HELLSPLIT ARENA VR GAMEPLAY // The Best (Most Brutal) VR Sword Fighting Game? // WIN HELLSPLIT ARENA

How to reset game in steamhow to buy games on steam with maestro card HELLSPLIT: ARENA gameplay Music weirdo banjo hello there everyone and welcome to the hell split arena if you havent seen this game before now youre in for a massive treat today im sure most of you have its been out for a little while but if you havent on the off chance you havent you really are in for a treat this is one of my favorite blowing off steam vr games if youre feeling violent and you want to chop the arms off of some skeletons or thrust a sword through a zombies face then hellsplit arena is probably the game for you now hellsplit is one of many fantastic physics-driven vr combat games for pc there are some other fantastic ones blade and sorcery jumps to mind is another game i like to jump into and have some fun and level some steam but hellsplit sets itself apart by being in my opinion far more brutal far more visceral and a little bit more fantastical than the other games within that market and within that genre its something i return to time and time again and it really is fantastic if youre feeling hyper violent and just want to let out some energy and chop some foes into pieces now before i jump in and show you a nice big chunk of gameplay its worth mentioning that my carnage chronicles vr giveaway finished yesterday congratulations to the winners youve been emailed your codes and hopefully youre enjoying the game but that does mean im now without a pc vr giveaway so why not give away some copies of this fantastic game im about to show today if youre interested in winning a copy of hell split arena jump down into the description and take part in this giveaway i have three copies of this absolutely fantastic pcvr game to give away for free theres multiple ways to enter this giveaway as there always are with gleam giveaways the ones i do anyway jump down there get your entries in and i will announce a winner this time in two weeks i dont know what the date is im not good with dates and i havent checked but it will be this time in in two weeks time without further ado im going to jump in and show you some health split arena gameplay now one thing to bear in mind with this game the more space you have the more enjoyable it is as with all my videos ill be showcasing it with me standing in a pretty static spot but if you can create a massive room scale area for this game it is oh its so so good the more you can move around the more you can maneuver behind your enemies and chop them from different angles the better it is but today i will be playing fairly static but bear in mind if you pick it up yourself so lets jump in and check out hellsplit arena running on pcvr with the rift s lets go lets chop up some skeletons okay here i am inside hell split arena check out my really veiny scarred hands honestly every time i come back in here im impressed with how good this game looks it is pcvr and it is fairly demanding but this is running on rift s that creeps me out when he follows all the things i do um hes got some lovely visuals and that really lends to the kind of the brutality of it when we get into the fighting youll see in a moment when i get in and start chopping things up that it doesnt pull any punches very very intense very very violent and very very fun this is so weird seeing a guy basically mimicking what im doing i dont like it and he knows when i crouch as well look at that he knows im crouching you need to stop it mate Music hey i dont like this um im gonna jump in its so weird that he knows when im moving uh you cant tell im lifting my leg up though hey you cant tell that can you ah freaks me out right lets jump straight in look at my wonderful hands welcome to the health split arena campaign mode now the campaign mode in house blitz arena pits you up against increasingly difficult enemies whether thats because theyre wearing more intricate armor or better armor or whether it just throws more and more enemies at you in any particular instance the difficulty does progressively get harder um this is kind of like your hub world you can tell in here how nice the graphics are in this game things like the hands look really really smart and the world around you is super detailed textures are really kind of high resolution um its lovely and as i said it has physics so you cant push through things that are physical objects kind of hard objects within the world much like bone works which is what i always refer back to um or half-life alex in there in that in that regard you cant push through items that you wouldnt be able to push through in the real world so everything is is solid um yeah this is kind of like your your hub where you can just mess around have a laugh and just do stupid stuff like that its a great place to hang out and kind of just get to grips with the mechanics of the game whether you want to teach yourself how to punch dummies you know you can really muck around with the physics in here and just see what you can do its uh yeah a great place to get started um you also have a room over on this side of unlockables uh sorry this is the wrong room ive come into here this room allows you to set up your your presets your weapons your armor and your shields before jumping into kind of