HIDDEN DEEP - Terrifying Sci-Fi Survival Game! Inspired by Aliens, The Thing and Half-Life

Steam verifying game fileshigh pressure steam boiler HIDDEN DEEP game hannigan hey buddy you were coming for you gotta get your get out oh hannigan shoot no and again come forward panicking no hes not dead oh all right survivors paulie junior here and welcome to hidden deep out on steam early access today ill put a link down below in the description you can check it out for yourself thatll lead to the steam store page uh by the way today is january 24th 2022 thats when im recording this um the game just came out today although i did get a code from the developer a few days ago and i spent a little bit of time oh okay thank you um so yeah heres the story we are down below um well under the ocean essentially in the research facility that uh its been down here for a while i guess but weve lost contact with them um so were we were sent down to find out whats going on so lets go lets go check it out now its a little bit dangerous here clearly so i have a gun and the ability to jump um chasms that looks fine and we can interact here with the things on screen we need a crank all right lets crank it up crank it up gotta be a crank all right theres the crank main gate is closed but there is an alternative way to take a crank and use it in mechanism nearby all right pick it up pick it up pick it up there we go crank collected and my guess is what was that all the lights are coming on thanks thanks everybody yeah were in contact with the people up above uh and i guess they just turn on the power there we go okay we can crank it open we can clank clank clank closed but we want to go down there i think stand close to the edge press s to climb down okay i gotta hold it down yeah okay okay all good so far this is really tense the atmosphere in this game is incredible i did actually play for a little while on my own before recording so i kind of finished this mission um but i will show you and ill show you how to do it and there we go so you do get multiple lives sort of i think you start with like oh it says up in the top left hand corner at this particular uh difficulty level we have 20 crew members to to kill off well well you want to try to keep them all alive but you get 20 tries essentially to complete the mission l shift while running to get some speed and jump longer okay well oh jeez did not have l shift held there well jump oh no oh all right one down yeah like that so i thought i had shift do i shift ahead there we go easy peasy first try okay now we jump up pull ourselves up obviously this is a bit of a tutorial here uh lets press s and crawl through so this game is inspired by like the 80s and 90s um movies like aliens and the thing and even games like half-life uh we gotta use the grappling hook here no problem we have a very handy dandy grappling hook we have a lot of tools actually and theyll come into play as we do the tutorial little bits at a time so theres our grappling hook and we get um unlimited supply of grapples which is nice and well put that right about there and up we go all right okay whats this say now falling risk right lets press the button see what happens oh its a bridge beautiful okay thats good away we go um whats that do oh yeah i dont know if we want to do that unless we have to go down i dont think so lets keep that up just in case head for shaft zero two right we have we have a map here and this is all pre-designed handcrafted i dont think its random in any way um so this is where we have to go shaft two there is co-op in this game by the way im not sure how good it is i havent tried but it is available so you can play with friends and the key was most likely held by worker eric he was maintaining area 8 which is somewhere nearby go and try to find it we need a key uh we got to go to area 8 and find the key from somebody that clearly has well its not around all right standing a letter a ladder letter impress the letter s todays episode was brought to you by the letter s oh shift slide oh thats cool lets try that again we we probably shouldnt go down too fast we should be a little more cautious because there are bad things down here little squiggly and crawly and bitey things um area eight right here we go you gotta put the gun away to crouch but then you can bring the gun back out oh oh no this is a this is a way down crouch a crawly crouch no gun there all right up watch out for your head okay now another ladder what what what say again somebody up incoming oh get them nice so we have a handgun here i guess ill show you the tools the tools menu we have grappling hook rope we have a scan ball we have the weapon the dark hornet its a 50 caliber powerful pistol and we have some explosives but we dont have them just yet and were gonna use all these tools like i said sooner or later during the tutorial but lets go oh jesus one more bad thing down there right by the way im using the keyboard and the mouse its pretty smooth i mean its not perfect sometimes the aim shifts like that but thats thats by design you know because its not perfectly steady its a little scary down here you know you expect your hands to shake a little now this um this ladder i know for a fact does not go all the way down because ive tried this before and i had to come right back up so we are going to have to go straight across i dont think we can swing all the way across we might just have to drop down here yeah were dropping down this thing goes oh gosh cant reload while on the rope i think the magazine has