Lets Play Hidden Deep - 01

Steam link alternativehow to get free steam games 2016 HIDDEN DEEP game Music hello everyone and welcome to a new series were going to be running on the channel just for a little bit just to try it out and see if its the kind of thing you guys enjoy this is hidden deep do you like sideways platformers do you like a mystery underground hell if you if you like spelunking and old machinery this might be the thing for you throw in a little bit of i dont know maybe eldritch holler and were were good to go lets begin a new expedition i did uh i did try it out just to make sure that id be able to record it beforehand um but by no means have i gone through much beyond finding out that uh its arranged in missions so ill try and keep the episodes around 25 minutes long um which might mean we end up cutting a little bit early might be we end up cutting a little bit late but well try and keep the power back were going to go for deep exploration thats a reasonable compromise between ease and gameplay and its day one and we are heading deep underground so weve got a little health meter down here weve got a little map wsad moves us around and he interacts with stuff be careful we are working on bringing back to power okay it looks like weve got 20 crew left space to jump okay that works whats this we need a crank for this main tunnel this way shaft two the main gate is closed but theres an alternate way to take a crank and using the mechanism nearby oh weve got to get really close pick up the crank ah looks like theyve got the power back on down close to the edge and press s to climb down that is one two thats about three peoples height thats a long way to drop looks like we have a gun we have a gun with a laser pointer i mean this this is just two people high but its still still pretty nasty or left shift while running it to run faster and jump on good this is a bad idea i just paid that okay well we can climb up without too much trouble we can crawl but we can so if we can backfall or we can leopard crawl our way through and we have a grappling hook as well which we can use can we can we shoot while on this we can now this this does not like look like a normal part of the cave system i think weve got unlimited uses of the grappling hook so thats good checkpoint saved oh thats handy safe to proceed we need a key to open this gate weve read the crew logs and the key was mostly held by worker eric loco he was maintaining area 8 which is somewhere nearby go and try to find it okay i guess were heading down again then it looks like this a ladder over there oh we can just slide down extra speed look at that area eight is this way uh yeah were gonna have to go all the way down and it doesnt look like we can pull our gun out while in this situation so the sooner we can stand up properly the better oh jeez tiny tiny jumpy thing thats not good i said theres one flying just underneath us okay that one didnt have weird gog in it uh you know what lets we load the pistol we dont lose the excess bullets thats good blasting them while we are swinging no way im letting that thing get near us again learn my lesson that doesnt look like its a nice straightforward way to get down so lets do it this way oh dude this this very much looks like the belly of the beast okay so were wanting headshots really this feels like a trap very much a trap okay it is dead and it looks like our reward for that is ammo right still no sign of eric so lets head back there was two other little corridors just above us here i suppose there was also underneath the other shafts but well check these out first slippery surface thats not good lets um lets do it this way so grappling hook and gun that looks like the key and that looks like someone who fell to their death weve still got areas of our map that we havent rounded out so lets see if we can do that okay so just above us theres a bit that comes down and connected there that was the gate we couldnt get through no weve already killed everything here we dont need to have that oh theres more flyers theres one up there to the left as well okay well it dropped its little gut bug thing below us so i dont really care that much its reload i assume thats the other shaft from above it looks like it its cool weve weve got a decent jump height but its its the jump height that a normal person would be able to manage oh it dinged off the uh the light if there was more bugs around i dont really want to take the risk so lets keep the gun out where we can push on through with this key we should be in a place to open up that gate that we saw i dont know about you but uh but climbing up one of these like uh metal rung ladders that goes on and on and on and on and on just seems like such a terrible thing for me um i mean climbing itself is not difficult but the whole idea that it goes on and on and on at some point you arent going to get fatigued from it okay elevator now take the elevator down to the next section you know what lets go up actually left shift and w ors to move because if we can open that uh that gateway look at all this heavy machinery i love this yeah brilliant weve accomplished an additional task we can now move on with heavy machinery ill go to the elevator and go down to the next level not bad for a days work uh we cant go up any higher so down down it is it looks like theres a whole area that we havent explored over here but its not worth it chances are ill miss a jump or fall for weirdly somewhere else okay subject thompson s id lv 448 17 811 49 d mission time 11 minutes 20 seconds men lost zero accomplished well thats a good point for us to wrap up this episode short but sweet um let me know what you think if you want to see more hidden deep im definitely going to do another couple of episodes just just because i very much enjoy the atmospheric setting uh but im curious to see what this game has to offer us as always if you have enjoyed this be sure to give a big thumbs up if you havent subscribed to the channel go ahead and do so and youll be told when the next episode goes live otherwise ill see you next time for another episode of hidden deep see you soon does steam open pores Subterranean, Horror, Darkness and weird alien stuff.Oh Im already sold! 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