TAKING DOWN THE SKELETON ARMY - Hellsplit Arena VR Gameplay (Funny Moments)

Steam gold box gamessteam statistics per game HELLSPLIT: ARENA Music im gonna drop you down there okay so uh goodbye all right so hello everyone fudgy here and welcome to my very first video on health splits arena now big thanks to deep type games were actually sponsoring this video lets see what the game is all about oh this looks dangerous maybe i should kick it ah this is perfectly safe oh my goodness oh what is happening oh okay im alive im all right weve literally just blown up the entire map but luckily that what the theres apples around so if we eat them am i gonna heal up i think i just did heal up yeah wait is that telekinesis on this there is oh nice we have telekinesis powers that is good to know oh banana yes the banana lovely body armor ill be taking that thank you oh thats more like it now since this is my first time playing this game were gonna take it nice and slow so im gonna go up against some skeletons here and only one at a time you know what actually forget the shield lets take this hammer right here whoa what the ah theres a witch what do you do why is there a witch in the game im guessing thats part of the halloween update uh anyway get rid of the shield the witch is actually helping me right now shes firing what looks to be a little pumpkin bombs and shes actually already killed a skeleton all right here lets try this here we go come on skeleton lets see what youre made out of i knew this was the perfect weapon because i feel like going up against skeletons and using a blunt weapon like this is a really good idea because stabbing them and stuff you know it probably wont do too much since theyre literally bones but having this well its very useful and also sometimes these skeletons as you can tell wear armor now something i noticed a little bit earlier on is theres a hook right there and now ive seen some footage on this game so im guessing if i grab this guy is he dead nope hes good all right so grab him by the head im gonna see if i can go ahead and hook him on there man he looks freaky now just while i make my way over there make sure to like and subscribe if you want to see more hell split 78 of you watching are not actually subscribed so make sure you click that subscribe button anyway buddy im hoping we can hook you on here its going to be very awkward oh no we just went all the way up here for that to happen please dont die on me okay skeleton i just want to see if i can hook you on here oh and this map that were playing on is the fort map now i believe this is actually quite new to the game but im going to change map very soon check out right here we go oh my goodness it works can we push him around hang on let me try this here oh this game is so cool you cant do anything now whoa oh oh no no i didnt mean to do that wait now this witch she is uh throwing these i believe so if i throw this at the skeleton over here he should blow up right here we go Music yeah oh well thats all good let me just go for another one can i reach that far oh no we need to find another explosive ah here we go right and fire oh there we go we got him man i love the realistic mechanics in this game the physics are great uh we broke the box you just stay right there ill grab my hammer and then i missed oh no hes up okay here we go grab it right grab thats it okay that looks a bit dodgy ah dude got hit on me im not happy stupid skeleton now i need the apples to heal up um im not give me a goodbye what just happened oh a pitchfork oh yeah im pretty sure this is pretty new to the game too yeah lets see what this is like against the skeleton uh yeah see i dont think the stabbing weapons or anything sharp is really going to be that effective against these skeletons right here you can get zombies and other forms of creatures and stuff i believe oh no what is that what kind of sword has he got am i okay all i have is a pitchfork yeah okay see theyre really good at dodging too okay makes it a lot more challenging you just got him on the head a couple of times come on come on pitchfork i believe in you weve done it lets change map lets go theres only one way out of here oh wow where are we oh were on the bar map look at this this is lovely im loving the halloween decorations even though halloween is over now so we can just get rid of them so yeah welcome to the bar map can we pick up anything oh what is it what is this ball made out of oh there we go so now we can get some bar fights oh oh yes ive got my weapon uh excuse me one moment give me a second let me pick up my axe oh there it is why are they so good at dodging but yeah ive gone up against one versus one against the light skeletons because i want to have some good old classic bar fights with them and like i said earlier its my first time playing this game so i want to make sure that i get some good training in you absolute idiot oh okay bad weapon choice should not have gotten with this oh jesus getting up no and hes down uh-oh not good man this game is so realistic in the physics and the fighting its so awesome what the oh explosive quick oh i have a plan im gonna throw the barrel at him all right you ready for this yeah yes it worked whoa look at his bone go whoa thats cool oh hey buddy yeah oh um thats the pause menu im just gonna return yeah you my friends are going into the fire now kiss me dont look at me like that all right dont judge burn bird skeleton scum oh oh hes actually on fire and hes stuck hang on a minute i know well finish the job this really is a classic bar fight it actually did it yes you know what im gonna put these stalls in the fire burn toasty hey stop it i said im trying to warm up over here all right skeleton prepare to get bottled bottled come on seriously why cant i smash this its just not working oh here we go all right this should make my life easier i feel so powerful when i play this game can we uh wait can i put this on his head you think its like the classic skyrim thing oh wait we cant put on his head well thats a shame at least we can do this though this is kind of weak come on did we get him i think we got him explosive pumpkin ow okay we got more dont worry its okay were good got him ah this apple can i use this ah spoon or would it be called a ladle this looks weird im not really holding this correctly but it should still work against them yeah good job spoon hmm i wonder if i can launch this pumpkin oh ah right ive had enough training we dont need any weapons youre a classic fish fight this guys a cow if you do weapons oh yes lets get out of here bye to a new map lets go and now welcome to the torture chamber now i keep changing map because like i said this is a new game to me so im really excited just to explore and see whats going on we have a guillotine here lets uh see does this work yep all right lets uh lets take out some enemies shall we just gonna lift that up ah you there come