like 18 rounds in it or something holy smokes let go somethings coming get up wheres my gun at reload quick okay that took a lot of shots unfortunately yeah we need to be a little better at our aim here because we dont have a lot of bullets um all right lets check the map i dont really remember this part you can find ammo along the way various locations but not very much you do have to be frugal sometimes you kill yourself one shot maybe its a head shot or a surprise oh Music there we go just gotta be calm just aim and squeeze very simple slippery surface boy shooting walls attracts creatures i dont have the ammo to be shooting walls so were not going to do that but what we are going to do is just okay wow it is slippery that was close were just gonna oh okay let go here they come so i guess you can shoot with your grip oh dang it got me down to 40 health all right we need to be a little bit more careful so they heard the grapple too which is nice you dont have to shoot your weapon to try to wake them up oh look what i got here we got the key pick it up key collected ill put this right you know its not gonna thats not a good angle lets move over here a little bit i want to be able to make sure we can drop down on the ledge that should reach yeah super long cable with this thing all right up we go okay lets head back to the door we drop the gun and run a little faster i dont think the enemy respawn oh okay never mind yes they do almost two of them i shot the light ah Music oh yeah yeah the um all right reload yeah im not crazy about the sensitivity of this thing it could use a little work all right we got those two bums now lets see if we can reach all the way across oh gosh yep no whoa whoa what are you doing i detached for some reason maybe it wasnt actually attached thats fine oh thats not what i wanted to do well lets kill this little wormy thing all right how do we get out of here now lets try that again and release and then try again Music oh no no no no no where is that ow somethings coming Music got him just in time so i guess they do respawn behind you sometimes all right let go keep moving all the way down fella down to 13 rounds with our handgun i dont remember doing this poorly alone before i think you guys are making me nervous all right back up we go oh jeez it really oh there we go one shot that time this guy i may not even bother with him you dont want to get too close to those things because they do um come on grab on bro why cant i grab them on there we go um yeah cause theyre like face huggers theyre pretty nasty but theyre slow so we can most likely just avoid this one all right were down to 20 health but we do have 19 uh crew members left so we should be okay all right now im gonna put the key in there we go and were in beautiful all right lets move forward shaft o2 and this away roger that oh yeah all right press the button clearly a door there gotta wait for the elevator oh shift down okay going deeper all right theres our mission stats we lost one one man but we have accomplished the mission space to proceed its now day 17. that was day one our first day here and now we have a new mission and hannigan were inspecting a previously unexplored area and we lost contact with them there was a minor ground quake but it was enough to cause the entropy to collapse so you must use another entrance to locate them use your terrace scanner to find an entry point roger that okay so now we get to use one of our new tools and that new tool to weve had for a while but its the terra scanner we dont use it here we have to go to these two locations scan area one and scan area two and then use it there and it finds um it finds gaps in the uh strata in the ground uh climb on down buddy i cant there we go down there we go and drop oh um okay we dont drop there yeah that was a that was a wrong choice i dont know what i was thinking i thought it was closer all right anyway so yeah press we just did that right so we have those two locations well lets go this way first so we got to locate the engineers uh hannigan and the other one but we gotta use our explosives to reach them right here we go gotta go back down im gonna drop down here because this looks pretty deep that gun out looks clear all right now where are we scan area two up ahead and then scan area one um im not sure if it matters which sequence you do this are we at scan area two i already scan area two right here so im gonna take out our scanner which theres a key for this um does that say n again yeah and and yep yep yep bring it up hold down the mouse and there we go you see that gap scanner detected an empty space below us so i guess we dont even have to go over to scan area one im kind of skipping through the tutorial but we do have explosives and that is x and we can place that down and then run oh all right yeah we were kind of bypassing the tutorial here okay lets put that right above and drop on down whee there was a lot of slack in that line now you found an explore this area and try to find an even deeper entry point with your terra scanner will do okay were gonna go down even farther i hear something that sounds like a worm crawling its probably coming up this sidewall here so well just wait for it lets shoot they replenished our ammo for this mission so we now have uh weve got plenty of ammo to play around with all right were gonna go down i dont hear the flyers any flyers here so we should be good oh yeah look at those little guys kind of adorable at this range and theyre much easier to kill headshot wait nothing even