listen well, and that he fell right away is not a bad thing, however, I like the very very high rate of fire, but the lethal power is still the highest for the shotgun, so the new ones, we have already gone for the second around, some guns are blocked and, frankly, I don’t know how they can be unlocked, for example, they have this double-barreled shotgun, it would be cool pay attention that it is the shotguns that are blocked in the first place there is an ace, but you see this already with a silencer, more powerful and tougher everything littered with weapons shotguns we checked these guns and checked p90 checked all the weapons here checked but here it will be the same yes just a different menu mirrored and so in fact everything is the same still friends I would like to go see what we have changed in this section before this the section was large, but even now we, in principle, a lot, to be honest, it hasn’t undergone any changes, that is, what it used to be like that it remained, in general, yes, a big meat grinder stakes hooks machines armatures lift drove the good old machine we’ll check it now but don’t yell wait its too early Im glad I cant lower it, it doesnt lower because you interfere with Aryas lines forever it doesn’t work pulls forward it doesn’t go down wait and you’re not even clean yet we’re not going to lie down this is the maximum at which it turned out to be lowered okay you’ll have to do it otherwise it just loaded onto the machine the mixture of the good life well, all the trepanation was done and he’s still kirdyk yes full kirdyk nothing like where you can buy a gun on your shoulder amusingly I didn’t know about this help taught me while he’s resting, well, let him rest, I won’t touch him from this room nothing has changed physical objects here it would be interesting to see what can be done with a dude first of all first we need a dude for a start damn it so messed up here its awesome for a start we need a dude this dude will act you lets not come to us get up on your feet I wont offend you until you need to get on your feet we will check the protective properties of the traffic cone so what Are you the only one, by the way, look at physical objects they work, you can strike, and his cone is not but the head is not very good and sits, pay attention, yes, that is, but it teaches you to drop it again for the first time, it turned out normally, the children now don’t dress in the right, annoying, well, for some reason I don’t want to dress it, well, the tire will put on your head in the course of it completely it’s another matter you will have maximum armor people, I guarantee you tougher armor there wasn’t another one in the world, you won’t be able to put on another one because it just falls off now we need to check well, stand so much buddy stand stand let’s go here, yes, cooked doesn’t take it’s understandable we checked, lets take this thing oh, I missed the stand, well, against this, he probably won’t stand against the formation against the second century no trick has not been invented yet, wait, they invented they didn’t invent x in my opinion / again it scattered a little incorrectly and therefore it was not sweet for him to clean it up so let’s next lets go come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on Ive got the boxes we ll still check the boxes in the tree they hardly want to stop the tree, it can suddenly stop it is still quite small, so there are chances, but are there still there, therefore, how is it possible through the cracks, no, listen, wait, this is the best armor in history, his lips are swollen, this turns out to be the best armor in history, it turns out that so stuck again because well, it doesn’t break through with a shotgun yes, right now I’m again a fig I’ll dress normally as always so wait wait wait wait this I understand this thing so let’s take a more classic theme like this it just jumps it doesn’t break through it was by chance this was real by chance I didn’t want to do this I was aiming directly at the box no one could predict that the next experiment would be well needed falling boxes are called behind me there are boxes of which something went away or it was I who hit the boxes are standing you are not leaning on the box and only on the box because that God forbid u get up I didn’t understand you problems uncles get up let’s not get up this one is broken carry another cartridges ran out everywhere yes what for and carry the next one in short this one broke down I don’t know why let’s drive at a pace stop here just don’t fall please get up didn’t do anything wrong to you get up and let’s crap or here I understand this or now we are friends on him lets drop the boxes well ask the boxes about it music it turned out crushed the little one will rise whether its interesting or not I think that in principle there are chances to rise but there are not many of them but there is a chance and waves something with his hand twitches whats great those are also healthy bro too hello, he doesn’t even want to get up for some unknown reason, I’m still thinking what to do with him, maybe while I’m thinking what to do with him, he still changes his mind and rises, although I checked everything that I wanted to check with him, so please forgive the guests, but almost got up look decided to get up, then he wouldn’t get up when she saw the ax in my hands, he decided that it was time to get up, but it was already too late so I also want to try another of course it will be strange settings the size I need a microchip to create it I will have it now lets go contest for a moment racello look what I will do I will take it firstly secondly I will take a gun I will have to hit it with a bat what do you think it will turn out so slow motion not well, I almost didn’t miss, by the way, interestingly alive, but the probability that he is alive I don’t want this probability again, but it’s more interesting to take a weapon like we’re shooting at ducks pum-pum-pum and, in general, I even managed to reload, of course, all this in slow mo, because without my words it simply wouldn’t have been possible to throw it up, although I’ll try it suddenly it won’t turn out well, of course, the sracha that arranged today the colossal passed, he sees someone tied it with something and you need to tear it off then he can see it lan, he is not thrown up without a word, poor micro zombie, but the body for two hours asty perry was spinning strangely why you can’t toss it without a word it’s really a mystery to me well friends in general something from that okay okay okay okay last last last there is what I wanted to check in general, everything will be checked the whole cart hit a little get up get up if you get up then you are alive and if you don’t get up, then you’re not alive, she puts you on it, you can put it on the ground and, like, take a picture of a turtle, you understand, okay, that’s how the brand doesn’t work on the heavy one, and it’s normal to take it, it hangs constantly twisting until the turtle falls 6 don’t get up, it doesn’t work, it just fits into the body and nothing comes out, but if you take it and then let’s turn it over turtle turtle everything is a turtle on a turtle it’s a turtle and rising it’s a turtle turtles don’t walk on two legs everything seems to calm him down I know how to calm him down there are objects that calm down once and for all lie all this will not rise you got up in short, the experiment with the turtle managed to make them succeed on this friends, we’ll probably stop for now I hope you liked the video thank you very much for your attention until we meet again good luck while the cart was still then we’ll check your happiness be kind oh bye steam deck emmc upgrade ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ ФИЗИКИ И ПОВЕДЕНИЯ Наш Дискорд - если понравится, буду рад твоему 👍 Изучаем игру HARD BULLET Игра из видео - Со мной ты можешь поиграть в самые интересные и необычные игры - совершенно бесплатно ! 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