Hellsplit: Arena VR - How to Unlock Everything

How to play games on steam on machow to migrate bethesda launcher games to steam HELLSPLIT: ARENA Music welcome to the channel in this video im going to be showing you how you can unlock all of the gear in hell split arena that means all of the weapons all of the armor and all of the shields so you can right away start training with all of the gear before we get started take a minute to click the s in the corner to subscribe trying to get to a thousand subscribers so thatd be much appreciated also like share leave a comment id love to hear your feedback lets get into it in order to unlock all of the gear in health split arena right from the get go were going to be editing the save file of the game now you can find already 100 unlocked save files on reddit so head on over there if you want to take the easy route im going to be showing you how to use a hex editor to open up the file see whats going on and make the changes yourself with that being said were going to need a hex editor hex editor that i use is hxd and im going to be relying on that quite heavily in this video so i highly recommend it its freeware therell be a link in the description go download hxd if youre interested in this sort of thing you wont regret it the other thing were going to need to know is where the save files are on your machine and those save files are in c slash users slash username in this case subs slash data slash local slash hell split arena now if we go ahead and open up that directory you can see that we have a saved directory now right away we can back this up because were going to be making changes we dont want to screw anything up so well just select it ctrl c ctrl v to paste so now weve got a backup so no matter what we do we can always restore our backup by copying the saved copy back over the original so lets go into the save directory we have config and save games in save games directory we have profile 1 and auto save so the game you can save multiple profiles so if you want to keep one profile clean and vanilla and go through the game that way just edit a different profile what you need to do for this to work is start a game in normal mode go into a battle thats it all you have to do is have the profile here to save and then its going to show up here and we can edit it im gonna open up hxd this is what hxd looks like i will drag profile one into hxd now ive done maybe two or three battles in this game its on normal mode the way the game progresses is you have to complete the game on normal mode and thats going to unlock hardcore mode and hardcore mode has extra weapons that you can unlock along the way so to actually unlock all of the gear in game naturally youre going to have to complete normal mode and youre going to have to complete hardcore mode but here we are weve only reached maybe the fourth round or something like that and were going to unlock everything so that we can go mess around in training with all the fun gear this game has to offer so the first thing were going to do is give ourselves a lot of cash and we do that by scrolling down until we start seeing the word money we have player earned money amount we have player spent money amount and theres one more we just have player money up here so the way that hxd works is its displaying the hexadecimal representation of the file here on this side and its also displaying the text representation of whats in the file on this side those two are separate and you have to pay attention to which is in focus at any given time where your cursor is because were going to be making some changes and you want to be making them in the right place now in this video were going to be using the data inspector portion of hxd as well to help us with some of the numbers so well start with player money so if we look at the string player money the next string we see is int property that means this is an integer property and if we count i think eight spaces after that we end up at e1 so thats one two three four five six seven eight we actually count eight after this o4 so theres int property theres this zero zero zero four which is telling us the size of the next value to a certain degree dont have to worry about it too much but after this zero four were counting one two three four five six seven eight sets of two zeros each of those two zeros represents a byte but we wont worry too much about that what you need to know is after player money after int property after the zero four eight sets of two zeros and well put our cursor there and youll see that here we have some values in the data inspector this 1249 is the current amount of money the player has in this saved game so in this case were going to go into the int 32 thats a 32-bit integer and were going to change that were going to change that to 1 million dollars and hit enter and you can see that thats created some red in our file here thats our change so weve just given the player 1 million dollars now we want to keep everything in line with the game so we want to change the next value of player earned money amount because how could we have a million dollars if we didnt earn it and this is basically the same process we have player earned money amount its an integer property and then we see after that we have the zero zero zero four and then we can count eight sets of two zeros one two three four five six seven eight and now we see we have a one d here in the hex and then our data inspector we can see that weve earned 5149 dollars in the game so far so we want to change that again to one million dollars and hit enter and again we can see that one million dollars represented in hex in this particular format is four zero four two zero f zero zero the next amount player spent money amount is right below and we wanna change that to zero because we want to spend all our million dollars from this point forward we dont want to have some sort of bill that weve already paid so again its an integer property and we see after int property we have zero zero zero four and then one two three four five six seven eight sets of two zeros and then we have 3 900 is the amount that weve spent already in game and were going to change that over here in our data inspector to zero hit enter and we see that clears out all of the expended money in the game next thing were going to do is change the campaign type from normal to hardcore so well start down here look for campaign normal and were going to place our cursor at the beginning of normal and were going to start typing hardcore but were not going to finish it were only going to type as much as we need to get to the end of normal now youll understand in a second what we have to do is insert some letters here and thats a bit different when youre editing files like this when you change the size of the file by inserting something that can have consequences so what were going to do is make sure that our cursor is in the text portion because were going to be entering text right here and were going to start typing hardcore so h a r d c o so now weve come to the end of normal weve overwritten normal with hard co and now we need to insert some letters to finish the actual string which is hardcore so were going to turn on insert on your keyboard so that youre inserting text also known as ins so search your keyboard if youre on a laptop you might need to use a function key to enable insert and youre going to see down at the bottom of hxd the mode