Hellsplit: Arena Hardcore WR? (No weapon start)

Can steam accounts share gamestransformers the game steam HELLSPLIT: ARENA gameplay congratulations brave warrior do you remember the days of welcome home brave warrior here you can find everything you need this place is beyond space and time and here you are safe until you are ready to come out to the arena oh yes i nearly forgot now you cannot afford the luxury of being killed anymore yeah yeah all right here we go lets start this time rock timer oh man same time there we go really oh that was nice hello six seconds and there goes eight seconds i greet you at the arena of the old cemetery you are about to fight the best warriors of the past do you want to know who i am you will soon find out dont you even attempt to see me i am everywhere and nowhere at the same time but this minor circumstance does not stop me from watching you try not to let me down right here you at is flawless victory Music oh my god here we go oh Music incredible not a scratch oh thats a lie oh thats goddamn so bloody clean up okay oh holy  __  Music too hyped up dude i didnt see you  __  all right here we go speedy gonzalez regular gondolas holy  __  yeah we can go faster faster i said awesome that was legit costing me time its terrible Music here lies the oldest warrior of the kingdom he lived and died so long ago that no one remembers his name i dont think he can introduce himself anymore as his tongue a long time ago Music oh my god oh my god you just got  __  slapped lawless victory one of the crips hey up lady if i had a faster pc id be like  __  him i see that you found a way to the halls of the air in these ancient catacombs thousands of those like you volunteer let the one who dares to disturb the peace of the dead see their rage oh yeah awesome kill 30 yards how is that not 30 seconds i was then not 15 seconds oh yeah oh not suitable for children oh all right lets build this  __  oh my god  __  Music all right game phase down Music oh hes mean today oh im lets go oh yeah Music keep it up double kill mama oh yeah snowy level its a race against time to fire lets go lets go oh my god he doesnt know how to start the race and i  __  help lets go lets go crack them all on my loading screen the  __  is going on horsey razor he hits a wall holy  __  that was a real truck oh my god that was the most legit drive-by youve ever seen wasnt  __  you little  __  would you say oh my  __  god its brutal sittings out here in the frozen lakes here oh holy  __  thats quick hot damn that was quick was that the fastest youve ever seen i had to tell did you die oh my god um Music holy  __  thats fast fastest run ever lets go oh i just said let the tell me uh its a massacre little ufc dead another victory honestly that is a bit of a surprise perhaps you are really worth something but it is considered bad matters to leave the catacombs without saying goodbye to the three former royal guards oh dude oh yeah yeah like okay kirby oh thats his brains yeah yeah did you see what just happened oh my god i need the country Music flawless victory target Music though since you are already here i suggest to celebrate your visit with a good fight but remember boy this time you wont get off so easily lets where dance fight is excellent excellent  __  oh slow not fast lets go faster lets go yeah vase first to the rescue every time super fast oh oh  __  what am i doing oh my god to the rescue its a vaz stop it oh my god i hate you guys come on great double kill groovy oh you are good all right faster your teeth is  __  get out of my house no you did not just do that slow come on guys could were going in a car yeah we just stole my weapon you know what my weapons gone no they stole my weapon yeah thats right there i see it thats the same  __  yeah thats a mobile age yeah mere  __   __  your couch oh kraken skulls stop stealing my  __  weapons oh Music stop the madness awesome thats over here just hunting people head hunting  __  fight head-hunted awesome wow groovy you are doing it frozen yeah come here holy  __  dude youre just gonna fold it up what up oh lets go so oh what a backhand of death did you see that did you see that did you see that how many more  __  lets go Music oh oh my god there we go oh my god theres more of you this is just madness no costing me seconds yeah Music oh yeah awesome oh oh yeah died skeletons this is Music oh  __  all right ah watching his head so bloody excellent oh my god hes about to dive in this car oh let me introduce you to the owner of this cave he used to be the best royal warrior but his bad temper brought him to solitude and bothering him would be equal to signing your own death warrant lets go holy  __  thats a little too close oh  __  uh oh you are good there we go yes incredible not a scratch all right better i understand everything but this is crossing the line how dare you were violate this sacred place with your presence do you know that only the best of the best are allowed to be here for your insolence you will fight with my personal guard and to be honest i wouldnt envy you now let the fight begin so bloody perfect not bad why wont you die kill oh yeah keep it up so bloody Music here we go boys excellent oh  __  lawless victory this oh thats weird Music oh uh are you  __   __  me Music are you serious Music this is ridiculous Music oh my  __  god okay hey you are good what skeletons Music holy  __  send him where he belongs jesus that was almost stabbed right in the chest Music perfect check check send him where he belongs excellent awesome double kill im chopping out here all right nuts Music get the  __  out of here not too shabby okay oh my god thats a bad time oh  __  oh  __  Music looks like you were scared of me man yeah dance oh my god how do you think youre gonna stand a chance dude lets be real blood everywhere oh its getting mean out here Music lets oh  __  boy oh  __  boy hmm Music yeah oh my god um oh my god you had a chance lets oh this  __  guy thinks hes a hero lets go over here um this is just madness um Music Music Music Music all right here we go game face warface serious face here we go what you got what you got for me oh my god this is silly all right all right bust out the skills lets go oh my god hes staggered Laughter look at this Music  __  james whos next Music lets go my god he just caved that guys chest slag lets go send him where he belongs oh yeah keep it up Music double kill flawless victory let the fight begin yo double kill Music  __  ass jake perfect do oh excellent there we go wise people say that practice makes perfect i think you wouldnt mind demonstrating your fighting skills again or what if your great victories were nothing but a combination oh my god awesome lets go lets go back man Music i should confess i underestimated you however it makes it even nicer to teach you a private lesson prepare to die sucker let the fight begin all right oh Music  __  wow okay holy  __  whats that okay get right Music your success brings hope to our cold hearts for sure the defenders like you can keep the kingdom safe yes it is unbelievable but you passed all ancient Music Music Music whoa go it is unbelievable but you passed all ancient trials since the beginning of time only the children were given a chance Music but you were really the greatest of the warriors the last hope of the dying kingdom Music up Music steam minimum requirements This is a speedrun of Hellsplit: Arena VR in Hardcore.The timer starts when I begin the first round.End time is 1:03:08. I made sure to start with no weapons so it was a default start. games that are free on steam immortals fenyx rising steam puresteam portable fabric steamer best pve games on steam nebulizer vs steam inhaler