like training fights uh this room over here is your unlockables for progressing through the campaign so you get trophies for overthrowing better and more difficult foes theres me hello there im looking pretty swanky im sure youll admit i really dont i look really low level and basic this is a brand new campaign im jumping into today and here is where you select the missions within the campaign so before i jump in there are a few things i havent shown you as well you can kick in this game as well so there you go look i can kick and the kick basically goes wherever youre looking so hopefully you can see it on the video but if i look this way and kick the foot comes out to the side if i look up a bit it comes up its like a high kick all of a sudden and you can jump as well so you can really start doing some really crazy things now the games got good um comfort options as well so ive turned on smooth turning and this is set to a speed of one you can increase and decrease that as well so if you would prefer it to be a little slower you can do or you want a bit faster you can do okay so round one doesnt give you the best stuff i have a club and a shield and i need to kill all the enemies that come in here to try and kill me now i cant kick like that i just kicked his sword you didnt see that coming did you you stupid zombie right what about this okay get kicked come on did i just get i think i hit my own oh jesus take that you in the penis i love using the jumper jump is fantastic come on oh the damage as well looks so good hes definitely dead oh hello youre really close to me i cant emphasize enough how good the combat feels in this game it will get a bit more intense as we progress through oh  __  i could probably do with turning the turning speed down just a bit i am quite nippy turning but again you can control all of that come on come on oh that wasnt good enough whats that banana want the banana oh my god right hes dead is he dead hes not dead stop it this club is really not great shell bash ya come on stay down stay down oh you just i want to kick someone into that come on get back against that wait go back backwards thats it thats it oh nearly come here yeah take that yes stupid zombie come on you can break their legs and things as well its better when youve got a sword and you just cleave the legs clean off yeah why did you fall over youre a sad excuse for an opponent really arent you come on im going low im taking his legs the damage is so good you can see where ive hit him and the flesh is starting to wear away oh come on oh he hated that that was bad hes dead are we done no were not done right im gonna clean through these guys nice and quick so i can get some good enemies and some better weapons stay back here that was a good one the commentary reminds me a bit of mortal kombat so ive now progressed to round three so the difficulty will be increasing each time i do one of these now i dont really want to go in with these weapons anymore so lets go and change my weapons out to something a little bit more exciting if i can because this is just a bit sad isnt it press that with that there swords can i have just a straight sword please bye how much money does that cost i cant afford the straight sword can i afford a nordic sword no can i afford a short sword yes right ill buy a short sword i want to get rid of that oh no back to my swords short sword thank you all right ive got a short sword now it really is short look at that thats gonna be a struggle but its better than the club i can actually start to cut bits off of people now obviously when youre progressing through the campaign youre constantly earning gold and its the gold that you use to purchase better weapons better shields and just better stuff in general to kind of make the experience more fun i love impaling lets go and do it on some real enemies can i impale these i can alright lets go and impale some zombies did i not bring a shield with me thats terrifying i didnt bring a shield with me things are gonna go really wrong now can i have this ive got this okay i dont have a shield but i do have a pitchfork yeah it sucks to be you didnt it so you can use things within the environment to find the enemies as well as you can tell ive picked up a pitchfork come on sorry mate i dont like the fact theres another one behind me thats a good sword can i have that right oh come on now come on i dont like this only a shield right youre dead youre very dead okay got him hes dead i wanna chop your arm off and here one oh its its still him hes still alive come on lads theres two of you and theres only one of me your legs coming off me if i can bloody help it yeah there you go idiot why have you gone up there all right im gonna throw this bloody pot at you come back here where you going hey where are you going i missed all right ive got this apple im going to hit him with it i dropped these apples oh could i have a shield no its gone i really would like a shield dont come up here i said dont come up here oh hes coming up here anyway i told him not to hes just bloody doing it ah stop it stop it you didnt care i did tell you to stop it mate and you listen get bottled oh no did that kill him i probably shouldnt have killed him oh no theres two of them now hello take that oh god i really wish i did have a shield i feel so naked without