has changed to insert ill toggle that back and see its overwrite and now its insert so when were on insert mode were going to press the r to start finishing hardcore and its going to say this operation changes the file size yes we want to proceed and then we want to do e and again this operation changes the file side do we want to proceed yes so now weve changed the file size weve added hardcore weve added two characters making the file slightly bigger and we have to account for that somewhere else but for now were going to turn off insert mode so whichever key on your keyboard whether its a function insert or just insert on a number pad make sure that you switch that back to overwrite so now were back to overwrite so because we added two characters to this string we have to go and adjust the size of this string which is represented by a number preceding the string and we can see that if we go to the start of e campaign type campaign hardcore right here if we count four back to one two three four we come to a one e now that one e is re represents thirty and that was the actual length of that string and now weve added two characters so were going to change this 30 to 32 and hit enter so weve told the program that when it reads this file its got to read an extra two characters here and the file is going to be two characters larger thats what this size number is or length it can be referred to as so now weve changed our game mode to hardcore so weve given the player money weve squared away all the earned money versus spent money weve adjusted the campaign type to hardcore and weve adjusted the length of that string to coincide with that string next thing were going to do is change the level that this saved game is on and were going to do that by changing the saved campaign id property which is right below the campaign type and we can see its back to an integer property so we do what we do with these integer properties we look for the zero zero zero four and then we count eight one two three four five six seven eight you can see here that were on the fourth level the fourth round or the fourth battle or something like that im not quite sure now through trial and error ive ascertained that we can up this to 34. so well go up to our data inspector and this time we can go into the int 16 16 bit integer and well change this 4 to 34 and hit enter we can see thats changed this to 22 and now all our changes are complete weve given the player money weve changed it to hardcore and weve put them on the very last level what i think is the very last level there might be one more battle im not sure but this level has all of the weapons available so what were going to do now is press ctrl s to save the file now at this point we can load up the game and what we need to do in-game is open up the campaign of this profile and go and purchase all of those weapons that have been unlocked once weve done that well be able to go into training and use those weapons you can see here that once i saved it in hxd it made a backup of that profile just in case you made a mistake we also have the other backup we made when we copied the entire directory so were covered uh twice here in case of error but now were going to load up the game were going to go in and buy all those weapons and shields and armor that weve unlocked and then well try some of them out in the training Music all right here we are in hell split arena weve opened up the game after editing our save file so were gonna go in continue the campaign and buy up all the gear so profile one theres us campaign continue now like i said there might be another battle yet im not sure uh but for now were gonna buy all the gear well actually first lets uh check out our cash money one million dollars or coins one million gold coins yes now lets go blow it so swords uh short swords so you can see that i havent bought any of these so thats a little bit of proof of the save edit working because if id actually completed the game i probably would have had to buy one or two of these or would have been pretty difficult i guess to get through without buying any of these weapons at all not to mention repetitive okay so i think thats us buying all of the swords well go back by all the axes this may seem like a lot of work but nothing compared to actually playing through the game whoa thats a long hammer didnt know thats what a war hammer was okay so weve got all the maces all the axes all the swords well go over here purchase up all the body armor uh leather coat we have brigandine we have buy that buy that buy it all shields have that one bye all right so we bought all the body armor and shields now for potions im not even entirely sure how these work i havent used them enough but look at that half a million dollars worth of weapons weve uh we just bought up um so i guess you could go in and buy these im gonna skip them for now and now that weve bought all the weapons and armor that we wanted i guess we equipped that um lets pull up the menu exit to the menu and now well go in and do some training so this time well go to training and uh frozen lake in a blizzard that sounds like fun now ill probably embarrass myself because like i said i havent actually played a lot of the game but at least we can now play with say the katana put that on our back and what armor would we like Music lama lara that looks like a good armor to go with the katana templar armor plate armor heavy plate armor that kind of looks a little katana-ish too a little like uh maybe ramirez and the highlander all right so thats equipped all right so now lets go back lets set up some enemies set up enemies normal waves medium long meet uh i guess short waves is probably good were not going to play this too long just to illustrate that we got this going all right oh this armor is bulky get our get our kicks going oh theres somebody lets jump on into action whered he go running away running away Music on that that guys got too much armor lets judge the length of the katana there just jump around a bit oh there we go somebody lumbering whoa slippery go take a leg off you dont need that right or head probably did need that can we grab heads i dont even know whoa whats our horse coming in for is that some zombie horse there we go turn this guy into the black knight so all right i kind of want to try out something different so lets dump to the menu and uh well try a different setup different location Music training lets kill the snow ruins go with a theme all right so now weapons kind of want to try out the flambe or bird not quite sure how its pronounced only seen these in museums but that is one awesome weapon and then armor lets go with something a bit softer there we go and then set up enemies max enemies lets go with hard waves short back fight whoa this things got quite the range comparatively Music so you pick his arm his sword back up i was gonna say his arm but well there you have it you can unlock all of the gear in hell split arena having barely played the game if you havent already take a minute to click the s in the corner to subscribe trying to get to a thousand subscribers thatd be much appreciated also like share leave a comment feedback on the video or the game all that good stuff is appreciated thanks for watching and well catch you next time you first steam game How to modify Hellsplit: Arena save files to unlock all weapons, shields and armor for training. 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