Hellsplit: Arena On Oculus Quest 2 PC Link

Steam mop on carpetapex legends on steam HELLSPLIT: ARENA whats up guys im james and welcome back to the great gambino channel today we are in hell split arena we are playing with the oculus quest 2 a link cable and we are running it into a gaming pc if youve never seen this game before its kind of like blades and sorcery or games like gorn its one of those arena style games it will get very gory if you dont like that kind of thing so definitely take off now if you dont like gore because its going to get bloody and messy in here so without further delay lets jump into it oh i get a little amazing out of the old cemetery you are about to fight the best warriors of the past do you want to know who i am am i fighting bruce lee well soon find out dont you even attempt to see me i am everywhere and nowhere at the same time but this minor circumstance does not stop me from watching you try not to let me go give me that stick back i got my shield here come on punk oh okay just like that theres another one theres another one whoa got him off guard cant bash him over the top three you son of a whoa went everywhere maybe ill get some gold and i can get a sword can i hit him with this yup boom cool were gonna definitely throw him into these spikes oh there he goes yeah right in the butt kick him right in the butt kick kick him right out of the ring gotta beat him to death hes done all right i should have enough gold to buy a sword now all right lets see swords shorts whats better the straight sword how much is a straight sword thats super expensive short swords cheap yes okay lets go two of them okay hes gone oh right through the head okay cut his arm yeah i did cut his arm off and there it is right there could i pick it up and use it as a weapon nope oh there you dont have that anymore Music poker the poke ah oh here lies the oldest warrior of the kingdom he lived and died so long ago that no one remembers his name i dont think he can introduce himself anymore as his tongue rumbled into dust a long time ago oh wow here he is oh dude i cant see anything come on you son how many skeletons i cant beat this guy how do you beat him geez how do you beat this guy hes really tough whered he go i died all right im actually getting really hot and sweaty this game is a workout and im obviously my tactic to beat the skeleton that is on fire is not working so im gonna have to figure out what i am doing wrong see if i can change the controls so i can throw some things because i think you need that a little bit in this game and im gonna jump back in it and try for round two later but thank you guys for sticking with me all the way until the end i definitely definitely definitely appreciate it and ill catch you in the next one Music free multiplayer games on steam for mac Watch me try to survive this dark fantasy world as I use my sword and shield to fend off the undead and an occasional flaming skeleton. Hellsplit Arena is a midlevel Virtual Reality sword wielding arena game that features a physically correct combat system.My VR products and PC Hardware: The Great Gambino TikTok: The Great Gambino Instagram: END MUSIC (GAMBINO THEME) CREATED BY: David Smith Sound Cloud: Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Some of the above links may be affiliate links. #oculusquest #hellsplit hoover twin tank steam mop controller works on steam but not in game mr coffee 4 shot steam espresso machine play steam games offline without logging in steam deck battery life reddit