here follow me you will be the first one to go on this guillotine right here thats it technically youre already dead because youre just bones but uh well youre going on there anyway so how do we do this so do we just have to kind of get you close to it and then okay youre already dead great whoa oh that looks so cool look at the lava thats it there we go so if we just go ahead and pop you i guess really close to it or do we have to actually physically put your head through oh aha and there we go all right stay there and oh thats so cool and his head even landed in the basket as well oh youre armored oh okay quick get ready oh well thats his hand oh an apple what other torture devices do we have is there more up here somewhere oh oh hooks okay oh oh my goodness what is that i said come over here youre going down there oh theres even more stuff over there oh okay all right just chill just chill for a second all right im gonna drop you down there okay so uh goodbye oh man this game is actually insane oh oh no get me out get me out how do i get out jump i just kicked a banana skin no this is karma how do i get out of here oh no i cant even lift myself oh well that is definitely karma right so ive gone ahead and spawned in an enemy called dark knight oh i am terrified uh this might have been a bad idea uh oh no he looks really difficult to take down okay oh this is a very bad idea uh im worried im not gonna be able to pick this guy up all right dude whoa the chew oh no hes too heavy i cant even pick him up ow ow ow ow okay big mistake weve messed up we big time messed up give me a pumpkin give me something come on im dead right okay no itself dont spawn that guy in all right now lets try zombies instead hello im gonna put you in there okay wait oh we can chuck them into a lava thats amazing all right come here zombie thats it this way im kind of scary-looking oh man you are terrified all right come on you dumb zombie wheres he going oh thats spooky okay crap oh you are terrified get in there it works hooray oh oh man dont look hey its a halloween zombie i mean i say its a halloween zombie just because hes wearing like a witchs hat thing i dont know uh oh hang on a minute so we put them in there we push them over and then this lever here im guessing takes them down lets give this a go its working see you later zombie youre definitely gonna die after going into that lava oh sweet fully submerged as well could you imagine we just saw like the terminator hand with like the thumbs up all right i think thats enough lets uh lets bring it up see what remains if anything im guessing nothing oh okay yep i was right absolutely nothing oh geez hes wearing a pumpkin okay ow oh theres spikes there i knew that was something i didnt know what it activated though okay hey there we go it worked okay i do need food though uh apple apple bananas yes not that um give me give me im gonna chuck this fella in here right here i forgot the name of this whats this called again im gonna throw some fruit and veg at home though all right get in there oh wait do we have to lift up first uh how do we how do we do this does this even work either im missing something or you cant actually put their heads in here did i do it im not too sure maybe theres a lever somewhere or something all right i have no idea how to use this but if its possible feel free to let me know in the comment section down below so that when i play this game again i could maybe try it again right im gonna put this zombie in the guillotine you know what in the comment section as well let me know what is your favorite torture device on this map right here or just in this game in general this video is taking a bit of a dark turn but you know what its got to be done all right its hell split arena get in there any large wedge right thats it no last words fine lets go straight in my basket yeah oh i missed the basket wait can you make potions on this game by any charts can we like pop stuff in there oh the book just came flying out what about this maybe we gotta throw a zombie in there maybe thats what it is yes thats what its missing get in there um its not doing anything maybe if we just give it a little bit of a stir and awkward there we go stir it all in uh thats looking pretty good oh we fell out oh hes done something yeah its definitely done something to him look yeah um i think thats his brains up there right lets get over new map now look at this were in the armory this place is looking really really nice oh hello can i take your sword no can you get ah what was that anyway what i was gonna say is can you get bow and arrows on this game because thatd be kind of cool oh whats this ah we can sharpen our tools i know what im doing with a ball right now okay so you can also get potions you get healing potions uh minor uh we dont really need that anymore because we had apples and then oh here we go fire potion yo all right let me try this so how does this work do we just have to oh its done it oh look at this oh this is cool okay using all my training lets fight here we go ive played this game long enough now to take you all down let my training kick in also now that we have this fire sword its going to make things very easy for me and oh hes running away hey where you going why is he running get back here come here hes really just running away from me frost oh hes on fire yes come on oh he got hit on me thats all right theres an apple here anyway all right watch this lets see if we can actually block nice and i think hes down oh hes not hes not all right hes still got a little bit in him but thats fine now hes down get down there thats right uh-oh i fell all right come on you there bring it lets fight oh two first is one thats all right you stupid oh whoa skeletons extremely dumb makes it nice and easy to take them down oh no my potion has run out also i dont remember something you can half sword in this right which means we can do it like this and because its a skeleton this is going to be way more effective since its more of a blunt weapon now yes i believe this is called half sorting right sweet well thats him taken down okay here we go see im not doing too bad im not too bad at this game especially now that ive got the hang of it oh what as soon as i say that i get hit by this guy block slice Music that scarred me for life now if you want to download this game the link is in the description thank you once again for them for sponsoring this video right here ive had a ton of fun and i guess ill be playing more of it very soon but here on the right there is another video for you to check out so make sure you click that comment like and subscribe and ill see you in the next one goodbye woo can i gift a game from my steam library Check out the game: TAKING DOWN THE SKELETON ARMY - Hellsplit Arena VR Gameplay (Funny Moments) Thanks to Deep Type Games for sponsoring this video. 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