Fighting The Strongest Enemy With The Worst Weapon - Hellsplit: Arena Challenge

Returning steam gamelow end pc games in steam HELLSPLIT: ARENA gameplay how many hits does it take to get to the center of one of these mother Music this game hell split arena has a kind of tier system to its weapons and enemies and while i wouldnt say that any class of weapon is better than the other this weapon is you the crappy weapon that you start with in the campaign and the strongest enemy in the game aside from bosses would be dark knights and i was curious how long it would take to beat one of the dark knights with the i dont know one of the worst weapons in the game im sorry if the camera angle is gonna be really shaky and just violently unwatchable at certain points because i am going to have to be violently ferocious to get anywhere close to finishing this challenge Music oh man my head headsets probably gonna slip off my head at some point damn it need to pay attention get away from the bomb im not gonna cheat almost kill yourself i really dont know if this can be done there are challenges online where people claim to have beaten the game with just the starting weapon which would be this thing i doubt it i question that i need to see footage all right get away from the bomb explosive barrel its not a bomb i guess yeah thats right get on the ground i need some free hits im gonna be so dead by the end of this if i make it to the end of this well itll be the end of you or the end of me depending how long this takes one of those will seem way more obvious an outcome than the other oh nice try got this dude on the ropes man yeah thats right back up sucka aint got on me except for when you swing over my head which admittedly my short ass does not worry about my head hitting things very often ah i was gonna catch a break but you got your little break on the ground i would go for the head but i dont want that to blow up hold up wait im gonna clear the bombs out hey hold on all right come here im gonna back you up against this explosive free wall catch a break for a second too need to breathe man need to breathe and go its a little dark in this area though come on holy i guess keeping them against that wall didnt work at all how many hits does it take to get to the center of one of these nope away from the bomb dude regular hits with a crappy weapon nice dodge i dont have much else going for you other than the thick armor you turn yeah thats right get on the floor again worthless yeah i see no reason why you should be wearing that thick armor and be considered a tough enemy other than the fact that youre wearing the armor already got no skill give it to one of those skeletons theyre so squirrely they roll around theyre hard to hit this is just sad you die oh my god funk holy oh i truly didnt think it could be done and maybe a sword which is what i used the first time i attempted this was a bad choice but all right holy guess ill leave it at that if you enjoy this video and you want to see more physics-based vr combat or other combat challenges in vr then feel free to subscribe and if you have another vr challenge and if you do have a vr challenge for me feel free to leave it in the comments till next time tanner out i aint going through that again single player steam games free In this VR combat challenge Ill be taking on the strongest enemy class in Hellsplit: Arena using the starting club from the campaign. It doesnt actually take as long as I thought.Subscribe here: Social Medias: Instagram: Twitter: All music and sound effects in my videos are from YouTubes audio library. #vrgameplay #hellsplitarena #thekillerTanner can't remove game from steam library gocash game card steam how to play steam games without downloading borrow steam game steam room portable