I Used Guns in a Melee Zombie Fight... (Hellsplit Arena VR)

Steam vaultvalve's steam deck HELLSPLIT: ARENA gameplay have it oh Amy oh fudge stop shooting Im the one thats shooting now here we go thank God over there you shall not pass the bro hes actually walking just across the bridge like its no big deal come on then you want some of Samurai wacky yeah you do just be careful about this you know giant swinging axle where you dont want to get hit by it oh really close really close that is oh come on then have some of this ah and have something what Ill just Ill just scare you towards the little things so youre so you know youre gonna get chopped up by that and not by me there you go oh yes sword fighting is My Strong oh Im so sorry I took off your you know what cant have this anymore oh boy thats right that was that an update theres no guns in the game like this one that that you know shoots stuff and theres bullets over here that we can plunk in the little front bit here and weve got another bullet loaded and we can shoot people with it or I say people I mean zombies come on then show your face you little bastard okay I dont I dont know where they are at you know theyre just theyre just hiding these zombies so while we wait for the zombies to arrive let me show you what this game is added that is one event okay but its also got something much oh crap I cant even click that one because the zombies are still alive somewhere I dont know where they are but theyve added something even more cool than just the little you know the little Hand pistol there that I was messing around with theyve added a hand Cannon a hand Cannon look at this this I just get choked by that one oh god oh I see whats happening over here that one over there were shooting arrows at me and Im really low on health I should probably eat an apple or something because an apple a day keeps the doctor away oh a zombie do you got any fruit somewhere I could really use a couple of fruity because you know Im feeling kind of woozy oh I found some right over here no okay so now that weve got that out of the way were just gonna pay this zombie a visit God I missed oh what am I gonna do now oh I can deflect what the hell just happened I have no clue what just happened but Im protecting myself with a with a with a hand Cannon oh no oh you just hear me straight in the forehead that is not something that should happen Okay more apples so I need to reload the thingy here you go put that in there nice and now Ive got another shot hes got a bow Ive got something else oh I saw you over there cant touch this ah wait what hes still fine oh hes coming out with the sword okay we need to reload need to reload need to reload okay here we go pad there you go put that in there and baby your face is now no longer in this property oh Christ oh and we definitely need to try out these big swinging axes because you know if they can hurt me they can sure as hell hurt zombies so ah here we go lets just grab you by the face and lets see what this thing can do okay shall we Im really slow at walking youre gonna have to walk yourself you can stand here and like taunt him oh zombie you cant touch me and your face is dead oh no oh okay oh I can hurt I can hear like the squirting of the of the blood oh no oh I dont want to look at that I just want to run this way and then ignore it ignore the fact that a zombie just got his head chopped off so theres a bunch of new cool weapons Im gonna try that one next because that looks like a uh a sniper rifle and one thing that is good about a sniper rifle oh it opens like that is that um icky shoot people from very far away oh my God unlike the zombies so lets just take there you go hold this one real close I dont know if you guys can see this but I need to aim at this wheres the zombie hello oh I need I need to do that first oh my bad my bad here we go right over there I hit him I hit him from very far away thats amazing this thing is a beast and um this these are not the only bullets that I can mess around with you see theres plenty more bullets going around over here but I dont need to wear that because this zombie is gonna get hit by the little swinging ax just like youre gonna get hit by this request to press the like button the L to that one that looks like a thumbs up thats really great have it Music uh sniper rifle God I need to try something else I need I need to try this thing and I need to try it with better but like oh okay you know what come right over here Ive got more where that came from you filthy little I thought I was gonna shoot you did you you thought right so now that theres no more zombies over here let me show you the really cool features that this game has okay right so check out the weapon part over here look weve got a pistol weve got a duplet I dont know what this is a homemade pistol assembled from damage rifles by now known Craftsmans right on the battlefield this is quite successful attempt to get rid of the shortcomings of the business right so this should probably shoot like two bullets now weve also got different kinds of ammunition as you might think weve got 23 millimeter bullet but I dont know what that means but we also got box shot band roller which were gonna try out with this pistol I dont know if it works but theres one way to find out and that is to grab one and Chuck it in here and it didnt work what if we put it in there didnt work I think Im gonna have to like stick to like the regular sized bullets for this thing to work but The Buckshot works with the hand cannon at least I think ah um lets put that over there in the fire for sure why not if we grab the hand Cannon like this and we grab one of these Box shots yes you see it works and it looks like this note to self never stare down the barrel of the loaded pistol gun thingy uh were also going to get grab some other kinds of ammunition which is this thing thank you very much right over there and then were going to take this thing were going to grab one over there and one over there and then flick it oh my I just I love this so how do I know if its gonna shoot just one or two its just gonna shoot one at a time I learned that now the more we know the better yeah I think Im ready for some zombies what do you guys think I also gonna put some armor on me because you know its got to be done what does this look like oh yeah thats the kind of armor I enjoy now I can punch them in the face and theyre not gonna you know mess with me anymore um please dont get hit by it because Im just gonna try The Buckshot on you and see how it works holy macaroni that thing is pretty cool other spikes down there I heard some right Im pretty sure this next zombie is right behind me oh there it is look hes shooting arrows at me like he can hit me with those lets just ignore the fact that he actually did that previously but Ive got a pistol now and lets see if this thing is accurate can I hold it with two hands oh I cant here we go Amy ah fudge stop shooting Im the one thats shooting now here we go oh my God listen to me now okay stop I need to put I need protection man look at this its insane this arent you zombies accurate I was gonna stop shooting at me here we go and I forgot all right we go I hit him okay put this on my shoulder because were gonna try out the zip line baby and yes for those of you wondering Im also gonna grab a zombie by the throat were gonna zipline down this thing and were gonna toss him over all right how does this work do I just do it oh okay were going down oh were going down okay look Christ um hello okay here we go lets say hello to the zombie then lets go down the zip line with a zombie in my hand never thought Id say it out loud but I did is the zip line back up there it isnt how do you get the zip line back up Mr zombie could you please tell me oh my God why am I so slow at walking with you you know what you walk youve got legs and youre capable dont you think zombie do it should we test if it is acid or not yep oh youre still as bad as ever here we go oh no nope yep I know what I did I tried to like grab the zombie by the head and like toss him down to the to the parts over here but I uh I accidentally ripped his head off and in this so I can load the bad boy here we go put it in there thats not the way you do it this is the way you do it nice okay Im zoom in I can like stamp them and you know shoot their faces off so thats really cool more zombies right zombie into acid oh it works Im going down the zipline your ass oh oh no oh I bought it from the water from the wall now I know what you guys are thinking this hand Cannon right its a deadly weapon boom looks like that shoots a lot of bullets and they fly all over the place but um theres one thing that I want to know Music does this work best pixel games on steam Hellsplit Arena VR got an update that adds guns and other cannons / snipers to the game.Follow me: •Twitter: •Discord: •Members: More of WhackyCast: ──────────────────────────────── Music by Epidemic Sound ( 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