have it all right were going were going west nowhere else to go tremor okay its all good nothing to worry about now this over here oh oh can i get that guy i cant quite get um i just shoot oh we get to use our scan ball here to quickly explore nearest area it also has other functionality and well have a little menu pop up to see that so lets i guess it wants us to do that oh dont get up might as well lets get a little scan ball out this things pretty cool hurry up hurry up and it can zap zap oh oh no no no no goes absolutely that was close and it also i think it it populates our map too but it is good at zapping things up ahead lets check the map yeah see it scan all the way down here so we can see whats whats up ahead doesnt really last very long but its good enough i guess well just jump off there that works for me and this is a little deeper so lets use our grapple attach it to the belt down we go this was clear man the physics are really really good in this game especially when you fall to your death which we have seen couple times its rather comical all right there is an enemy ahead so were gonna use one of our balls you do have a limited number of these see that down in the panel we have six left and there we go dead scan the room and it looks good now i guess this is the only way to go we probably have to blow a hole down here too right let us scan this first looks like the place oh yeah big gap it must be here now try to blast the hole be careful be careful of course im always careful what are you talking about blow a hole back it up get ready because we got company one down come on up here uh lets throw a ball out ball take care of him go get him go get him go zap one down oh attack me i didnt know they could do that oh we got three okay three is not bad lets get the gun back out i think you have to reload oh oh gosh you cant jump with a gun in your hand apparently no you cant from my mistakes folks whoa oh head shot right there took him down one shot you know i wasted a few after that all right i think theres one more in there but we can handle one on a grappling hook cant we yeah yeah i guess not okay find and rescue verning and hannigan all right lets do it keep your eyes on the ceiling because theres some things um on the ceiling sometimes kind of like those barnacles from half-life can we get a sneaky head shot on this guy from behind nope oh he pooped something out and we killed it as it was released good use your grappling hook as a zip line yeah this is kind of cool so we can use our grappling hook as a zip line shoot it across the way and you nail it down to the ground enter key which is a weird key for this and then jump and hold w huh thats so scary you cannot get the gun out when youre using two hands on the zip line so make sure your area is clear first s to detach i dont want to detach it do i i dont think so oh that means detach from the from the zip line right its going to stay there permanently i dont know if theres any backtracking probably not not much backtracking is never fun and now we go okay hannigan has a personal radio beacon so you can locate it using your tracker oh all right lets press o shows us the distance to hannigan yep all right we hit something could have thrown a ball up here clear it first yeah i see i see a flyer i dont know what these things are called lets just not mess around we got a few of these things left so lets zap him one down two down three down get bald balls away baby right now this ones a little tricky in fact i gotta back up a little bit well go here first right about there yeah i have done this before so uh maybe thats not the right way lets see we should play smash against one yeah thats fine okay let go and then up about there good good job murphy murphys the best if i ever get lost underground i want murphy to come get me oh theres a couple of those flyers up there is that where we have to go i think i think thats where we have to go we got four of those balls left well just send them up these guys do a nice job at clearing the way oh go get them pretty hard to control though honestly wheres that other one hurry up hurry up hurry up ball oh i didnt get him i didnt get that last guy you know what i dont even think we have to go up there to be honest it might have been a waste all right lets keep moving oh see that thats one of them barnacles is that what they were called in half-life okay hes a goner clear nasty looking thing jump up here keep going all right weve got a little bit of a drop here oh boy okay i see a flyer lets call him over headshot those head shots and now were gonna drop down i think well be okay just that one just the one lets check the map um our beepers beeping oh aim and squeeze baby just stay calm cool and collected and aim for their just dont shoot just to the whites of their eyes or whatever okay works for me im just making it up as i go along here trying to not just scream like a baby okay this is a big old chamber here oh you dodged that first bullet all right nothing on the ceiling um lets scan this right here see what we got no thats solid not going through that okay well we can go well go to the left or west or whatever we got three balls and throwing a ball i dont want to mess this up zap see if theres any more down here real quick how far can we go got him just in time all right beautiful lets put that there we go okay our beepers beeping like mad now getting were getting closer coming for you ahead again all right release yeah here we go here we go getting super close lets drop down like