a shield oh he didnt care about that oh oh sorry oh okay im just gonna finish you off mate oh no sit back up even though its bleeding out from the neck are you okay oh youre not okay look at all that mate what are you doing just lay down and die stop it can you stop oh god please stop it come on stay down your heads barely on there we go lets get rid of your head thats better isnt it all right your heads coming off decided right now there we go there goes your head i love chopping their heads off so much you your heads coming off come on come here oh not quite come on try again do i have another go have another go with me come on come on have another go not quite come on oh theyve just survived in my head slices there we go that is so satisfying on you jaw i just theres nothing better in video games just removing the heads of these stupid zombies youre next oh no good job mate oh ive trodden on him lets just put that in your head go to sleep now very nice and you go to sleep now very nice i love the commentary so much right youre both losing your heads one by one nearly come on come on i want a longer sword this is so bloody short i guess the hints in the name oh no why did you fall over just then nothing was there for foreign legless bugger how are you alive now youve got a leg mate just just relax come on hes fallen over like a comedy skit going on over there with the banana come on come on there we go no arms come on come on there we go how are you still going im impressed but at the same time disappointed that you bother youre both ridiculous you got me you how dare you oh there we go hes finally done oh mate this is just sad now in it this is just sad all right get rid of your leg as well how would you expect to kill me now youve got nothing left come on in what are you doing oh what is that i forgot about those you get traps as well that will cut them up but theyll also cut me up so i dont want to go anywhere near that they pop out the ground uh come on oh did you trip on please keep standing there thatd be hilarious kick him over oh its too late missed my chance take that i dont know whats going on then that almost destroyed me what are you doing you idiots less for me come on oh okay all right hes a bit smart whats he going to sleep for oh i dont like that spinny thing its going to get me oh nearly ducked under it hes not dead oh god you may just get out of it youve got my head there we go yes all right we want the straight sword please thats thats a sword in it you know thats thats a proper sword can heat you up on the flame and then really go to town oh yeah Applause i am the ive forgotten the name now i used to love game of thrones so much and then they ruined the ending that ive forgotten everything what was the name of the one that was going to come back and murder everyone with his flaming sword that ended up not being a thing azor ahai the azor ahai prophecy yeah that was rubbish wasnt it oh its gone out all right lets kill some more with a big sword oh thats so much better yeah look at thats a sword you know thats a proper sword oh dont jump into it oh my god i keep pressing the wrong button to kick get on the floor you really get to swing with some gusto as well thats it lose your arm and the other one and the other one i said i want another arm off please no there we go well youve lost alarm and you okay thatll do get on the floor oh missed stay there hello sir would you care to come and play with this come and play with this come on oh you nearly apparent oh nearly he nearly impaled himself come here come here come here come here come here oh you get back there yeah thats better and you oh nice jesus calm down i want to lift you up like impale you in the sky can i do that please please oh nearly i need like a pike thank you so we need one swift slice and all your problems are swords feels so good not bad for a beginner thank you but you are not the only tough guy here why is the oldest warrior of the kingdom he lived and died so long ago i dont think he can introduce himself Music anymore youre already on fire that was my plan was to make you on fire but now youve just taken my plan and used it against me right trying to attack me idiot oh whats that dodge attack its not dark souls mate whoa howd you like that its probably not is that someone else coming in no it was a potion i dont need no potion stop it thank you stupid skeletons ive seen jason in the argonauts i know that youre pretty rubbish oh god no hes not stop rolling i dont like this rolling attack that youre doing hes super nippy stop it stay down did your head come off no hes still good hes so hard come on what now what the hell hey i think ive smashed him up i died i was standing in his flamey back that was stupid right ill finish up here ive jumped into one of the other arenas in the game because i appreciate ive only really shown two this is the dungeon theres a ton of different uh areas you can fight in as well this is training mode so in training mode youve kind of got free reign to just muck around and just test your skills against well as many enemies as you want uh click that so what were gonna do so im going to have a what shall i have i like the long sword you know im going to have a long sword i have a long sword and im going to give myself a nice you know set of plate armor yeah lets