so anything in here oh yeah can we how what kind of range is this oh shoot we shot that warm by accident can i get away buddy gonna try to hide on us and ambush us later theres one more over there lets bring him over man i love that that hit sound sounds solid uh we could jump this or just go down i think we got to go down got up fully loaded head on down oh what is that a little crawl space wait a minute we might have to blast this open nope i know were were getting farther away but i think we have to get farther away before we get closer and were down to two balls im gonna toss a ball down there see if we can find our friend oh hurry up hurry up hurry up oh wow okay the way looks pretty clear oh i didnt zap did i get one theres three of them down there oh no got up whered he come from man i dont like when they come up behind all right we gotta go down here im gonna have to kill three of these things up ahead but we have one more ball i mean we have a lot of ammo too but the ball is a lot safer nothing oh theres a rope here what the heck jump and then grab on yeah oh gosh that wasnt much of a jump oh theres radiation down here yes i know grab the stuff grab it we got ammo here now were gonna get out of here yeah im taking damage from the radiation i know jump up up okay and were up yuck i dont like that hurts give me that swing oh no can i get my feet over that ledge i dont know guys its gonna be klaus who did it its quite the good back jump like that this guy does have talent oh my last ball i think were pretty close to that group over here yeah there we go they go there they are there they are oh oh zap that guy he was hurt i think the first zappings all right thats three oh man so many theres one left but were all out of balls plenty of ammunition just calm over here dead just another bug hunt now now what um im thinking uh zipline thats what im thinking were getting so close to our friend can we do a zip line right here and then attach it staple it down nope gun away jump w and away we go right across look at that easy peasy thats a nasty looking crawl space there and a gun and a guy its hannigan hey buddy you were coming for you already shut that thing off hopefully hes not infected was trying to find a way to escape but he never came back theres a way out to the east we shouldnt draw any attention all right dont mind if i take your assault rifle youre just an engineer anyway after all um all right were gonna switch now to hannigan you can do that l l uh l shift and then the number hes number two and uh actually were gonna go back because i think um what kind of ammo is that oh its 44 magnum ammo the assault rifle is 762. you just barely see on the box what youre looking at yeah i dont have a 44 magnum lets see if this guy has the 44. you might what you got buddy i dont know its got a handgun lets just grab that wait can we crawl through that thats teeny oh all the way down oh god i dont like this at all cover me hannigan so hannigan doesnt do anything you have to control hannigan yourself to move him around and even shoot hes hes kind of brain dead im pretty sure we can give him basic commands like go here but thats about it it didnt work the last time i tried when i played but well try it again lets see i think hes going to get really close switch back to me and then its like control a d and it does not work it says control and then a and d but its not working for me i dont know must be doing something wrong but im gonna go down first okay you follow im gonna get him out of here very important person mount the rope here for the engineer not a zip line stand under the edge get the right distance and then switch to the rope i really dont like these keys much um you cant change the keys by the way theres a key mapping lets see if theres anybody down here no all right hannigan come on down watch your step okay there you go good work man get your gun out oh hannigan shoot no friendly fire oh yeah you shot murphy oh theres a little one get him i didnt see him down there oh my god that was a lot one of your teammates has died but you can still switch to him and respawn okay well he shot murphy right hey dont eat murphy you dang bug hes going down the rope all right lets switch back to murphy and respawn there we go were all good its okay buddy dont worry lets get that assault rifle out down to 18 crew left all right im going down and again stay here how do i get to the there we go can i use a gun on the rope no i cannot hopefully it doesnt leap over here oh no this still ow now Music yeah i love the assault rifle man thats what were talking about all right i think were clear finally all right heading in come on down its clear its gonna get handing it down in one piece there you go can you slide down fast on this no hes down good put the gun away youre a menace all right lets move on take this bum out very nice looks like we got 760 wow oh hello he really is a little more sloppy with the gun in fact hes very sloppy with the gun does that say give simple orders yeah see that that didnt seem to work for me now we gotta kill this thing hope i get my rifle back all right lets get murphy back there he is yeah how about dont run toward the uh ammo box on the ground like that next time okay let the professional go first okay hannigan well clear it make sure theres no more booby traps all right so now were at the water park ive been here before we gotta jump in the water and swim and swimming is a little awkward so now we go just have to remember that w is forward even though youre aiming not w its kind of strange like that but thats how it works and we do have to stop grab a little bit of breath here ah all right and again youre up buddy try not to bounce off the rocks throws off your momentum ow all right youre good little switcheroo ill see you in a minute and now we got one more leg of this trip no gun down here huh nope two hands to swim and then up and were out and safe i think were clear here all right hannigan can you hear me beautiful here he comes good work man climb on up okay switch back to murphy and lets go up whoop oh boy we got company holy smokes is a lot of them and no more balls all right well lets wait for them to come up and over the top oh my gosh theres another one up top there i think with the assault rifle will be okay reload all right nice controlled bursts dont want to waste the ammo theres a lot of recoil here oh fall back geez yeah control bursts until they get really close and then panic and hold the trigger down okay i think i think were clear hannigan come on up all right hannigan does not have a grappling hook by the way he relies on you to do all that kind of work all right lets scan around here this looks like a zip line yeah extraction point right up ahead lets get a zip line across here gonna put it right about there baby nope try again got it okay there we go staple that sucker down and then jump whoo i dont like making that jump that is scary just dont forget to press w or s and release lets clear the tunnel i dont like this tunnel at all were so close to the extraction point theres one one dude down there but i think well be okay all right again youre up buddy jump and grab on handing is down to 35 health took a couple of bites im not even gonna bring his gun up its kind of useless hes useless with it anyway all right check it out did see one little flyer up ahead look at that rifle no no no rifle stand up the rifle out call him over here oh heck yeah i love this assault rifle so much nicer than the handgun all right wait right there hannigan im gonna clear this whole tunnel there we go all right it is the extraction point we just have to wait for our friends to all right ill bring hannigan here hannigan come forward oh no panicking no hes not dead oh thats still there but its hurt and again you gotta do this quick buddy okay hurry up get over here that was such a plant they planted that there all right run come to the light put the gun down bro just run run run run round the rescue team get away from that wall actually get behind me ill cover us from this side i would expect an ambush here oh here they come here they come look at that yeah theyre through with the t x 80 bulldozer thats fantastic all right let me go check it out i dont think you can switch to this guy but eventually you have like four characters all right hannigan we need you buddy i think hannigan has to go to the end here for extraction and we did it with 16 crew members left not too shabby mission time 33 minutes four losses mission status accomplished all right day 31 this is where were going to end for now if you guys want to see more of hidden deep let me know leave a like on the video comment tips tricks all that down below it is very much appreciated and uh we shall continue and it looks like we lost our rifle yeah we did yeah all right whatever all right thats it for now i hope you enjoyed have a good day bye Music you steam card trading Lets play Hidden Deep, an atmospheric sci-fi action game heavily inspired by Aliens, The Thing, and Half-Life! Explore, climb, swim, scan, blast and shoot your way through dangerous missions in a huge sub oceanic mining and research facility. Fear the horrors that lurk below…► Join my Patreon Discord: Leave a LIKE if you enjoy! It really helps! ► Subscribe for more! ► Twitter: #hiddendeep Hidden Deep on Steam: Hidden Deep is a 2D action & exploration sci-fi thriller set in a mining and research facility – more than a mile under the ocean floor. A group of researchers detected strange anomalies of unknown nature and organized an expedition to examine the mysterious phenomenon. Suddenly, after 681 days, contact with the researchers breaks off. You are the leader of the second team: Go down there, find out what happened, rescue anybody who is alive. COMMAND YOUR TEAM – OPERATE EQUIPMENT – FACE UNKNOWN HORRORS Control your team members directly or by giving orders. Accomplish your mission by coordinating different tasks. Explore the sub oceanic caves by using specialized equipment: grappling hooks, scanners, drones and heavy machinery are all part of your arsenal. Defend against horrific alien life forms and other, undiscovered horrors that lurk in the deep. MULTIPLE GAME MODES – ALONE OR IN CO-OP -Single-Player campaign with narrative-driven levels. -Challenge Mode for single and co-op play where you can tackle various mission goals in randomized levels. FEATURES Rich dark sci-fi story. The story pays tribute to 80s and 90s games and movie classics like Aliens, The Thing, and Half-Life. Tons of tools to use from grappling hooks and scanners to drones, weapons and heavy machinery. Over 20 hours of gameplay in story mode (will be completed within the game’s Early Access period). Challenge mode for even more adventures in the deep. Local co-op and Remote Play co-op already available (Online co-op will be introduced within the game’s Early Access period). Outro art by Kazzr & Kong: Outro track is There It Is by Kevin Macleod ( jackbox games sale steam battlefield 4 steam charts steam eco kantai collection game steam steam chromecast to tv