have that nice i feel like ive got a knight now okay uh after that were gonna take a shield were gonna have a night shield because our proper dark souls knight will have that thank you very much and well set up some enemies all right well have a normal wave uh a normal difficulty sorry and well have a max enemies of well go four you know why not well go four and then we click fight and it starts they start coming in oh yeah come on down enemies where are you at im quite noisy now its got my plate armor on can you come to me im not coming to you stupid skeleton oh how did that turn off at exact moment so the game allows you to play training modes like this um you can just come in and tinker with it try out different come on yeah try out different weapons try out different setups of enemies and just explore the different levels as i say in the level you can just drop the shield and start throwing thats a bomb that is thats a bloody bomb oh that was rubbish you can start throwing things in the enemy in the uh room at the enemies it doesnt have to be the weapons you brought in thats mine you oh no thank you very no im getting out of here now what we got what we got we got wine ill bowl dude take that it killed him um oh jesus crap experimenting with the with the the areas and the the items within the oh god he just killed himself experimenting with the items in the rooms is is a lot of fun can i push it off the side and blow up oh my god thats when it starts to get infinitely replayable plus the devs are still supporting the game and theyre adding new things all the time dead no hes not dead come on you stupid skeletons its just such a good game to blow some steam if you like what you see jump down into the comments and enter the giveaway ive got three copies to give away its pcvr so they are steam copies if you do have a quest 2 um it will work with a link cable i have tested it and it runs pretty damn well but it is primarily a pcvr game so if you only have a quest to know linkedin oh i blew myself up if you only have a quest to and dont have a pc to run the game on it it wont work for you you need to be running this on a pc its a great laugh um crazy replayable very brutal come on what are you doing there and just a great way to just as i say blow off some steam chopping up these theyre gonna die you were smart enough but he wasnt its just great fun coming in here and chopping up enemies um the campaigns there if you want to progress through and fight harder and harder enemies but if you just want to come in just kill some stuff then the training mode is perfect i just love cutting off heads i did it i survived i made it to the end theres things falling all over the place hopefully youve enjoyed guys uh this game is an absolute blast hell split arena go check out on steam join my giveaway in the description get your entries in and ill be giving away three copies in two weeks time hope youve enjoyed what youve seen it really is a gorgeous game and its so fun to play ill see you soon for another one have a fantastic weekend or whatever day is that youre seeing this video take care of yourselves guys see you later and ill throw myself into one of these didnt die though can i go into the lava with the lava kill me lets find out yeah instant death who would have thought it crazy play steam games on laptop Hellsplit Arena VR is one of the most brutal, intense & visceral VR sword fighting games out there, the PCVR market has some incredible arena fighting games & VR sword fight simulators but I always find myself returning to Hellsplit Arena when I need to blow off some steam. Today I wanted to share some Hellsplit Arena VR gameplay / Hellsplit Arena gameplay with all of you & hopefully tempt you to jump into the arena yourselves for some deadly duels against skeletons, zombies & otherworldly foes... GIVEAWAY - Yeah thats right, another giveaway, this time the developers of Hellsplit Arena were kind enough to provide THREE KEYS which are all up for grabs, watch the video (leave a like & a comment too...please) and then follow the link below to be in with a chance to win a Steam key for Hellsplit Arena VR: Hellsplit Arena VR GIVEAWAY - This Hellsplit Arena VR gameplay was captured using an Oculus Rift S but I have tested Hellsplit Arena Quest 2 / Hellsplit Arena Oculus Quest 2 compatibility as well, I can confirm that the game works wonderfully via a virtual desktop wireless setup & is also completely playable via a Quest 2 link cable. However there is a slight loss of detail when playing via a link cable, Hellsplit Arena is extremely good looking & if you want to be able to enjoy the high quality visuals to the fullest I would recommend a PCVR headset or the wireless route for Quest 2 users. The possibilities are endless in this VR sword fighting game, you really can pull of some whacky kills & I was able to capture some of my Hellsplit Arena VR best kills / Hellsplit Arena best kills during this video, Im particular proud of hitting a zombie in the face with an apple. If youre a fan of physics based VR games & want a game to blow off some steam then check out Hellsplit Arena & dont forget to take part in the competition above! GOOD LUCK! #HellsplitArena #Oculus #VR steam wedding dress satisfying steam games multiplayer games for steam steam mouse game best steam games under 5 euros